Suikoden IV (PS2) Cheats

Suikoden IV cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Listen to what the enemies say before you make your move. They will give you a little hint on what they're next move is gonna be.
It may take a few rounds to memorize and know which moves you can do based on what they are saying. This can make the duel go faster. For example if the opponent says something like "Prepare yourself!" or "Time to finish you off." Then it means they are doing a special attack so make sure you Guard to avoid damage.
early level up
Before going on a patrol mission, you meet up with Snowe at the dock then he tells you that Tal and the others are waiting in the training hall, go there. Continue and you will fight a single knight, then you'll be asked to change party members. Pick Kenneth among the fighters and use his rune againts the 2 knights. Next Snowe will ask you if you decided the best group, choose I Can't Decide then you'll be asked again to choose members. Do not remove Kenneth because you have an unlimited use of his lightning rune. Keep doing this again and again it should give you a high amount of xp without having a sweat
Easy Level Up On Mardo Island
As you may already know, random encounters occurr on Mardo Island and there's a hotsprin in one of the huts that fully heals your party. Here's an easy way to level up (but I strongly suggest you make sure your party has 'The Shredding' 'Berserk Blow' and 'Double Edged Sword' rune moves, and that they be at least to level 25 or higher). Simply stay close to the hotspring hut and walk around in circles until you have a random encounter. Use rune moves that damage ALL ememies and that should end it quick. Repeat as many times as you like and you're leveled up with lots o' potch to boot! I mainly do this just for the reward potch at the end of each battle but the level ups are cool too ^^; Just make sure that frequenly heal in the hotspring and that you make sure to board the boat every few battles and save.
Easy Money
After recruiting Warlock, return to the underground passageway where you recruited him. Fight the boss there as many times as you want. Each time you defeat the Land Dragon you will obtain 8,000 Potch. Use the Hand Mirror to return to your ship. Go back to the Land Dragon and fight him again, repeat the process until you are satisfied.
Easy way to level up new characters fast
There are two methods I use. I've tried both on land and sea and it works. Be be warned that on land you should only have one noob on your team and they should have a rune for saftey.

I recomend having your original characters be at or above level 35 before trying this. After the ship becomes your new base you'll be able to recruit more people and have 2 extra battle parties on board the ship. Problem is, the noobs are at a much lower level than the other characters. Here is an easy way to quickly level up all the new characters as they're recruited. Split up your four stronger characters into different parties (I kept Hero and Paula in the main party, Chiepoo and Keneth were on different parties). Think of them as a sefty net just in case. Now assign the newcharacters the remaining possitions in the party brackets. You'll notice after each battle that the new character level up VERY quickly unti they're around level 30 themselves. You don't even need to use the orignal characters for this, they just have to be strong.

For the next method I usually have the head of my second and third parties be at or above level 40 (this comes in handy) and have all noobs under them. During battle have your main party weaken the monsters and then switch to your scond or third party and have them finish them off (usually it only takes one or two attacks from each member). At the end of battle the noobs level up quickly.
fight with a torch
at the begining of the game (in razril) Snowe will give you a torch instead of lighting other people's torch's go back there will be stairs go up there you will find a pirate wonder around him you will go in a fight and you will be using a torch and it even does fire damige!
Get a cat on the ship
Already there is a white cat in the room with Cheipoo. But you can get another cat on the ship for the bathhouse. After taking back Razril, go talk to the cat you got the item from early in the game (he's at the last loading dock walking around) Ask him if he wants to join and he'll board the ship. Then you'll find him in the bathhouse.
Get Snowe's Different Outfits
After you get Snowe to rejoin you, you will be able to find his three outfits he wore earlier in the game. ( Pirate outfit, Aristocat oufit, and Knight outfit ) To get the pirate outfit go to the Illuya island sea, set up a net by talking to Shiramine on the rear deck, depart the ship, and leave the ship just sitting in the water. You will have no random encounters and your net will fill up every 5-10 minutes. For the aristocat outfit do the same thing, except go to the Pirate's nest sea. For the knight outfit do the same, but instead go to the Razril sea. Keep in mind this may take about 30 minutes for each outfit. To change Snowe's outfits talk to him on the deck and choose the 2nd option.
Jeane Loading screen (with cats)
Know how the loading screen changes if you have certain members in your main party? Jeane is one of those characters. But there's a second loading screen for her with cute cats! Go to Nay Island and remember to have her in your main party. And when the loading screen shows up she'll have three cute cats following her!
Level 99 While You Sleep
For this trick, you need the following:
1 PS2 turbo controller
1 rubberband
1 sturdy object (i.e. a PS2 DVD case)

You can't do this trick with a normal PS2 controller. You need turbo/auto fire/rapid fire functions available.

Go to an area where random encounters are present and pick a spot where you can hold down left or right on the analog stick so that the character will continue to be walking against the wall; for example, any sharp corner.

Do this for a few battles and test it by holding down left or right on the analog stick while entering commands using X in battles. If your character isn't budging from the sharp corner after the battles are over, you've all but sealed the deal. If the character is rotating a bit, that is perfectly fine--just so long as he isn't actually moving away from the area.

Wrap a rubber band around the left and right analog sticks. Your character may budge away from the sharp corner, so just try again until it works.

Depending on how your turbo controller works, you might need a piece of tape or some type of sturdy object to press down on the X Button. If your turbo controller has automatic rapid fire, then you won't need a piece of tape--just set the X Button to rapid fire and you're set. If your controller requires you to hold down the button in order for it to perform rapid fire, you should place a somewhat heavy (though not too heavy) object onto the button so that it remains pressed down. Putting tape down on the button probably won't be enough judging from my own experience.

You are now going to win battles automatically and everyone in the current party will level up on their own without any more work from you.
Run Much Faster
Hold R1 while Hero is running to make him run skittering but very fast. This also works when on sea.
Second Premature Ending
The second ending is also a premature ending (first is choosing to stay on the Deserted Island), after the second naval battle when you're liberating Obel, choose not to use the Rune of Punishment three times, and the game will end.
Suikoden I Type Army
Go through the Nao mint growing process three times and Nao will say the mushrooms are invading the mints. Then, you are taken to a Suikoden I type army battle. You could choose between Charge, Arrow, Magic, or Other. You can repeat this process as many times as you want.


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Change the Loading picture
If you have Jeane in your party your loading picture will change to Jeane instead of the Hero. I'm not sure if there's any more characters that could do the same...
Level 99 while you sleep (easier version)
You will need a controller with a turbo feature.

After becoming a knight at the begining of the game, you will go to the Training Hall with Snowe. In here there is a character you can speak with that asks you if you want to spar. Just stand next to this person, set your turbo controller on, and place something on the X button. This will cause you to spar over and over with the trainees, eventually landing you at level 99.
Live On An Island And End The Game Faster.
Before you do this cheat you should save because once you do it then you will not be able to continue the game.

After about a good five hours of playing you should be somewhere around the place I have just encountered, you will be cast out to the ocean and land on a deserted island which is pretty much empty, your team will soon ask you "what do you want to do?" simply reply "I like it here" and then continue by saying "I want to live here."

By doing this you will have somewhat ended the game, it even says "THE END", but its not real.

And you will also lose the characters pictures that sit by the conversation box, it will be replaced by bad doodles of the characters instead.

The game does go on with the basics of living on an island, you will have to find food and other fun stuff. Enjoy!
yay free stuff
o.k when you see a cat talk to it if it meows for a long time sometimes it will give you the optine to ether pet it or scare it choose pet it it will give you something.HINT pet white or black one they give out stuff alot.