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Sonic Heroes cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Climb up the pole while it isn't activated with a switch
With Team Dark go to this kind of pole .Use Team Blast(Chaos Inferno)with Z button to stop the time(If ypu haven't noticed,this Team Blast stops even Gameplay time!).Then do the Dark Tornado attack with Shadow to hop on the pole.You'll be climbing on the invisible one!!!
Fly after going through the air booster
You can fly after getting through this ring.All you have to do is perform Thunder Shoot by pressing the X button while the fly type character is flying in the air, as you're about to get through.If you're falling after passing through air booster,it means that you've done anything wright.Just press the A button while falling and you'll be able to ascend even higher.
Jump very high hitting the wall with Rocket accel
1.Stand in front of the wall(not very far).Dothe rocket accrl NOT when everybody are together.Press and hold the X button .Release the button when only speed and fly type characters are together.As you're about to hit the wall press the A button and you will jump very high!
2. It may be done with only speed type character.Do a rocket accel only with him and press the A button as you're 'bout to hit the wall.It'll be the same effect.
Note:It doesn't work on all of the walls.
proppeller hammer
when as team rose become amy and hold the space bar button and she will do tornado hammer(remember just jump for long)then when she does it move around using arrow keys.its like she flies.


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Homing attack after Amy's spinning
You may haven't noticed this but you can do homing attack after Amy finishs her spinning in the air.Just press A after she finishs it.This can help you to get hard reaching spots.
In 2 player mode hold down A & X when the level is loading to turn metal.