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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker cheat codes.


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Big Octo locations
Six Big Octos lurk beneath the Great Sea. Seek out and defeat them to earn hundreds of Rupees, a couple Pieces of Heart, and a Magic Meter upgrade!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Big Octo #1Located near Seven-Star Isles (F1), reward for defeating is a Piece of Heart
Big Octo #2Located near Tingle Island (C3), reward for defeating is a Piece of Heart
Big Octo #3Located near Fire Mountain (F3), reward for defeating is a Silver Rupee
Big Octo #4Located near Private Oasis (E5), reward for defeating is a Silver Rupee
Big Octo #5Located near Diamond Steppe Island (A6), reward for defeating is a Silver Rupee
Big Octo #6Located near Two-Eye Reef (D7), reward for defeating is a Double-length Magic Meter
Blue ChuChu locations
Blue ChuChus are a rare breed of ChuChu, and their jelly is extremely valuable. Blue Chu Jelly, which is used to create Blue Potions (fully restores Link's health and magic), can only be obtained by defeating Blue ChuChus.

The following table lists the islands where you can find the elusive Blue ChuChus. Any items required to reach the Blue ChuChus are noted to the right of their island locations. If nothing else is indicated, just wander around until one pops up.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Star Island (B1)Bomb the large boulder on the southwest side of the island.
Northern Fairy Island (C1)--
Crescent Moon Island (E1)--
Overlook Island (G1)The Hookshot is required.
Mother & Child Isles (B2)The Blue ChuChu is on Child Isle.
Spectacle Isle (C2)The Blue ChuChu is under the bridge.
Western Fairy Island (A3)--
Rock Spire Isle (B3)Bombs are required.
Tingle Island (C3)--
Eastern Fairy Island (E3)--
Thorned Fairy Island (G4)--
Stone Watcher Island (C5)Located behind the large stone face.
Bird's Peak Rock (G5)The Grappling Hook is required; the Blue ChuChu is above the steel door.
Diamond Steppe Island (A6)The Hookshot is required.
Shark Island (C6)Solve the switch puzzle to create an updraft (the Skull Hammer and Iron Boots are required). Use the Deku Leaf to float up to the island's highest part.
Southern Fairy Island (D6)--
Cliff Plateau Isles (G6)Located on the largest, tallest isle. Travel through a secret cavern to reach it; Fire Arrows are required.
Angular Isles (E7)Found on top of the larger isle.
Boating Course (F7)It's on top of the large gray stone located on the smaller isle. Use the Deku Leaf from the larger isle to reach it.
Full Moon Rings of Light
According to the Light Rings Chart, certain rings of light only appear during a full moon. There isn't much to gain from visiting the rings, other than netting yourself a nice amount of Rupees.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Seven-Star Isles (F1)Rewards: Red Rupees
Northern Triangle Island (D3)Rewards: Red Rupees
Star Belt Archipelago (G3)Rewards: Red Rupee, Purple Rupee
Greatfish Isle (B4)Rewards: Red Rupees
Five-Star Isles (G7)Rewards: Red Rupees
Quest Items
Here's a list showing where to obtain every major item in the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bait BagBeedle's Shop Ship
BombsPirate's Ship
BoomerangForbidden Woods (F6)
Deku LeafForest Haven (F6)
Delivery BagDragon Roost Island (F2)
Deluxe Picto BoxWindfall Island (D2)
Din's PearlDragon Roost Island (F2)
Farore's PearlForest Haven (F6)
Grappling HookDragon Roost Cavern (F2)
Hero's BowTower of the Gods (E4)
Hero's CharmWindfall Island (D2)
Hero's ShieldOutset Island (B7)
Hero's SwordOutset Island (B7)
HookshotWind Temple (D1)
Iron BootsIce Ring Isle (E6)
Magic ArmorWindfall Island (D2)
Master SwordTower of the Gods (E4)
Mirror ShieldEarth Temple (C7)
Nayru's PearlOutset Island (B7)
Wind WakerDragon Roost Island (F2)
Picto BoxWindfall Island (D2)
Pirate's Charm StonePirate Ship
Power BraceletsFire Mountain (F3)
SailWindfall Island (D2)
Skull HammerMonster Island (A1)
Spoils BagPirate Ship
TelescopeOutset Island (B7)
Faster SailBeedle's Shop Ship
Sea Platform locations
Sea Platforms are the tall towers scattered about the Great Sea. Usually guarded by lesser enemies such as, Bokoblins or Wizzrobes, they offer small treasures to anyone brave enough to conquer them. Each platform holds treasure of some kind, usually small amounts of Rupees and other modest items, however a couple of them carry Treasure Charts, and there's even a Piece of Heart atop one.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Star Island (B1)Minor rewards
Seven-Star Isles (F1)Treasure Chart, Minor rewards
Pawprint Isle (E2)Minor rewards
Western Fairy Island (A3)Skull Necklace
Rock Spire Isle (B3)Orange Rupee, Minor rewards
Eastern Fairy Island (E3)Minor rewards
Fire Mountain (F3)Minor rewards
Star Belt Archipelago (G3)Minor rewards
Cyclops Reef (C4)Minor rewards
Six-Eye Reef (D4)Minor rewards
Thorned Fairy Island (G4)Minor rewards
Islet of Steel (B5)Minor rewards
Stone Watcher Island (C5)Piece of Heat, Minor rewards
Bomb Island (F5)Minor rewards
Five-Eye Reef (B6)Minor rewards
Southern Fairy Island (D6)Treasure Chart, Minor rewards
Cliff Plateau Isles (G6)Minor rewards
Horseshoe Island (A7)Minor rewards
Two-Eye Reef (D7)Minor rewards
Five-Star Isles (G7)Minor rewards
Secret Caverns
On many of the islands scattered across the Great Sea, there are Secret Caverns that house wonderful treasures at the cost of battling hoards of powerful foes. Often times you may need a certain item to enter one of these caverns, such as a bomb to expose the cavern entrance from beneath a large rock. The rewards for completing a cavern's challenges are usually worth the effort; items such as Rupees, Treasure Charts, and even Pieces of Heart can be won.

The chart below shows the location of each Secret Cavern, as well as the prizes for clearing their trials.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Star Island (B1)Rewards: Piece of Heart
Overlook IslandRewards: Triforce Chart
Pawprint Isle #1 (E2)Rewards: Piece of Heart, Joy Pendant, Purple Rupee
Pawprint Isle #2 (E2)Rewards: Silver Rupee
Dragon Roost IslandRewards: Purple Rupee
Rock Spire Isle (B3)Rewards: Treasure Chart
Fire Mountain (F3)Rewards: Power Bracelets
Needle Rock Isle (A5)Rewards: Orange Rupee
Stone Watcher Island (C5)Rewards: Triforce Chart
Private Oasis (E5)Rewards: Triforce Chart
Bomb Island (F5)Rewards: Piece of Heart
Bird's Peak Rock (G5)Rewards: Triforce Chart
Diamond Steppe Island (A6)Rewards: Joy Pendant, Ghost Ship Chart
Shark Island (C6)Rewards: Silver Rupee
Ice Ring Isle #1 (E6)Rewards: Iron Boots
Ice Ring Isle #2 (E6)Rewards: Orange Rupee
Cliff Plateau Isles (G6)Rewards: Joy Pendant, Treasure Chart
Horseshoe Island (A7)Rewards: Treasure Chart
Outset Island #1 (B7)Rewards: Rupee Purse upgrade
Boating Course (F7)Rewards: Submarine Chart
Outset Island #2 (B7)Rewards: Triforce Chart, Piece of Heart
Angular Isles (E7)Rewards: Silver Rupee
Submarine locations and treasures
Seven quadrants of the Great Sea feature submarines -- small, wooden vessels complete with periscopes and baddies. Entering a submarine is dangerous. You're always met with a fight inside, some easier than others. Only after you defeat all of the enemies lurking inside a submarine will you be able to claim your reward.

Below is a chart containing the locations of each submarine, as well as your rewards for clearing them:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Northern Fairy Island (C1)Reward: Treasure Chart
Crescent Moon Island (E1)Reward: Treasure Chart
Flight Control Platform (G2)Reward: Platform Chart
Six-Eye Reef (D4)Reward: Piece of Heart
Bomb Island (F5)Reward: Empty Bottle
Headstone Island (C7)Reward: Treasure Chart
Five-Star Isles (G7)Reward: Piece of Heart
Triforce Chart locations
Here are the locations of the eight Triforce Charts (needed to find the Triforce Shards).
UnlockableHow to unlock
Chart #1Islet of Steel
Chart #2Private Oasis
Chart #3Bird's Peak Rock
Chart #4Ghost Ship
Chart #5Headstone Island
Chart #6Outset Island
Chart #7Stone Watcher Island
Chart #8Overlook Island
Triforce Shard locations
Here are the locations of the eight Triforce Shards.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Chart #1Greatfish Isle (B4)
Chart #2Gale Isle (D1)
Chart #3Stone Watcher Island (C5)
Chart #4Outset Island (B7)
Chart #5Cliff Plateau Isles (G6)
Chart #6Southern Triangle Island (D5)
Chart #7Seven-Star Isles (F1)
Chart #8Two-Eye Reef (D7)


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99 Joy Pendants
Requirements: Grappling Hook, Song of Passing.

Go to any of the platforms with the Bokoblins. Equip the Grappling Hook, lock on to one and use it. You will get a Joy Pendant each Bokoblin. When you get the Joy Pendants from all the Bokoblins, use the Song of Passing and repeat.
Before you save the girls in the Forsaken Fortess, on Windfall Island, in the rich man's house, if you break his glittering vases, he will yell at you and make you pay 10 rupees per each vase that you broke, admitting that he has swindled you with his forced compensation.
After you save your sister and the other girls at the Forsaken Fortress, however, back at Windfall Island you will notice that the rich man and the "begger" man who stalked you and begged you to save his daughter Maggie, have literally switched places. Mila's once rich dad is now poor, and Maggie's dad is now rich, landing him and Maggie in the mansion. Now, if you break the pots, nothing will happen. So, break away!
*This is for entertainment. Unfortunately, you will not get any rupees breaking these shiny vases*
"Killer Bees" hiding places
When the 4 boys on Windfall Island challenge you to a game of hide-and-seek, you must first find them, and then chase them down. Here are their hiding locations:

Boy #1- Look behind the stone tablet on the cliff by the jail... where the man is dancing. Behind the tablet, you will find one of the boys.

Boy #2- Take the hidden path that leads behind the bomb shop... you will need to sidle across the back wall. When you reach the back of the shop, you will find another boy. He will jump off the ledge; follow him down.

Boy #3- There is a wooden path that leads up to the town center from the "dancing man's" cliff; it begins by the entrance to the jailhouse; the walking man commonly takes this route. Walk up the path, but instead of heading into the town at the top, go further to the right and look behind the bush to find the next boy. This one is rather easy to corner.

Boy #4- This fourth boy, the "leader" of the Killer Bees, hides at the top of a tree. From the area where the school is, head over to the big white arc that arches over the entrance of the town hall. When on top of it, look ahead at the tall tree where the dock is. This boy will be on top of it. Jump down and then run/bump into the tree to knock him down.

If you have any trouble catching any of the boys, press "A" while running after them to roll forward. This will help you sort of gain speed and reach them/corner them faster.
"Pale, Round Object"
The depressed boy on Windfall Island who says that nobody understands him, demands you show him something perfectly pale and round so that he will know you truly understand the workings of his inner heart.

This requires the Deluxe Pictograph. You need to take a picture of a full moon. If you are not using the Deluxe Pictograph, the boy will tell you that the object is not pale enough.
100 rupee piece
There is a really easy 100 rupee piece to find at the start of the game. It is located under your grandma's house. To get there go to the left side of the house and there should be a hole there. Crawl through it to find a chest with the rupee in it.
Note: This cheat may be incorrect because I haven't played this in a while, but I do know its there, there just might be something I forgot.
100 Rupees Easy
On Outset Island, crawl under your grandma's house(crawl under the deck) and you will reach a hole after a minute of crawling under the deck. Go thru the hole. You will reach a small room. There is a treasure chest with an orange rupee in it. An orange rupee is worth 100!!!
100 Rupees on Outset Island
On the first level of the game, go to your Grandmother's house. Under it is a hole which you're suppost to crawl in. Hold R and crawl into the hole. Once you reach the end, you will enter a room with a Chest. Open the chest and you get a Orange Rupee, worth 100 Rupees!
200 rupees at beginning of game
I always do this at the beginning of every new game to get 200 rupees on outset island.

60 rupees: bring all 3 pigs to the lady in the pink dress for 20 rupees each

20 rupees: go into the house near where you find the spotted pig and crawl under the table. there will be a chest containing 20 rupees.

20+ rupees: jump onto the fence where you put the pigs and hop on the roof. go into the hole on the roof and smash all the jars, boxes, and crates for 20 or more rupees.

100 rupees: crawl under your grandma's house and open the chest which contains 100 rupees.

this is a good way to start a new game and you can do it all even before you get the hero's sword! hope this helps!
All joy pendants easy :)
Go to Dragon Rosst Island`s dungeon, (i dont remember what it`s called, sadly) and kill the 2 enemies there. They will, most likely, drop Joy Pendants. Leave, re-enter, kill them, collect the loot, repeat until you have 50 of them. Congratulations, when you go to Windfall, you can get the Hero`s Mask, which reveals how much health enemies have! <img src="https://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> If you do this early, it works on BOSSES, too! Easy killing!
Bait Can Be Rewarding
When in a dungeon or cave, look for rat holes. If you scatter bait in front of them, a rat will come out and sell you some rare items. They may be pricey, but they can come in handy if you really need them.
Ballad of Gales
Once you have the Bow, locate a Tornado (there's one near Northern Triangle Island, south of Windfall Island). Sail straight into it and Cyclos (Zephos' brother) will appear. Fire Arrows up at Cyclos. You have to hit him three times before the Tornado sucks you up. Defeating him earns you the Ballad of Gales, allowing you to warp around the Great Sea. To play it (in four-note mode on the Wind Waker), press Down, Left, Right, Up.
Big Octo Chart
Can't seem to find the Big Octoroks? There's a Sea Chart off the coast of Northern Triangle Island (D3) that tells the location of every Big Octo in the game. Start by sailing over to Six-Eye Reef (D4) and digging up the Treasure Chart. The chart indicates that the treasure chest containing the Big Octo Chart is located in quadrant D3.
blow up beetle!
go to any beetle shop ship and throw a bomb at it. it will rock a little and then smoke will come out of the entrance!

this is only for entertainment :-)
blue or green potion
When you're in the dungeon at Dragon Roost island, there will be a room you need to go through that has little rats crawling around. Don't try killing them. If you have Bait, throw it on the ground next to the rat hole and a rat will come out and thank you. He will then offer to sell you either blue or green potion (your option) for 80 rupees. *Make sure your bottle is empty though!
Blue Potions from Hollo
In the Forest Haven go to the area where you meet the Great Deku Tree. Walk around the edge of that area, and you will find a sign reading "Potion Shop". There one of the Tree's children will make Blue Potion for you out of the seeds you can steal from Boko Baba Plants. To get these seeds, use the grappling hook on the Plants before moving in for the kill. Contrary to what most people on this site say, you only need FOUR seeds, not five.

You're welcome
Break a Fall
If you fall or jump off of a high area and there is solid land underneath you, you will loose health. However, if you press A right before you hit the ground, you will roll and break the fall.
Cabana Puzzle
This is only MY way of solving the puzzle inside the house on the the only island in the game with the title Oasis. I start by solving the first row on the bottom getting the two on the left in their place. Then, get the first from the bottom right's tile into the 2nd from the bottom right's position. Then get the first from the bottom right tile above the 2nd from the etc. and get the gap in the puzzle on the right of the tile and press Up Right Down, and you should finish the bottom row.
Repeat this for the next row up. Now for hard part, you need to finish the top two rows but you can't do it the same way as the bottom two. First, you need to get the two tiles that go one the far left of both rows where they belong by using the same trick to Finish the bottom rows. after you get them there you just have to fiddle with the last five tiles until one slowly falls into place and a tune is heard meaning you finished it.
I apologize if this may be confusing and I know it would just be better to make a video about it. But alas, I am without the means to record my endeavor. I hardly ever check my E-mail so if you ever have any question... You can try to reach me on Facebook which I go on a little more frequently but... yeah.
Note: The top far right tile will always be missing when trying to solve the puzzle. Solving said puzzle will net you a fair amount of rupees just be sure you have room to collect as your efforts will be in vain if you don't.
These are how you get some charts.

Beedle's Chart Once you get bombs availible in your inventory, Beedle will mail you his chart.
Ghost Ship Chart Explore the cave on Diamond Steppe Island.
Great Fairy Chart Defeat all the cannons in the Five-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find Great Fairy Chart .
IN-credible Chart Obtain the Master Sword, then wait for Tingle to send you the chart. You must pay 201 Rupees to get it out of the mailbox.
Island Hearts Chart Defeat all the cannons in the Four-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Island Hearts Chart.
Light Ring Chart Defeat all the cannons in the Cyclops Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Light Ring Chart .
Octo Chart Defeat all the cannons in the Six-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Octo Chart.
Platform Chart Go to the Flight Control Platform sector and look for a submarine. Enter it and defeat all the enemies.
Sea Hearts Chart Defeat all the cannons in the Three-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Sea Heart Chart.
Secret Chart Defeat all the cannons in the Two-Eye Reef, then use the Treasure Chart that appears to find the Secret Chart.
Submarine Chart Explore the Boating Course sector and defeat all the enemies inside.
Tingle's Chart Rescue Tingle from prison.
go to outset island and go to the guy u can fight and hit him 3 times he will say "what r u doing" then hit him 2 times and he will say "hey,(name)"
then hit him 1 more time and he will go CRAZY and say "Ah,STOP,DESIST,"then he will hit u and push u down!!!!but u don't lose any hearts!=;-)
Darknut and Blue Bubbles in the Earth Temple
This tip helps you take out both Blue Bubbles without them "popping" up.

In the room where you get the Big Key, there is a Darknut at the far side of the room and numerous skulls lining the walls. As soon as you enter, take out your Boomerang and destroy all of the skulls. Sooner or later, you should be left with the two skulls on either side of the Darknut (not directly beside it). Those two skulls are the Blue Bubbles. Now take out your Hero's Bow and shoot them. After taking them out, you can easily defeat the Darknut without interference.
Defeat puppet gannon
To make it easier to defeat puppet gannon, climb up onto one of the wooden ledges around the edge. This is especially useful against the snake form because it can't hit you. You can fire your light arrows from the ledge without getting hit and there are pots with health and magic on the ledges.
Defeat your enemies with only one hit!
If an enemy gets on your nerves and you want to get rid of him immediately, just use the light arrows. They will finish off your enemy in one hit. This cheat doesn't work with bosses!
I don't know if it works on all islands but from what I know you can kill beedle! Just make sure you take about 30 bombs and stand on the end of the boat and throw the bombs onto the roof and stay out of range. If you just throw a few bombs on the boat it will continue moving after the smoke lifts, if you throw 30 or more bombs, after the smoke lifts he will never move until you go inside or leave the island, so if you wanna check I did it and got all the way to the gate to the bridge up and he never moved. ATTENTION: I DID THIS ON DRAGON ROOST ISLAND! I DID NOT DO THIS ON ANY OTHER ISLANDS!
Don't Miss the Chest
In the Forbidden Woods when you come to the big dark flower that needs to be cut, be sure to use it as a bridge to get the chest across the room.
Double Player Help!
Ok we all have the tingle tuner right? Well if u have a game boy advance or an sp use a GC link cable to attach the gba to the gc, then use the tingle tuner. use your tingle tuner to use bombs, potions, flight or invincibility for a few seconds!

NOTE: it costs money to use tingles items...

hope this works

dragon roost island chest
must have the tingle tuner!

go to where you find Medli to teach her the song. go where the giant wall is and use tingle to go where the bombs are jump down and call link to see where you are. go next to the bombs and use one of tingles.
Drop the Price
Climb to the top of Windfall Island, then use the Deku Leaf to float onto the awning of the school with Tingle Tuner activated. Tingle will tell you that the price of the Tingle Balloon, Tingle Shield, and Kooloo-limpah have been reduced.
Easy Items
First, you have to have gotten the master sword, seen princess Zelda, and gotten the special arrows. Get the Iron Boots and go to Shark Island. Activate all the switches and fall down the hole. When you reach the center of the room turn around and some gunnards will start attacking you as well as some other enemies. The enemies will keep coming until you kill the last one. When you're done, a chest will appear. Break all the glowing orbs and collect the treasures, then open the chest. It will have a map in it. Exit the area. After you're done, don't worry if you have to get more items. You can enter again, walk up to the chest, the turn around and do the process all over again. Also, if you're looking for a challenge, do it with the iron boots on.
Easy kill shocking chuchus
When you run into any yellow or blue chuchus, use a fire arrow on one, the rest will slow down and not attack half as often and the electricity won't hurt as much.
Easy money
If you're in need of rupees, just go around Windfall Island and break all the pots hidden in the bushes. When you go inside a building and back out, the pots will re-appear for you to break again. Keep this up until you have the money you need to buy merchandise, etc.
Enter Mother Island
To enter Mother Island, go to the Mother & Child Islands (avoid the Tornado there). The Fishman will add the area to your Sea Chart. Now, sail into the Tornado (or any other one) and defeat Cyclos to get the Ballad of Gales (ignore this step if you already have it). Now, play the Ballad of Gales and select Mother & Child Islands as your destination. When the Tornado drops you off, you will be inside the Mother Island, where you will meet the Great Fairy Queen. Afterward, you can use your Bottles to collect Fairies from there.
Escaping Pigs
If you ever make a pig mad, jump in the water if there is any around. The pig will calm down as soon as it gets in the water. That way you won't have to run and evade a bunch
Evil piggies in Outset Island
First, get the sword. While you have the sword hit the pigs until either:
1 - They turn red
2 - Music changes

When you hit them with the spin attack, sometimes you'll send them flying doing a quadruple or a quintiple flip. When they hit you, it takes away one WHOLE heart!
fall without being hurt
(be sure to have your sword out)if you jump from a really high place right before you land press B and you wont get hurt
Falling bacon
Ok here goes. Go to outset island and pickup the big pig (must have brought it home in the beginning of the game and must have the bracelets to pick it up) go up the spiral like hill to where the bridge used to be and WALK (don't throw him it wont work) off the cliff with him. You will take minimal damage but, the pig will have fallen INTO the rock making a splash from inside the rock. Now the pig is trapped. You can still hear him swimming as well in the water. This trick is just for amusement.
Fast Boat
For a faster boat when sailing just set your sail to 'y' and keep on tapping a,y,a,y really fast.
Figurine Help
Total Figurines in the game: 134
Total Legendary Figurines: 7

There are a few figurines that are really tough to get. Mainly just getting the pictures of them. Some, like the boss figurines can only be gotten at one time, although 4 of the bosses can be gotten twice. heres some help on some rare ones, and some random ones, but all very hard to get.

Knuckle- Finish the GBA tingle Tuner quests, and he will appear on the tingle island. Take his picture, and give it to the figurine maker.

Link and Red Lions- Get every single other figurine besides Knuckle to be awarded this one.

The 4 Main Bosses- Either get the pictures while battling them the first time, or you get another chance at Ganon's Tower.

The Tower of the God's Boss- Take his picture while he's sitting there in the wall after you defeat him.

Puppet Ganon and Shadow Puppet guy- You only have one chance at getting Puppet Ganon, while your battling him, and the shadow Ganon is seen tons of time in Ganon's Tower, along with one time the second time you head in to Forsaken Fortress.

Tetra and the Pirates- You have the one chance to get Tetra, under the water in hyrule when you bring her down. Take her picture when you guys are headed in to the castle. You'll get her, and all her pirate buds.

Gyorg- You know those stupid sharks out there in the ocean that attack you randomly for no reason? Well thats a Gyorg. And the only way to get them is by taking a picture of their face. So when one attacks, stop the boat, take out your camera, and point it to where its going to attack, right before it does hit your boat, it comes out of the water for a moment, thats your chance to get the face shot.

Fishman- The charting fish are called Fishman and the only way to get their picture is by wiating there by one while it jumps up out of the water. With your camera out, point near it, watch its shadow in the water to tell where its going to jump up next, and snap it. Most of the time he's not looking straight in to the camera though, so it'll take a few tries to get the face shot.

Valoo- While in your boat right outside Dragon Roost Island, take a picture of Valoo's head.

After you've completed the stuff needed to get the Delux Pictobox, the same guy will sell you legendary pictographs for 50 rupees a piece. Depending on the phase of the moon you could get one of 7 different pictographs to put in to the picto box. Then you take it and give one at a time to the figurine guy to get the legendary ones. Those consist of:
Wind Sage
Earth Sage
Gueen of Fairies
King Hyrule and Princess Zelda
Finding the Next Island
When going to other islands, such as leaving Windfall to go to Dragon Roost, use Tingle. On your GBA push the LEFT button at the top which will take you to Tingle's map. Push A to mark a place. Next mark your next destination. Tingle will tell you what way to go.
Finding the Triforce Shards quickly
I recommend having at least 3,385 Rupees before you begin your quest for the shards, and here's why:

398 Rupees x 8 Triforce Charts = 3,184 Rupees
3,184 Rupees + 201 Rupees to receive and open the IN-credible Chart = 3,385 Rupees

If you begin searching for the Triforce Shards, and don't have at least 3,385 Rupees, you're going to find that you'll be spending about as much time making money as you are searching for the shards.

You will also save yourself some time if you have at least two Hyoi Pears, have visited all of the Great Fairies (can carry 99 Bombs, 99 Arrows, and up to 5000 Rupees), and have charted the islands in the following quadrants:

A5, B4, B7, C5, C6, C7, D1, D5, D7, E3, F1, and G6

Happy hunting!
Fire/Ice arrows
To get the fire and ice arrows, you must have both
-defeated the Helmaroc King at the Forsaken Fortress
-Learned the Ballad of gales
After you've done both of these, use the ballad of gales to warp to (2,6) on the map, or "The Mother and Child Isles." A fairy will give you the ability to cast fire and ice arrows. They consume magic power. To use one, hit R while aiming an arrow.(Hit R again for the other type of arrow)
Flight contest tip
Near Dragonroost island there is a flight contest to see how far you can glide with the Deku leaf. I have a cheat to make you go really far.

Things needed:
Full magic gauge
Tingle Turner
GBA and link cable.
Deku leaf
Wind Waker

Before you do the contest use the Wind Waker to make the wind change in the direction you are going. Then when the guy tells you that you can go take the Tingle Turner and buy a walk on air potion. Which lets you walk on air. Let it activate and run on air as far as you can for the time limit. When the time is up change to the Deku leaf. Try to hit the tornado's as much as you can. If you start to run out of magic buy a magic potion from Tingle. You should go so far that you should break records. Enjoy
Free Arrows
Find Beadle's ship on any island, and shoot one of the sacks at the side with an arrow. Get over to his ship and jump at the sack, if you touch it you will not only retrieve the arrow you used, but you will get an extra 10 or 20 arrows as well. You can do this method as many times as you need, so you can save your money instead of wasting it on arrows inside.
Free Magic refiller!!
You can refill your magic for free in the Forbidden Woods. When you run low on magic, jump in a Boko Baba plant that doesn't have anything in it. You can get your magic refilled for free.
Fun with moblins
Moblins (those pig-like creatures with the spear) Okay, this is actually kinda funny. 1st thing to do is make the moblin drop his weapon, while he is looking for his weapon go up behind him and use your sword and slash his rear end (only once) and he will begin to hop around and cry in pain.
Game Checklist
[_] 1. Collect the three pearls
[_] 2. Get Master Sword and start on second third of main quest.
[_] 3. Put power back in to the master sword and finish main quest by finding 8 triforce shards.
[_] 4. Head to every section on the map and record every island through Fishman
[_] 5. Destroy all 8 Big Octo's
[_] 6. Collect all 49 sea Charts
[_] 7. Go through every single island and collect everything on it
[_] 8. Go around all the ocean and explore the platforms rising above the ocean.
[_] 9. Use all sea charts and find every shining ring of light.
[_] 10. Unlock nintendo Gallery and collect all 134 figurines
[_] 11. Do every tingle Tuner quest
[_] 12. Collect the remaining pieces of Hearts on islands (Many get missed on Windfall, 9 Sea Charts, and 9 Pieces of Hearts on that island)
Ganondorf tips
Here are some tips to help you defeat Ganondorf.

  • Tip 1: When facing him let him come towards you. That way you can prepare for counter attacks.
  • Tip 2: When he is near you always counter his attacks with the A button. Your sword will flash when you can counter. Your paddle will also rumble.
  • Tip 3: Dont get in the way of Tetra when she has the Heros bow. You could get hit by one of the shots. Keep your shield up when she shoots to make a counter.
  • Tip 4: Try to slash him in the back. That is one of his weak spots.
  • Tip 5: Always keep on guard and offense. Keep attacking.
  • Getting a bottle at windfall island.
    After you save your sister and the girls there will be the once rich but now poor man says his daughter sneaks out at night for a reason unknown.So at night wait at the docks until she runs past you, up the board, and into town.Then follow her(keep a safe distance because your stalking her).She will go in the guys store that sells those flowers and opens the safe to steal money.very quietly walk up behind her untill you can speak to her by clicking A.confess her to stop being a criminal and she gives you a bottle.
    Gohma Battle
    With your Grapling Hook in Y, Z or X aim for the great valoo's tail then press R then turn around and get a heart if you got hurt by 1/2 or 1 whole heart then hook valoo's tail two more times then L Target Gohma then use your grapling hook then gohma might collap then strike her with Link's Sword until the lava dissapers and Gohma fals into the lava then dead.

    Subbmitted by Nicholas Schembri
    Grappling Items
    If you're having trouble getting enemies to drop items, lock onto them and use the grappling hook. If the enemy is one that will drop an item that goes into the Spoils Bag, you'll always get that item.
    heart piece on greatfish island
    On Greatfish Island, go to were the korok on the hill is and change the wind to northwest then glide down to the chest on the ledge. in the chest is a piece of heart.
    Helmaroc King Battle Tip
    When fighting the Helmaroc King when he has his mask off you can use the bow to damage him. When he is in the sky its best to do it then. Then when he is on ground use the Master Sword.
    Help With Getting Cabana Deed (To Get Triforce Chart)
    Before you do this, you'll need at least 21 Joy Pendandts; which you should have collected throughout battles.
    Anyways-- go to Windfall Island. Find the school teacher. She has pink hair. You'll find her in the town "circle" where the pictograph shop is and where the wooden staircase is located. Her door is pretty recognizable. There's a wooden plack that has a vague picture of a woman with pink hair. Go into that door. Talk to her. She'll tell you to talk to the four children outside. Go back outside and talk to the boy with the hat on. (He's the leader of the "gang".) He'll challenge you to a hide and seek kind of game. Do this. I had a bit of trouble on this. But I finally figure where the four boys were hiding. Here's where the hiding places are in random order:

    1) Look behind the shrine at where you got the Song Of Passing. (The man dressed as Elvis.) If you haven't even gotten this song, get your wind waker out and learn the requiem. (Right; Left; Down) There will be a boy hiding. Simply chase hime until you catch him. You won't need to use any item-- this goes for every finding.

    2) At the docks at Windfall Island, the first tree you see where the poor heavy man stands is the tree with the leader of the group. Don't have your sword out. Attack the tree stump. The boy should fall down and you'll chase him until he's caught.

    3) Go to the docks of Windfall Island. Then go up the trail to where you'd go to the Song of Passing Shrine. But, instead, turn up the wooden ramp. Walk straight, but don't go in the door way. Step onto the wooden plank thing. There should be two pots in front of you that you might want to break. Walk all the way until you reach the end of the plank. Take a left onto the land. Then walk straight. Don't go in door way. Instead, look behind bush. That's where another boy will be. Chase him until caught.

    4) Lastly, go behind the bomb shop. Either sidle or use your leaf to simply fly across. The last boy will run away from you. He'll jump down. Don't be discouraged. Simply jump down yourself and chase him.

    They'll praise you and tell you to get a Joy Pendant. If you have 20 and need one more (which I doubt) go the the tree next to the bomb shop. Attack this tree (which means roll into it-- what you needed to do to get the leader off the other tree) They'll talk to you... blah blah. You'll know what to do.

    Talk to the teacher, give her 1 pendant than talk to her again to give her 20 more. (I'm skipping some things, I know.) She'll then give you the frigging Cabana deed that you've been freakign out about. lol. I haven't gone further than this. But go to the Private Oasis that is South East from Windfall Island. You should be smart enought to figure everything else out. I believe there's a cheat for this Triforce Chart, on this site! lol.

    -Good Luck

    P.S. E-mail me if this helped you!
    Hero's Charm
    Go to Windfall island and give Mrs.Marie 30 joy pandants. and she will give you Hero's charm
    (other people also did this but it was like 40 joypandants and 50 but u can get it with just 30)
    Hidden Chest
    In the Forbidden Woods when you come to the room with the giant stump and moving platform, there is a rather hidden chest. Jump onto the moving platform and make it stop about halfway across the room. You will see a hole in the stump. Fly in using the Deku Leaf and open the chest concealed behind the two breakable chestnuts for 20 extra rupees.
    Hint: Outset Island: Savage labyrinth:
    The following information describes each of the levels in the Savage Labyrinth, located on Outset Island. It will tell you which enemies are in each level in the labyrinth and the items and weapons that you can gain by killing or using the grappling hook on them. Note: Some enemies names are descriptive rather than their real names. The level after you fall down the hole is marked as level 0, as the levels actually are counted after you get to the level below level 0. Optional weapons indicate the weapons that you can use against enemies that drop them. In the Savage Labyrinth, the enemies that you kill will not drop the things that you would normally get that belong in the Spoils Bag. Therefore, you must use your grappling hook on them to obtain those items. When "none" appears for an enemy's item acquired, it indicates that either that the enemy is too weak to withstand the force of the grappling hook grabbing it, or that it would only give you a small restoration item, such as a Heart or a Magic Jar.

    Enemy or item Total enemies
    or items Item or optional weapon obtained
    Large Vase 1 3 Fairies
    Keese 12 None
    Imps 6 None
    Blue Bokoblins 4 Joy Pendants, Haliberds, Deku Sticks
    Red ChuChus 6 Red Chu Jelly
    Fire Worms 4 None
    Keese 5 None
    Imps 4 None
    Fire Keese 4 None
    Fire Worms 2 None
    Fire Keese 2 None
    Blue Bokoblins 4 Joy Pendants, Haliberds, Deku Sticks
    Moblins 2 Skull Necklaces, Spin Sticks
    Small Pots 4 Various small restoration items
    Large Vases 2 1 Red Rupee, 1 Yellow Rupee, 2 Blue Rupees, 12 Green Rupees (56 Rupees total) x 2
    Peahats 6 Golden Feathers
    Green ChuChus 4 Green Chu Jelly
    Boko Babas 5 Boko Baba Seeds and Deku Sticks
    Green Bokoblins 4 Joy Pendants, Haliberds, Deku Sticks
    Cyclops Beetles 5 None
    Peahats 3 Golden Feathers
    Boko Babas 3 Boko Baba Seeds and Deku Sticks
    Green ChuChus 4 Green Chu Jelly
    Blue Bokoblins 4 Joy Pendants, Haliberds, Deku Sticks
    Cyclops Beetles 3 None
    Green Bokoblins 2 Joy Pendants, Haliberds, Deku Sticks
    Flying Cyclops Beetles 2 Golden Feathers
    Small Pots 3 Various Small Restoration Items
    Large Vases 2 1 Purple Rupee, 1 Red Rupee, 1 Yellow Rupee, 2 Blue Rupees, 12 Green Rupees (102 Rupees per vase) x 2
    Darkfire Magicians 3 None
    Armos 4 None
    Armos Knight 2 None
    Yellow ChuChus 6 Red Chu Jelly
    Red Fire Bubble 4 None
    Green Bokoblins 2 Joy Pendants, Haliberds, Deku Sticks
    Unshielded Silver Darknut 1 Knight's Crests, Plus 2 Swords
    Armos 3 None
    Darkfire Magician 1 None
    Red Fire Bubble 2 None
    Armos Knight 2 None
    Shielded Silver Darknut 1 Knight's Crests, Plus 2 Swords
    Shielded Gold Darknut 1 Knight's Crests, Plus 2 Swords
    Small Pots 2 Various Small Restoration Items
    Large Vases 3 1 Purple Rupee, 1 Red Rupee, 1 Yellow Rupee, 2 Blue Rupees, 12 Green Rupees (102 Rupees per vase) x 3
    Treasure Chest 1 Triforce Chart
    Gibdos 6 None
    Blue Jinxing Bubble 5 None
    Black Chuchus 6 Green Chu Jelly
    Poe Ghosts 5 None
    Flying Cyclops Beetles 3 Golden Feathers
    Moblins 2 Skull Necklaces, Spin Sticks
    Gibdos 3 None
    Black Chuchus 5 Green Chu Jelly
    Flying Cyclops Beetles 1 Golden Feathers
    Poe Ghosts 5 None
    Moblins 2 Skull Necklaces, Spin Sticks
    Blue Jinxing Bubble 4 None
    Stalfos 2 None
    Large Vases 5 1 Purple Rupee, 1 Red Rupee, 1 Yellow Rupee, 2 Blue Rupees, 12 Green Rupees (102 rupees per vase) x 5
    Imps 30 None
    Red ChuChus 10 Red Chu Jelly
    Green ChuChus 10 Green Chu Jelly
    Yellow ChuChus 10 Red Chu Jelly
    Darkfire Magicians 5 None
    Blue Bokoblins 7 or 8 Joy Pendants, Haliberds, Deku Sticks
    Green Bokoblins 7 or 8 Joy Pendants, Haliberds, Deku Sticks
    Gibdos 4 None
    Stalfos 2 None
    Moblins 3 Skull Necklaces, Spin Sticks
    Shielded Silver Darknuts 2 Knight's Crests, Plus 2 Swords
    Darkfire Magicians 3 None
    Shielded Black Darknuts 2 Knight's Crests, Plus 2 Swords
    Stalfos 3 None
    Shielded Red Darknuts 4 Knight's Crests, Plus 2 Swords
    Treasure Chest 1 Piece of Heart
    How to defeat boss 1

    To hurt Gohma, you need to use your Grappling Hook on Valoo's tail, which is hanging through a crack in the ceiling. The rock surrounding the tail breaks loose, and falls on the armoured firepede, cracking his armour. The idea is to swing to a higher platform so you're less likely to be hurt by Gohma's claws. You have to repeat this process two more times, when he'll lose all his armour. Back on the ground, L-Target him and stun him with your Hook. He'll fall, allowing you to attack his eye with your sword. Repeat this process until he's defeated.
    How to defeat boss 2

    Kalle Demos
    Dodge the initial burst of tentacles, then break out the Boomerang. Target 5 of the vines that are holding him to the ceiling, and throw. Then, keep dodging tentacles if necessary, and then take out 5 more vines. Repeat this until you snap all of those vines. He'll fall and flower. Target, break out the sword, jump-attack him, slash once, and then run off of the petal. If you take too long, it closes on you and chews you, doing some damage. On the other hand, you can dole out more damage if you stay longer and then grab some hearts from the grass around the room. Keep repeating this process until he's defeated.

    how to defeat boss 3
    With Gohdan, you'll be using a lot of arrows, but don't worry about running out because the boss kindly gives you 10 more every time you hit 0. From his nose.

    Gohdan is similar to Bongo Bongo in Ocarina of Time. He's two hands and a head floating around an arena. This time, the arena is surrounded by an electrical floor, so try not to get knocked off. With your Bow, target each hand and wait until you can shoot the eyes in his palms. Each take a couple of hits before they go limp. When both are hurt, Gohdan's head starts attacking.

    Target one of the eyes. It's generally best to move to the side that you have targeted. In other words, if you're targeting the right eye you should strafe to the right before firing. This helps to ensure a hit on the eye, rather than having your arrow glance off of the nose. After you hit the eye once, don't immediately shoot another one. Instead, wait. The bosses eyes disappear, and his mouth opens. Start running and rolling. You want to make sure that the stream of fire he starts shooting misses you, if you get hit you get thrown onto the electric floor. After the fire's done, target one of the eyes again and fire another arrow, then wait, then dodge the fire. Repeat this until both eyes are gone. At this point, he starts descending. Target his mouth and start running toward him. When he lands on the ground, toss a bomb into his mouth.

    You have to now repeat all of this twice; the second time around, his hands have more HP, and the third time, his fire beams will fire at the same time as his hands swipe at you.
    How to defeat boss 4
    The Monstrous Helmaroc King
    When you start this fight, the bird is chasing you up the circular ramp. Just keep running, with some rolling thrown in for speed. Ignore the enemies that drop in, they don't pose any threat, and are more dangerous if you treat them as distractions

    Once you get to the top of the fortress, the bird flies out and the floor closes. Target him, and then start strafing. Eventually, he'll thrust his head down to try and stab you with his beak. Dodge out of the way, then pound his head with the Skull Hammer. He'll start flying around and dive bombing. Target him when he starts to swoop, then jump to the side when he comes in. Eventually, he'll land again and try to stab you. Just keep smashing him when he does, and dodging him when he swoops at you. Your objective is to smash his helmet.

    Now he's helmetless, very angry, and has a new attack. He'll start hovering over the centre of the platform and madly flap his wings. This creates a huge gust of wind which propels you toward the wall. The wall with the spikes all over it. Target him and start rolling forward to avoid hitting the wall. To hurt him, all you really need to do is dodge his attacks and wait for him to try and impale you with his beak. He'll still get stuck, and you should still smash him with the Skull Hammer. Only a couple of hits until he's vanquished!
    How to defeat boss 6
    Hmmm...now we're on Jupiter. Right, fairly obscure 80s movie references aside, you need to wait until this boss shows its mouth. Target the tongue thing and Hookshot it. This briefly stuns the boss, and he'll lay his tongue on the ground. Break out your sword and slice away until it crawls back into the sand. If you take too long to hit the tongue, he'll grab you in his mouth and chew you up. So if you miss more than 4 or 5 times, it may be a good idea to back away.

    At this point, 3 mini-sandworms appear. To defeat them, just target them and use the Hookshot to bring them to the surface, then slash them twice with your sword. I recommend doing that, because they're just one less thing to worry about when you're trying to Hookshot the ever-moving tongue. Once you're ready, Hookshot then slash the tongue again. Then just take out the mini-sandworms, and repeat this general process a few more times.
    How to defeat boss 7

    Puppet Ganon
    Puppet Ganon has three different forms.
    Form 1: Puppet Pig
    This looks like Ganon's pig form, only as a large marionette. To beat this boss, use your Boomerang to cut his strings (2 hits each), then run behind him. Pull out your Light Arrows and shoot the blue ball at the end of his tail. Repeat this two more times, then it's on to the next form.

    Form 2: Puppet Spider
    He morphs into a Spider, then jumps up to the ceiling. Switch to 1st-person view, and look up to see him spinning. When he stops, take a quick note of where the blue ball is and then run and roll in that general direction. If your aim was true, when he lands you'll be within eye-sight of said ball. Pull out your Light Arrows and shoot the blue ball. After he jumps back up to the ceiling (whether or not you've hit him), 3 Keese show up. Kill them and grab their powerups. Repeat 2 more times and this form is finished.

    Form 3: Puppet Moldorm
    Ah yes...the Moldorm. Elder Zelda players should know exactly what to do here just based on the name. But it must be said that in 3D, this guy is a pain. He moves around the room, then moves in a circle, then moves to a different part of the room, and then moves in a circle again. If he starts coming toward you, run to another part of the room, or you'll get hit a bunch of times once the circle starts. You have to do this while avoiding Morths.
    So, run away and wait for him to start moving a circle. Then, pull out your Light Arrows and shoot the blue ball at the end of his tail. However, you can only lock onto his head. So you need to fire your arrows without the benefit of targeting and pray that your aim and timing was good. No hints for that other than you need to anticipate when the tail will come into range, and shoot early. After 3 hits, you're finally done with this boss.
    How to defeat the last boss

    Zelda hands you your sword, then steals your bow. She stands along the sidelines and shoots Light Arrows at Ganon. When she finally hits him, run in and start slashing away. Until then, concentrate on blocking and parrying. After Ganondorf gets hit by arrows a couple of times, he finally spots Tetra and promptly knocks her out cold. Now you're on your own.

    I found one of the better strategies here is to madly slash away. He blocks, but at least he's not attacking. Plus, when you're shield's up you can't do a counter attack. So, slash away and wait for the A button to flash and quickly hit it to do a counter attack. I ended up just hitting both A and B at the same time, but if it's before 1 am and you still have good reflexes you may not need to do that. After a few hits Tetra finally wakes up.

    She starts shooting arrows at Ganon, but is now missing wildly. You can keep up the same basic strategy as before, but now he blocks your counter attacks. So instead, stand still and put your shield up. Well, you can move if you want to, but when you hear the whine of arrow magic you need to stand still. Tetra shoots a Light Arrow into your shield, which deflects the Light and stuns Ganon. Run up and watch your A button. Hit it when it flashes, and the fight's over. Sit back and watch the ending.

    How to Identify the Pig & Get Rupees
    On Windfall Island a guy who is standing by the bomb shop and next to the two very short grey brick walls will talk about him having pigs and worrying about them. Press A and talk to him agian and he will say "I may not look rich, but i can loan you some money, if you got cash problems". Go talk to a few people around town and maybe buy a few things. Come back to the guy and he will say "The old money problem, eh?".
    he sends you to bring him his "slightly stupid" pig. Beware, he has 3 other identical pigs. The way to identify the stupid one is to pick the pig up and throw it. The pig that does not bounce is the stupid one. Bring that pig to him and he will give you a lot of rupees!!!
    Hyrule Castle Moblins and Darknuts
    If you have trouble defeating all of the Moblins and Darknuts after you get the Master Sword, this could help.

    First of all, when you get out, run right in front of the Hero of Time's statue, so you're on the high ledge. From here, you can shoot arrows at the Moblins from far away or drop bombs if they're under you. You can also lure Darknuts and Moblins here. They can't reach you and they hurt each other (or more like Moblins getting hurt). After you defeat all of the possible Moblins, run upstairs and defeat those enemies (preferably single or in doubles). After you're done with that, you can then "sweep" the ground floor of Darknuts and any remaining Moblins.

    Using this way, I only lost one heart (due to carelessness). You may waste a lot of arrows and/or bombs, though.
    Infinite Heals
    You'll need two bottles and a telescope. Go to Grandma's and fill a bottle with Elixer. Set this to Y. Press start + Y, and put an empty bottle were Elixer was before. You'll have two bottles together; one full of elixer, and one half full of elixer. Set the full one back to Y and press Y + start, now put the telescop on Y. You'll drink the elixer, but it'll still be fully filled.
    Infinite Rupees
    Go to Dragon Roost and go by the shrine. There is a big rock. Blow it up and there will be a hole. Go down and go through all the doors and defeat the enemies. Then there is a room with 4 jars and a treasure chest. Open it up and there will be a purple rupee. Every time you go in the room, the jars will reappear.
    Korok's Withered Tree Challenge
    Sometime after you complete the Forbidden Woods, you will run into various Koroks with dry, withered looking saplings on different islands. If you speak to them, they will ask for your help in watering their trees. Of course, regular water does no good, only water from Forest Haven will have any effect. Here's the catch: once you remove water from Forest Haven, it only holds its power for 20 minutes. There are 8 trees in all to be watered. Here are some tips as well as my plan of attack to accomplish this side quest. Preparations ahead of trying to beat the clock are key.

    1.)Speak to the Greak Deko Tree about the Koroks. He will mark their locations on the sea chart with a leaf. When you are watering trees, these leaves will turn green to mean they have regained strength. Those that have not been watered will appear red.

    2.)Have the islands where Koroks are located charted by feeding the fish bait if you haven't done this already. Scout the exact location and how to get there of each tree and Korok, especially the one on the Cliff Plateau Isles. Here, you need to enter a hole in one of the southern plateaus. You enter a room with tree like platforms with rupees. Make your way to the ground with the spiked roots and monstrous plants. Kill the plants and follow where the roots let you go. Eventually, you will kill a plant that turns into a plant you can climb into and shoot out of. Aim for the platform. Jump to the next platform and you will see an exit beam within a tree. Jump toward the beam and immediately use your Deko Leaf to float to the beam. This will take you to the withered tree.

    3.)Do not speak to the Korok when you are watering. This takes up time you don't have. To check how much time you have left, enter the inventory menu and press A over the forest water. The time left will appear in red.

    4.)Avoid enemies if you can, especially sea enemies. Dodge sharks by jumping over them.

    5.)You must have these items set to shortcuts (i.e. X, Y, Z): the forest water, the sail, the wind waker. You must also have learned the Ballet of Gales for the wind waker.

    6.)Don't worry about running out of forest water. One bottle full is enough for all 8 trees as long as it remains forest water.

    Now that we know the location of the withered trees and that we have the necessary items, we can begin to tackle this side quest. We begin inside Forest Haven. Fill an empty bottle full of Forest Water. Once you exit, the countdown begins. Waste no time in making your way to your ship. Set the wind to NW and sail to Marie's/Link's Oasis. Water the tree (1) when you see the arrow appear above it. Set the wind to the North and sail two spaces to Eastern Fairy Island. Water the tree (2). Use the Ballet of Gales to warp to Great Fish Isle. Set wind to SW, and sail to Needle Rock Isle. Water the tree (3). Set the wind to NE, and go back to Great Fish Isle. Water the tree that's on a plateau with a spiral path (4). Set the wind to the north, and sail two spaces to Mother and Child Isles. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use Ballet of Gales to warp here. Water the tree (5). Continue north to Star Island. Water the tree (6). Warp to Outset Island, and set the wind to NE. Sail to Shark Island, and water the tree (7). Warp back to Forest Haven, and set the wind to the East. Sail to Cliff Plateau Isles, and enter the hole previously described. Go to the other exit beam, and water the tree (8). Viola! The tree transforms into a fully grown healthy tree. You are rewarded with a heart piece for your trouble. By the way, I was left with over a minute left when I watered the last tree. Try to find ways to do it faster :-)
    Legendary Photos
    After you complete the missions that the photographer at Windfall island gives you, then wait one day, and then everyday after that when you go behind him, he will ask you if you want a legendary photograph. They cost 50 rupees apiece, and they are for the Nintendo Gallery at Forest Haven. You can only get one legendary photograph a day.

    Some of the photographs include people such as:

  • Gannondolf
  • Earth God
  • King of Red Lions

    Good luck!
  • Light-proof boss
    When fighting Gohdan, the Tower of the Gods, using the elemental arrows will deal more damage to Gohdan's hands and eyes. One may think using the Light Arrows would be more effective then the fire or ice, but they are not. In fact, they deal no damage to him whatsoever.
    Mega Money, and the Tingle Tuner Statue Quest
    The Tingle Tuner is great Item. You only need these items to get it to work:
    -Gamecube/ wii
    -WW game
    -The Tingle Tuner
    -GBA/ GBA SP
    -GBA to GC cable

    Put it all together and you get your own personal walkthrough. As you walk through the dungeons, or just around in the ocean, or on Dragon roost island mailing things, he's there to help you out every step of the way. You can walk on air, be healed on the spot, bomb monsters from very far away, find special statues, find Legendary Pages, and much more with this. Heres how to get the statues, basically.

    DRAGON ROOST CAVERN- Dragon Tingle statue
    1st floor
    In the area where you had to use your grappling hook to get to a cavern by stopping, turning and then swinging again because the only spot it would have brought you was a random nook in the wall, thats where the statue is on the 1st floor. Just go there and use a tingle bomb to find the chest. On the GBA, it should be found via a question mark.

    FORBIDDEN WOODS- Forbidden Tingle Statue
    Basement 1st Floor
    In the room with the optional sea chart on the bottom most floor, that has a bunch of random islands in the room with a huge one in the middle is where you've got to go. Right when you walk in, take a right and jump on to the island there with the grass. Drop a bomb near there where the question mark is on the GBA and grab the statue.

    TOWER OF THE GODS- Goddess Tingle Statue
    2nd Floor
    In the room leading in to the main hall where you brought all the statues to in the dungeon the first play through, is where you have to be. Its the area with the Beamos and the moving platforms before the hall. At the very top, there should be one platform that goes extra high that leads to a seemingly empty platform. Drop a bomb there for the statue.

    EARTH TEMPLE- Earth Tingle Statue
    Basement 1st Floor
    You know that bridge that you cross after just getting down one floor with those blue bubbles? On that bridge, take a left and look at the platforms. Use the deku leaf anywhere you feel comfortable to get to it, and jump from board to board to get to an empty alcove. Drop a tingle bomb once again using the GBA and you've got the fourth statue.

    WIND TEMPLE- Wind Tingle Statue
    1st Floor
    In the room where you used Makar to bring all those trees to life and then all those wall masters took him owns your final statue. Jump to the bottom of the room and locate the question mark on your GBA around the center of the room to get the 5th and final statue.

    ONCE all 5 statues are completed, head to tingle island and talk to his brothers for 550 rupees. Plus now if you go to Outset island, Tingle will now guide you to a special area with a question Mark. Bomb the spot using his tingle bombs for 100 rupees. now every single time you need some money you can just continually repeat this pot finding on outset for 100 rupees every time.

    There are still Legendary pages of a book to give you old history about Tingle in the Tower of the Gods. They are all very well hidden, so use the tingle guidebook for the best luck. Plus there are many other quests like the knuckle on on outset island to get the Hand-me-down tingle tuner. Happy questing!
    molgera battle
    to beat molgera easily and get its picture set your hookshot to x,y or z
    the DX picto box to x,y or z and whatever else (i reccomend arrows) on x,y or z. first, grab its tongue thingy with the hookshot and slash it. reapeat. it should then jump out of the ground. get the mini molgeras out of the way ang quickly snap its photo. to beat it just do as previously mentioned.(grab,slash!)until it is dead you will then get your master sword fixed if you beat the earth temple. if not it will only be halfway fixed but you will also get a heart container (huzza!)
    Moon Watching
    On Windfall Island at night, climb the ladder by the school that leads up to the bridge-like thing. You'll find the "depressed" boy sitting on the edge looking up at the sky. Talk to him, and he'll tell you that if you have something to view the sky with, you should use it. Take out your telescope and set it to Y. Press Y when you're standing next to the boy and he'll talk to you while you're looking through it. He will point out the moon and in the stars he will point out a 3-star constellation. Afterwards, when you talk to him again, he will say something along the lines of "Doesn't the sight of the moon cleanse your soul?"
    Hint: This is also a way of finding out that the pale, round object he wants you to take a picture of is the full moon.
    NBC Theme Song
    This isn't really a cheat or tip, it's kind of a faq it includes the wind waker. Get your wind waker out and go to 3/4 mode and leave it alone as in don't touch it then push your yellow joystick to the right and then to the left As in: <>Leave alone) >move it to the right) <then move to the left.)
    Need to know where is where?
    If you dont know where something is. Just go to a island. Look for a little fish jumping around. Make sure you have "bait". Get near it and drop the bait in the water. He'll fill your map with your coordination. Then you'll know where your at. He'll also sometimes allow you to play a mini-game with you once you get the Bow.
    New Hero's Clothes
    After you finish the game once you get a new mode called Pyjamma Mode in Pyjamma Mode you see Aryll with a skull Dress, Read Hylian writing, Start with an item and also get the New Hero's Clothes. (The Clothes you start with at the start at the game)After you get the clothes you can't change into the Hero's Clothes. And you can get the Hero's Sword, Hero's Shield, Master Sword and Mirror Shield in Link's Pyjammas.

    Subbmitted by Nicholas Schembri
    Nintendo Gallery one time photos
    Here are the one time figures

    Tetra & pirates: Take Tetra's pictograph when she and Link go to Hyrule together.

    -Big Octo: Take a pictograph of a big octo before you kill them all.

    -Wizzrobe: This isn't just any wizzrobe, it's the mini-boss from the Wind temple. Take his photograph before killing him

    Cyclos & Zephos: Take a pictograph of Cyclos before defeating him with arrows and learning the Ballad of Gales.

    -Helmaroc King: Take his pictograph when you fight him.

    -Kogoli: Take his pictograph before playing the Earth God's Lyric for Medli. He is the first Rito on the right when you enter the area where you'll find
    Medli again.

    -Phantom Ganon: With how many of these you have to kill in Ganon's Tower, I hope you don't miss this guy.

    -Knuckle: You'll need the Tingle Tuner to get Knuckle to even appear on Tingle Island. If you don't take his pictograph before getting all of the others, you
    cannot get his figurine.
    Octorock Urn
    If you use your Grappling Hook near where the Triforce Shards are, chances are you'll pick up an urn with some eyes on it. After Link puts the urn back in the water, an octorock will appear right next to you!
    Orange ruppee under grandmas house
    go to your grandmas house. Stand on the side where the big peice of wood is and press R until hes on the floor. then go straight. it will show you where to go. then in the underground room open the treasure chest and you will find an orange ruppee.Then go where you came in and press R to get out. It will show you how to get out.
    Orca help (500 Blows)
    Annoyed as hell with trying to hit him 500 times in order to get that one last piece of heart? Hate the crap out of that *bleep* half naked swordsman? Then you should read this. I have 3 tips or strategies in order to get the most hits out of him.

    Option 1. get about 4 hits, then back off and use your shield till he attacks, then go back and repeat over and over again.

    Option 2. This time hit him 8 times, then use the Parry 'A' attack and repeat.

    Option 3. This is by far the slowest, but the safest. Keep lunging at him by pressing the 'A' button to fly in to the air and slice at his spear, it stops him from attacking, and gets you one blow. If by some chance he attacks, either backflip away, or use your shiels. Its very slow, but very hard for him to get any hits on you.
    Pajama Mode
    If you beat the game, you will be given the option of starting a new file which will be represented by a different color. There are a few differences about this file:
    -You play in link's pajamas for the whole game
    -Aryll is wearing a skull dress
    -You start the game with the deluxe picto box
    -You can understand the Hylian that certain characters use
    Practice fighting Ganon!!!
    This works especially after you finished fighting Ganon after the 2nd time. Save the game after you beat puppet Ganon. Or before if you like to fight him. Now, you can get to Ganon easily. Since after the second time you have to delete your file and restart a new one, I went to my sisters file and played while practicing fighting Ganon. So far I can beat him in a little less than 5 minutes.
    Puppet Ganon Battlefield Glitch
    In the battle against puppet Ganon's human-like form ( Note: Puppet Ganon) hookshot up to one of the platforms. If puppet Ganon punches you, you should go through the wall. You can still hit puppet Ganon with Light Arrows, but he and the keese won't be able to hit you.
    Rolling Bacon!
    yo im darkrider02 and im new here so cut me some slack! now heres the cheat. its just for fun so i hope you enjoy! : ) now heres how it gos: go to the fat and make it mad. go to the mailbox and go behind it. it will keep on hitting it. the pig will look as if its rolling. note: if you stay behind the mailbox too long itll come from the side. (the easy and boring way is throwing it)
    rupee help
    Rupees- Rupees can be found anywhere. Pots, grass, enemies, treasure chests, mini games.Here is the rupee chart:

    green rupee- 1 rupee
    blue rupee- 5 rupees
    yellow rupee- 10 rupees
    red rupee- 20 rupees
    purple rupee- 50 rupees
    orange rupee- 100 rupees
    silver rupee- 200 rupees

    Good rupee locations- sliding picture game, treasure charts, savage laberinth, underground caves, cannon game, windfall island, letter sorting game
    Rupees on Outset Island
    At the start of the game, there are several ways of getting a lot of Rupees. Chop down all the grass for some. When you have the Sword, chop down the trees near your house. Nearby, sidle along the narrow ledge to find a pot (sometimes it contains Hearts and not Rupees). Crawl under the wooden platform in front of your house to enter a secret cave, with a Treasure Chest containing 100 Rupees. As you head for the forest to save Tetra, check under the woodn platform in front of the house. In the forest, there is a log you can crawl into. All these methods get you Rupees.
    Secret Figurines
    Some figurines aren't as simple to get as most. Here's how to get them.

    Tetra and all the pirates: Just snap Tetra in the Hyrulian Castle beneath the waves. Snapping her also gets you all of the pirates too.

    Knuckle: Complete the GBA Tingle Statue quest. Knuckle will appear on Tingle Island.

    King Hyrule, Zelda, Jabun, Ganondorf, Great Fairy, Fairy Queen, Wind Sage and Earth Sage: Once you are searching for the Triforce shards (and you have the deluxe picto box) go talk to Lenzo. Each game day he will sell you a special picture of one of these characters.

    Valoo: The best way is to snap him from your boat from off Dragon Roost Island.

    Link and Red Lions Boat: Obtain every other figurine.
    Alrighty, this shortcut may look long, but I explain it in great detail, that is why. You know when you go to the Forsaken Fortress? You do NOT, I repeat do NOT have to go to the room with the Laser-Moblin statue thingie. That is the long way. I found a shorter way and it is not so much work. After you kill the Bokoblins up in the searchlight towers, go back to the start where you first landed and where Tetra first talked to you. Go up the stairs. Then, turn LEFT and go in the door. The correct door has a lighted torch above it. Once you go through, swing across the rope and into the next door. Keep going straight until u get into the nxt door. There is another rope. Swing across that. BTW, if you fall, you're screwed. Go through the door and you will find 2 Moblins and 2 barrels. Lift one up and get past the Moblins. Do not be seen or let them hear you. Go up the little flight of stairs and through the big door. Then you will be outside again. Quickly go up the stairs and you will finds another barrel. Get past the Moblin. (For some reason, it is harder to get past one Moblin then to get past 2) Go up the path with the barrel on top of u. Once you are on flat ground, it is safe to take off the barrel. Then sidle across the gap. You will find another gap with hearts on it. This is the correct way to go. Get across that and go upstairs to find your sword.
    Spin Attack Colors
    When you do the Spin Attack, you can see different colors on the sword or weapon you're using:

    Hero's Sword- Green

    Master Sword and all enemy weapons- Blue
    Steal Items Off Enemies
    This is possible once you've gotten the Grappling Hook from the Dragon Roost dungeon. Hold L to target an enemy, then use the hook on them.

    This is an easy way to get some of the rarer drops as guarenteed, like Joy Pendants from the Bokoblin.
    Trap Rats
    When crawling in the path that takes you to the chest containing the Picto Box, beware of the rats. They have strings to dump you back into the water near your ship. To avoid these rats, look ahead for a wooded floor. They are on the other end of it, so follow just the cement.
    Travelling Merchants
    You can find the 3 travelling merchants on Bomb Island, Greatfish Isle, and Mother and Child Isles.
    triforce shards
    when youre collecting the triforce shards, the one by the Cliff Plateau Isles really is by one of those platform things.
    Wear original clothes Beat the game once. You now can play the game with the clothes you wore in the beginning of the game.
    DX Camera Beat the game once and save. Next time you play, the DX camera will be in your inventory. You can take color pictures instead of Black and White like the other camera did
    Understand Hylian Language Beat the game once and save, from now on Valoo, The Deku Tree, and Jabun will speak in english.
    Alternate costume for Aryll Beat the game once and start a new game
    Using ActionReplay Codes on Zelda Windwaker; WARNING!!!

    If you want to use ActionReplay Code cheats on your game Zelda Windwaker, don't because your game will freeze each time you get to a certain part in your game so you would have to keep starting your file over and over again. You should probably use the cheats after you arrive to the Deku Tree so it doesn't freeze up!

    I just want to inform any person who would make the same mistake I did, Hope it helps!!!
    using bombs inside!!!!!!
    Set the tingle turner on Y Then hit Y and start at the same time.Set bombs on Y and it will say "Tingle can only come to places that have maps."Although this wastes time on the bomb so you better be ready to throw!
    Watch Out for Rats
    During your first visit to the Forsaken Fortress you have to hide underneath barrels to get past the guards. However, watch out for rats because when they hit you, they will shake the barrel. If the guard is in your direction or very close to you, you will be caught and sent to the jail cell.
    When times get tough
    When you are having trouble and you die make sure you have fairies or elixir soup(preferably one of both) and either use the fairy to heal automatically and the elixir soup will heal your magic and HP, plus your sword will glow yellow. Cool Glitch: When you're in the fairy fountain on Outset Island and you drink elixir soup the master sword will glow blue until you leave the fountain. If you can't kill the flameskulls without being burnt use elixir soup and l-target the flameskull, run toward it and hit [B] to stab it, you'll never get a scorchmark or scratch on you
    Zelda life trick
    In the Final Battle with Ganondorf, if you use your Hookshot on Zelda, you will steal a heart from her! Do this if you are low in health


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    Hidden Pot in Figurine Room
    Now use the bomb in house glitch. (Equip the Tingle Tuner to any button and press that button and start at the same time. Then equip the bomb in the same button. Repeat if doesn't work) Go to the Figurine Room in Forest Haven. Use the bomb glitch and throw the bomb over the counter with the guy who makes the figurines. Notice the pots there. They will blow up revealing un-obtainable green rupees.
    infanit health
    after u get the farie to heal your grandmother ask for some of her soup and equipt it. use it but befoure link can drink it pause the game and equipt the telescoup where the bottil is and use it link should be heald and the bottil full
    unlimited items
    you may already know the unlimited potions cheat, but the cheat also works with bait, hoi pears, and fairies!

    if you don't know the cheat, here it is.
    assign the item you want to use to Y, Z, or X. press the button it is set to and START at the same time (for example, if you have a hoi pear set to X, press X and start at the same time). set something else to the button the item is set to and, if you did it correctly, when you un-pause, you should use the item but it will still be in your inventory! this takes some practice to master so don't give up.
    Use Bombs inside Houses
    Go inside a house and take out the Tingle Tuner. Then Press Start before Link takes out the Tingle Tuner and switch it with a bomb. Link will then put the bomb on his head and the message saying that the GBA is not inserted will come up. Press A and you can then you can throw the bomb and blow up whatever want in the house.
    When pigs fly (Really!)
    OK so, you know how the black pig on outset gets fat and the other two pigs "mysteriously" disappear, right? Well if u have the power bracelets, pick up the pig, go across the bridge that the jumping kid was on, start up the path, and when the guy's lawn gets above your head, walk as close to the rock as possible. Link will look like he is still holding the pig, but it will be farther away than that, but will be upside down and hovering. Sorry if you didn't get the explanation, it's my 2nd submitted cheat.

    P.S. I figured this out when doing another person's cheat, Falling Bacon

    Easter eggs

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    Alternative Music
    Type Zelda as a name when you begin a new game and you'll hear slightly different background music as you play.
    Kalle Demos Quick Kill
    This recently unearthed strategy allows for a quick-kill to be performed against Kalle Demos, the boss of the Forbidden Forest, using Forest Water on the boss.

    To set up the situation needed for the quick kill, you need to bring down the boss as you normally would by using the Boomerang on the tentacle-like arms that hold the boss in place above the ceiling. Once all of those are dislodged from the ceiling and the boss falls to the ground, the petals that protect the boss open up.

    At this point, target the boss and at very close range and pour the Forest Water onto the boss. If done correctly, the game goes into the boss's death animation and the boss dies instantly!

    This was discovered on The Wind Waker HD version of the game but also works on the GameCube version.
    posing little sister
    when ever you get the telescope and hold it up in the air like every important item you get and you do that pose, your sister poses with you.
    Tetra & Pirates Ancestor Refrence
    Go to Hyrule Castle and enter. Then go to the top floor to your right. Climb onto a fence and look to your left. There you will see Princess Zelda and her servants whom coincidentally look like Niko, Zuko and some of the other pirates.


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    Infinite Rupees!

    If you want alot of rupees, and a little work, go to Outset Island and lift the Giant Stone on the ledge you need to hookshot to go up to. There should be a hole there. Go down. You'll have to fight alot of enemies, different ones on each floor. Also, there's a Triforce Chart, and a Piece of Heart down there!

    Alright, here's what you'll fight, floor by floor:
    1) A bunch of keese
    2) A couple imps
    3) Some bokoblins
    4) Red chuchus
    5) Magtails
    6) Keese AND imps
    7) Fire keese AND magtails
    8) Fire keese AND bokoblins
    9) 2 moblins
    11) Peahats
    12) 4 green chuchus
    13) 5 boko babas
    14) Bokoblins
    15) A bunch of mothulas
    16) Peahats AND boko babas
    17) Green chuchus AND bokoblins (in jars)
    18) Mothulas AND bokoblins
    19) 2 Flying mothulas
    21) 3 wizzrobes
    22) Armos
    23) 2 Armos knights
    24) 6 or 7 yellow chuchus (in jars)
    25) 4 red bubbles
    26) 2 bokoblins AND a darknut
    27) Wizzrobe AND 3 armos
    28) 2 red bubbles AND 2 Armos knights
    29) 2 darknuts
    30) The end...?
    31) 6 Re-deads
    32) 5 Blue bubbles
    33) 6 Black chuchus
    34) 5 Poes
    35) 3 Flying mothulas
    36) Moblins AND Re-deads
    37) Flying mothula AND black chuchus
    38) Moblins AND Poes
    39) Blue bubbles AND Stalfos knights
    41) A CRAPLOAD of imps (at least 20)
    42) A CRAPLOAD of chuchus
    43) 5 Wizzrobes (hit the switch)
    44) A CRAPLOAD of bokoblins (in the dark, too!)
    45) Stalfos knights AND Re-deads
    46) Moblins AND darknuts
    47) Wizzrobes AND darknuts
    48) 3 Stalfos knights
    49) 4 Darknuts
    50) Heart piece!

    Whenever you see "REFILL LEVEL" there are Hearts and Rupees. Some of the pots have 500 rupees in them!!! At the end of the hole (Piece of Heart) you should have collected over 1000 rupees. Now all you have to do is repeat!
    After Forest Haven
    After you get the 3rd pearl from Jabun you can go back to islands you previosly visited or small islands such as Mother and Childs Isle and ect. The only place you can't go back to is Forsakken Fortress.
    After the game...
    If you saved the game in the middle of Ganon's Tower, after the game you can save the new game to another file. Now you can practice fighting Ganon as much as possible.
    All the rupees you need!!
    Over near Grandma's house, there is a ledge that you get onto. (You have to jump on one house to get there). When you are up there, change the wind to west and fly over to another ledge. There should be a vase on that ledge. Use your sword and break it then you will see a 100 rupee coin. You can get as many as you need as long as you keep changing night to day and day to night.
    alot of cheats and tips!!
    New Costumes and DX Camera

    Beat the game to unlock a couple new costumes. Link will be dressed in his blue outfit throughout the adventure, and his sister will wear a skull shirt. You will also have instant access to the DX Color Camera (even if you finished the game with the standard camera only). Finally, all Hylian text will be translated into English the second time through.

    To make this work, make sure you save at the end of the game, and start the game again with that save file.

    NOTE: copying the files does NOT work in this trick. (

    Bomb Glitch

    To use bombs inside houses and buildings, or any place that you normally cannot use them, set the Tingle Tuner to Y. The quickly press Y then start/pause right after (you have to do it so fast that he doesn't take out the tingle tuner yet). Then while on the inventory screen, set bombs to Y. Then unpause the game and Link should hold a bomb over his head and a message will appear that says you can only call Tingle in places that have maps. Quickly press A or the bomb will blow up on you. Now you can move around with a bomb!

    Fairy Upgrades

    There are eight different possible fairy encounters in Wind Waker -- and each leaves you with a very helpful upgrade.

    There are six standard fairy wells. Upgrades are typically given in this order, independently of which fairy you visit at what point in the quest:

    1. Bigger Wallet: holds 1,000 rupees
    2. More Bombs: 60
    3. More Arrows: 60
    4. More Bombs: 99
    5. More Arrows: 99
    6. Bigger Wallet: holds 5000 rupees

    Northern Fairy Island
    Requirement: Bombs

    Outset Island Fairy Well
    Requirement: Deku Leaf, Bombs

    Western Fairy Island
    Requirement: Skull Hammer

    Eastern Fairy Island
    Requirement: Bombs

    Southern Fairy Island
    Requirement: Bombs

    Thorned Fairy Island
    Requirement: Skull Hammer

    Additionally, there are two special fairies:

    Mother & Child Isle Fairy
    Requirement: Balled of Gales
    Simply warp to this island with the Ballad of Gales and you will receive the Fire and Ice Arrow upgrades (once you have the Hero Bow)

    Big Octo Fairy

    Requirement: Boomerang or Bombs
    Look for the swarm of seagulls in the quadrant and shoot the Octo's eyes to free this fairy. She will double your magic meter.

    Fun With Time

    There is a clock-specific Easter Egg in the game. If your GameCube's internal clock is set to daytime, the background on the save game selection screen will show a blue daytime sky. If it's night, the screen will show be a starry sky backdrop instead. To change your clock setting, hold A while powering up your GameCube and select the Calendar function.
    Get Hero's Charm
    First, get the Cabana Deed from the school teacher (as described in the Windfall walkthrough in our strategy guide). Then collect 40 Joy Pendants (on top of the 20 you gave to the teacher). You can steal Joy Pendants from Bokoblins, so be sure to visit the outlook platforms on the ocean. Visit the schoolhouse again and present her with them. If you have more than 40, she'll take those, too.

    As a reward, you will receive the Hero's Charm. You can equip this mask from the stats screen that shows your weapon, songs, and Triforce pieces. While it's equipped, you can see your enemies' hitpoints.

    Get Hurricane Spin

    Collect or steal Knight's Crests from the armored Darknut Knights. As soon as you have 10, go back to Outset Island and show them to Orca (the sword master). He will teach you the Hurricane Spin in return.
    Hint: Link The Vandal
    In order to get the contents of pots on unreachable shelves, such as in the Sturgeon's room, simply roll into the wall beneath them. The shelves break and the pots will crash to the floor.

    Hint: Triple Dose Elixir

    To have 3 helpings of Elixir, get a full bottle from your grandma and set it to Y. Hurry and press Y then start/pause (you have to do it so fast that he doesn't take out the tingle tuner yet). Set an empty bottle to Y and then unpause it. Link should then drink the ELixir soup leaving 1 helping left in the empty bottle. Pause the game and you will see the empty bottle with 1 helping in it, and you still have the full bottle!

    Messing With Tingle

    Tingle is rather fond of his golden statues. Hit them with your sword while the GBA is connected and on and he will comment on your reckless behavior. Even better, take a statue and throw it into the sea. Doing any of this things will get Tingle so irrate that he will drop bombs on you and scream in very large fonts. Also, if you come back later and talk to Knuckle, he will tell you that someone dropped the statues into the sea. But don't worry -- the statues will be back where they were.
    Second Quest
    Once you finish the game, you will be asked if you want to save your status. Select a new save spot if you want to preserve your last save. If you start a new game with this save, the following things will have changed for your second quest:

    * You will start the game with the Deluxe Picto Box, so you can immediately start taking color photos (all the figurines you have gathered during the first quest will remain)
    * Your clothes won't change. Instead of the green tunic, your grandma gives you an invisible one -- so you can play through the game with Link's blue "crab" outfit.
    * Your sister Aryll will wear a "skull dress" instead of her usual outfit.
    * Hyrulian dialogue is translated. You will now be able to read everything characters like Jabun or Valoo say to you.
    * The Treasure locations are moved further away from the islands.

    Tingle Statues

    Connect a GBA to the GameCube and play with a friend to discover secret Tingle statues inside each of the five main dungeons. The statue locations are marked as red question marks on your Tingle Tuner. Use a Tingle Bomb on the question mark to reveal them.

    You can sell each statue to Tingle's brother on Tingle Island. They are worth 50 rupees each. When you collect them all, you will get a whopping 500 rupees, so make sure that you're wallet isn't full!

    When Bacon Attacks

    No, there are no chickens in this game. But that doesn't mean Wind Waker doesn't continue the "don't tease animals" theme. Try slashing at one of the little pigs on Windfall or Outset Island a few times, and you'll see what this all means?
    Easy Blue Potion
    Although the Windfall potion shop makes blue potions using the Blue Chu Jelly, the shop keeper requires 15 of them before the potion will be offered for sale.

    A much quicker and more cost-effective way is to use the grappling hook on the Deku Baba Plants at the entrance to Forest Haven to swipe seeds. Five of them can be traded for one blue potion inside Forest Haven's potion shop.

    Glitch: When Pigs Fly

    Collect at least three Skull Necklaces. At Windfall Island, toss all three pigs into the ocean and talk to the pigs' owner. Trade the Skull Necklaces to start the mini-game. Now when you walk up to the pigs to catch them they won't run away but they will float above the ground and they will look like they're swimming.

    Hint: Deluxe Picto Box

    Once you get the Picto Box from Tingle's cell on Windfall Island, you can work on getting the Deluxe Picto Box. Visit the second floor of Lenzo's camera shop on Windfall, and speak to Lenzo--he'll send you on missions to take photographs, and afterwards give you the Picto Box Deluxe.

    Hint: Fast Path To Big Money

    Under the Fairy Upgrades code I found the there is an error in the order of upgrades given. You can actually get Biggest Wallet as the third upgrade item.

    If you visit the 4 Fairy Locations, that do not require the Skull Hammer before you enter the Tower of the Gods you will be given upgrades in the following order:

    1. Bigger Wallet: holds 1,000 rupees 2. More Bombs: 60 3. More Bombs: 99 4. Biggest Wallet: holds 5000 rupees

    You will skip the Arrow upgrades and immediatly jump to getting more bombs and the Biggest Wallet.
    Submitted by - Jeromy Henry
    Hint: Link And The Big Fat Pig
    If you gave the little pigs to the fat lady on Outset Island, and then returned a little later in the game, the black pig will be huge and all the other pigs will be gone.

    Once you have the power bracelets you can pick up the pig and throw it out of the pen and then pick it up and bring it to a black spot of soil, set it down and drop all-purpose bait on it and the pig will dig and you can get good items. You can also get a piece of heart!

    Easy Items

    To collect Chu Jelly, Knight's Crests, Joy Pendants and the like more reliably, use your grappling hook on enemies. Bokoblins will yield pendants, Moblins Skull Necklaces, armored "Knuckle" knights crests, ChuChu's jelly, Kargorok birds Golden Feathers, and Boko Baba Plants seeds.
    Free Soup Potion
    After clearing the first dungeon (and getting the grappling hook item), capture a fairy in a bottle (or buy a red potion) and head back to Outset Island (it is all the way on the bottom row of the overworld, the second square from the left).

    Visit your grandma in your house, target her and use the fairy/red potion bottle on her. She will give you some of her special, healing soup in return. When the soup is used up, get a free refill from your grandma anytime.
    An Upgraded Magical Meter
    Island next to:Earth Temple

    To beat the Giant octo hits the Giant Octo's eyes 4 times with ur boomerang then the great fairy will appear and upgrade ur Magic Meter
    Another Chart to go!
    In Over Look Island , you can obtain it by doing this (Note: if you don't had arleady the Hookshoot don't do this please) so in the island there are like 4 o 5 Palm trees you need to go up to reach al the platforms so then you entre to a Hole , you beat all the enemies in there and in the big chest you recive the Secret cave chart , that gives you all the cave in the game.
    Ballad of Gales
    Sail around until you encounter Cyclos in his Cyclone. Using the Hero's Bow hit him three times, and he'll teach you the song Ballad of Gales.
    Before Fighting Ganon
    During Ganon's Tower when you get to the room where you can go back to the outside world, save the game at that point so if you die, that will be where you go back to. Or if you need a chance to go back to the outside world to get more hearts or magic, use this portal.
    Big Bird cheat
    When you have competed about half of the game, you will come to face Ganon's pet, the Big Bird.
    When you have knocked of its helm, use the boomerang to kill it. Instead of waiting for it to drop down, use the boomerang when it is in the air aswell, and you will kill it twice as fast.
    Good luck!
    Big Key for Dragon Roost Cavern
    In the room you enter after getting the grappling hook, defeat the gaurds and cut down the bridge to open the treasure chest. From there exit the door to the west, and walk onto the platform in the cage. Hold B, and release the button to cut the ropes. Jump to the hall, and go across the platforms to the locked door. Using the grappling hook, look forward from the door and swing on the pipe. Now the door is open, and you may enter. Entering this room, use the grappling hook on the platform and change the direction of your swing to the east. Go across the platforms, and use the grappling hook to go across the gap. Now you'll be in a room with a bug, attack it until it curls into a ball. Pick it up, and place it on the switch to get the key.
    Birds Peak
    When you go to get the Triforce Chart from Birds Peak, before flying up to hit the switches with a seagull, go around the peaks coming up out of the sea and use your arrows to shoot the birds sitting on the switches so you won't have to worry about them getting you while you are flying. If you are a better aim with the arrow than I am, you can also try to get the bird that is flying around. Then you can use a hyoi pear to fly up to the switches without worry.
    Bomb boost
    When you are about to go to the first dungeon ONLY knock down ONE wall.After That grab a bomb and jump right when it is about to explode.If timed right you will land across,if not Link's but will get on fire....Then do the dungeon after that go back to the spot you were doing the bomb boost and knock the other wall down.If you do it you will see lava bounce into the air.
    Bottle Guide/ The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

    Bottle #1: This bottle is givin to you by Medli before you enter Dragon Roost Cavern.

    Bottle #2: This bottle is in a submrine.
    *Note* Submarine moves to differnt places.

    Bottle #3: For this bottle you will need the Song Of Passing (sun song). When you beat the Forsaken Fortress the 2nd time go to WindFall Island and play the Song Of Passing. Now that its DARK outside go around and find the poor blond girl, Now talk to her and she will say shhh. Now walk away (a cutscene will show her runaway). Now go hide by Zurinis shop. *Note* Don't hide inside the stall or this wont work. After about a minute the girl will go into the stall and try to rob the safe. While she has a cloud over her head quickly run to her and talk. Now agree with all the top choices and she will give you the bottle.

    Bottle #4: For this bottle you will need to get 500 rupees. After that open your Ship Shop Map, now look at the gu with the hat on. Go to that sqaure and find his boat. He will sell you a bottle for 500 rupees.
    Cheaper Tingle Tuner
    the following actions reduce all tingle tuner action prices by half except the bomb

    tingle tuner must be on at all times

    the 1st upgrade: in windfall island, climb the arch where the sailor stands on next to Ms. Murie's school
    from there deku leaf onto the canopy for the school joy
    the main goal is to get on the canopy
    you will recieve the baloon, koo-limph-hah, and sheild upgrade, their prices are cut in half

    the 2nd upgrade: go to the forsaken fortress
    find the large pot cooking over a fire
    if you get in the pot you will recieve the ting upgrade
    reduces all ting prices
    Chu Jelly Madness!
    When you go to the island on which you have to get a sail, you may come across a man in a store talking about Chu Jelly. However, you need an Empty Bottle to get a free sample. Keep going on with the plot and once you reach the Bird-People Town, you have to follow the little girl you talk to later there. In that area you will find tons of weird globs. Kill them and little tear-drop shaped things will remain (the same color as the glob you defeated) This is a Chu Jelly! Feel free to go back to the man and recieve not only your free sample, but turn your Chu Jelly into more of the sample stuff! By the looks of it, it restores health. (Haven't gotten there just yet, I'm still collecting Chu Jellies!)
    Deluxe Picto Box
    Once you've completed the third assignment. Lenzo will reward you with a joy pendant.

    Head to Forest Haven, and find one of the myserious glowing fireflies. Trap on in a empty bottle, and return it to Lenzo. Once you give Lenzo the firefly, you'll receive the Deluxe Picto Box. Now you can take images in color. >
    Double Magic
    Sector - D7
    # of Eyes - 4
    After defeating the Big Octo, the Great Fairy will appear. For releasing her from the Octo, she will double your magic meter.
    Dragon Roost Island Cheat
    The chest that sets atop the string of bomb flowers can be detonated without the bow and arrow.

    Go upstairs in the mail center and walk outside. Find the grapple log over by a patch of flowers and a ladder. Grapple across the gap and climb the ladder. Make sure you have a pear. Put it on your head and a seagull will come. Control the seagull over to the bomb flowers and they will blow up. Your bird may blow up too, but that's ok.

    You just cheated! Be ashamed! JK
    Easy Blue Potions
    To get blue potions easier, just give 5 bokobaba seeds to ollo in forest haven. There's a scene, he does a chant, and gives you a blue potion. The best part is that there are tons of bokobabas on the island!
    Easy rupees on Outset Island
    This trick requires the deku leaf, the song of passing and gameboy advance cable-tingle tuner-gameboy advance.
    When you are on outset Island, go behind link's house and go up the slope. Go on the wall to arrive on the next platform. Here, change the wind to west, and use your deku leaf to get to the next platform. Here, call tingle with the tingle tunner and make him put a tingle bomb. A jar is going to appear. break it to get an orange rupee which is worth 100rupees. Play the song of passing and the jar with the money will re-appear. This can be reapeted as much as you want.
    Enemy Guide
    Location: Tower of the Gods
    Weakness: Arrows
    These are small, stony statues that lock onto you and try to attack you by running into you. Easily defeat them by putting an Arrow on them to turn them off, then destroy them by slashing at their crystal on the back.

    Armos Knight
    Location: Tower of the Gods
    Weakness: Bombs
    These are slower, more deadly versions of the regular Armos. These too lock-on to destroy intruders. To destroy them, you must see them hop three times, make a noise, and open their mouth. Toss a Bomb into the mouth and they'll go beserk and explode.

    Location: Tower of the Gods
    Weakness: Arrows
    They move their eyes around slowly and shoot a laser at you once they see you. Make sure you take it out quickly so it can't constantly bother you.

    Big Octo
    Location: The Great Sea
    Weakness: Projectiles
    There are six of these giant squid in different islands of the Great Sea. When your ship passes by (You can tell where they are due to the ring of Seagulls), they make Whirlpools to try to sink you.
    The only way to beat them is to shoot all of their weak spots - the eyes - with projectile weapons before being sucked down.

    Boko Baba
    Location: Forest Haven
    Weakness: Boomerang
    Reward: Boko Baba Seeds
    Defeat them by stunning them with Sword attacks (or one hit of the Boomerang) and then cutting their stems off.

    Locations: Forsaken Fortress and everywhere else!
    Weakness: anything will do!
    Reward: Joy Pendants
    These hold tall machetes and Boko Sticks when attacking. If they have no weapons, they'll attempt to fight hand-to-hand.

    Red and Blue Bubble
    Locations: Tower of the Gods and the Temples
    - Red Bubble: Hookshot, Deku Leaf, Arrows,
    - Blue Bubble: Hookshot, Deku Leaf, Ice arrow
    The Red Bubble can only burn you for Quarter of a heart. The Blue ones take away your ability to use items. Bubbles can be easily blown away by the Deku Leaf to turn to a regular skull and slashed to pieces.

    Red & Green ChuChu
    Location: Everywhere!
    Weakness: Skull Hammer and Arrows
    Reward: Chu Jelly
    You can also stun these with your Boomerang or to hit the ground with your Skull hammer. You can instantly kill these with an Arrow or you can plat them with your Skull hammer.

    Blue & Yellow ChuChu
    - Blue ChuChu: See the Blue ChuChu guide
    - Yellow ChuChu: Temples and enemy Grotto's
    Weakness: Skull Hammer And Arrows
    Reward: Chu Jelly
    These ChuChu's can give you a shock if they hit you or if you hit them with your sword. You can also stun these with your Boomerang or to hit the ground with your Skull hammer and then u can hit them with your Sword. You can instantly kill these with an Arrow.

    Purple ChuChu
    Location: Wind Temple, Ganons Tower, Ouset Island (enemy grotto)
    Weakness: Light
    Reward: Chu Jelly
    These ChuChu's looks almost impossible to defeat these with your Sword. The only way to defeat these is Light. Just reflect Light with your Mirror Shield and aim on them. They will turn in to stone, lift these up and throw and they will break. You can also pull them into the Light with your Hookshot.

    Locations: Tower of the Gods, Temples, and Hyrule Castle.
    Weakness: None
    Reward: Knight's Crest
    The best way to defeat them is to wait for their attack and parry. You'll either take off their helmet, or the armor. You can also cut off there armor straps at their back, they will lose their armor.

    Shielded Darknut
    Locations: Temples, Enemy grotto 's
    Weakness: None
    Reward: Knight's Crest
    These are normal Darknuts with a Buckler. They defend if you are trying to hit them with your sword. Wait for their attack and parry. You'll either take off their helmet, or the armor. You can also cut off there armor straps at their back, they will lose their armor.

    Mighty Darknut (Captains)
    Locations: Hyrule Castle and Ganon's Tower
    Weakness: None!
    Reward: Knight's Crest
    These are even more powerful and versions of Darknuts! These Darknuts can attack faster so pay attention to parry them. Before you can cut off their straps at their back you must cut off their cape first.

    Fire Keese and Regular Keese
    Location: Dragon Roost Cavern
    Weakness: Projectiles
    These bats fly around and attack anything that moves. The worst that could happen is getting hit by the Fire Keese. Simply use a projectile.

    Floor Master
    Locations: Forsaken Fortress and Temple
    Weakness: Ice, Fire and Light Arrows
    These creatures use their long hands to grab you, which they then yank you into another room. They occasionally grab nearby vases and throw them, bombs will also work(look out, they can throw them back to you). You can slash them with your sword but don 't let it grab you. You can also shoot arrows at them.

    Location: The Great Sea
    Weakness: Projectiles
    These are Sharks. They are many in the Great Sea. Attack them with Projectiles before they knock you into the sea.

    Location: Dragon Roost Island
    Reward: Golden Feathers
    Weakness: Arrows
    These are fierce and dangerous birds that often carry Bokoblins or Moblins into battle. You can use your Grappling Hook to steal their Golden Feathers. When they swoop down, slash at them! You can instantly kill them with your Arrows.

    Location: Dragon Roost Cavern
    Weakness: Water
    These are basicly Baby Gohmas. They have hard armor. Their eyes are their only weakness. To kill them, use a parry attack. Magtails can be picked up and carried around when they've rolled into a ball.

    Location: Forsaken Fortress
    Weakness: anything will do!
    These are the weakest things in the game! The only problem is that you never face them one on one. 1 hit from anything will beat them. But use the hammer to stun those nearby.

    Everywhere: Forsaken Fortress
    Weakness: Basic attacks
    Rewards: Skull Necklaces
    These are Link's basic enemies. They have huge spears to swing at you. Parry them and kill! Or, Grapple them to take their necklace to make them freeze. You can stun these with your Boomerang.

    Location: Forbidden Woods
    Weakness: Deku Leaf, Spin Attack
    This is little balls shot by Mothulas. They cling to you, making you slower. Do a spin attack to defeat them.

    Location: Forbidden Woods
    Weakness: Deku Leaf, Projectiles
    This is a giant Moth. Shoot Fire Arrows to burn its wings and then hack at it like crazy! It also shoots Morths, so be weary. You can instantly kill them with your Ice Arrows.

    Locations: The Forest Haven, Great Sea
    Weakness: Sword & Shield, Projectiles
    When approached, these creatures tend to hide in the water. Hit back the balls back with your Sword or reflect them with your Shield. There are also Bomb spitting Octorocks, Hit them with Projectiles.

    Location: Forbidden Woods
    Weakness: Projectiles, Deku Leaf
    These are little creatures that use propeller-like wings to float in midair. They an be easily defeated with either projectiles or a Deku Leaf.

    Location: Forsaken Fortres
    Weakness: All-purpose Bait
    These things attack by running into you and attempt to steal Rupees. Bombchus are rats that hold bombs and toss them at you. NOTE: Give them some bait at their nest! They'll open up shop and stop bugging you.

    Locations: Earth Temple, Ganon's Tower
    Weakness: None
    These creature's gazes to paralyze you for a couple of seconds. Try to attack them from behind or move back and forth if they grab you and then slash at them. You can also reflect Light with your Mirror Shield to them to stun them.

    Location: The Great Sea
    Weakness: Projectiles
    They are just Sea Peahats, much, much bigger. They try to ram ships so people go in the water, so just throw the Boomerang at them. Twice.

    Locations: Temples, Ganon's Tower
    Weakness: Its Head + Bombs
    The skeletons attack by swinging big maces. Even if they're shattered to pieces, they'll reform unless their heads are destroyed. Bomb them and slash at the head!

    Locations: Tower of the Gods, Temples
    Weakness: Arrows
    These Wizards are able to shoot flames and summoning other monsters to their aid. The only way to defeat them is to try to predict their movements and attack them during the brief moments they assume physical form. U can instantly kill these with Ice Arrows.
    extra 100 rupees.
    you got to the side of your grandmas house and crawl under the house turn left and enter a hole. and there will be a tresure chest with 100 rupees in it.
    Finding Gorons
    It not a cheat just kinda cool (found this out from someone else so..)

    You know what Zoras became(rito) and kokri (koroks), but what about the Gorons... they became merchants. The sure fire way to know is to use the deku leaf to blow off their hat. It only happends for a second though.
    Go to Outset Island and go to the fat ladys pig pen.
    Throw some bait near the flowers and watch the pig dig up some rupees.
    Fly through the island!
    On any island with a dungeon that you can enter by jumping in on of those holes in the ground, (i.e. Dragon Roost, StoneHead, or Outset) Use a hyoi pear to call a seagull, then fly it carefully into the hole, and as long as you don't go out side of the island, you can fly around inside the island! (if you don't get what i mean by this, you will after you try!)
    Get A Heartpiece
    If you go and hit Orca (The guy where you got the sword from) 500 times without him hitting you 3 times he will give you a heartpiece but if you hit him 1000 times without him hitting you 3 times he will cry and call you his master
    Green, Red and Blue potions
    To get the Blue potion you need at least 15 (I believe) Chu Jelly's that you get when you defeat a blue Jelly. Whcih are located on some islands. In order to ge the blue potion, make sure you have an empty bottle. Go to the Potion shop on Windfall Island and show the guy your blue chu jelly's. He'll then get all excited and make and give you a blue potion.

    This is the same for the Red and Green, just different colors of Chu Jellys
    Hand-me down tingle tuner
    with the tingle tuner on go to the canoes on outset island and Knuckles, tingle's brother will appear he will tell you to go to four places on the island. after this you will have the Hand-me down tingle tuner, which means you can buy usual Beedle items whenever you want from Knuckles.
    Have a Good Laugh on Outset Island
    On Outset Island, there is a lady who carries a vase on her head. Once you have the boomerang, bow, or grappling hook, just target the vase and hit it. If you talk to her she starts crying and takes ten rupees from you. It\'s funny, but it does get expensive if you do it alot.
    Hero's Mask
    When you give more than 50 Joy Pendants to the school teacher on Wind Fall Island, she will let you have the Hero's Mask, which allows you to read the stamina of your enemies.
    How to defeat boss 5
    Pull out your sword, then run into the closest available shaft of light. Aim a beam of light at him with your Mirror Shield, and hold it there until he falls over. He'll sit on the ground, dazed, and will be impervious to all of your attacks.

    In order to hurt him, run up to him and pick him up. Turn yourself so that you're facing one of the spikey pillars, then throw him. He'll land and roll into the pillar, then burst apart into the individual Ghinis. They're vulnerable, so start attacking. For best results, start charging up your Hurricane Blade (if you have it) right after you've thrown him. Once all the Ghinis start running around, unleash your attack and make your way around the room, taking out large numbers of Ghinis. After you kill a certain number, they'll reform into the Giant Ghini.

    He gains some attacks as you go. He'll try to suck you in, he'll try to blow you into the dangerous walls, and he'll make his lantern into a flame thrower. Just dodge them, roll against the wind, and repeat the attacking process until you slay all of the individual Ghinis.
    Hylian to English
    After you've completed a game, and saved the game on a new quest log. You'll now be able to read the ancient Hylian language, that Jabun, Valoo, and The Great Deku tree use.
    Infinite Elixir Soup!
    This trick requires one empty bottle and you've already cured link's grandma. First go to outset island and fill your empty bottle with grandma's elixir soup. Here comes the tricky part drink the elixir soup but pause at the same time. You should be in your inventory. Now replace the bottle of elixir soup with any other item. Hit start and you should drink the elixir soup, but your bottle will still be full!
    Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages reference
    The pearls you that you receive are the same designs of songs in Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages.
    Legend Of Zelda: The Four Swords reference
    Look on the Knight's Crests to see a picture of Vaati.
    Lenzo Assistant Assignment #1
    Exercise 1: A Love Letter

    Run down to the docks and wait for the guy in the red overalls to approach the mailbox. Take a picture of him just as he starts to place a letter into the mailbox.
    Lenzo Assistant Assignment #2
    Exercise 2: The Face of Fear

    Enter the cafe upstairs from where Link bought the sail. Grab a jar and throw it at the hed of the man sitting at the table. Quickly grab the Picto box and take a full body snapshot of him shaking. Be sure to stand far enough away so that his face and body can be seen straight on.
    Lenzo Assistant Assignment #3
    Exercise 3: The Secret Couple

    Head up the hill toward the school and wait by the small arch for the red-headed man to stop and talk with the lady in the orange dress. Watch out for the school kids, as they can get in the way. Take a picture of the man and woman making small talk.
    Magic Armor
    The town merchant at Windfall Island asks that you take his town flower to a traveling merchant.
    When talking to the fish at sea there are three that discuss a traveling merchant with a large sack on his back. They are on Bomb Island, Great Fish Island and Mother & Child Isles. If you talk to the one at Bomb Island first he'll trade a sea flower for the town flower...you trade that at Great Fish Island for an exotic, etc. continue to trade amongst these three merchants and return to the town merchant on Windfall Island. He will compliment and thank you by giving you the magic armor.
    G5 Angular Island A1 Forsaken Fortress
    E7 Bird's Peak Rock B1 Four-Eye Reef
    G6 Boating Coarse A4 Gale Island
    E6 Bomb Island D2 Greatfish Isle
    F7 Cliff Platue Isles D2 Greatfish Isle
    A5 Cresent Moon Island G3 Headstone Island
    D3 Cyclops Reef G1 Horseshoe Island
    F1 Diamond Steppe Island F5 Icering Isle
    B6 Dragon Roost Island E2 Islet of Steel
    C5 Eastern Fairy Island B2 Mother & Child Isles
    D6 Eastern Triangle Island E1 Needle Rock Isle
    C6 Fire Mountain A3 Northern Fairy Island
    F2 Five-Eye Reef C4 Northern Triangle Isle
    G7 Five-Star Isles G3 Outset Island
    B7 Flight Control Platform A7 Overlook Island
    F6 Forest Haven B5 Pawprint Isle
    E5 Private Oasis
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 C2 Rock Spire Isle
    ............................. A6 Seven-Star Isles
    A . . # . . . . . . F3 Shark Island
    ............................. D4 Six-Eye Reef
    B . . @#. . @ . . @ . . F4 Southern Fairy Island
    ............................. E4 Southern Triangle Island
    C . . . @ . . # . . . B3 Spectacle Island
    ............................. C7 Star-Belt Archipelago
    D . . @#. . . @ . . . A2 Star Island
    ............................. E3 Stone Watcher Island
    E . # . . . . # . . . D7 Thorned Fairy Island
    ............................. D1 Three-Eye Reef
    F . . . # . @ . . @ . # . C3 Tingle Island
    ............................. G4 Two-Eye Reef
    G . . @ . . . . . . C1 Western Fairy Island
    ............................. B4 Windfall Island

    Squares on the Sea Chart with a @ mean they were warp points when you
    use the Song of Gales. Squares with a # means that is an island with a
    withered tree.
    new background song
    at the begining,make zelda ur name and youll hear a different background music
    Night on Windfall Island tip
    At night, on Windfall Island go to Zunari's shop and talk to a girl right next to it, she'll tell you to go away but once your done talking to her she'll run away and follow her at a safe distance behind. Then I think she will stop and you have to find someplace to hide and she will start trying to open up a treasure chest, creep up on her and she will give you something a heartpiece or bottle I think and she will ask a whole bunch of questions.
    Nintendo Gallery - Room 1: Forest Haven - 14 Fiqurines
    Deku Tree
    Carlov the Sculptor
    Nintendo Gallery - Room 2: Dragon Roost Island - 18 fiqurines
    The Rito Chieftain
    Skeet & Akoot
    Quill the postman
    Zephos & Cyclos
    Basht & Bisht
    Nintendo Gallery - Room 3: Common Enemies - 19 fiqurines
    Floor Master
    Keese & Fire Keese
    Red Bubble & Blue Bubble
    Boko Baba
    Armos Knight
    When trying to find the camara take right turns but also go forward some and go left about 4 times.(not in a row)
    Pigs In The Bomb Shop!
    Get out your Tingle Tuner. Use it and pause it before Link gets it out. Replace the spot where it is with a bomb. Hurry up and throw it behind the counter at the boxes and barrels. Pigs will come out! If it doesn't work don't give up it will eventually.
    Pikmin references
    On the Goddess statues where you put the pearls in to activate the Tower of The Gods, notice how Nayru's statue has a mouth on its face like a Blue Pikmin. Farore's statue has two big ears like those on a Yellow Pikmin. Din's statue has a big nose like that of a Red Pikmin.
    Platform Chart
    Clear the monsters, in the submarine near the Flight Control platform.
    Reduce the price of Tingle Things by Half
    On the first floor of the Forsaken Fortress there is a metal pot. If you jump into it with the Tingle Tuner activated, Tingle will tell you that the price of his Tingle Things price has been dropped.
    Second Time
    After you beat the game once you can play again and link will wear the clothes that he started with thoughout the entire game. You will also be able to read the ancient langage that some of the characters speak in. Link will also carry the DX camera at the begining of the game. This allows him to take color pictures.
    Secret rooms
    When you get the power bracelets, go into a hole underneath a rock on any island. Use the grappling hook on any enemies and use it many times, you'll get many things like money and hearts after you get the enemy's sig item.
    Secret Rupees
    Go to any island that has crabs on the beach. Go up to a crab and swing your sword at it 4 or 5 times. Sometimes you get 1 rupee and the other times 5,10,20.
    Song of Passing (Sun Song)
    Get on over to Windfall Island. Go upto the dancing man by the gravestone. Talk to him, then whip out your Wind Waker. He will talk to you about the perfect rhythm. He will perform a little dance move, watch him closely. He dances left, right, then down. Mimic this with the Wind Waker. You have just learn't the Song of Passing. Use it to change Night to Day, and vice versa.
    Strange deku Leaf
    When you get the deku leaf waste all your magic on nothing.Then STAY on land and use the deku leaf.It will blow no wind!!But it is useless...
    Stuck seagull
    This nifty glitch makes it easy to snap a photo of a seagull for a figurine. It's also kinda funny.

    Okay, on the Private (Link's) Oasis, control a seagull using a Hyoi Pear. Fly the seagull into the spearpoint on top of the umbrella on the pool. You should be stuck now. Release control and now you can look at the seagull all you want.
    The REAL Way To Get TONS of Rupees
    To get tons of rupees, you need to have the power bracelets. Now, go to Stonewatcher Island and pick-up the big rock at the top. Break it and drop down into the cave. Go through the door and defeat all of the enemies in the different rooms and then defeat the knights to open the last room. In that room is a Triforce Chart and two vases containing 62 rupees total. Leave the cave and return. You do not have to beat all the enemies again - yay! - and when you return to the last room the rupees will be back in the vases. (If you don't leave the cave and just return to the room, there will be no rupees in the vases.) Repeat and in 10 minutes you should have 900+ rupees! VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you have at least the bigger wallet(found at Northern Fairy Island) because the wallet you start with isn't big enough to hold the mad doses os rupees you'll get!
    The Windmill On Windfall Island
    If you want to know how to get the Windmill moving,all you need is the FireArrows, the Wind-Thingy and A LOT of patience. But with this cheat, you wont need that patience First, change the day to nighttime (Song Of Passing). Then, go to the switch and change the wind to North. Then Press the switch. (go next to weird pirate guy game thing and walk on the little green patch, you will see a long ladder. climb up it and press the switch) then you need to go on the ride and go were the turny thing is and shoot it with a fire arrow. (that is if you want the light to go on witch you should) And if you use this cheat say thank you!
    Tingle's Chart
    You recieve Tingle's Chart, after you free him from the jail cell on Windfall Island.
    Tons of Joy Pendants
    If you're in need of Joy Pendants, and you have a Grappling Hook, go to Dragon Roost Island and enter the area where the "Dungeon" area begins. (Beyond the area where you have to water the dying bomb plants and you have to make the lava pool crossable) Go foward until you're in the area where you arrange that weird-creature statues to reveal an entrance. You'll find yourself in an area with two Bokoblins. (Make sure you have your Grappling Hook equipped!) Lock on to one of them and quickly use the Grappling Hook! It should reach out and steal a Joy Pendant from it. Use it again for a Rupee, a bomb (if you had them before), arrows, (if you have a bow) or a heart. Use this method on both Bokoblins and then finish them off. Go back and exit the area. Go back, and repeat until you have all the Joy Pendants you need! (This is a great method if you need to get the Cabana Deed or Hero's Mask from the pink-haired teacher on Windfall Island!)
    Trailing boomerang
    Well if anyone played Links awakening they might see a similarity between these two tricks

    Get on your boat then throw your boomerang behind and wait till it as far as possible then sail full speed away from it. Kinda like da boomerage rooster trick This trick is just funny not all that useful.
    Treasure Chart 41
    Destroy all the turrets on Five-Eye Reef.
    Unlimited Rupees (Requires Tingle Tuner)
    step 1:collect all 5 tingle statues
    step 2:give statues to ankle
    step 3:go to outset island
    step 4:there should be ledges behind link's house and the outside bath, jump across and use the deku leaf when necessary, the last ledge should have one pot with a ruppee
    step 5: tinlge bomb where tingle tells and a jar will appear that contains 500 rupees (or 100), it will reappear after playing the song of passing or going in doors
    where the fairies are!!! + requirements
    Northern Fairy Island
    Requirement: Bombs

    Outset Island Fairy Well
    Requirement: Deku Leaf, Bombs

    Western Fairy Island
    Requirement: Skull Hammer

    Eastern Fairy Island
    Requirement: Bombs

    Southern Fairy Island
    Requirement: Bombs

    Thorned Fairy Island
    Requirement: Skull Hammer

    Additionally, there are two special fairies:

    Mother & Child Isle Fairy
    Requirement: Balled of Gales
    Simply warp to this island with the Ballad of Gales and you will receive the Fire and Ice Arrow upgrades (once you have the Hero Bow)

    Big Octo Fairy

    Requirement: Boomerang or Bombs
    Look for the swarm of seagulls in the quadrant and shoot the Octo's eyes to free this fairy. She will double your magic meter.
    Windfall Island: Change of Music
    When you are on Windfall Island with the Wind Waker, learn the Song of Passing from the person dancing in front of a stone tablet. If it is night time, go RIGHT in front of Zunari's shop. Stand TOUCHING the counter and play the Song of Passing. Hold down the control-stick UP when it becomes day time. You will see a flash of blue (like the Great Sea) and then Windfall's music will change to Great Sea music.
    Your Private Oasis
    To get the deed to the oasis you must gather the amount of Joy Pendents the school teacher wants (20 or 21). The purpous of the oasis is mainly one thing; you get a trasure chart. Another is getting lots of Rupees! You may also try to beat the slide puzzel game (I have never beaten the last one). To get the treasure chart, you must have a grapple hook and the skull hammer. Grapple the thing hanging from the cielling to extinguish the fire to reveal a chamber leading to a maze that hides the map (use the wind song to make the chest appear when you stand on the blue mat(^,<,>). The Rupees are in the expensive vases; you can grapple them. The maze is a bit annoying.