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Duplicate Pokemon
First go up to a pc and save. Then depost a pokemon you want to duplicate. (You can put up to five pokemon at a time). Change your box. IMPORTANT:While it's saving, turn your game boy off. When you turn your game boy back on, you will find a pokemon with you and another one in the pc.
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A Shiny Unknown
If you like shinys then go to Ruins of Alph. Complete the first picture to activate the Unknown because it's the only Pokemon down there. Search for a while and you'll find a shiny Unknown.
Always Get Feraligator
Always get Feraligator (totodile) for a starter pokemon. Because when you get to Goldenrod City you can teach your starter ice punch. (you can buy ice punch at Goldenrod Mart floor 5 for $3000) With it, you can easily beat rival, Clair, and Lance.
beat gym leader MORTY!
Beat Lance
have with u 1)an eletric 40+ to beat garados 1)a pokemon that nows ice moves 45-55+(to withsand and three dragonites attacks) 3)a water type (fast 40+) (slow 50+) for arodactyl and charizard and lots o revives hyper potions and elixers/ethers
Beating Lance
Beating Lance is hard, especially after having to get through the Elite Four:

Ampharos lvl 4x
Typhlosion lvl 4x
Pidgeot lvl 4x
(Red) Gyardos lvl 37
Lugia lvl 4x
and any pokemon you want for the sixth one.

Get through the Elite Four, and make sure you have a bunch of revives, potions, and ethers (for lugia's aeroblast). send ampharos out on lance's gyrados. one thunderpunch should do the work. send ampharos out for dragonite #1. Use thunderpunch, and iron tail. for dragonite #2, use gyrados (make sure it knows Icy Wind) and hit him with icy wind. lowers speed, and keep using it. for aerodactyl, send out ampharos. if fainted, send out a decoy, and use revive. make sure ampharos is at full health before fighting, 'cause aerodactyl's rock slide kills ampharos in two hits. use 1-2 thunderpunches. for dragonite, use lugia. his last pokemon is charizard.

Best Pokemon Teams
Here are some of the best Pokemon teams:

Meganuim- lvl 60+
Razor leaf
Solar beam
Body slam
Syntheis/cut/Giga drain

Golem/Graveler lvl 50+
Rock throw
Any other move


Cross chop
Karate chop

Pidgoet lvl 61+

Mirror move
Wing attack
Quick attack/Steel wing

Hyper beam
Any other move


Ice punch

Another great team is

Typhlosion lvl 60+
flame wheel
thunder punch

Aerodactyl lvl 55+
hyper beam
wing attack
ancient power

ice punch
dream eater
psychic/night shade

ice beam
body slam
hydro pump

iron tail
rock throw


Breeding tips
1.When breeding pokemon you will get the species of the female type.
2.Rarely pokemon learn moves of their parents they wouldn't normally learn.
3.When they hatch the pokemon will have similar stats to the mother.
4.Ditto will breed with male pokemon and one time only pokemon except for a few.
5.Baby pokemon can't breed.
6.Legendary pokemon can't breed.
7."It has no interest in" other pokemon-No egg
8."It shows interest in" other pokemon-Average egg hatching and egg apperance.
9."It's friendly with" other pokemon-Egg appears and hatches faster then normal.
Catch Shiny Pokemon!
We all know that the Gyrados in the lake of Rage is a shiny pokemon, well you can get other shiny pokemon as well! Save your game just before you fight an important pokemon (ones that you talk to or come to you automatic in game), and fight it, if its not shiny (you can tell by pressing select, if they three stars next to their gender sign), turn off your game and turn it back on, you should fight it shiny eventually. Because of this, all the pokemon that I talked to are shiny! Good Luck ;>
NOTE: Shiny Pokemon don't affect levels/moves/stats from their normal style (might be a bit harder to catch).
Catching Legendary Dogs
Yet another way to catch them. Release them at the Burned Tower, run into them at least once. (so you can see where they are) Get a Pokemon that is fast, level 39, knows a sleep move, (dont use spider webs, it knows roar, and escapes) and another pokemon that knows false swipe and cut. Then begin to track them. I would fly to Violet City and check where they are. If one is an EVEN number of routes away, walk toward it, along those routes. It sometimes goes toward you, but sometimes doesn't. If you end up in the same route, use cut on all the grass until there is only 2 squares of grass left that are side by side. It wont work with one. Use a repel and search in the grass with your level 39 sleeper at the top. It should appear after a short while. Use your sleep move, switch to the false swipe pokemon, whittle down its health, and use a ball. You might catch it, depending on the ball. (ie if its a master ball.) Good luck.
catching rare pokemon in a snap
for this cheat u need the item duplicate cheat. then for the item that u give to the pokemon u use master ball (which u get later in the game or win the the i.d prize in goldenrod city) then give it to any pokemon. duplicate it and remove the item, u now have 2 master balls! then go to any pokemon (rare or not, exp, ho-oh) go up to it and use master ball and, duh, u have it!
Catching the Three Legendary Dogs
You need to have encountered one of the dogs for this to work.

Once you have seen one of the dogs you can go to the pokedex and find it then go to area and it will tell you where it is - Whenever you move to a different place so will the dog, but if you go close to the area it was in you should get more luck.

When searching for the dogs remember that Repels attract them!

When searching for the dogs I recommend having a Pokemon in your party that knows the move 'mean look' (Ghastly/Haunter) so then the dogs won't be able to escape, as they will normally run when you encounter them.

Remember, MAKE SURE you don't kill the dogs otherwise they won't come back!
Cloning Pokemon
When cloning Pokemon,go to the PC. Deposit the pokemon in an empty box which you would like to clone. change box. It will say that "Data will be saved...." Save the game and before the word 'POWER' ends in "SAVING DONT TURN OFF THE POWER," turn off the power. Turn back the power on and the desired pokemon is CLONED!!..
Cloning Stones
Okay. I know that it would SEEM impossible to clone the elemental stones, BUT IT'S NOT!!! Here's what you do:

1. Give a stone to a Pokemon. Make sure the stone will not make it Evolve. For example, do not give a water stone to Polywhirl. You can, however, give the water stone to a Ponyta.

2. Deposit your pokemon in a box. I would suggest setting aside a special box for clones pokemon. (yes, this will clone your pokemon too.)

3. Switch boxes. Say it is okay to save, and say yes to overwriting. Then, when it says 'Saving... do not turn off the power.', turn it off RIGHT after it finishes writing 'power.'

4. Turn the Gameboy gack on. You will be in front of the PC.

5.Now this is where it is DIFFERENT than cloning any other item. If you look at your pokemon, the pokemon you just used the cloning cheat on will have no item. However, look in your item pocket. You should still be holding the elemental stone.

6. Turn on the PC. Look in the box where you deposited the Pokemon before you turned off the Gameboy. The pokemon is in there. Withdraw it, and... Ta da! It is holding the elemental stone! Take it from it, and you now have TWICE AS MANY!

NOTE: I am not sure if you can clone multiple stones at one time. (example: cloning two pokemon, both holding stones) But, it does work! At least, it did for me. I played it on a Gameboy Advance... so it might have been different... but ah well!

Hope it helps!
Do you want a Dragonite like Lance? To get a Dragonite get a Dragonair and let it get to level 55. it should evolve into a Dragonite. You can use rare candies and leave it with the Daycare people for a while to help it get there.
easy lv 100's
First get the exp share form mr pokemon. Then give it to the desired pokemon that you want to lvl up.Put him last on your list. Next go fight the elite four A LOT of times and in a while it will be lvl 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alright, heres a cheat that requires a bit of time, some good Pokemon, and some supplies. First, get the Amulet Coin. It can be found at the Goldenrod Dept. Store during the team rocket takeover. Put it on your starting Pokemon, then go and kick Elite 4 butt!
P.S. Amulet coin doubles the money you get when you kill someone, so use it for GYM leaders and Red as well.
By the way, every time you defeat the Elite 4, Red comes back.
Easy one-hit K.Os
Have a Pokemon with a lock-on or mind reader move and horn drill,gillutine(the one that kingler uses)etc.Its the most LAZIEST way to win the game.Just watch your PP. Touchy ain't it?
easy Water Pokemon
Go to the Day Care Center when you get Surf and all the Fishing Rods, you can use Surf to find:
Staryu (night only)
Using the Rods you can get:
These are very useful Pokemon in such a simple place!
Easy way to get weak pokemon strong
First you have to get exp. share and give it to the pokemon you want to be strong. Then put it first in your party and go to one of the 3 places: Elite four, Silver Cave, Cave before the elite four. Then as soon as you battle a wild pokemon or trainer switch that pokemon with a strong one. Let that one battle instead of the other one. If you are battling a trainer than make sure each time your strong one defeats one of his, answer yes to switch pokemon, and switch back to the weak one. Then before it battles again, switch it with another strong pokemon. Keep repeating until you think it can battle without help.
easy Wooper & Quagsire
Ok, once you have Surf and a few Lv. 20 Pokemon, go back to the Ruins of Alph, use Surf on the pond left of the Kabuto Ruins, there will be only Quagsire & Woopers there.
Note that you can still use a Rod to get Pokemon like Goldeen and Magikarp still.
Easy, Medium, Hard
i figured out a way to pretty much play the game on easy, medium, and hard

for easy, catch a pidgey when you first get pokeballs, and make that your starter pokemon for the rest of the game. (if you do this i suggest you pick totodile to make the rival battles nothing but a joke. pidgey is fast, and accurate, and grows fast.(MAKE SURE YOU TEACH IT MUD SLAP) if you do this, you will not lose more than 2 battles throughout the game.

for medium, use your starter. (totodile, chikorita, cyndaquil)

and for hard, use a weedle. almost everything is super effective against it and it grows slow.
Eevee Evolutions
First thing u do is get Eevee from bill and then duplicate it 5 times holding whatever item u want more of now u should have 5 eevees now i'll tell u how to get the evolutions:

vaporeon-water stone
jolteon-thunder stone
flareon-fire stone

Espeon-make eevee VERY happy(give him/her rare candys, zincs, proteins, etc.)Eevee will evolve into Espeon in the daytime.

Umbreon-Make eevee VERY Happy(same as Espeon, give him stuff) Eevee will evolve into Umbreon at Night.
Egg Pokemon, Duplicate Info, and Tyrogue Info
Elekid- Electabuzz(Male) and Ditto
Magby- Magmar(Male) and Ditto
Smoochum- Jynx(Female) and Ditto

Cleffa- Clefairy(Male or Female) And Clefairy or Ditto

Igglybuff- Jigglybuff(Male or Female) and Jigglypuff or Ditto

Jynx cannot be found in a male form, so don't bother. Finding a female Magmar and female Electabuzz is slightly harder, and I would recommend just using a Ditto.
Fire/thunder/water Dratini!!
when u breed a female dragonite wiyh a male charzard u will get a dratini who can learn fire water and thunder moves
Get all three fighting pokemon
When you get Tyrogue from Kiyo in Mt. Mortar.
you can duplicate it three times. Get alot of these items:
Note: * means it's a suggestion
-3 Guard spec. (Goldenrod City)
-3 Dire Hit (Goldenrod City)
-3 Calcium
To evolve into:
Hitmonchan: -X Attack (Goldenrod City)
-*TM41 and/or *TM33 and/or *TM48(Goldenrod City)
Hitmonlee: -X Defend (Goldenrod City)
Hitmontop: -X Defend
-X Attack(Must have same amount as XD)
-Iron(Must have same amout as P)
You have to make sure that you end up with the same amount of Atk as of Def if you want Hitmontop. Ok feed 1 of every item at the beginning of this tip to every Tyrogue.
Train until you evolve. If you have more Def, You'll have Hitmonlee. If the Atk is higher, you get Hitmonchan.If they are the same, you get Hitmontop.
grass cutting
if u use cut next to or in tall (or super tall) grass, you can avoid walking in it BUT you need to cut super tall grass twice cuz the first cut turns it into tall grass
HM/TM List
HM List(Pokemon Gold/Silver)
TM01 - Dynamicpunch - Found in Cianwood City Gym
TM02 - Headbutt - Found in Ilex forest, Goldenrod's Department Store for $2000
TM03 - Curse - Found in night time Celadon Mansion
TM04 - Squish - Found at Route 35
TM05 - Roar - Found at Route 32
TM06 - Toxic - Found in Fuchsia City Gym
TM07 - Zap Cannon - Found at Power Plant when return machine part
TM08 - Rock Smash - Found at Fat guy near Sudowoodo, at Goldenrod's Department Store
TM09 - Psych Up - Unknown
TM10 - Hidden Power - Found at house north of Lake of Rage, Celadon PokeMart
TM11 - Sunny Day - Found at Celadon PokeMart for $2000
TM12 - Sweet Scent - Near the exit of Ilex Forest
TM13 - Snore Feed - Found at where you feed the sick Miltank
TM14 - Blizzard - Found at Goldenrod Game Corner for 5500 coins
TM15 - Hyper Beam - Found at Celadon Game Corner for 7500 coins
TM16 - Icy Wind - Found in Mahogany Town Gym
TM17 - Protect - Found at Celadon PokeMart for $3000
TM18 - Rain Dance - Found in Slowpoke Cave at the lower level
TM19 - Giga Drain - Found in Celadon City Gym
TM20 - Endurance Burned - Found in Tower at lower level
TM21 - Frustration - Found at (Same as TM 27), if Pokemon dislikes you
TM22 - Solar Beam - Found at Route 27
TM23 - Iron Tail - Found in Oilvine City Gym
TM24 - Dragonbreath - Clair gives it to you after getting the badge
TM25 - Thunder - Found at the Goldenrod Game Corner for 5500 coins
TM26 - Earthquake - Found at Victory Road
TM27 - Return - Found at Goldenrod Dept Store 5th floor on Sundays, if Pokemon likes you
TM28 - Dig - Found outside of the National Park
TM29 - Psychic - Found at Celadon Game Corner for 3500 coins, or Mr. Psychic's house
TM30 - Shadow Ball - Found in Ecruteak City Gym
TM31 - Mud Sling - Found in Violet City Gym
TM32 - Double Team - Found in Celadon Game Corner for 1500 coins
TM33 - Ice Punch - Found at Goldenrod PokeMart for $3000
TM34 - Swagger - Found at Union Cave
TM35 - Sleep Talk - Found at Goldenrod PokeMart basement
TM36 - Sludge Bomb - Found at Route 43
TM37 - Sandstorm - Found at Tohjo Falls house next to the exit
TM38 - Fire Blast - Found at Goldenrod Game Corner for 5500 coins
TM39 - Swift - Found at Union Cave at lower level
TM40 - Defense Curl - Found at Mt. Mortar at middle entrance
TM41 - Thunderpunch - Found at Goldenrod PokeMart for $3000
TM42 - Dream Eater - Found at Viridian City, cut bush and talk to fat guy
TM43 - Detect - Found above Lake of Rage on north-east side
TM44 - Rest - Found at Ice Path at level 5
TM45 - Attract - Found in Goldenrod City Gym
TM46 - Theif - Found at Mahogany's basement of the Team Rocket complex
TM47 - Steel Wing - Found at Route 28 in the house behind the 2 bushes
TM48 - Fire Punch - Found at Goldenrod City PokeMart for $3000
TM49 - Fury Cutter - Found at Azalea Town Gym
TM50 - Nightmare - Deliver Spearow of The Goldenrod North Gate guy to guy on Route 31

TM List(Pokemon Gold/Silver)
HM01 - Cut - Found in the Ilex Forest, chase Farfetch'd and talk to the guy
HM02 - Fly - Talk to the woman outside the Cianwood City Gym
HM03 - Surf - Defeat the 5 Eevee trainers in Ecruteak City and talk to the father
HM04 - Strength - Found at the house next to the PokeCenter in Oilvine City
HM05 - Flash - Defeat the Sage in Sprout Tower
HM06 - Whirlpool - Help Lance defeat Team Rocket in Mahogany Town
HM07 - Waterfall - Found in the Ice Path
how to catch HO-OH
Go to Pewter in Kanto talk to the old blue man
by the mart and he will give you a rainbow wing
then go to Ecruteak City then go to tin tower
walk up 10 LVs HO-OH L70 at the TOP!!!!!

NOTE. you must have the rainbow wing!!!!!!!

NOTE2. you will RUN in to pokemon on the way.
How To Catch Lugia
Go To Olivine City.
NOTE: You Will Need The HM Whirlpool And Loads Of Ultra Balls
Or Use The Cloning Cheat To Clone Master Balls
Go To The Left Of Olivine And Surf Down In A Straight Line For About 20 Steps Then Turn Right As Far As You Can. Then Keep Going Down In A Straight Line. Then Turn Left When You See The WhirlPool. Then Surf Straight Up Untill You Get To Land. Then Go Round To The Cave Entrance And Enter.
NOTE: You Will Need Flash Whilst In The Cave.
Once In The Cave Go Up And Turn Right And Jump The Ledge. Then Go Up A Bit And Turn Right. And Jump That Ledge. Then Go Up And Enter The Stairs. Then Go Down And Turn Left. And Back Down And Enter The Stairs. Then Surf And Go Right And Then Go Down The WaterFall. Then Turn Left And Enter The Entrance. Then Surf And Lugia Should Be Straight Ahead Of You. Need Help Or Want To Ask A Question: Email Laydee.Keepz@hotmail.co.uk Only Email Me Plz Dont Add Me. Thankyou..
How to Evolve Sunkern
To evolve sunkern you have to get a sun stone. To get a sun stone simply:

1st. Go to bug catching contest in the NATIONAL PARK.

2nd. Catch pokemon like Scyther, pinsir or butterfree.

3rd. If you get first prize talk to the guy and he will give you a sunstone.

4th. use the sun stone on sunkern and it will evolve.
how to get a pineco
To get a pineco u go through illex forest and then u use cut on the first tree u see then follow the road and u will see a person in a cornor go u to him and he gives u head butt use it on the trees and if ur lucky one will pop out
How to loose to the elite 4 w/o losing so much money
Before challenging the elite 4 give all your money to your mom.
Last week, i read a cheat says that you bread a Lapras and a Seadra will get a egg inside have a level 5 Lapras with Hydro Pump attack. I teach my Lapras surf, and i train my Horsea to Seadra and bread them. Today, I hatch the egg, and i was SHOCK because the egg wasn't Lapras,but a Horsea with Surf!
So, maybe i will catch a Lapras girl............
OK, the breeding process with Lapras and Seadra will get a Horsea with Surf if u teach Lapras surf(I think):
1)Get a Lapras with Surf(Let's try it WITHOUT surf)
2)Get a Seadra with Hydro Pump Attack
3)Match them in the Day-Care Center
4)Hatch the egg inside and You will get a lvl 5 Horsea with Surf(if u get a lvl 5 Lapras with Hydro Pump Attack,u are so lucky...)
Thank You all that support me(maybe now dun have....)
Important Phone Numbers
Schoolboy Chad- Inform You About A Snubbull Frenzy

Hiker Parry- Informs You About A Marill Frenzy

Hiker Anthony- Informs You About A Dunsparce Frenzy

Fisher Ralph- Informs You About A Qwilfish Frenzy

To get Lapras go to union cave on friday in the bottem left corner surf across the water then go up the ladder and surf again. After,go up another ladder and surf around all over til you get to the bottem left corner again and go on the land. After ignore the trainer, then surf in the water and if its friday you should see lapras! NOTE:theres only one but each new friday they'll be a new one.
Legendary Pokemon
Here are the locations of the Legendary Pokemon.

Lugia: Find Lugia in the Whirl Islands. I am pretty sure that it is on the bottom right corner.

Ho-oh: Find Ho-oh in the Tin Tower. You have to go through 10 floors

Entei/Suicune/Raikou: These Pokemon are probably the hardest ones to find. To find them though, first buy about 50 Max Repels. If you are short on money, about 5-10 of them will do. Now search any grassy area of the Johto region. You will not find them in Kanto. When you get in the grassy area, use the Max Repel. This Repel with keep away any pesky weak Pokemon. Keep using the Max Repel on where you are until you find either Entei, Suicune, or Raikou.

Note: You need to activate them first in the Burned Tower. To do that, you must have a Pokemon that can learn the move Rock Smash. Go to the left side of the Burned Tower and destroy the Rock that blocks away and defeat the trainer. Go through the hole in the middle of the Tower, then go up to where Entei, Suicune, and Raikou off. They will scatter in 3 directions. Now you may catch them.
Listen to Kanto Radio before getting Kanto EXPN Card
After you've gotten the Surf HM but before you beat the Elite Four, surf out into the water by New Bark Town. If you surf out far enough, you will be able to listen to the Kanto radio!
Pokemon Locations
Note:You will NEVER find Raikou,Entei,or Suicune in Cianwood

Hey,it's Me,the DragonMaster,and i know just like me ya'll had trouble finding a lot of the pokemon,well,i'm here to help u out i'll start off with Abra and go to Zubat.I hope i help ya'll out.

Pokemon Locations (A-Z)

Abra–Psychic–Games Corner in Goldenrod,Routes 24, 5, 6, 8

Aerodactyl–Rock/Flying–See girl on Routes 14, swap for your Chansey

Aipom–Normal–Routes 29 and 44, in trees

Alakazam–Psychic–Evolves by trading Kadabra

Ampharos–Electric–Evolves from Flaaffy at level 30

Arbok–Poison–Evolves from Ekans with experience, and Route 4

Arcanine–Fire–Gold Only:Evolves from Growlithe using Fire Stone

Ariados–Bug/Poison-Gold Only:Evolves from Spinarak with experience, also Route 2

Articuno–Ice/Flying–Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Azumarill-Water-Evolves from Marill at level 18

Bayleef–Grass–Evolves from Chikorita

Beedrill–Bug/Poison–Gold:Evolves from Kakuna with experience,and(During Contest)National
Park,Silver:Ilex Forest,in trees at night

Bellossom–Grass–Evolves from Gloom using Sun Stone

Bellsprout–Grass/Poison–Routes 31, 32, 44, 5, 6, 24/5

Blastoise–Water–Evolves from Wartortle

Blissey-Normal-Evolves from Chansey by happiness

Bulbasaur–Grass/Poison-Trade from Red,Blue,Yellow

Butterfree–Bug/Flying–Silver:Evolves from Metapod with experience,(During Contest)National
Park,Gold:Ilex Forest,in trees at night

Caterpie–Bug–(During Contest)Silver:National Park,Gold:Routes 30, 31, Ilex Forest and Route 2

Celebi–Grass/Psychic–i guess u need a gameshark

Chansey–Normal–Routes 13-15

Charizard–Fire/Flying–Evolves from Charmeleon with experience

Charmander–Fire-Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Charmeleon–Fire–Evolves from Charmander with experience

Chikorita–Grass–One of the starter Pokemon from Professor Elm

Chinchou–Water/Electric–Fish from the dock at Olivine where the SS Aqua arrives from Vermilion,Fish in the Vermillion Pool

Clefable–Normal–Evolves from Clefairy using Moon Stone

Clefairy–Normal–Mt Moon, night

Cleffa–Normal–Breed from two Clefairy,Breed From Clefairy and ditto

Cloyster–Water/Ice–Evolves from Shellder using Water Stone

Corsola–Water/Rock–Cianwood, fishing with Super Rod,Day Care Pool,Fishing with Super Rod

Crobat–Poison/Flying-Evolves from Golbat by happiness

Croconaw–Water–Evolves from Totodile with experience

Cubone–Ground–Rock Tunnel

Cyndaquil–Fire–One of the starter Pokemon from Professor Elm

Delibird–Ice/Flying–Ice Path

Dewgong–Water/Ice–Evolves from Seel with experience

Diglett–Ground–Diglett's Cave

Ditto–Normal–Route 34

Dodrio–Normal/Flying–Evolves from Doduo at level 31

Doduo–Normal/Flying–Route 26/7, Viridian City, Mt Silver

Donphan-Ground-Evolves from Phanpy, also Victory Road,Silver: Mt Silver

Dragonair–Dragon–Evolves from Dratini at level 30, Dragon Den

Dragonite–Dragon/Flying–Evolves from Dragonair at level 55

Dratini–Dragon–Dragon Den

Drowzee–Psychic–Routes 34, 35, 11

Dugtrio–Ground–Diglett's Cave, and evolves from Diglett with experience

Dunsparce–Normal–Dark Cave(VERY rare),easier to find after Hiker Anthony Calls u and tells u about them

Eevee–Normal–Free from Bill in Goldenrod, or as a prize from the Games Corner in Celadon City for 6,666 coins

Ekans–Poison–Silver:Routes 32,4,Gold:Goldenrod Games Corner

Electabuzz–Electric–Grass Outside Power Plant

Electrode–Electric–Evolves from Voltorb at level 30

Elekid–Electric–Breed from two Electabuzz,Breed from Electabuzz and Ditto

Entei–Fire–One of the Legendary Beasts, somewhere around Johto

Espeon–Psychic–Evolves from Eevee, it has to be happy and evolve during the day

Exeggcute–Grass/psychic–Ilex Forest, at night, in trees

Exeggutor–Grass/Psychic–Evolves from Exeggcute using Leaf Stone

Farfetch'd–Normal/Flying–Route 38

Fearow–Normal/Flying–Evolves from Spearow at level 21,Route 10

Feraligatr–Water–Evolves from Croconaw with experience

Flaaffy–Electric–Evolves from Mareep with experience

Flareon–Fire–Evolves from Eevee using Fire Stone

Forretress–Bug/Steel-Evolves from Pineco with experience

Furret–Normal–Evolves from Sentret at level 15

Gastly–Ghost/Poison–Bellsprout Tower(night), Tin Tower

Gengar–Ghost/Poison–Evolves from Haunter(Trade)

Geodude–Rock–Mt Mortar, Route 45/6, Dark Cave, Rock Tunnel, Mt Moon,pretty much any cave in the game

Girafarig–Normal/Psychic–Route 43

Gligar–Ground/Flying–Route 45/6

Gloom–Grass/Poison–Evolves from Oddish with experience

Golbat–Poison/Flying–Whirl Islands, Mt Mortar, Ice Path, Route 26/7,
Victory Road, Mt Silver

Goldeen–Water–Route 42, Mt Mortar,Routes 26/7, 9, 10

Golduck–Water–Evolves from Psyduck with experience,Route 6,Mt. Silver

Golem–Rock/Ground–Evolves from Graveler (Trade)

Granbull–Normal–Evolves from Snubbull

Graveler–Rock/Ground–Evolves from Geodude with experience, Mt Silver,
Dark Cave, Mt Mortar, Route 45/6, Victory Road

Grimer–Poison–Routes 16-18, Celadon City

Growlithe–Fire–Gold only:Routes 36,37,7,8

Gyarados–Water/Flying–Red Gyarados:Lake of Rage, regular Gyarados evolve from Magikarp at level 20, Fuchsia City

Haunter–Ghost/Poison–Evolves from Gastly at level 24

Heracross–Bug/Fighting–Routes 29 and 44, in trees

Hitmonchan–Fighting–Evolves from Tyrogue,Defense higher than Attack

Hitmonlee–Fighting–Evolves from Tyrogue,Attack Higher Than Defense

Hitmontop–Fighting–Evolves from Tyrogue, attack = defence

Ho-oh–Fire/Flying–Roof of Tin Tower, Ecruteak

HootHoot–Normal/Flying–Routes 29, 31, 37,at night only

Hoppip–Grass/Flying–Routes 32, 13-15

Horsea–Water–Whirl Islands

Houndoom–Dark/Fire–Evolves from Houndour at level (somewhere in the 20's)

Houndour–Dark/Fire–Route 7 at night

Hypno–Psychic–Evolves from Drowzee with experience

Igglybuff–Normal–Breed from two Jigglypuff,Bree from Jigglypuff and Ditto

Ivysaur–Grass/Poison–Evolves from Bulbasaur with experience

Jigglypuff–Normal–Route 4

Jolteon–Electric–Evolves from Eevee using Thunder Stone

Jumpluff–Grass/Flying-Evolves from Skiploom with experience

Jynx–Ice/Psychic–Ice Path(Female Only)

Kabuto–Rock/Water–Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Kabutops–Rock/Water–Evolves from Kabuto at level 40

Kadabra–Psychic–Evolves from Abra at level 16,also Route 7

Kakuna–Bug–Evolves from Weedle with experience, National Park, Silver: Routes
30, 31, Ilex Forest

Kangaskhan–Normal–Rock Tunnel

Kingdra–Water/Dragon-Evolves from Seadra by trade, holding Dragon Scale

Kingler–Water–Evolves from Krabby with experience,Day Care Pool,use super rod

Koffing–Poison–Burnt Tower

Krabby–Water–Dark Cave, Olivine, Whirl Islands, Cianwood,Day Care Pool

Lanturn–Water/Electric-Evolves from Chinchou with experience,Vermilion City Pool,use super rod

Lapras–Water/Ice–Union Cave on Fridays

Larvitar–Rock/Ground–Mt Silver

Ledian–Bug/Flying–Evolves from Ledyba with experience,Route 2,morning time only

Ledyba–Bug/Flying–Silver: Routes 31, 2,morning time only

Lickitung–Normal–Route 44

Lugia–Psychic/Flying–Whirl Islands,Only One

Machamp–Fighting–Evolves from Machoke by trading

Machoke–Fighting–Evolves from Machop, also Rock Tunnel, Mt Mortar

Machop–Fighting–Goldenrod Mart swap Drowzee for Machop, Rock Tunnel, Mt Mortar

Magby–Fire–Breed from two Magmar,Breed Magmar and Ditto

Magcargo-Fire-Evolves from Slugma at level 38

Magikarp–Water–Slowpoke Well, Ilex Forest, Lake of Rage,Route 44, Dragon
Den, Dark Cave, Fuchsia City, Cinnabar Island, Union Cave

Magmar–Fire–basement, Burnt Tower, Ecruteak

Magnemite–Electric/Steel–Routes 6,11

Magneton–Electric/Steel–evolves from Magnemite at level 30

Mankey–Fighting–Gold Only:Routes 42, 9

Mantine–Water/Flying–Gold Only:Route 41

Mareep–Electric–Routes 32, 42

Marill–Water–Mt Mortar, in the entrance as you approach from Ecruteak,easier to find after Hiker Parry Calls u about them

Marowak–Ground–Evolves from Cubone with experience, and Rock tunnel

Meganium–Grass–Evolves from Bayleef at level 32

Meowth–Normal–Silver:Routes 38, 5, 6

Metapod–Bug–(During Contest)National Park, Gold: ROutes 30, 31, Ilex Forest,Route 2

Mew–Psychic–Gameshark Maybe?

Mewtwo–Psychic-Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Miltank–Normal–Route 38,easier to find at night

Misdreavus–Ghost–Mt Silver

Moltres–Fire/Flying-Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Mr Mime–Psychic–Route 21

Muk–Poison–Evolves from Grimer at level 38

Murkrow–Dark/Flying–Route 7(night)

Natu–Psychic/Flying–Ruins of Alph(Grassy Bit)

Nidoking–Poison/Ground–Evolves from Nidorino using Moon Stone

Nidoqueen–Poison/Ground–Evolves from Nidorina using Moon Stone

Nidoran female–Poison–Route 35

Nidoran male–Poison–Route 35

Nidorina–Poison–Evolves from Nidoran female with experience, and Routes 13-15

Nidorino–Poison–Evolves from Nidoran male with experience, and Routes 13-15

Ninetales–Fire–Evolves from Vulpix using Fire Stone

Noctowl–Normal/Flying-Evolves from HootHoot with experience

Octillery–Water–Evolves from Remoraid with experience

Oddish–Grass/Poison–Ilex Forest(night), RT 24/5

Omanyte–Rock/Water–Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Omastar–Rock/Water–Evolves from Omanyte at level 40

Onix–Rock–Violet City(swap), Victory Road, Rock Tunnel, Mt Silver

Paras–Bug/Grass–Ilex Forest, National Park, Mt Moon

Parasect–Bug/Grass–Evolves from Paras at level 24

Persian–Normal–Evolves from Meowth with experience,Route 7

Phanpy-Ground-Silver Only:Route 45/6

Pichu–Electric–Breed from two Pikachu,Breed From Pikachu and Ditto

Pidgeot–Normal/Flying–Evolves from Pidgeotto at level 36

Pidgeotto–Normal/Flying–Evolves from Pidgey at level 18, and Routes 24/5,
8, 13, 2

Pidgey–Normal/Flying–Routes 29, 30, 35,(Not During Contest)National Park, RT 36, 6, 5, 24/5, 2,1

Pikachu–Electric–Route 2,easier to find at night

Piloswine–Ice/Ground-Evolves from Swinub with experience

Pineco–Bug–In the trees in Ilex Forest and Route 43

Pinsir–Bug–(During Contest Only)National Park

Politoed–Water-Evolves from Poliwhirl by trade, holding Kings Rock

Poliwag–Water–Routes 30, 31, Ruins of Alph, Route 44, Mt Silver

Poliwhirl–Water–Evolves from Poliwag with experience, and Routes 30, 31, Mt

Poliwrath–Water/Fighting–Evolves from Poliwhirl using Water Stone

Ponyta–Fire–Route 26/7, Mt Silver

Porygon–Normal–Games Corner in Celadon City for 9,999 coins

Porygon 2-Normal-Evolves from Porygon by trade, holding Upgrade

Primeape–Fighting–Gold Only:Evolves from Mankey with experience, and Route 42, 9

Psyduck–Water–Ilex Forest, Routes 34, 35, 6

Quagsire–Water/Ground–Evolves from Wooper by experience,Ruins Of Alph

Quilava–Fire–Evolves from Cyndaquil with experience

Qwilfish–Water/Poison-Routes 32, 16-18(rare)

Raichu–Electric–Evolves from Pikachu using Thunder Stone

Raikou–Electric–One of the Legendary Beasts, found in Johto

Rapidash–Fire–Evolves from Ponyta at level 42, and Mt Silver

Raticate–Normal–Evolves from Rattata with experience, and Routes 38, Mt
Mortar, Routes 26/7, 9,10

Rattata–Normal–Routes 29, 46,(Daytime)Bellsprout Tower, Mt Mortar,Routes 26/7, 9, 10, 7,
3, 4, 1,Tin Tower

Remoraid–Water–Route 44(fishing,VERY Rare)after Fisher Wilton or Fisher Ralph(whichever ones on route 44)calls u they will go from VERY rare to Many of them,use super rod and u will find a level 40

Rhydon–Rock/Ground–Evolves from Rhyhorn at level 42,trade a Female Dragonair for a Rhydon in Blackthorn city

Rhyhorn–Rock/Ground–Victory Road

Sandshrew–Ground–Gold: Union Cave, Mt Moon Silver: Goldenrod Games
Corner prize

Sandslash–Ground–Evolves from Sandshrew at level 22 or 24

Scizor–Bug/Steel-Evolves from Scyther by trade, holding Metal Coat

Scyther–Bug/Flying–(During Contest Only)National Park

Seadra–Water–Evolves from Horsea with experience

Seaking–Water–Evolves from Goldeen with experience, and Mt Mortar,Routes
26/7, 24/5, 9, 10

Seel–Water/Ice–Whirl Islands

Sentret–Normal–Routes 29, 1

Shellder–Water–Cinnabar Island,Dock Where the S.S.Aqua is located

Shuckle–Bug/Rock–Cianwood(gift),Dark Cave,Cianwood(Rock Smash the Rocks),Olivine(Rock Smash The Rocks)

Skarmory–Steel/Flying–Route 45/6, Mt Silver

Skiploom–Grass/Flying-Evolves from Hoppip with experience

Slowbro–Water/Psychic–Evolves from Slowpoke at level 31 or 32

Slowking–Water/Psychic–Evolves from Slowpoke by trade, holding Kings Rock

Slowpoke–Water/Psychic–Slowpoke Well,cave right above the guy that says "u Know what u just did you've just takin your first steps into kanto"

Slugma–Fire–Routes 16-18,Bicycling Road(grassy Part)

Smeargle–Normal–Ruins of Alph(grassy bit),below where the puzzle is and after u get out of the cave,where Natu is

Smoochum–Ice/Psycic-Breed from a Jynx and a Ditto

Sneasel–Dark/Ice–outside Mt Silver

Snorlax–Normal–Blocking the path to the Diglett's Cave,only one

Snubbull–Normal–Route 38,easier to find after Schoolboy Chad calls u and tells u about them

Spearow–Normal/Flying–Routes 29, 46, 42, 9, 10, 7, 3, 4, Viridian City,Route 44 in trees,should be asleep when u find it

Spinarak–Bug/Poison–Gold Only:Routes 31, 37,at night only

Squirtle–Water–Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Stantler–Normal–Route 37 at night

Starmie–Water/Psychic–Evolves from Staryu using Water Stone

Staryu–Water–Cianwood(fishing at night),Day Care Pool, use super rod and u will find a level 40 staryu at night time

Steelix–Steel/Ground–Evolves from Onix by trade, holding Steel Coat

Sudowoodo–Rock–Route 36,weird tree blocking road water with bottle and it will come alive,only one

Suicune–Water–One of the Legendary Beasts, found somewhere in Johto,if u can't find it don't worry u'll eventually find it because i found all three of them within 2 weeks

Sunkern–Grass–National Park,Route 24/5

Sunflora–Grass–Evolves from Sunkern using Sun Stone

Swinub–Ice/Ground–Ice Path

Tangela–Grass–Route 44, Mt Silver

Tauros–Normal–Route 38,easier to find after Schoolboy Chad Calls u to tell u that he saw them

Teddiursa–Normal–Gold only:Route 45/6

Tentacool–Water/Poison–Anywhere there is sea,lakes,oceans,pools,etc.

Tentacruel–Water/Poison–Evolves from Tentacool with experience, and anywhere there is sea

Togepi–Normal–Hatches from the Mystery Egg

Togetic–Normal/Flying-Evolves from Togepi at level 22/happeniss,it evolves at level 22 if it is happy enough

Totodile–Water–Starter Pokemon from Professor Elm

Typhlosion-Fire–Evolves from Quilava with experience

Tyranitar–Rock/Dark-Evolves from Pupitar at level 30

Tyrogue–Fighting–Mt Mortar,win from Blackebelt Hiyo who trains deep inside Mt.Mortar

Umbreon–Dark–Evolves from Eevee, by happiness, it needs to evolve at

Unown–Psychic–Ruins of Alph,after u solve the puzzles

Ursaring–Normal–Gold only: Victory Road, Mt Silver

Vaporeon–Water–Evolves from Eevee using Water Stone

Venomoth–Bug/Poison–Evolves from Venonat with experience, also Routes 24 and

Venonat–Bug/Poison–(During Contest)National Park, Routes 43, 24/5

Venusaur–Grass/Poison–Evolves from Ivysaur with experience

Victreebel–Grass/Poison–Evolves from Weepinbell using Leaf Stone

Vileplume–Grass/Poison–Evolves from Gloom using Leaf Stone

Voltorb–Electric–Olivine(swap),swap Krabby For Voltorb,Routes 9, 10

Vulpix–Fire–Silver only:Routes 36, 37, 8, 7

Wartortle–Water–Evolves from Squirtle with experience,Red,Blue,Yellow

Weedle–Bug–(During or not During Contest)National Park,Silver:Routes 30,31,2

Weepinbell–Grass/Poison–Evolves from Bellsprout with experience

Weezing–Poison–Evolves from Koffing at level 38

Wigglytuff–Normal–Evolves from Jigglypuff using Moon Stone

Wobbuffet–Psychic–Dark Cave

Wooper–Water/Ground–Ruins of Alph,Route 32(night), Union Cave

Xatu–Psychic/Flying-Evolves from Natu with experience

Yanma–Bug/Flying-Route 35(night),after Bug Catcher Arnie calls u and tells u about them

Zapdos–Electric/Flying-Trade From Red,Blue,Yellow

Zubat–Poison/Flying–Dark Cave, Union Cave,Slowpoke Well, Ilex Forest,
Burnt Tower, Whirl Islands, Mt Mortar, Ice Path, Rock Tunnel, Mt

Pokemon setup
This is a perfect combination for the entire game using ONLY pokemon you first catch. Be aware, this will make your game play experiance VERY hard. This is a suggestion for you if your bored playing the game and want a challenge.

Starter Pokemon: Cyndaquil - Evolve it
Flying Pokemon: Hoothoot - Evolve it
Normal Pokemon: Rattata - Evolve it
Bug Pokemon: Weedle - Evolve it
Psychic Pokemon: Abra - Leave it at Kadabra
Dark Pokemon: Zubat - Evolve to Crobat

A well rounded set of pokemon to take on EVERY type in the game. Teach your pokemon any moves needed. Your not going to have the option for the 3 water HM's...but you can put away any pokemon you dont need to use. You could also start out with totodile to eliminate this problom. But make sure you dont teach it all 3 HM's. This will make it VERY hard to do anything when you reach the elite four.

Your best bet is to not teach these pokemon any HM moves. Find pokemon that can learn them and dont require evolution to learn these moves.
Problems saving?
If you're game will no longer save (you play for a while, save, turn off your gb, and when you turn it back on it says only "new game" and "option") i can offer you much assisstance OK. the save file memory is controlled by a battery inside the game cartridge. to replace the battery, first, take the hexagonal screw* out of the back of the game. remove the cover. the battery will be wrapped with yellow electrical tape. remove the battery (be careful not to separate the metal from the game chip!!!) go get yourself a new battery (i got mine at walgreens for $3.49) and reattach the battery by wrapping it in electrical tape (+ side down and attached to the uppermost metal connector). soldering works too, but why waste your time? and there you have it. you should be able to save your game
*hexagonal screw drivers aren't the most common things. i used a fine, metal tip pen to unscrew mine. the screw's not in very tight.
Ran out of Rare Candies?
If you can't find anymore rare candies anywhere so easily and you ran out of them, don't worry. I'll explain how to get some more of them. First of all, you will need a Shuckle and a Berry to turn into Berry juice. If you already have a Berry juice, then cool. Make the Shuckle hold the Berry. If it is held long enough, the Berry will turn into Berry juice. Don't take it. Leave the Berry juice held. After some more time, the Berry juice will harden and eventually turn into Rare Candy. You will need to be patient for this to happen. <img src="https://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> It's possible.
When batling red i sugest you have the following:
Ampharos: Helps for His blastoise and mabey charizard
Tyranitar: All around great. Use for espeon, charizard and pikachu (helps eh?)
Dragonite: Not really significant for this. He's just cool
Typhlosion(or houndoom): Use him to burn up his Venusaur
Misdreaveous: For the surprise snorlax. It learns perish song at Level 46. NOTE: if using him, keep meanlook. I didn't and whenever the perish count gets to zero red withdrws him and my misdreaveous dies.
And a nice Backup for your weakest one!

hope it helps
Secret item 'Beserk gene'
In Cerulean near the kid with the itemfinder there should be water go up and walk down the grass then surf you shuold see the kid there should be a square of water and in the corner press A on the corner and 'eshay bro' beserk gene
sleeping sperow
headbut trees at night and you might get one.
Stand on a tree
When you get cut when you beat Bugsy go into the forset and you will see a faracht'd lure it back to it's owner then he will give you cut.Cut down the tree then stand where the tree was,press save then turn off the game.Turn it back on and you take a step you will fall off.

You could do this with any tree or even rock smash.Thank you this was DETREL PILGRIM
Switch order
When you are in theunderground warehouse to save the director of the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City, you have to find the code for the switches.
To open the door leading to the place where the director is, you have to turn all off the switches on. But you have to turn on switch 3 first, then switch 2, then switch 1. Hope this helps.
To catch a Taurus, go to Ecruteak City. Then go left, thru the building, and into route 38. Go to the patch of grass by the man. Search and search until a Taurus comes. But when you find one and think you can easily weaken it and catch it, think again!!!!!! I am not sure about this but I think wild Taurus can fled.......
The easiest way to find the 3 legendary dogs
You must have met all 3 dogs in order to do this!

Get a Pokemon that has very good speed and knows how to put other Pokemon to sleep. Also get a high level Pokemon that knows "False Swipe", I recommend Scizor if you can get it.

Make sure you take a lot of Pokeballs, Great Balls, or Ultra Balls with you.

Step 1: Put the Pokemon that knows how to put another pokemon to sleep at the top of your party.

Step 2: Next fly to Mahogany Town. Save.

Step 3: Check your Pokedex to see where all 3 dogs are. If they are not close to you, reset the game and turn it back on. (NOTE: May take a while to do.)

Step 4: If any of them are close to the left or right of the town, go to that direction they're the closest; DO NOT GO UP! If not in the area you are in, walk into town and check your Pokedex again. Repeat until in they are in the same area as you, and then use a max repel. (NOTE: there is ONLY 1 place with grass to the left and right of town.)

Step 5: If they are in the same area as you, use max repel and go find them!

Step 6: Once you have encountered one of them, put it to sleep then switch the Pokemon to the one that knows "False Swipe". Use "False Swipe" until it has 1 hp left or until it is weak enough, then throw a ball at it.

Step 7(optional): If you fail to catch them and they ran away, repeat Step 3- Step 6.

NOTE: I did this and caught ALL 3 in ONE DAY!!! XD

Mod edit: Fixed spelling and grammar.
the easist way to beat clair
first make sure your starter pokemon is lv.44 or above then clone (duplicate)it and the red gyarados then put it at the top of your list then your starter pokemon and have fun
The REAL way to get the legendary dogs!!!
Ok, first before you release the legendary dogs, you must get the master ball and 5 max repels. Duplicate it at least 3 times. Then release the dogs. Go SOUTH of Ecruteak city on the block of grass closest to the city. Use a max repel. Make sure you have pokemon under level 40. First you should see suicune then raiku, and then entei. Use a master ball and, obviously, you have them! This is a easy way to get them without having to chase them all around!
The three dogs and how to catch them
The most effective way to catch these pesky dogs is to do the following:
-Release them (duh)
-Have ran into one in the past.
-Make sure you have a guy that knows Spiderweb or mean look, A guy with false swipe and a wack of Fast balls and heavy balls.
- Super Repels and a the first guy in your party to be below Level 40 and above the level of the normal wild pokemon
-Go to a "route splitter". This means the line at which a route goes to a different route (you can tell by looking at your map).
-Note that everytime you cross into a different route the dog moves to a different location on the map so knowing this, Walk across the "route splitter" and look at your pokedex. If the dog isn't on you, cross the line again.
-continue doing this until the dog is on the same route as you. When it is, use a super repel and walk around the grassy area until you find it.
-Use your guy with spiderweb/meanlook to keep it from running away and wither its health down with false swipe.
-Use your fast balls and heavy balls on it until you catch it.

of course you can ignore the battle if you have cheated to get lots of masterballs.

hoped it helped.
Tips for Silver/Gold
Trainer Red
In Silver Cave, you should find Trainer Red. He has pokemon lvl 78 & higher so you should get your toughest pokemon ready. He's in a small cave (it's sorta hard to see) in the highest upper right hand corner of Silver Cave. Here are his pokemon:

Pikachu lvl 78 (thundershock, thunder, thunder wave, swift?)
Snorlax lvl 81? (rest, snore, body slam, amnesia)
Charizard ? (fire spin, ?, ?, ?)
Blastoise ? (surf, ? ? ?)
Venasaur ? (solar beam, razor leaf, ?, ?)

Pikachu - DO NOT USE HO-OH!! Bird type pokemon are weak against electric moves. FLY is good, but even if your pkmn is up in the air, pikachu can still use THUNDER and injure it. Use Ho-Oh only if it is at a very high level (and I don't mean 70). You should use rock-type moves against pikachu. Fighting is also sometimes good. Ice also reccomended.
Snorlax - Ughh....this guy is very annoying. You will find that when you get him down to very little HP, he'll use rest, or Trainer Blue will use full restore. Fighting types are definitely reccomended. Don't put Snorlax to sleep either; he has a move called SNORE that will attack while sleeping. It's best if you make him faint all in one move.
Charizard - Water types, obviously. The most effective moves will probably be SURF or HYDRO PUMP. Feraligatr is a good bet 8p
Blastoise - Grass types like Venasaur are good bets. I made Blastoise faint by making my Ho-Oh use FLY, but don't use my way because I'm crazy. 5ysegkfdjgoxd. I should've used my Meganium.
Venasaur - Venasaur is the toughest of all Trainer Blue's pokemon; not unless you use Typhlosion. That was how I defeated him; a good whip of FLAME WHEEL and he was gone. But be careful - Venasaur's SOLAR BEAM is wicked! Fire type moves recommended. Strongly.

When you beat Trainer Blue, the credits will show up. You don't get any prize or item for beating Blue. (Not that I know of)

Here is a list of some evolutions of popular pokemon.
Bulbasaur - Ivysaur - Venusaur
Squirtle - Wartortle - Blastoise
Charmander - Charmeleon - Charizard
Chikorita - Bayleef - Meganium
Totodile - Croconaw - Feralitgatr
Caterpie - Metapod - Butterfree
Weedle - Kakuna - Beedrill
Pichu + love&care - Pikachu + thunderstone - Raichu
Pidgey - Pidgeotto - Pidgeot
Oddish - Gloom + Leaf Stone - Vileplume
Vulpix+Fire Stone - Ninetales
Hoothoot - Noctowl

Getting a Pichu
Breed Ditto with Pikachu and you'll get a pichu!

Catching Noctowl
This might not work, but it's worth a try.
Go to KANTO in Viridian City in that little patch of grass where you find pickachu. (It should be under six o clock at the time) Search around in the grass and when the sky turns darker (in other words, when it's six o clock) a Noctowl should appear about lvl 7. This doesn't always work, though.


Tracking The Legendary Dogs
1. Realease the Legendary dogs. If you have already, that works just fine,

2. You have to run into one of them for this cheat to work. Once you have seen (at least) one of them, go to your PokeDex.

3. Look up the legendary dog. They are at the bottom of the list.

4. Look at 'Area'. This should bring up the map of Jhoto.

5. The flashing icon represents the Pokemon's nest. The Legendary dogs are constantly moving, but you can travel to them. Then, you are more likely to find them.

NOTE: Flying with a pokemon scares the Dogs. They will flee if you do this. Also, if you're tracking one down, check the Pokedex every so often. They sometimes move even without you flying. If you are lazy and don't want to walk all the way to the dogs, (like me), fly with a pokemon to Ecruteak City. The Dogs will be spooked, and if you're lucky, they'll be closer to you.

Using Headbutt for pokemons
Aipom can be found at New Bark town training place
Pineco can be found in Ilex Forest,if you are lucky
Exeggute can be found in Ilex forest and Route 36
Weedle can be found in EVERYWHERE
Kakuna can be found in EVERYWHERE
Beedrill can be found in Ilex Forest and Route 36
If i found new pokemon places I will tell u all!!!!

When about to catch a rare Pokemon.
When you are about to catch a rare pokemon that you only have one shot at (eg.Shining Gyrados). Save right before you go up to them and start the battle. Then if you don't end up catching them, you can just turn off your Game boy and you will be right infront of them.
Which Islands get to Lugia?
The top left and bottom right of the Islands work, not sure about the top right, bottom left DOES NOT WORK!


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cash spawning
find a nugget and use the item duplicate to spawn alot of them then sell all of them.
cloning pokemon
this is weird but i wanna help!! please before you use your master ball read THIS!!!! i never knew this until i used my master ball on lugia. ok first go to pc deposite ur pokemon (make sure it has a REALLY good item on it ex. masterball rare candy rare stuff) then change the box wile its saving and it says "saving do not shut off power SHUT IT OFF then go on it should have the pokemon in ur party and in pc (used this on lugia feraligator pikachu pichu etc. hope it helps!
Refight Gym Leaders (Easy Pokémon Training)
Like how much experience a gym leader gives? Well, you can refight them.

<span style="color:red;">*NOTE*</span> Only works until your next save.

1. Start off with at least 2 Pokémon. Make 1 hold an item. (Any item)
2. Save in front of the gym leader.
3. Fight and try to win with the Pokémon holding the item.
4. Once you beat them, go put the Pokémon you used to battle in the PC.
5. Do the Cloning Glitch*.
6. When you turn the game back on, you will be back in front of the gym leader. Do not fight. Instead, go to the PC. You will see the Pokémon you battled with before in the PC.
7. Repeat if you wish.

If you want to continue raising the cloned Pokémon, release the lower level Pokémon and use the cloned one instead.

<span style="color:red;">*NOTE*</span>
Cloning Glitch

1. Give a Pokémon an item, then save in front of a PC
2. Put the Pokémon that is holding the item in the PC.
3. Change the Box
4. When it says "SAVING DON'T TURN OFF THE POW", turn it off. *
5. Turn the game back on. The Pokémon you put in the PC will be in your party and in the PC. It will still be holding the item you gave it.


<span style="color:Red;">Neoseeker_Spawn</span>


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Change Time!
Ok, to change the time you, first, hold down the select button, down on the arrow pad, and B. Next, it will ask you if you want to "Reset the clock?" If you want to, click yes. Then you click on the link. http://www.legendarypokemon.net/pass Then you enter your name(It's case sensitive), ID No., and your $. I suggest You give all of your money to your mom on the game, so it's easier.(Trust me)Then you click generate Password. When you get your password, enter it in the 5 spaces provided. This help with mystery gift and other special events. Have fun!
Duplicate Items
To duplicate items you have to give a pokemon the item that you want to duplicate. Then after that save it. Then just start duplicating the pokemon then the item would be duplicated too.
IF you want to duplicate an item, here's what you do:

Go to a pc in a pokemon center

save your game then go to bill's pc

change the box and let it save (I'm not sure if you need to do this step but do it just in case)

deposit the pokemon you want to clone

change the box except this time, when it gets to SAVING DON'T TURNOFF, turn it off in the middle.

turn it back on and you will have a duplicate, and you can do this as many times as you like

*if you want to duplicate an item, just give the item to the pokemon you want to clone.

AND IF WANT TO BE MORE POWERFUL, GET ALL THE STARTERS USING ONE OF THE CHEATS ABOVE(either the link cable or the one without the linkcable)
I prefer the without the link cable
Flying Kanghaskan
This cheat has not been done by anyone else other than me. I personally discovered this by myself and therefor only give credit to myself.

As we all know, you can catch a Missingno in red/blue versions. Well, after you have reached the 4th gym of crystal/gold/silver, you can trade Pokemon with the 1st generation games. All you need to do is catch a lvl 1 Missingno using the duplication hack in the red/blue versions. Your game sprites might get messed up but that will be fixed after what you do later. Missingno has it's own type called "fly". Well, if you use the HM fly (sky attack also works) on it, it should be able to learn it. This is where you abuse the glitch. After teaching Missingno fly or any other flying moves you have, give it a rare candy. If you ever messed around with Missingno you know that after you give it a rare candy it mysteriously evolves into a Kanghaskan. Now all you have to do is to transfer the Pokemon from your old game to Crystal/Gold/Silver using two game boys and a link cable. After that, your Kanghaskan should be able to use fly and moves such as Sky Attack. Fly also works as a transport to get from one city to another. Do this at your own risk but keep in mind that this is something cool to show your friends.
How To Get All The Stones
First off u need to get to cerulean city and go to bills house and talk to his grandpa and he will give a stone:

Pichu-Thunder Stone

Note:to get Pichu put a Pikachu and a Ditto or another Pikachu in the day care.

Staryu-Water Stone

Gloom or sunkern or weepinbell-leaf stone

vulpix-fire stone

Note: these cheats are only for Pokemon Silver
how to get past snorelax
ok if your like me you got stuck trying to get past snorelax well in the radio station in kanto theres a sign on the wall that says to perk pokemon up just play flute music so when you walk up to the snorlax play the flute music but beware because if you cant to catch him he's strong then he's weak!!!
How to not screw up
When going to catch a important Pokemon like suduwoodo save right before u talk to it and if u don't catch it just turn it off and on then u will be right in front of it to try again
so we all know about the duplication cheat, but just in case here it is because you will use it for all of these other cheats...
save in front of a computer, deposit a pokemon, and then change blocks, and it will ask you to save, say yes, but when it says
"saving don't turn off the power, turn it off, and that is the duplication cheat.
now we can use this knowledge to our advantage! =)
we know how we need 99,999 game coins for a porygon, so we know that we are going to get those coins, so...
1) get the coins
2) save before you buy porygon!
3) after saving, buy the porygon
4) run to a computer, and deposit the porygon
5) change boxes, and turn off the game boy when it says
6) turn the gameboy back on and you will find that you have a porygon in your pc, but you still have the coins
7) admire your new "free" porygon, and use this same method on all of the items at the game corner
*Note: the pokedex won't register that you have porygon until you buy it for real, but if you trade it to a friend, or breed it you should get a porygon, and it should be registered, good luck!
TRICK No.2!!!
so lets get all of the starters!!!, so we will save the game before you pick the starter, and then pick one, then we will get pokeballs after doing the task thingy, and catch 3 pokemon we don't want. finally we will deposit the starter, and 2 of the pokemon we don't want into the pc and change boxes and as it says SAVING DON'T TURN OFF THE... we will turn off the game! when we turn it back on we will find that we have 2 crappy pokemon in our pc and a cool starter, so we will then withdraw a crappy pokmon, and deposit the new starter, and then switch boxes, and whn it says SAVING DON'T TURN OFF THE... we will turn it off again, and we will find that we now have a crappy pokemon in the pc and 2 cool starters, then we will pick the 3rd starter, and then withdraw the crappy pokemon, and deposit the 3rd starter, then we will change boxes, and when it says
SAVING DON'T TURN OFF THE... we turn it off again, now we will find ourself where we saved origionally, and pick a starter, and we will have 3 starters in the pc, notice that they wil gain booster exp, but they don't exist in the pokedex... breed them later on in the game, or trade them to a friend and trade back, and you should have them in your pc.
so we will save before we trade them the pokemon they want, and then trade, after the trade we will deposit the pokemon in the pc, and change boxes, and when it says
SAVING DON'T TURN OFF THE... turn it off, and when we turn it back on we will find that we still have the pokemon that we were going to trade, and in the pc is the pokemon we traded for!
unfortunately the pokemon we traded for won't be in the pokedex... so breed it, or trade and trade back the pokemon with a friend...
so this is simple, give an item to a pokemon, and duplicate the pokemon using the standard duplication method
using item with out losing them is fun!
so first we will collect us a bunch of item we want, like rare candies, although the rare candies don't help a pokemon's stats that much!
so we have 30 rare candies, so we save, and then use all the rare candies on the pokemon of our choice, then we will deposit the pokemon in the pc, and change boxes, and when it says
SAVING DON'T TURN OFF THE... we turn it off, and we will find that we still have the 30 rare candies, and the pokemon in the pc will be as if the rare candies were used (crappy, but higher level)
WARNING!!! as always there are risks involved with using cheats, so be careful, don't save the game or change the box when following these cheats unless you are told!
also don't withdraw pokemon when duplicating another, because the withdrawn pokemon will be deleted!
if you notice any more tricks through using other cheats then tell us!!! because we can win the game the right way, or the easy way!
(o'.'o) ////
((v v))//
pikachu is watching!
pokemon at level 100 easy
Use the duplicate trick to clone about 30 rarecandies. When you have them in your pack save your game the give every rare candy to your pokemon except 1 (just in case)then deposit your pokemon go to switch boxes when it says saving dont turn off the power. turn it off when it hits POW then turn it back on in your paryt will be your pokemon at old level will be their and in your box will be your new pokemon at new level..repeat until pokemon is at level 100!
Skipping Credits (2 ways)
These neat tips will save you some time sitting around the rolling credits. Here are 2 ways to skip the credits.

1. Hold B during the credits.
2. When the credits start rolling, hold Start, Select, A, and B and continue. You should be outside your house.

These tips will save you time during the credits.