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39+ lives at a time
go to Vinalla Secret 2, once there do not kill any of the flying koopas, or at least try not to, but make it all the way to place were theres a bunch of spiked turtles in a ditch in front of you, there's four yellow blocks that are above you, hit the 2nd one to the right, it should pop-up with a power switch, now bring the power switch to the place were all the flying koopas are, hit it and run through all the coins, on my 1st try i got + 39 lives.
battling castles
You can tell how to beat enimies by looking at there battle station. If you see a turtle shell thingy with a lava pit, you have to jump on there shell's(castles 1 and 7) and knock them into the lava pit. If you see 2 walls(castles 2 and 5) you have to jump on there shells on the groud 3 times to make them small. If you see 7 gold pipes(castles 3 and 6) you have to jump on the person who looks different. If you see a long walkway with fire(castle 4) you have to jump on there shell when they are shooting fire but not when the shell is spinning. If you see a clown propellor (castle 8) you have to jump on the mecha koopas and throw them on bowser's head.
chocolate fortress secret
To get to the chocolate fortress, go to chocolate island 3( you must have the feather.) Climb the vine and go on the stone thingy. Jump over the exit and fly through another exit that leads to the chocolate fortress. (when you are battling the dinosaurs when you kill 2 go back 2 spaces and kill 1. Then jump on the thing the last dinosaur is on. When you have the chance, kill it put don't fall in the lava.)
defeating castles
U can tell how to defeat castles by looking at there battle station. If there is a lava pit(castles 1 and 7), u have 2 knock them in2 the lava pit. If u see 2 walls(castles 2 and 5), u have 2 jump on there shells 3 times when they r on the ground. If u see pipes(castles 3 and 6) u have 2 jump on the different person 3 times. If u see a long walkway(castle 4) u have 2 jump on his shell when he is shooting fire. If u see a clown propeller(castle 8)(bowser) u have 2 use the mecha koopas 2 knock him in the head.(:
Easy 1ups
Go to the underwater level of star road. First, if you come with a yoshi you get an extra life when you pass the egg. Next get the star that is floating down and touch everyone you can as quick as possible. Do not go back for anything while in star mode. Third when you come upon the block with the second star, get that star and touch people again as fast as possible, once again not stopping or going back. If you hit enough people you will get a 1up life and if you hit someone soon enough after you get more 1ups. This lasts until the star runs out. You should be able to get 5-7 free lives at least.
EASY 6-10 1UPS
Go to world 6 level 2 and complete the secret level you unlock from there.
Go back to the secret level and get to the half point.

Then Pick LUIGI and go on the level starting at the half-point.
Go through the tube, and jump onto the slanted surface.

Then just sit down and enjoy the ride as you plow through all the shell things and get at least 6 1ups.

*Note(Note,Note's,Not): You can only get 10 1UPs if you hit all the shell things AND get your 100th coin on that run.

After you reach the bottom. press start and "back"

Repeat and enjoy
Easy Easy lives
Go to Yoshi island 2. Run up and pick up the shell jump and throw and if you kill all of the turtle things, you get a life. Keep going and hit all the blocks of the 3 blocks. Go to the 2 blocks, get Yoshi (if you have Yoshi you get a 1 UP!) keep going, collect the apples, they count as coins (100 coins = 1 life). After the football guy, you will pass the mid point, jump over the tubes, in the middle of the 3 blocks, there is a life (if you have Yoshi, if not its Yoshi) keep going, don't worry about killing, you will go to a place with a purplish apple, then a tube go down, don't worry about all of the boxes, just the 3rd one you will see will contain a life! (if you cant find, do all boxes, they have coins)then you come out like 5 feet from where you went in, so you didn't miss any lives. go over to where if you look up, you see a "P" (pound place) don't get the "P" thing, I think its a waste of coins, I know you can get the +40 stars, but you only get that, if you just jump and get the coins, dodge and (optional) kill the football guy, time your self just right, break the tape, get up to (this is kinda hard) 25 stars. Keep doing this and you will A. get life after life (5 lives {if you start with Yoshi} per time)and soon a bonus game where you jump, hit the moving blocks, try and get the picture to match with the middle,every pair of 2 (mabey 3, not really sure on that) you get a +1 life.
I earned 999 lives in one day doing this. I think its worth it.
Easy lives
Beat forest illusions 4 and then go back to that level and a Lukita on a cloud has a 1 up mushroom. Get it, press start, and go back. This is tedious but worth it.

Remember, you must beat the level first.
Extra Health
As you know, you have 1 HP as small Mario and 2 HP as normal Mario. However, if you are riding a Yoshi, you will technically have 3 HP. When you get hit on a Yoshi, it will not take health from you, but Yoshi will start to run away. When this occurs, simply catch up to him, and jump back on his back, and you are back to having 3 HP technically.
Fill in the blanks
You should know where the yellow switch palace is. To find the green switch palace, go to the underground level of donut plains. There will be 2 gold and 2 green tubes. You must be big. Pass the 2 gold tubes and the 1st green tube. Go in the 2nd green tube. Pass the football player to a place with a shell surrounded by blocks. Spin jump on the yellow blocks. Carry the shell on 4 yellow block untill you are standing on the 3rd block. Make the shell hit the 4th block and a vine will come out. But the shell will make your block spin. Climb up the vine to reach the key and keyhole. To unlock the red switch palace, go to vanilla dome 2. You must be big. Hit the ? mark box to revel a flower. Jump to the left and slide then jump to the right. Carry the p switch over the brown blocks. Hit it and run to some holes on the right. Jump over the 1st one and fall down the 2nd. Find the key and keyhole. To unlock the blue switch palace, go to forest of illusion 2. (You must hit the yellow switch.) Go through the maze untill you see a ! box with a wall and fish. You can go through the wall. Put the key in the keyhole. You filled all of the blancks(found the switches). Nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flying with Yoshi
If you are Caped Mario or Luigi and you are on a yoshi who currently has the ability to fly, you can hold down the A button to make yoshi constantly flap its wings. This is so much easier than mashing the A button to keep yoshi in the air when you are regular, big, or fire mario/luigi
forest ghost house. 2nd exit
Go 2 the ghost house in the foi. Navagate untill you see a p button. Carry it untill you see a dorr with coins. DON'T GO IN THE HOLE. Go into the 2nd hole. Press the p button. Go through the blue secret door. You are on the roof. Run left and you will see a door. DON'T GO IN THE DOOR. Unstead, keep running left untill you see a big boo. Make him move out of the way. There will be a door. Go through it. You will see a moon and a 2nd exit. It will lead you to foi 1.
forest of illusion,4 secret exits
Go to forest of illusion 1. Pass the halfway marker. Go to the ? box and get the p balloon. Use it to float under the logs to reach a platform. Hit the ? box and a key will pop out. Put it in the nearby keyhole. This will lead you the the forest ghost house. Go to forrest of illusion 2. Go through the maze (you must hit the yellow switch) untill you see a ! box and a wall with a fish. You can go through the wall. Put the key in the nearby keyhole. This will lead to the blue switch palace. Go to forest of illusion 3. Go in the 2nd big green tube. You must be big. Press the R button on the gameboy to spinjump and break the blocks with a key and keyhole. This will lead out of the forest to the castle. Go to forest of illusion 4. Get to the half point and go through the tube with a p thing under it. Knock the dude off the tube and go in it. This will lead to the forest secret area. All of these exits are key exits(find the key and keyhole.)Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
get MANY 1-ups
First you must be wearing a feather. Next, go to chocolate island 5, and get to the second body of water and pick up the shell, go in the middle of the water and let go, keep hitting B and you will get many one-ups.
head in the clouds
Want to fly without the cape? Here is how. Go to forest of illusion 4 or star world 3. There will be a dude on a cloud. If you chose foi4, use the shell to knock him out of his cloud. If his cloud remained, you can ride on it. If you chose sw3, You use the blue blocks. Go on the staircase of blue blocks with a blue block in your hand. Hit him and you can use the cloud to do the secret key. Every sw has a key. Go on his cloud and youu will see rocks. Go left for the key and right for the key hole
Hidden Levels
Any level that is labeled with a red dot instead of a yellow one, that means theres a key or some secret passageway in it, so look carefully!(:
How to get to Chocolate Secret
Are you complaining about the fact that you can't get to Chocolate Secret? To get to it, you need to have collected no coins in the first area, which will allow you to reach an area with many sloped platforms. Now you have to get across before the timer reaches 250 to get to the next area. Jump over Chargin' Chucks and you will find the key.
infinite lives
first, unlock the top secret area. Then, once you go in it, get a yoshi. if you go back and hit the block again while riding the yoshi, a green egg will come out, and a 1-up will pop out. repeat the prossess to get infinite lives!
Keep your health up!
ALWAYS have a cape feather and one in storage. You'll have a powerful punch and 3 hits worth, too!
go to yoshi's world 2. start to run right and there will be a shell, then a ledge with a bunch of turtles on it. grab the shell and jump on the ledge. release the shell and it will kill all the turtels in a row. this will give you a 1up. pause the game, and press back, you get to keep the 1 up, just keep repeating this, i got to 186 lives by doing this
Luigi and Yoshi
While playing as Luigi, If you are riding Yoshi, yoshi can carry an enemy in his mouth for a few seconds. You can spit out the enemy at another enemy to kill both enemies! This is great for getting high scores in the special levels once you complete it
slipping in butter bridge 1
Having trouble in butter bridge 1? When on those things that go down if you stand on them to long, just keep jumping. Use luigi because there is a huge jump you have to make.
Star Road (exteamly cool)
Here are the steps

1. Reach The Forest of Ilusion
2. Find A Block Tat Puts Out A Baloon Thing
3. Get in it
4. Go Left Under
5. Jump On The Block
6. Grab The Key
7. Bring It To The Keyhole
8. Compleate The Ghost House
9. Find All Secrets on Each Level
10. Beat The Fortress
11. You should see a star go in it
12. The Star Road Is Real

PS: Try To Compleate Th Round You Will Fight " Bowser! "
star world keys
To find the key in star world 1, go to the farest right in the 2nd layer. Then put the key in the key hole. To find the key in star world 2, go through the gap under the tube instead of going through the tube. Then put the key in the keyhole. To find the key in star world 3, use a blue block to knock the dude of his cloud and fly it up then left for a key and right for a key hole. For the key in star world 4, either hit the green and red switch or bring a cape. If you didn't hit the switches, use red yoshi and eat a blue shell to fly to a place under the rocks to reach a land with a ? box and a keyhole. Use your cape to spin the ? box. If you did hit the switches, go to the part with stones. Take a shell and run left to fall on green blocks. Keep running right and use the shell to hit the ? box. Then put the key in the keyhole. For star world 5, hit the blue switch or all. With yellow yoshi, eat the blue shell and fly left and then up for some blue blocks. Or go to the part with a p thing and use a cape. Make the blocks go left and run to fly to see some yellow blocks. Land on them. Get to the end and put the key in the keyhole.
Yoshi, Fire Flower, and Feather
Once you unlock the TOP SECRET AREA (above the DONUT GHOST HOUSE) go into it. You will see 5 boxes. The first 2 are fire flowers, the middle is a yoshi, and the last 2 are feathers. The colors will varry on the yoshi. To get a certain one, you have to have a certain item.

RED yoshi- Fire Flower mario/luigi. Can spit fire no matter what color shell is eaten. Can also fly when a blue shell is eaten
BLUE yoshi- Feather mario/luigi. Can fly no matter what color shell is eaten
YELLOW yoshi- Star mario/luigi. Stomps and creates "dust waves" when a shell is eaten

To get to the TOP SECRET AREA, you must go into the DONUT GHOST HOUSE with a cape. Then go up to the first hole and turn left. Next, run as fast as possible to the beginning, jump, and fly to the higher platform. You then run to the end and into the gap. In the gap, there will be 4 boxes-each containing an extra life. After you get them, go out the door. You will be at the end of the level. Finish the level and you unlocked the TOP SECRET AREA.

Now you can get fire flowers, feathers, a yoshi whenever you want! I hope I helped


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Silent Castle
This is a minor glitch. All you have to do is enter a castle and just before the castle music changes key (it should be a long, single note), pause the game, and continue. There will be no music for a while, but it will replay when the music changes key.
Switch Glitch
When you are in the first castle, take the P switch to the fence.Kick it upwards and climb to where you kicked it.The switch should be inside Mario`s body.
World 'A' glitch
You need to have completed the game and found all the Dragon Coins to do this glitch. To do it, you need to be Cape Mario/Luigi riding a Yoshi.

First, go to Valley of Bowser 4, then hold Down and still holding it, press Select. Choose to go to Lemmy's Castle. The timing for this glitch can be difficult, but if you did it correctly you will walk offscreen. If you quit and thus save the game, it will say next to your file that you are in World A.

Now press Select while offscreen and try and view the levels in Special World. Owing to this glitch, there will be no options, but when you press A while offscreen, you'll enter an enemy-less version of Groovy. However, you will start below the ground, so jump off Yoshi to get above ground. Explore the level. However, it is impossible to complete as there is no bar on the finishing gate to break. The only way out of the level is to quit, thus saving the game. You'll be in the same spot on the world map again. Now press Select again and look at Special World's level list yet again, and then leave. You will be in World A - the Glitch City of the Mario series!


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Alternative Ending
If you complete the game in the alternative game setting (all 120 exits discovered), the ending sequence will show the new enemies on the "cast" section.
Bonus For 96 Goals
Successfully complete all 96 goals to get another color scheme for the world map, alternate enemies, a new introduction sequence featuring Yoshi, and other changes. You will also be able to start at any location on the map. Press Select at the main screen, then select a level at the status screen. Press A to start at that level instead of moving to it on the map.
Bowser At Ending Screen
If you look closely at the ending image (where it asks you to press start), you can see a shadow of Bowser in the top left.
Dragon Coin Reward
Collecting all of the Dragon/Yoshi Coins awards you with an in-game cut scene and changes all the Dragon Coins to Princess Coins.
Get 2 bowser FAST part 3
Now play the donut secret house.Go thru the 1st hall till u see the door at the end. go thru it. now go thru the second hall till u c the P button. push it and run back the way u came till
u c the yellow block things. jump onto the 3 ? ones that formed.Jump and hit the MIDDLE block in the UPMOST row.a stalk should grow. quickly climb it and run 2 the blue door. hurry time is limited. Now is the fun part! battle it out with the big boo! pick up the blocks and chuck em at him!
Get 2 bowser FAST part 4
Star Road! Play star world one. Get the Key! Here is how!Spin jump thru the frist layer.BUT 4 layer 2, Jump on the FAREST RIGHT area as possible. then jump.@ the bottom, Theres the key!

Star world 2. after u get past the fish and see a pipe. DONT go in the pipe! Go UNDER, then through the tunnel and there the key!
Get 2 bowser FAST part 5
Star world 3: Knock The dude off his cloud, get on, fly it strait up! There is an area for entrance in the rocks. Once up go to left side 4 key and right for key hole!

4lay the level like normal till u get to the rockish area. go UNDER it, this works if:1:you are astride winged yoshi or 2: if all swicth palaces are unlocked
Get 2 bowser fast part2
U beat 2nd exit of dp1 ,RIGHT? Well heres whats nextlay and find the correct exit to donut secret 1: How: hit the P botton that appears after the half way gate, pick it up and take it to the area where theres like 5 brown and ?block, that block off a lower area.its near the key hole) Any way, push the button, Get the key (its in the ? block)and bring it up!
Get an Alternate Opening Video
If you want to have an alternate video at the begining for Super Mario World, first you have to beat the game. Then, after the part where the Mario Bros. fly on their capes, it will show Peach riding a green Yoshi, with a baby one following it, and with Mario and Luigi flying in the air.
Get the flying ability really easy! Plus many lives too!
Ok, go to the very first area where you started. Then go up to the next screen, and go to the level with all the little flying dudes. Just get the red-caped ones, press start, and the select! You'll then have the flying ability!

And also, on the same level, find the first tube, go down it, get the cape, and just fly and get tons of coins to get many lives!
High Score Stars
A star will appear next to the Super Mario high-score (game selection screen) for every 1,000,000 points you earn in-game. The maximum is 5,000,000. After this no more stars will be awarded, but your high-score will still rise.
Lives Fast!
Go to the first level of forest of illision. get to the half way mark. next get the star out of the item box then speed through the rest of the level. you can pick up 10+ lives real fast!
lives+lots of star points=heaven!
ok, so to do this cheet,tip,thing you have to have star world. What you do is go to leavel "star world 3", get you'r yellow yoshi,hit the ! half o switch so the spiky guys cant get you,and run to the ending tape to get your star pts. keep doing this untill you dont want to. ( p.s. keep yoshi so the egg turns into a 1up )GOOD LUCK!!
More Life and Points
This is a great way to get points any where with koopas. First you must have the cape ability, then find a stupid koopa walking around. Stomp on it then kill the koopa but not with the shell!!
Get close to the shell and carry it to any tall wall and do that spinning thing that mario does. The shell should as close to the wall as possible, and if you do the spinning time correctely you can juggle the shell for high points and if you master it you can keep going until you start getting lives since high points also mean lots of 1up's.
Old Mario Music
Enter any of the special levels and remain on the world map. Leave the game idle until the music changes.
Opening Sequence Level
The level that features in the Super Mario World opening sequence (file select screen) is called "Groovy" and is located in the Special World.
Past the Goal Post (with Yoshi!)
Fact: If you break the tape at the end, you get Star Points. Fact: The higher the tape, the higher the Star Points.

But Here's something you don't know!

If you have Yoshi, then run toward the goal post. Just keep, running. Then, before, you go past it, jump, press R, and you'll jump high off Yoshi and through the goal post with a lotta star points. You won't lose Yoshi. In fact, while Mario/Luigi walks, he will jump right back on Yoshi!

(Note: This may require enough timing)
Replay Castles
When you defeat Bowser (final boss), you can replay all the castles to hunt for Dragon Coins etc.
Secret Boss Battle
There is a hidden boss battle in this game, which is located at the first ghost house. Search the level carefully and you will stumble across a door that takes you to a room where you get to have a fun battle with a large Boo. I won't give an exact description on how to get to it because it takes all the fun away from discovering it, like I had to.
SNES/Famicom Logo (Special World)
In the Special World, you can see a small yellow mark at the top of the screen. Use the 'L' trigger to scroll up to reveal the Super Nintendo/Famicom logo.
Soda Lake
This is a secret level located under the lower cheeze bridge. When you beat this level, it links to the warp star.

To get the level, you have to go to the level on the lower bridge. You must have Yoshi at the end before the goal. Now you muct glide under the goal and jump off Yoshi, which will now allow you to stand beyond the goal. Run farther to the right and it will reveal a second goal.
Special stage
Find the key and the key hole in Star World 5 to unlock a Special Stage with world names such as "Gnarly" and "Tubular".
Special World High-Score
Upon completion of the Special World, replaying Special World levels will allow you to record independant level high-scores.
tip - get up to 999 lives
thre is a top secret area, right on top of the ghost house in the world 2 you can get the flower and feathers any ime you want and every color yoshi depending on what you are, weak mario- red yoshi, big-yellow, flying- blue, but dont go for the yoshi until you get the feather to the right of it or else you wont get the blue yoshi.blue is thebest- eat any shell and you fly, also i hve a question,is there any easier way to get the 600 coins in the specail place in the first level where you can get father, i have come really close but i lways run out of time, any help?
top secret area
you havent lived until you unlock this.
to get it you must go to the donut ghost house with a cape and walk to the firt hole in the floor. turn so your facing left again and run fast. when you approach the beggining start flying then turn right and land on the higher floor pick up the key and unlock the hole. then you will unlock the secret area it has 5 boxes. if you enter as super mario/luigi there will be 2fireflowers on the left, a yoshi in the middle and 2 capes on the right.
Unlock Special Levels
To unlock the Special Levels, ot the Second Star Road as I call it, you must first go to Star World 5. The best way to complete this is to had gotten all the Switches that unlock the color blocks throughout the whole world.
Now start out the level with a cape, and make the pathway long and straight. Get a running start and keep flying near the top. You will eventually come to an opening with blocks and pipes. Make it to the end and put the key in the keyhole. A warp star will appear ontop the centre green pillar-thing in Star Road. Take it to the Special area, where you have some cool new levels to play in. One level I found quite hard, and it took me quite awhile to beat.
In the SNES version, beating all the levels would make the whole game another color, each time you beat the last level. But in this game it just takes you to the start.
Want Lives? You got em!
This is to be done in the Forest of Illusion 1. Basically what you do is come to the box with assorted power-ups. Get the star Power-up AND RUN AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT! At the same time hit as many enemies as possible. You should start getting lives, at the end you should have goten about 20!

What's Cool in the GBA version Mario or Luigi depending on who you do it with will say a little comment!