Wario: Master of Disguise Cheats

Wario: Master of Disguise cheats, Easter Eggs, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Wario: Master of Disguise cheat codes.

Easter eggs

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special button!
On the title screen,push the big white button on the tv for a little extra advertising.Not that amazing,but it's nice to know.The other buttons don't do anything...


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Answer to Lvl 3 riddles 69
These are the answers to the 3rd level when the sphinx asks you the riddles.

Which relative lives in a hill?

What food puts doctors out of business?

What animal Wears a fur coat, but is always naked?

What counts the days til they're over?

What peeps inside one day, then outside the next day?

What has teeth and runs through your hair?

What bird hangs out at construction sites?

What animal pals around with cats on rainy days?

Swat me and shoo me, you'll never subdue me! What am I?

Which creature gets stuck in your throat?

Half-empty or half-full, they look the same. What are they?

If you take my scaly tail, I grow another without fail. Who am I?

What creature goes on four in the morn, two at noon, and three at night?

What fruit only comes in twos?

This bird is always dressed for a fancy party.

What ties things up at the end of the rainstorm?

I'm the sunniest creature in the sea, but I sting like the devil. What am I?

What bird is a master thief?

What has a job so dirty that it wears itself out completely?

which creature spends all it's time on the world wide web?

Finding a 21,930$ Treasure is easy!
The "rare" treasure, Prince Redleg Pantaloon, is accually one of the easiest to find, on episode 10 after you leave the cappichino guy, and cannoli takes you into a long room, just use Wicked Wario to fly up along the ceiling, just skim along the top for a while then viola'! You are now 21,930$ richer! So easy!
For you anxious dudes
here are a list of disgueses and what they do, but I'm too lazy to tell you where to find them, too bad!

Theif Wario- the basic costume, use to to run fast and jump high, and smash things!!

Artsy Wario- Use to draw fun blocks to jump on! And little strange creatures!

Cosmic Wario- Besides the fact that you're slow you can shoot you laser (Light Amplification through Simulated Emmision of Raidiation. is what it stands for, see you did learn somethimg!)

Genius Wario- Besides giving you a tacky lab outfit this allows you to see through fake blocks, Oh Joy!

Dragon Wario- Lets you shoot fire and fall through small platforms, what fun!

Captain Wario- Shiver me timbers! or what ever, now you can paddle on the top of the water!

Sparky Wario- Gives you a mohawk and the ability to light up dark rooms, sorry, does no damage.. yet!

Wicked Wario- He's almost as frightning as the spandex he's wearing, you to fly straight up and down!

Now your all like "Karl, you idiot what about the mastery gems?!" Fine you jerks here they are.

Master Artsy- Now you can draw up to 3 blocks at once, and extra lifes!!

Cosmic Master- Your bullets now richochett off walls!!

Genius Master- Now you can shoot a boxing gloves out of your gut, hows that for a good six-pack?

Dragon Master- It sounds exciting, but you can stronger blocks now!

Captain Master- Now you can dive to the depths as a submarine, and shoot torpedos to break blocks and bad guy's spines!

Sparky Master- Now you shoot little balls of shocky stuff out of you!

Wicked Master- You can now fly however you'd like up, down, left, or right, yet you're still in spandex!

Special Episodes
To unlock the special episodes, you have to beat the game once.