Doodle Jump (Android) Cheats

Doodle Jump cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for Android.

Command codes

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Change the Score
The following steps require jailbreak your device:
1) after you play the game for awhile, save the highest score
2) open ifile and go to:
->doodle jump
->com.yourcompany.DoodleJum p.plist.
3) find the high score by looking "DoodleJumpHScore" eg. 10,000, then look for "DoodleJumpHScoreSent", eg 1
4) here is where you cheat on the system, in "DoodleJumpHash", edit the number between and change to whatever you want, eg 25,000
5) then find "DoodleJumpLocalHScores, edit the highest score to what you have just entered in "step 4"


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Alternate theme
Required* jailbreak device
By entering following codes will change the themes:
1) To begin, you must lose one game
2) type one of the following to replace your "name".

"Boo" - Halloween Theme
"Ooga" - Play as an islander from 'Pocket God'
"Snow" - Snow/ Holiday theme
"Creeps" - Turns the enemies into those from 'The Creeps'
Characters & Mode
You can also change the Avatar name to unlock characters or mode
option 1:
after you lose, type in one of the words as your "name":

Klack - Poket god dude
Boo - Ghost dude
Snow - Christmas mode
Ooga - Poket god dude
Booga - Poket god dude
Nooby - Poket god dude
Dooby - Poket god dude
Klik - Poket god dude

put on Easter bunny outfit, type "Bunny" as your "name"