Castlevania: Circle of the Moon GameShark Codes

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Assorted Gameshark Codes (GBA) North America

Infinite Health 3372D2F676AC

Max Hearts B96794F6F6AC

Level 99 EE37658AC165

Infinite Antidotes 31623ABC76AE

Infinite Potion Hi B9627CBC76AE

Infinite Meat 24622BAC62EF

Infinite Mind Restore B8626DBC62AE

Infinite Mind Ex 30622BBC62AE

Infinite Cure curse 11603AB876BC

Infinite Potion 8C606DA862FD

Infinite Spiced Meat 04602BA862FD

Infinite Potion Ex 99607CB876BC

Infinite Mind Hi 98606DB862BC

Infinite Heart 10602BB862BC

Infinite Heart Hi AF37748EF4EF

Infinite Heart Ex 8F35748AF4FD

Infinite Heart Mega 2737328EF4EF

Infinite Magic 2567D2E6F6ED

Have Double 65E23AAC5F47

Have Tackle 45E03AA85F55

Have Kick Boots EDE27CAC5F47

Have Heavy Ring CDE07CA85F55

Have Cleansing 64E22BAC4B47

Have Roc Wing 44E02BA84B55

Have Last Key ECE26DAC4B47

Have Magic Boots DAF56DB8CB14

Have Bear Ring 64A2238E4947

Have Toy Ring CDA0748A5D55

Have Miracle Armband EDA2748E5D47

Have Magic Gauntlet 45A0328A5D55

Have Arm Guard 65A2328E5D47

Have Gauntlet DAB5659AC914

Have Wrist Band FAB7659EC906

Have Gambler Armband 52B5239AC914

Have Sage Armband 72B7239EC906

Have Defence Armband DBB5749ADD14

Have Strength Armband FBB7749EDD06

Have Cursed Ring 53B5329ADD14

Have Luck Ring 73B7329EDD06

Have Intelligence Ring CEB5658AC955

Have Hard Ring EEB7658EC947

Have Strength Ring 46B5238AC955

Have Star Bracelet 66B7238EC947

Have Double Grips CFB5748ADD55

Have Soldier Fatigues EFB7748EDD47

Have Ninja Garb 47B5328ADD55

Have Night Suit 67B7328EDD47

Have Stylish Suit 98E8ED356A9E

Have Prison Garb B8EAED316A8C

Have Cotton Clothes 10E8AB356A9E

Have Sage Robe 30EAAB316A8C Have Magic Robe 99E8FC357E9E

Have Rainbow Robe B9EAFC317E8C

Have Silk Robe 11E8BA357E9E

Have Cotton Robe 31EABA317E8C

Have Shining Armor 8CE8ED256ADF

Have Dark Armor ACEAED216ACD

Have Needle Armor 04E8AB256ADF

Have Mirror Armor 24EAAB216ACD

Have Diamond Armor 8DE8FC257EDF

Have Platinum Armor ADEAFC217ECD

Have Steel Armor 05E8BA257EDF

Have Chain Mail 25EABA217ECD

Have Gold Armor 9AFDED35EA9E

Have Bronze Armor BAFFED31EA8C

Have Leather Armor 12FDAB35EA9E

Have All Cards 24A72B8CC845

Have All Cards 73F634BACB8C

Have Mercury Card B8E26DB86A8C

Have Venus Card 98E06DBC6A9E

Have Jupiter Card 67BFB203DD45

Have Mars Card 47BDB207DD57

Have Diana Card EFBFF403DD45

Have Apollo Card CFBDF407DD57

Have Neptune Card 66BFA303C945

Have Saturn Card 46BDA307C957

Have Uranus Card EEBFE503C945

Have Pluto Card CEBDE507C957