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- Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 Like Share

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Lorx Apr 13, 11
Good article, was hoping you guys would do one for Rift

Things that crossed my mind while reading:
  • Guardians and Defiants are at odds because the G's told the D's that if they didn't stop using science, they were banished. Science had caused a huge catastrophe, and the G's didn't want it to mess anything else up. Not so much religion as...unforgivingness?
  • Racial abilities do nothing to the overall balance, as they can't be used in combat or in any part of a dungeon or warfront, but by far the Not-Elves and Dwarfs beat out the Humans on the G side. G's get a 30% move bonus to party, something that isn't on my action bar as even the worst mounts give double that. Dwarfs take half damage from falling, and Not-Elves can fly.
  • Puzzles and cairns are awesome and I wholly loved finding them all. Managed to reach all the cairns using just a basic mount, was difficult, but from what I've experienced so far with my epic-mount, it wouldn't have been much different of an experience using it instead. Most of the cairns (and puzzles) were tucked away on top of a mountain with really only one solid path up, finding the path was annoying, but really fun. Also, puzzles were just straight hilarious at times. A puzzle requiring the player to scare a hoard of bats into giant cages? Did it twice just for fun (only get rewards once per puzzle/cairn).
  • A lot of quests were similar, but I appreciated that the required items/kills to finish them were rather low. For the most part I never saw a number above twenty. And when sent out to kill for something, many quests were generic, so instead of killing X melee fighters, you were killing X of a plethora of enemies. Couple mages, maybe a buff big dude, some melee, etc.
8/10 is a good score for it I think. Variety should come with time, slowly bringing it up to a 10/10 level, if all goes as Trion plans. As of this upcoming weekend, we'll have a new raid instance, so the building of that variety is already coming.

Here's a video of the upcoming event, shows a lot of different areas of the world, some bosses, etc.
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RabidChinaGirl Apr 13, 11
Lorx Thanks for the insight.

Some of the things you bring up were mentioned briefly in the review (drop rate) or purposefully omitted.
The drop/spawn rates are fairly generous, but that doesn’t make the quests feel any less monotonous.
I definitely didn't want to get into too much lore though, and ultimately decided to only touch on it rather than go into a deeper explanation.
Seems like something players may want to discover on their own.
Though "religion" may not be the best word so much as "beliefs," which is still an oversimplified statement of the entire story.

Glad you liked the review.
I enjoyed the game quite a bit, and this is coming from someone who's fairly sick of MMOs in general.
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Lorx Apr 13, 11
I played like five years of Maple Story on and off, so the level of monotony I feel (or lack thereof), is probably influenced heavily by that. Going from a game where quests are 999 kills and 200 drops to 10+5 kills and 10 drops really affects one's opinions.

Was originally looking to play Rift as a way to tide myself over until the horde of Portal 2, Duke Nukem, and Guild Wars 2 came out, but it's got me hooked

Beliefs is definitely a good way to describe the whole Guardian and Defiant thing.
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Anneka Apr 14, 11
been playing the game for 4 days no
Strong: - the changing world
- people tired of wow and trying something a little different
- graphic
- the character soul system and all things related to it
Low: - Mobs to crowded one near the other
- The gold selling people already joined the community before the game was even released
- Content still needs to be added.

These were a few things that came to mind while playing
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