Zunou Senkan Galg (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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: : : : Zunou Senkan Galg (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough

Zunou Senkan Galg (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough

by EntropicLobo   Updated to v1.0 on
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Zunou Senkan Galg

Version 1.0 (4/3/2011)

Version History:
1.0: Basic Guide Complete - (4/3/2011)


This Guide is Copyright, 2011, Matthew McIntyre

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Game by db-Soft.

Written for the NES FAQ Completion Project - faqs.retronintendo.com

*                            Table of Contents                               *

*To jump to a section, hold the Control Key and press F, then type in the
section number as it appears (ie type ZSG01)

ZSG01: Intro
ZSG02: Gameplay
ZSG03: Areas
ZSG04: Enemies
ZSG05: Credits

Areas are indexed as ZSG.A.XX, where "XX" is your area number, from 01 to 30.

Zuno Senkan Galg is rated "B" for "Brain Battleship." It contains scenes of
repeating canyons and grinding music. Player discretion is advised.

|                              ZSG01: Intro                                  |

A scrolling RPG. Sounds good, right? Zunou Senkan Galg makes heavy promises but
doesn't really deliver. But I still enjoy it.

It's a very repetetive game. You are required to reach Area 30 with 100 Parts
collected but it is not possible to do this on one loop. So what you have is a
fairly standard famicom shmup with the added punishment of being an endurance

But I do respect what Galg has tried here.

|                             ZSG02: Gameplay                                |

A: Shoot
B: Detonate Missile or shoot side guns (when available)
Start: Pause

Zunou Senkan Galg presents itself as much more than it really is. Essentially,
it is a Famicom shmup requiring the collection of a series of items called
"Parts" that act as a key to enter the final scenes.

As with most shmups on this console, gameplay is a one-hit and you lose a life
deal, and when you lose all lives you are treated with a game over screen. As
Galg requires you to collect 100 Parts and only offers 30 Areas (but you can't
do a full 30 Areas on your first loop) it becomes an endurance match.

The game loops, you can warp from one area to another, always in a forward
sequence. It is pivotal to collect as many Parts as you see to cut down the
required loops as well as to destroy as many enemies as possible.

There seems to be some debate, but the accepted theory is that destroying
enemies will power up your ship. At times, you will glow red and the music
will change. This indicates a power-up. This does seem to be linked to the
amount of enemies destroyed, as it is not related to Parts or any specifc

At any rate your ship powers up in this progression:
First: Shots are faster and more powerful.
Second: You will get your side cannon, shots become longer.
Third: Wider side cannon, longer standard shots.

The main cannon fires two shots straight forward. If one shot hits an enemy,
the other will keep sailing until it leaves the screen or hits another enemy.
This is actually great thinking on the developers' part as it allows for very
efficient crowd control.

Unfortunately you cannot fire the side and front cannons at the same time. You
can rapidly alternate button presses, however.

Extra lives are gained with points. The first is at 20000, and each additional
life is at every 50000 points thereafter (so 70000, 120000, etc). Your life
counter stops at 9 but you can continue to accummulate lives. It just won't
show this.

Finally, you can interact with some aspects of the environment:

*A white/grey Circle with a red orb in the centre is a Zystas Warp. This will
 take you to the beginning area of the next sector.

*A white orb with dark vertical lines may be flown around counterclockwise.
 this will net you an extra 100000 points.

*A grey backwards "N" will grat you an extra 10 Parts (so incredibly useful).

*A yellow missile may be shot and collected afterwards. Press B once it is
 beside you to bomb the whole screen.

*A blue "X" shaped item will say "BONUS" if you shoot it, but avoid this as if
 you destroy it you will lose all of your Parts. Just avoid it.

|                              ZSG03: Areas                                  |

Galg is laid out across a set of Areas numbered 01 through 30. Each area has a
Part to collect and if you revist the old area the Part will have returned so
that you may collect it a second time.

The first map, the canyon, is laid out in a branching manner:

12  11
 \  /
  10   11   12
    \  / \  /
     08   09   12  11   12    11
       \  / \  /   |      \  /
        06   07   09-12    10   11    12
          \ /  \  /         |     \  /
           04   05         08-11   09
             \  /           |     /
              02           03---07---12
                \          /

Areas 11 and 12 both have a warp to the second map, a mechancical base. Now,
the mechanical base is completely linear and so is the outer space segment
following it. I don't know why the first section is so non-linear, but it is.
You can take a short path, or a long path.

Now, I advise long paths because you can gain more parts and more points.
Howeverm each map has some Zystas Warps which are usually about halfway through
the sector. They are small grey circles that instantly warp you to the next
sector. Their locations are as follows:

Area 06 -- Warps to --> Area 13
Area 07 -- Warps to --> Area 13
Area 16 -- Warps to --> Area 21
Area 25 -- Warps to --> Area 01

The game loops back to Area 01 until you enter Area 30 with 100 parts, at which
time you can attack Dragg, the 'ultimate enemy.' Watch out for the Zystas Warps
as they could set you right back to the start when you're almost finished. The
joke would be on you then, chum.

The Areas have been indexed in this format: ZSG.A.XX, where "XX" is your area
number, from 01 to 30.

                               ZSG.A.01: Area 01

The first area of the game takes place in a gorge over water, between canyon
walls. The walls will destroy you, so steer clear of them. The turrets and
installations lining the walls will not fire at you. Only attack these
installations if you are attempting to build up your score.

Hang back and shoot the green crystal enemies as they arrive. They fly down in
a simple, wide sinusoid and are relatively slow. You should have no issue
destroying the bulk of them from the bottom of the screen, and any stragglers
that break through you can simply avoid.

The installations in the river are destructible, so focus on destroying them
rather than the side installations.

Eventually, a group of red beetles will appear. Since you are hanging back
towards the bottom of the screen, you should be able to knock these suckers
out before they can becoe a threat. The red beetles will fly onscreen, pause
for a moment, then start flying again in the direction you were positioned
when they start flying once again. If you can't get them all,on't worry -
they are slow and easily avoided.

You instead want to be worried about the next scene. As soon as you see the
two small ships creating an electric barrier, disable this obstacle by
destroying either of the side ships. This is imperative. There are two barriers
here and you must take them out as soon as possible.

Notice that after the two barriers there is a square with a triangle printed on
it. This is one of the 100 Parts. You simply have to touch this to pick it up.
Do not miss it. If you die, a Part is still recorded. Just grab it!

Immediately after, we are faced with more green crystals. Slide back down to
the bottom and gun those suckers down. They kind of flank the sides in this
instance so you are safest in the centre.

Up next is our first real danger - the red worms. They kind of move forward in
a relatively straight path unless they hit the canyon walls, then they kind of
lurch more centreward. Weird. At any rate these are the first enemies that can
fire at you and so hang back at the bottom and pick either the left or right
side. Clear out your side, only move left or right if you want to increase the
breadth of your destruction or to dodge an enemy bullet.

The worms lead into some green crystals - easy, but more importantly some red
beetles. These red beetles will stop, fire, and fly away where the first wave
did not. Prioritize those suckers. Knock them out before they can ever fire.

Some more green crystals and some red worms are up ahead. This is a small group
that you can avoid completely by staying centred but I would recommend picking
one side and knocking it out. That will increase your survival rate.

Up next - the stage splits. Go left for Area 02 and right for Area 03. You will
have to do every area eventually, so just make a choice bub, and remember it
for later.

                               ZSG.A.02: Area 02

Area 02 will start with some red worms. They are focused towards the lefthand
side of the screen so you may want to avoid them. But if you start firing as
they appear, taking the fuller side can be more point lucrative, and this is a
shmup after all. It's your choice but for the purposes of a FAQ lets focus on

There are a few installations in the river after the worms. Gun them down but
don't get distracted. A group of worms will follow very shortly. This wave is
very tight and covers pretty much the whole canyon. But it is also very short.
You should be able to punch a hole in the wall of worms and give yourself a
safe spot while you pick off the rest. A few green crystals follow but they
aren't any threat. Just pick them off.

There are little robots hopping on the sides of the canyon coming up. Now, they
hop up and down the screen firing shots. They would typically be priority
targets but the little guys appear on the left here and are blocked from your
shots. Destroy the dudes on the righthand side instead and focus on dodging the
shots from the lefthand guys.

Move left as you see the electric barriers and of course drop them by
destroying the flanking ships. There are two of them and you want to clear both
as the next Part is on the lefthand side. There will be a long stream of green
crystals. Fire on them as you move in and grab the Part (red triangle).

There are more worms up ahead but they are very tightly grouped on the left.
Stick to the right. Pick a few off from the left but don't let them get too
close to you.

The worms transition into some green crystals on the left. You WANT to take
these on unless they get too far down the screen for you to adjust position and
take them out safely. The reason being is not that you want to destroy these so
much as you want to squeeze a few hits off on the side hoppers up ahead on the
lefthand side of the screen. See they start on the outcropping of the canyon,
but then jump up and hide behind this outcropping so that you can't hit them.

There are three of them and it is within reason to be able to hit two of them.
Whatever side hoppers you don't destroy it would be most advisable to simply
avoid contact with them or their bullets.

You don't want to risk an assault on them again because it will distract you
from the green crystals coming up. Now, there is a red worm in this cadre of
crystals and that's the real threat. So if you go for the hoppers or the worms
please be mindful of the shots of either grouping.

The game branches up ahead. Left for 4, right for 5.

                               ZSG.A.03 Area 03

So taking the right branch from Area 01 leads to Area 03. Let's get started!

We start with a round of red beetles. Just knock these guys out as they stop.
They will fire off their shots but they are slow and meadering enough that
this will not be a problem for a Galg player as handsome as yourself.

There are some yellow sphere monsters here. They fire a triple shot at you,
but are stationary. Hang back at the bottom of the screen and you should be
able to destroy the two of them while providing ample room to dodge their
insidious bullets.

Move toward the right as you come upon the cliff, however, as the Part is on
the right. Swoop in and grab it while firing on the green crystals that swarm

Centre yourself in the canyon as you scroll forward, stay in the bottom middle
section. Fire on the green crystals as they appear but more importantly the
sphere monsters. Staying back here provides - again - dodge space.

As you are destroying the wave of red beetles, focus on the left as the side
hopper enemies will appear here. Now these guys bounce on the walls and fire
shots at you. Pump them full of lead until you see the elctric barrier. It
spans most of the canyon so set it as the highest priority.

There are more red beetles as the canyon thins. Look for the start of the side
hoppers. Focus your attacks on this side, typically righthand.

After some green crystals, the game branches. Go left for Area 08, right for
Area 07. Wait... that doesn't compute! But that's how it's set up.

                               ZSG.A.04 Area 04

Immediately head left when the Area starts. You will encounter a large group of
side hoppers here. Destroy them, then move to the right to focus on the next
wave. There are some green crystals here as well. Unfortunately, they are in
line with wave 2 of the side hoppers so destroy them as they arrive because
they will steal a hit on you if you get careless.

The green crystals kind of come in from right to left. Right when you encounter
wave 2 of the hoppers and eft at the end of their own wave. Either follow their
wave from right to left or destroy the righthand end of it and move past. Focus
your ship at the bottom centre and destroy some installations while youw wait
for the next wave.

The next enemies are trilobites. They kind of move forward in a broken sinusoid
with periodic stops. This can be unpredictable in a big formation. Just pick
them off as they fly toward you but give precedence to the side hopper jumping
along the lefthand cliff.

Destroy the wave of green crystals that arrives and stick to either the left or
right. There is an electric barrier coing up that spans most of the canyon and
you want to be on the sides to take out one of the source ships as soon as you
see it. Don't dawdle, drop that barrier!

Generally, I would choose the left side as there are side hoppers on the left
side. Either destroy or dodge these guys and take out the next two electric
barriers as they appear onscreen.

Stick to the left as the enemy waves will be focus to the left. Destroy the
crystals and pick up the Part that is also on the left. This of course is the
all important part. Get it now so you don't need to get it later. :)

There are trilobites up ahead so just destroy the installations until you see
the first arrive, generally on the right. Start firing on them immediately, you
do not want them cluttering the screen as they take two hits to destroy.

When you see the sidehoppers, I find the righthand side easier to deal with.
Destroy the hoppers on the right and dodge the left guys. Do NOT touch a side
installation by accident.

Move toward the centre to clean up some green crystals and keep on keeping on
because the game splits up ahead. Left for 6, right from 7.

                               ZSG.A.05 Area 05

Area 05 starts out with some red beetles. Stay near the bottom and destroy
those dudes as they appear. There are two sphere monsters just after them -
usually fairly spaced out. Destroy them and dodge the third that appears behind
them unless you have space to fire on it.

There will be a small wave of green crystals coming up. Destroy them and focus
on the righthand side of the canyon. Destroy any sphere monsters here and grab
the Part. If the sphere monsters are on the left - ignore them unless you want
the points.

Pick a side for the side-hopper wave up ahead. Take out either the left or the
right, but you probably won't be able to swoop back in to destroy the other

Instead look to the electric barrier coming up. Take that down and destroy the
green crystal wave shortly following it.

Try to stay in the bottom middle of the screen going forward. There are red
frog enemies here. They can be tracked by looking at the moving waves of the
water. When they pop up, they fire straight ahead. Staying in the middle like
this, you can strafe in and out shooting those frogs that appear and you put
yourself in a good position to deal with the line of green crystals as well.

There are _many_ side hoppers up ahead but if they appear on the left the
shape of the canyon may prevent you from destroying them. You may just want to
avoid the side hoppers and destroy the handful of red frogs that appears

The game branches up ahead. Go left for Area 07 and right for Area 09.

                               ZSG.A.06 Area 06

There are green crystals right from the getgo here. They come in from both
sides but they are thin enough that you can handle both assaults. They become
a bit more fervent and numerous but stay toward the centre and you should be
abe to track their position with your shots as they arrive.

Up ahead are some yellow bally dudes. These... sphere monsters... take multiple
hits and shoot a three-way shot. Focus on the middle dude. Kill him as you
arrive and avoid the other two. Focus instead on the green crystals that follow
the sphere monsters. They cannot track your position so don't worry about a
back attack.

Don't get too distracted by destroying structures going forward. Stay near the
centre and destroy the sphere monster that appears. Ignore the second one on
the left and instead focus on the side hoppers to the righthand side. Of course
you are required to dodge the shots of the hoppers AND of the sphere monster
you left behind, but the hoppers are far less predictable so they are still the
choice target.

There is a thick formation of green crystals up ahead, so hang back and take
them all out. There are some electric barriers up ahead but the game tries to
get tricky. Stay to the righthand side because the Part is actually beside them
here rather than after. So yes, drop the barriers but do it on the righthand
side so that you can grab the Part too.

After the Part and the barriers, there will be a wave of the red worms. Stay on
the righthand side and take out any interlopers.

Up ahead is a small grey orb. This is a Zystas Warp. You can either destroy it
with multiple shots or touch it to warp... If you want to continue the stage I
recommend destroying it because you could accidentaly touch it AND it blocks
your shots too. If you DO touch it, it takes you to Area 13.

After the Zystas Warp there are some sphere monsters. Stay on the righthand
side and take down what you can, dodging when they open their mouths. Stick to
the righthand side because they tend to appear there first. They are joined by
worms. The worms are actually priority. If you can manage it just _pass_ the
sphere monsters.

The game branches going forward. Left for 8, right for 9.

                               ZSG.A.07 Area 07

As the Area starts there will be some sphere monster turrets on the lefthand
side. Hang back and destroy them, elsewise dodge their shots as there is
presently no screen congestion.

Going forward, pick a side. There are red beetles on every side and green
crystals in the middle. They are too far spread apart for your standard shot
so focus on your chosen side + the green crystals.

Some of the turrets here on the walls fire if you get too close, watch out.
There are two electric barriers up ahead. Choose the side that does not include
side hopper enemies. The side hoppers are usually on the right. Drop the
electric barriers and dodge the side hopper shots.

Stick towards the right going forward. Knock down the next electric barrier and
dodge the sphere monster shots if they are in the way. Swoop in and grab the
Part lodged behind these bally dudes.

A wave of green crystals follows some come out firing and down them. There will
be some red beetles following: stay towards the back and knock out as many of
them as possible. They release a lot of shots so staying back will give you
ample space to avoid them.

There are a bunch of trilobites up ahead. They kind of just meander and persist
on the screen and take a couple of hits to down. Oblige them - hang back and
light them up. Once you see the electric barrier knock it down. There is a
Zystas Warp here. It is that white-grey circle item. This will take you
instantly to Area 13.

If you do not want to warp, hang back and try to down at least two of the
sphere monsters up ahead. That should give you space enough to weave around
the others and get out of their range of fire.

After a few trilobites, the game branches. Go left for Area 09, right for Area

                               ZSG.A.08 Area 08

Area 08 starts with two trilobites. They are generally so sparse that you may
just want to focus on one and leave the other be. Just pass him by.

The white fighter sthat appear next are dangerous. They have a double shot
similar to your own. After they fire a few times, they fly toward you. They are
sparse here so you can avoid their shots then shoot them when they fly forward.
OR you can track their position as they arrive since there is a delay between
when they arrive and when they fire. Toast those suckers.

Look at the electric barriers up ahead. There are two of them but the Part is
on the lefthand side. So drop the barriers from the left and grab the Part.
Besides, the side hoppers are more prevalent on the left, anyways. Once they
start to appear en masse on the right, switch sides and focus on destroying the
righthand wave.

Following the side hoppers is a wave of worms. Pick one side and clear it out,
let the other side continue along.

Next up, trilobites. Destroy each one as it arrives as there are a fair few of
them and they can clutter the screen fast.

Following the trilobites is a wave of side hoppers. Focus on the hoppers before
you focus on the white fighters. For the fighters you can actually let them
fire their shots and destroy them as they fly off.

There's going to be white fighters and red worms coming up. Destroy them but
pay attention to the water. Some red frog enemies will pop out of the water and
fire straight ahead. Watch for a little wave effect in the water. Focus your
shots on the worms and fighters, but when you see a wave a frog will appear
from it and fire straight ahead. Shoot the then dodge the shot.

After the red frogs, the game branches. Left for 10, right for 11.

                               ZSG.A.09 Area 09

Area 09 starts out rough with three red balls. Do not rush in with guns
blazing or you will likely be destroyed. When red balls are hit they split into
three bullets. So pick them off one at a time, dodging bullets in between.

After the balls, there will be some sphere monsters. Hang back and destroy them
as they sroll onscreen.

Up ahead - some red frogs. Essentially, you will see moving waves, they emerge,
they shoot. You can hang back and knock these guys out as they appear - there
aren't too many of them. There is a series of side hoppers just after. The
canyon wall kind of blocks you from getting a good bead on them so unless you
are feeling adventurous you should just dodge their shots and fly past.

Try to stay centred going forward. The side turrets will fire at you but you
will want to punch a hole in the trilobites coming through the centre. Fall
back when you see the electric barrier and drop it.

Stay back and destroy a sphere monster as they scroll onscreen. If you have
made sufficient room, duck past the other sphere monsters. Otherwise, keep on
firing. The Part is just behind them.

There is a hodgepodge of side hoppers and red frogs up ahead. As you make your
initial approach, for sure take out a few of them. But as they get more than
1/4 down the screen they are typically so congested that it is advisable to
just dodge them.

There is a wide array of sphere monsters up ahead. Stay a distance from them
while you fill them full of shots. If you can down one of them, you should be
able to fly forward and dodge the rest of the shots.

There are a few trilobites up ahead but focus on the red balls. Destroy any
balls and avoid their shots. Then handle any trilobites.

Up ahead, the game branches. Go left for Area 11 and right for Area 12.

                               ZSG.A.10 Area 10

Some white fighter ships flank either side of the canyon. Pick a side and if
the centre is clear, you can duck back there to avoid 'em. But they should be
sparse enough that you can pick a side and take 'em out as they arrive.

There are two electric barriers coming up. Now, there are white fighter ships
at this point as well. I recommend watching the ships first and the barriers
second. By the time the barriers are halfway down the screen the coast should
be clear enough that you can squeeze your shots in on the side ships and down
the barriers.

There are some red frogs coming up. Again, they will pop out of the water and
fire straight ahead. Shoot them down, and the white fighter ships that follow.
However, note the red ball in their midst. When hit they explode into three
shots. So destroy the red ball and avoid the shots and clean up the rest of the

Make sure you grab the Part on the rghthand side coming up!

Most of the side hoppers up ahead are to the right so take them out. There
will be some shots from the turrets on the left, but it's a minor annoyance so
just dodge the shots and destroy the hoppers.

The red balls up ahead, destroy the first two and avoid the third. Watch out
for the turrets here because they will fire. But focus on the red frogs. After
the ball has moved out of the way duck in and take down the electric barrier.
Once the barrier is down you can take on the red frogs as per usual.

There are a lot of white fighter ships up ahead, and dealing with the frogs you
may have et a fair few of them get onscreen. Pick a side of the screen and
stick to it. Punch a hole in the wall of enemies and dodge their shots.

After the last electric barrier, the game branches. To the left, you can reach
Area 12, or go right for Area 11.

                               ZSG.A.11 Area 11

There are two electric barriers at the start of Area 11. Destroy them then
fall back. Take out as many of the red beetles as possible as they arrive and
fly down toward you. There are many of them, howeverm and they may make it
down near to you. If they manage to advance on you, play the evasion game and
get out of there.

Only attack the sphere monsters if they are on the right. The reason being,
of course, is that the Part is on the right. Grab this and fall back a bit,
but stay above any active sphere monsters. There are some red frogs in this
thin section of the canyon. You will want to destroy them before you reach
this area. Be careful, however, as the turrets here will fire.

There will be some green crystals coming up. They sort of transition into some
side hoppers but a second wave of green crystals quickly follows. There usually
isn't many hoppers so if you want more points stick with the crystals.

Hit the red ball up ahead as soon as you see it and dodge the triple shot it

There are some green crystals up ahead, but the priority should be the electric
barriers. Drop them ASAP.

Do not get distracted by the trilobites. The priority enemy here are the white
fighter ships. Focus on dodging their shots and shooting them down. Hang back
toward the bottom. This will give you room to dodge their shots.

You'll see some side hoppers up ahead. Destroy them until you start seeing the
red beetles. Once you see these little guys, switch priorities and go after
the beetles. Dodge any remaining side hoppers as well as the sphere monster
turrets up ahead.

After a handful of red worms up ahead you will NORMAL WARP to Area 13!

                               ZSG.A.12 Area 12

Alright, things get a bit rough here. There are some sphere monsters up ahead.
They are mostly leftside enemies so shoot them down and take out the side
hopperso the left and the turrets too. The turrets here will fire. Now, if you
can manage some shots on the righthand hoppers, do so. Elsewise dodge their

After a really thick wave of the sidehoppers, we're back to the green crystals.
So take em' down as they fly in. There's an emelctric barrier just after them -
down it.

Now, you want to stay in the middle of the screen as a Part is coming up.
However there are also sphere monsters right around the same placement of the
Part. Destroy the monsters as quickly as possible and swoop in for the Part
only after the sphere monsters have been eliminated.

After the Part, knock down the next electric barrier and get ready for some
white fighter ships. The cliff juts out on the lefthand side so they are
mainly towards the right. If you wanting to play it safe you could stay more
towards the left.

Destroy the red beetles as they arrive or they will release many bullets. The
green crystals aren't so bad up ahead but they are joined by red frogs. Hang
back and don't strafe too much. Localize your position and you can take out the
crystals without getting in the way of too many frogs.

The next electric barrier should be downed immediately as there are some white
fighters just past it and you'll want the extra space to deal with them. Stay
toward the right when they're dealt with. Ignore the side hopper and deal with
the sphere monster.

Up ahead is a Normal Warp to Area 13. No split here, no Zystas in this warp!

                               ZSG.A.13 Area 13

Finally, out of the canyon. Area 13 is a mechanical base area. Because not too
many shmups have those, after all.

After two electric barriers, there are some silver circular enemies. Now they
fly in a fairly tight sinusoid. Take them out as they arrive. Notice that the
large 2x2 installations here take a royal beating and block your shots. They
are not dangerous but their endurance can screw you up. Take note of this.

A mass wave of a circle enemy with red curved wings resembling a TIE-fighter
will arrive now. Pick a side and down these red circles as they streamm down
from up above. They have minimal horizontal movement so you will be fine.

Stick to the left now. There will be a Part and some elctrical barriers. During
the electrical barriers, there will be some silver circles. So stick to the
left, down the barriers and grab the part. Destroy the silver circle when they
arc over to your side of the screen but do not go chasing them.

After the next electrical barrier, there will be another wave of red circles.
They are typically in a line so note where it starts and you should be able to
take them all out as most follow the leader.

There are some odd long white enemies coming up that start to flap their bodies
when they want to move left or right. These flappers are dangerous en masse as
their flapping lets them persist on the screen. Destroy them with extreme
fervor here so that they do not crowd you out.

Following the flappers are some red circles, more flappers, and white circles.
The circles are priority as they vasty outnumber the flappers.

There is a huge installation of 2x2 squares up ahead. Pass this to enter Area

                               ZSG.A.14 Area 14

There is barely a break between Area 13 and Area 14, and Area 14 starts things
out on a dangerous note. Red triangles are the first enemy here. They fly
onscreen, strafe to the other side while firing, then fly off. They will
release a large volume of shots so destroy them before they start the strafe.
Otherwise, focus on evasion.

There are a few red circles after the triangles but they aren't nearly on the
same scale of danger. Destroy 'em.

There are some wall walkers on the walls here but they are a non-threat at this
point. Instead, focus on the red circles just ahead. After the circles, note
the electric barrier. Down the barrier and swoop right and grab the Part when
you see it.

There is a wide wave of silver circles up ahead. Pick a side of the screen and
focus on that. If the electric barrier past these circles has not been
destroyed via residual damage of your constant shots then you should down it
at your earliest opportunity.

There is a pretty thick wave of flappers coming up. But they linger in one
place for so long that it's no problem to just duck back and forth destroying
them all.

There are more wall walkers up ahead. These guys can fire. I typically see the
lefthand side fire so take them out. The big threat is the red triangles up
ahead. They can arrive from either side so pick one and defend it. Don't try to
stay in the middle or you will be in their crossfire.

There are a few red circles coming up, with an electric barrier in their midst.
Prioritize the barrier because there are some red triangles coming up. Now I
find they arrive on the righthand side of the map and will stay to one side as
they arrive. So stick to this side that they are arrving from and destroy 'em
before they can strafe.

When you pass that next big formation of 2x2 installations, you will enter Area

                               ZSG.A.15 Area 15

If you see a white orb with vertical lines on this evel, fly counter-clockwise
around it to gain 100000 points, quite helpful.

When you start Area 15 you may barely see some red enemies at the top of the
screen. These three-way shooting triplegun enemies will fire their three-way
shot then fly back off the screen. Shoot them if you notice them, otherwise
look for the shots and dodge them.

There are a few red circles coming up. Take them out but beware that some of
the 1x1 installations will fire shots at you.

After three sequential electric barriers you will be faced with a wave of red
triangles. Now, you will want to destroy the left and right flanks both of the
barriers so that you have room to dodge the triangles. Track them as they
arrive (typically on the right) and shoot 'em down.

The next triplegun enemies are obvious, destroy them as they fly on. The next
waves consist of a simple mix of silver circles and flappers. They are in
pretty sparse numbers so don't assign any special target priority. Just destroy
them as they arrive.

There are some yellow circles up ahead. They are turrets that fire when they
pulse. There is enough of a delay before they pulse that you should be able to
destroy them before any shots are fired. Fire ont he red circles that are up
ahead but make sure you grab the Part that is on the righthand side of the

Just after the circles there will be some installation of hidden turrets. If
any squares open up to show cannons, down them ASAP.

There's a lot of flappers up ahead. Take them out but be mindful of the pulse
turrets and electric barriers mixed in. Shoot the flappers unless you see these
other targets. In that case, focus on them then focus back to the flappers.

Amongst the silver circles coming in from above there will be some hidden
turrets. Focus on the turrets first, circles second.

After the big formation of 2x2 formations, we transition into Area 16.

                               ZSG.A.16 Area 16

Starting wave 16 puts you against some yellow ships. They fly down one side of
the screen then loop back on itself and fly down again. When they loop back in
they start firing. I would head to the side when the first wave appears, and
destroy them. But the other wave on the other side, avoid it.

Do not worry about the electric barrier in the middle of the screen, it is not
in your chosen path anyways. Destroy the wall walker enemies on the side of the
screen you have chosen, and stay there for a moment.

A yelow missile will appear on the opposite side. This is odd. If it touches
you, it will destroy you. If you shoot it, it flies by your side. This is to
your advantage. Once it is beside you, press B to detonate the missile. It will
destroy most onscreen enemies.

You can shoot it and grab it if you like but watch out for the red triangles up
ahead. Take 'em out, and either avoid or destroy the electric barriers.

Destroy some of the wall walkers on the sides. You will see some half circles
coming down. Destroy one, and the other will fly away. So destroy one, then
focus on the other enemies.

Get the Part on the lefthand side then move to the centre of the screen. You
can avoid the shots of the wall walkers from this point but also destroy the
yellow ships as they loop to the middle. Just make sure you destroy them as
they arrive in the middle and watch the shots from the side.

More wall walkers up ahead. Pick a side. One has more walkers, but the other
has a pulse turret. Neither side is a big threat.

There is another yellow missile here. Use it immediately as it will leave the
screen when the stage ends shortly. Focus on the yellow ships coming in. After
the yellow ships, there is the end formation and you will enter Area 17. Now
those yellow ships typically come in on the right, so meet them and greet them.

                               ZSG.A.17 Area 17

There are some meandering red grids here, but don't worry about them. Avoid
them, of course. But the other enemies here will fire at you and the grids will
not so weave around the grids and destroy the others. Please note that the
grids are not destroyable under normal circumstances.

When you see some wall walkers, take 'em out. They will be partnered with some
hidden turrets, but focus instead on the red triangles coming down. After you
have cleared them out, focus on the wall walkers again.

Stay central as the yellow ships arrive. They are from either end and so you
can knock them out as they come in towards the middle. There can be hidden
turrets here, so if you see them open up, be prepared to go on the evasive.

On the righthand side there will be some pulse turrets. They surround a Part so
knock them out and grab the Part. There will be a lot of grids near some wall
walkers now. They're probably far enough down the screen that you will just
want to chill on the right side of the screen and avoid the walkers' shots.

There is a long string of yellow ships coming up, generally in a line. So get
in line with them and knock them out before they can loop back in.

A pulse turret coming up - destroy it.

Now pick a side and destroy the wall walkers on that side. Nevermind the other
side but instead focus on the red triangles.

Some more yellow ships. Stay near the middle and take them out. Beware the end
of Area installation because there are some hidden turrets here. So knock out
the ships and avoid the turrets and head on in to Area 18.

                               ZSG.A.18 Area 18

Area 18 starts out rough. The silver circles are in close pairs and they fly
in toward you. Knock them out and pay attention when the grids start to appear.
Don't let them mask the Tripleguns here. These guns are priority, shoot them
before they can fire, or just avoid them. Again - they are one shot enemies so
if you avoid one, it won't be coming back.

When you see the pulse turrets, look to the right. Clear the way and grab the

Destroy the sparse double silver circles going forward. Avoid the grids focus
on the red triangles. There is a yellow misisle here, it is sometimes difficult
to get this one. But it will destroy grids.

Destroy the pulse turret up ahead and weave around the grids. Up next: wall
walkers. There are also hidden turrets here so hang back, destroy what wall
walkers you can manage then avoid any hidden turrets that expose themselves.
There are silver circles all the while but they are not priority. They will
probably be residual casualties, anyways, hit by your stray shots. But keep
them in mind and don't hit them.

Destroy the silver circles in between the grids here. There are a few hidden
turrets up ahead, take them out as they open up but pay most attention to the
red triangles. Hang back and shoot them down, stay centred.

As before, the end of Area formation has some hidden cannons, so be sure to
avoid their shots.

                               ZSG.A.19 Area 19

Head to either side immediately. There are clamshells heading down the screen
but this batch can actually shoot. They send out large blasts between either
half of the whole, and close in the centre. It's best to knock them out early
though you will be still required to do some dodging.

I believe the hidden turrets are localized on the righthand side. If you can
manage it, you can knock them out but if they are halfway down the screen
head to the left. Hug the wall and destroy the wall walkers. This should keep
you away from the grids and the enemy fire.

As you continue along, focus on the hidden turrets first and the flappers
second. Please note that when you see the pulse cannon a clamshell duo will
appear. Make sure you destroy one of them immediately.

Fire on as many of the hidden turrets as possible going forward. You want to
clear some breathing room. When the wall walkers appear choose the righthand
side and destroy as much here while dodging as much from the left as possible.
The Part is here on the right, so grab it when you see it. There are a lot of
red circles during this part but you should be able to knock them out as you
dodge everything else.

If you see an "N" at this point, grab it for ten extra Parts.

After some hidden turrets and wall walkers there are many red circles and
flappers. They should be easy to roast wholesale but note the hidden turrets
as they emerge. The screen may be too congested to just switch priorities
with respect to who you are targeting, but at least note them so that you may
dodge their shots.

The screen will become pretty congested with bullets as yo go forward. It's
best to knock out a few of the hidden turrets then destroy as much as the end
installation as you can manage. After you've wrecked a sufficient amount of
dudes you may just want to lead their fire and squeeze around them into
Area 20.

                               ZSG.A.20 Area 20

Area 20 starts out with some wall walkers, so destroy the first ones that you
see. When the red triangles appear, head into the middle of the screen and
knock them out.

Through the array of grids that is approaching there will be some red circles.
Weave through the grids and destroy the circles. A yellow missile will arrive,
so grab that if you'd want it.

There are three electric barriers up ahead. Down them all. Watch out for the
clamshell duo just afterwards. The coast should be clear enough to destroy both

There will be a lot of hidden turrets around here, take them out and stay near
the centre when the yellow ships come in. This would be a good time to use your
yellow missile, but if you don't have it just strike them as they start flying
into the centre.

Coming up, just keep firing and dodging. The silver circles are actually
priority here because they congest the screen. If you rish forward - you will
die. Hang back and clear them out, and take out as many turrets as possible as

Following the circles, divide your fire between turrets and red triangles.
Ultimately, the triangles are priority. Dodge any remainign turrets as the red
grids approach.

Passing the grids a series of triplegun ships will appear. Now they appear one
on either side. You can destroy one side as they filter down and not worry
about the opposite side as wel because their shot will pass underneath you and
they fly away after one shot.

As always, clear out the turrets along the way. Plain square turrets shoot
triple shots, so beware of them.

When you see grids, get ready for a clamshell duo. Destroy one or both halves
then stick to the lefthand side of the screen to grab the next Part.

Stay to the left and destroy any red triangles in the way. But you want to
focus on dodging shots and punching a hole through the left side of the final
installation of ground buildings. Once the left end is destroyed, lead any
shots and duck past the formation to Normal Warp to Area 21.

                               ZSG.A.21 Area 21

This Space area is very much like Star Soldier or Star Force. It's in a very
similar aesthetic.

But this is Galg, so let's get going.

The first enemies that we encounter are weird ships that look like backwards
tongs. They are similar to the green crystals and red circles. Just line up and
destroy them.

Take out the Silver Circles fying down the screen coming up. You want to wage
wholesale destruction on the building installations. When you see the red
fighter ships appear, line up and destroy them. They fire to the side as they
pass you so lining up with them will nerf their potential.

Since we faced this line head on, we cannot get in line with the satellite
enemies that will appear on the opposite side of the screen. They will fly to
the bottom, fire, and fly up off the screen. You will want to head to the right
though, and grab the Part as the satellites depart.

A simple line of tong ships follows, you can knock them out pretty easily as
they do not hold any company.

The satellites up ahead will stop at various positions but you can pick them
off pretty easily as their formation is very sparse. Stay towards the cetre
after this wave and take out the red fighters as they arrive. Again, right in
line with these guys is the safest position as they fire to the sides.

The satellites up ahead - pick a side of the screen and shoot the satellites
that arrive. For those that manage to fire at you, you now have a good amount
of space for dodging. So get to dodging!

After the final wave of satellites we transition to Area 22.

                               ZSG.A.22 Area 22

Area 22 starts with a long string of the red ships. Take them on from the front
as they normally stay in one line. Otherwise you've gotta dodge.

The satellites up ahead are pretty sparse so just pick off those that are in
your way and dodge the rest.

Wait for the next line of red fighters to appear. Get in line with them and
knock them out.

Take out the silver circles and look at those spinning circles. These are
rotating turrets that fire quite frequently. Destroy them and grab the Part
that was lodged in between them.

A few tong ships follow next. Not always in a line, but you can take out the
bulk of them regardless because they have no company.

Keeping with the relative mundacity of this Area, there are a few silver
circles up ahead. As always, trash those suckers.

The red fighters up ahead you can likely encounter in a line. Once you see them
fly onscreen, line up with them and take them out.

A few tong ships up ahead are easily destroyed, and this Area will transition
into Area 23.

                               ZSG.A.23 Area 23

This Area starts out right with satellites right out of the gate. They will
head right to the bottom of the scren if you are down there, so focus on
avoiding any that get to close but you should be firing as the Area transition
ends so none should ram into you.

There are silver circles up ahead - easy - but some of them are in pairs so
remember that you have destroy both in a pair. So don't hit just one and forget
about them, as one of the two may have survived.

The Part for Area 23 is pretty much the same story as Area 22. Keep to the
right and destroy the rotary turrets that you come upon. You can destroy these
turrets, then grab the Part. Fall back to the bottom of the screen and
eliminate the tong ships that arrive.

There is a small wave of silver circles up ahead. Take them out. Next!

The silver circles persist for a few more waves but stay near the lower middle
section of the screen. After a few waves of the circles you will encounter a
line of red fighters. Staying in the middle will allow you to quickly line up
with these ships and destroy them.

Another wave of silver circles, a bit more dangerous because they are typically
more widespread. Destroy them and the Area will transition to Area 24.

                               ZSG.A.24 Area 24

Area 24 introduces a red missile enemy. Now, I suppose they are ships, but they
are a kamikaze style of ship shaped like a missile. They will line up with you
and fly quickly straight ahead. As long as you are firing, they should not be
able to rock you.

The next wave is a series of tong ships, destroy them as they arrive. These
levels start to get dangerous now as the hidden turrets return now. So make
any turrets that appear priority.

Following the tongs are the satellites. Take them out but note the yellow
missile that arrives. Shoot it and grab it.

The satellites come in for one more wave and transition into some paired silver
circles. There are no turrets here so the waves end up being quite sparse. Just
wreck them as they come.

There will be some tong ships up ahead but they are meant to block the red
missiles that show up in their midst. Focus on the red missiles first, they
should be sparse enough that some fly away before lining up with you, but they
do take priority over the tongs.

Destroy the rotary turrets on the right. Fair warning - do NOT use the yellow
missile here or you will DESTROY the Part. Grab the part after you have shot
down the rotary turrets.

There are red fighters passing by as you do this. If you still have the missile
use it now to destroy them and open up the wave for further gunfire. Otherwise
work on dodging their shots.

On the left a hidden turret may expose itself. Destroy it and any others and
then focus on destroying the satellite wave.

We will enter Area 25.

                               ZSG.A.25 Area 25

A new enemy - fighters that phase in and fire at you. Pick them of as they
appear. They are N shaped but they are not an item like before. Remember, the
N-bonus will fly in from the top of the screen.

The waves of tongs up ahead are easily destroyed in a line. There may be some
hidden turrets here but the tongs should be wiped out before they start to
appear. Take them out as they appear.

More tongs up ahead but its the red missiles you should be worried about. You
can generally take these tongs in a line but dodge if the missiles seem like
they can break through. But if you're firing on one, and the missiles line up
they should fly right into your fire.

The Part is again surrounded my rotary turrets. Take the three turrets out and
grab the Part. None of the enemies around shoot so focus on the Part.

Going forward, red fighters but they are paired. Get into a line with them and
knok them down. If they get close dodge to the side.

Take out the phase fighters as they appear. A Zystas warp to Area 01 is up
ahead, take it if you like or keep on keepin' on. The new enemies here are
dual cannon enemies that track your position and fire at you. They also split
when hit, so they take two hits to destroy. Take them out with impunity.

There will be a large wave of tongs up ahead leading into a line of red
fighters. If you can line them up, you're golden. Otherwise, dodge to the side
and you shouldn't have many issues staying alive.

The game transitions now to Area 26.

                               ZSG.A.26 Area 26

Area 26 starts out with some paired silver circles. Just blow 'em up as they
arrive onscreen.

There is a brief meteor shower up ahead. Just dodge these little guys and get
ready to rock the tongs coming in behind. Stay near the bottom of the screen
as the tongs transition into some phase fighters. Take these suckers out as
they appear. They are fairly dispersed so just dodge any you can't get to.

When you see the paired silver circles, blast it and head right. The Part is
again surrounded by rotary turrets. Knock out all three then grab the Part.

There are more silver circle pairs coming up but stay near the bottom of the
screen as they transition into a meteor swarm. Dodge them as they come.

There are some tongs up ahead. Try to get both lines to converge on the same
point and take them out from the bottom. They transition into some phase
fighters though so watch out.

Essentially, take out the phase fighters as they appear but if they start to
grow in number, dodge around them.

Already over? We enter Area 27 right now.

                               ZSG.A.27 Area 27

Area 27 starts with some rotary turrets. Take them out then focus on the
structures up ahead. Destroy the hidden turrets here as they appear. There will
be some silver circles and red missiles. Destroy them, of course, but
prioritize the turrets.

As you are assaulted by phase fighters, stay near the bottom of the screen and
knock them out. A yelow missile will appear, you can risk going for it if you'd
like but do NOT use it yet.

See, on the left the Part will appear, surrounded by rotary turrets. If you use
the missile. it will destroy the Part too. So shoot down the turrets, and grab
the Part.

Some splitters show up now. Hang back and take them down, then focus on the
hidden turrets up ahead.

There is a meteor shower up ahead. If you still have the missile, wait for a
few turrets to be onscreen and use it. It will destroy the meteors too. If
this is not an option, just focus on dodging and do not try to fight the
turrets unless they are directly in the way.

Stay near the bottom as we will transition into some phase fighters. Knock them
out but beware of the turrets. Dodge out of the way if need be - the phase
fighters are only a small wave after all.

A few silver circles up ahead. Just destroy them as theya rrive and you will
enter Area 28.

                               ZSG.A.28 Area 28

Area 28 starts out right in the middle of a meteor shower.

Dodge the meteors and get ready down a handful of satellites. The wave is
pretty small so if they get to the bottom of the screen as you exited the
meteor shower at an inopportune position you can still dodge them without much

Following the satellites, we're looking to some hidden turrets. There will be
a few red missiles but if you focus on the turrets the missiles should just
move into your gunfire anyway.

After the red missiles, focus on the righthand side of the screen. There will
be a Part surrounded by its now customary rotary turrets. Now, there may be a
few hidde turrets here too. So make sure you clear out _all_ of the turrets
near to the Part and grab it.

There are a few silver circles up ahead. Fight them and watch for the hidden
turrets to open up. Mark their position so they don't kill you. They aren't
priority so just finish the circles then knock out the turrets if they are
still halfway above the middle of the screen.

After these turrets there are a few satellites. Destroy them as they swoop
down. There will be a few silver circles transitioning into some more

Pick a side of the screen. There are many hidden turrets here. You want to
focus on one side of the screen or else you will probably be overswamped by the
shots. So destroy the hidden turrets on your side of the screen and any red
missiles that head over to your side. Of course, there will be a storm of
bullets from the other side so focus on dodging them as well. But the enemies
on your side are priority, you will need to take a few risks but you will have
much better luck this way then trying to go into the middle and dodging
everything thrown at you.

Once you see rotary turrets, you are almost done. A few more hidden turrets and
the game will transition into Area 29.

                               ZSG.A.29 Area 29

Area 29 starts it out high octane with a group of splitters. Pick a side of the
screen and take them out as they approach. By sticking to one side you can pick
off some hidden turrets too. Remember, splitters only shoot straight forward.

The next wave of enemies is a line of red fighters. Make them priority, maybe
grab the yellow missile that passes by. If you try to get the missile, however,
you will need to play evasive unless you use it.

You may want to wait a few seconds for the meteors to start. If you grabbed the
missile, blow up the meteors. If you stayed central, shoot down hidden turrets
while you dodge meteors.

There will be a few tongs after the meteors, but keep your focus largely on the

The tongs transition into splitters. Destroy them as they arrive, they take
priority. Once they're clear, focus again on the hidden turrets.

The wave of satellites up ahead is so sparse that you can hang back at the
bottom of the screen and destroy them as they appear. Stick to the right once
you see structures again.

If you stick to the right, you will see the Part. This is surrounded again by
rotary cannons. Gun the cannons down. There is another missile at this point
but the Part is priority. Grab the Part, but watch out - if the missile is on
the right don't let it explode your bum. However, you may be able to snag it if
it is on the right with you!

Stick the lower end, just about a ship space above the bottom. There are
satellites and silver coins but you should focus on dodging them and destroying
oncoming turrets. They will take enough collateral damage from your constant
gunfire that you'll destroy most of them anyways.

Up ahead you will see some rotary turrets. As they are quite prolific in their
bullet shooting you should focus on them. Stick to their side of the screen,
usually left, as tongs stream in. Focus on shooting and destroying hidden
turrets and tongs on your side fo the screen only. The tongs should transition
into red fighters. Keep your line up if you held it or try to get in on this
line. The red fighters should just fly straight into your shots.

After this line, welcome to Area 30!

                               ZSG.A.30 Area 30

Area 30 just starts out with a line of tongs, but they transition into some
hidden turrets. Line up with the tong ships and complete the line - destroy
the all then knock out the turrets that appeared.

A handful of satellites appeare. Focus mainly on dodging the satellites and
destroying the turrets as they emerge primarily on the right.

Swing to the lefthand side. There will be some rotary turrets and hidden
turrets surrounding the Part for this level. Knock down the turrets and take
the Part. There is a red missile wave here but you should be firing nonstop
anyways so let them soak up the pain.

Get in line with the Red Fighters that appear and knock them down. Pick one
side of the formations going forward and knock out the hidden turrets on your
chosen side.

The phase fighters may get the drop on you. I find it best to avoid this
wave and retaliate only when safe.

Up next is a big ship, a boss.

The big ship flies around and stops and fires its shots at diagonals. If you
line up directly in front of the big ship, you can return fire without getting
hit by its own gun streams.

He's pretty easy but when he dies watch out for the meteors. They will come
fast and frequently from the upper end of the screen. Stay toward the bottom
and dodge them as they fly toward you.

When you see the blue structures up ahead, there will be a wave of the phase
fighters. They will appear after the meteors have passed. So you have ample
room to line up and shoot most of them as they appear. Of course, dodge the

After these phase fighters STOP firing. STOP. There will be a blue-green X
flying onscreen. If you shoot it the screen will read BONUS and you will LOSE
parts every time you shoot it. I imagine this could cause some ragequitting
but brother or sister, look - ddon't shoot the gosh darned thing and the stage
will just Normal Warp back to Area 01 so you can gather more parts again.

You will require to keep gathering Parts until you have amassed 100.

Once you have ammassed, the screen scrolls forward to the final area after you
beat the big ship:


This massive structure up ahead is Dragg. Fight the phase fighters that appear
then focus on the central gowing mass on Dragg.

As you approach Dragg knock out a few of the turrets bt focus on the core
because you don't want to pass it by.

It's just that simple. Fire continuously on the core and dodge bullets. The
core will explode and the war will be over. Congrats!

|                              ZSG04: Enemies                                |

Enemies are listed based on descriptive features.

Galg Enemies

*Big Ship:

A boss or miniboss encounter, this is a large ship that fires two diagonal
lines of gunfire. It will move around the screen, stop, then shoot. Because it
never vares its attack, if you stop in front of it - it cannot hit you. But
you can hit it. So blast 'em!

*Blue-Green X:

Do not touch it, do not shoot it. It can arrive at the end of Area 30 when you
don't have 100 parts. Do not interact with it as destroying it will deleted all
of the Parts you have collected previously.


Two half circles fly down, close, then fly up. Simply destroy one half and the
other will fly away.

When the clamshells actually fire they fire wide shots. They fire fairly
rapidly so destroy one side and let the other fly away. When they are firing
they become top priority as they consume so much of the screen.

*Electric Barrier:

The electric barrier is a wall of electricity that cannot be directly destroyed
by your weapons. They are wide, and block your passage. However, the walls are
flanked by two small ships, which generate it. Shoot down one of these ships to
drop the barrier. These barriers are often crucial to destroy, they may block
your path or the ubiquitous Parts.


A long bodied white/grey enemy that flaps its body to move left or right. The
flapping motion allows them to stay onscreen. Destroy them asthey arrive unless
something more dangerous makes itself their company. They can very easily crowd
you out.

*Green Crystal:

Flies straight toward you in a wide sinusoid. Rarely grouped too thickly
together, you can generally shoot them down as they approach and dodge any
that get too close. They are low priority.

*Hidden Turret:

Squares on the floor open up to expose a turret, which will fire at you. they
always appear from the green squares on the ground, but they don't always open
up to reveal a turret. When they do open up, knock them out.


Small, quick red ball that flies from top to bottom. Just dodge them.

*Phase Fighter:

A reverse N-Shaped fighter that phases in close to your ship and fires some
shots. There is a delay between appearance and the shot so mark them, blast
them, and get out of the way of their shot.

*Pulse Turret:

A yellow circle with a red cross in the centre. When it pulses, it launches
shots. You can usually destroy them before they manage to fire at you.

*Red Ball:

A red ball that moves down the screen in a tight sinusoid. The dangerous aspect
of these balls is that when they are hit they explode into a triple shot. So it
is not so bad if you mark their position. If they are in a group, and you don't
notice them their shots could surprise you. I guess that's really speaking the
obvious, but just be careful. I care about you! :)

*Red Beetle:

An insectoid enemy that flies onscreen and pauses briefly. It will then fly
towards your ship. Mildly dangerous in packs or when paired with other enemies.
You can generally take them out with ease at a distance, before they start
their attack.

Red beetles will eventually start to fire bullets. Red beetles that fire
bullets will fly offscreen. However, they only fire bullets when paused so
their priority is still low - easy to predict their attacks.

*Red Circle:

A circle with red curved wings, almost like a TIE-fighter. They fly quickly
down the screen with minimal side to side motion. Destroy them as they arrive.

*Red Fighter:

These fighters meander in a slight sinusoid, similar to the green crystals.
However they can fire shots. Typically, if you line up with a line of these
guys you can take them all out before they ever shoot. Shots are usually slow.

*Red Frog:

Watch for the water to shift, a red frog will emerge from this spot briefly to
fire a shot straight ahead. Fire at them as they emerge and dodge the shots.
Other enemies are priority, but the frogs can be very dangerous in a widespread

*Red Grid:

Slow, meandering grids that are invincible. Usually best avoided unless a high
priority target is behind them. In which case you may be able to weave past
them to reach your goal.

*Red Missile:

These missile-shaped ships line up with you and fly straight ahead. As long as
you are firing, they should not come in contact with you.

*Red Triangle:

Flies onscreen, strafes to the other side firing shots, flys offscreen. They
are dangerous in groups because this will generate a large volume of shots. The
shots are not all straight ahead, either, but rather towards your position.
So destroy the before they start their strafe or simply focus on evasion.

*Red Worm:

A long red enemy, kind of like a twizzler. These angry annelids will move in a
tight sinusoid, generally packed in tight groups. They can fire, so they are a
priority target. If they hit a wall, they will lurch closer to the centre so
don't get comfortable.

*Rotary Turret:

Spinning turret that fires at a high rate. Low endurance, take them out


Typically priority. They fly onto and stop on the screen, fire, then fly up and
offscreen. You can usually knock 'em out as they arrive. When the screen is
very congested you can make a judgement call as they will remain one of the
more predictable enemies - sometimes it's best to just dodge them.

*Side Hopper:

A robot hopper that jumps along walls. They fire at a fairly steady rate. They
are priority IF you can hit them. Sometimes its safest just to avoid their
shots and focus on the next enemy.

*Silver Circle:

A small circular enemy that arrives in a group following a tight sinusoid. 
Knock them out at a distance or otherwise avoid them.

*Silver Circle (double):

Appear more sparsely, silver circles paired. This makes them a wider target.
They also seem to have a wider arc in their path. This makes them more
individually dangerous, but still not high priority.

*Sphere Monster:

A ball shaped yellow monster that opens its mouth to shoot a three-way shot.
They take multiple hits so in a crowded screen it may be best to simply avoid
them. If they are grouped tightly together, break a hole in the phallanx and
avoid the rest.


An orange, dual-cannoned ship that takes two hits as when hit in one side, the
opposite side will split off and continue the attack. High priority.

*Tong Ship:

Ships that ook like backwards tongs. Fly towards you in a mild sinusoid. Just
line yourself up and rip through them.


Trilobite shaped enemy that flies forward in a broken sinusoid. This is broken
because they make periodic stops. This is only dangerous insofar as it means
they can persist on the screen longer and generally clutter it up.

Trilobites take two hits, and can also move backwards. They are only really a
priority target when in groups, however as their erratic behaviour and
endurance can really add up.


A circular ship with three guns on the front. They fly in, fire, and fly off.
Shoot them before they stop and you don't have to worry about them. Otherwise
dodge their shots and they will leave the screen, becoming a non-issue.


Turrets line the walls, but very few of them actually fire at you.

*Wall Walkers:

Smiling dudes that walk up and down the walls of the mechanical base. If they
open their heads they will release waves of shots. Not as bad as side hoppers
because their movement is predictable, but still a priority target when they
are aggressive.

*White Fighter:

Fires off a few double shots then flies right toward you. What more can I say
other than that this makes them high priority, and to destroy them on sight?
It is sometimes advisable to dodge their shots then destroy them as they fy

*Yellow Missile:

Yellow missiles are odd. If you are hit as they fly up, they destroy you. If
you shoot them, they will fly to your side. If you press "B" when they are
beside you they will explode destroying enemies and shots onscreen with the
exception of some turrets.

*Yellow Ship:

A yellow/orange ship that flies down the screen and loops back in on itself.
When it loops back for its second assault, it will fire straight forward. So
it is best to destroy them as they loop back or as they arrive. They are a
priority target.

|                              ZSG05: Credits                                |

Thanks to db-Soft for this game. It's... an experience. I like this game more
than some folks do.

And of course to my hosts, I give thanks, as you wouldn't be able to see this
guide without them.

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