Zoo Tycoon DS Cheats

Zoo Tycoon DS cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Zoo Tycoon DS cheat codes.


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Unlockable items
Rename one of your guests one of the following names to the reap rewards.
UnlockableHow to unlock
All animal houses become available:Name a guest Andrew Binder.
All scenarios are completed:Name a guest Akiyama.
A lot of money gets donated:Name a guest Bill Gates.
All Foliage becomes available:Name a guest Charlie Peterson.
Improved animal fertility:Name a guest Dr Dolittle.
All animal toys become available:Name a guest Lou Catanzaro.
All endangered animals become available:Name a guest Steve Serafino.
Some guests get sick:Name a guest Zeta Psi Make.


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Bonus Scenarios
There are four bonus scenarios that are unlocked by completing a scenario on different difficulty settings.

- Easy
- Normal
- Hard
- Very Hard

Easter eggs

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Watch buildings and guests change colour
Rename on of your guests one of the following names and watch your buildings and guest's shirts change colour.

Mr. Blonde: They turn yellow,
Mr. Blue: They turn blue,
Mr. Brown: They turn brown,
Mr. Orange: They turn orange,
Mr. Pink: They turn pink,
Mr. White: They turn white,

The effects even stay after the guest has left the zoo.


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how to unlock everything
at the title screen, do this with the D-pad:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, and then repeat it once more and you should here a sound of an elephant (only if your volume turned up though)
Unlock all animals, foliage, buildings, etc
Press the arrows:


To unlock all animals, foliage etc.
Unlock expert mode
Unlockable 4th difficulty, "gekimuzu".

To obtain a 4th difficulty, you need to get the highscore on
all 4 modes of gameplay.

Zoo keeper: 1200000+ points needed.
Tokoton 100: 1800000+ points needed.
Quest mode: 10000+ Yen needed.
Time attack: 600000+ points needed.

After getting all 4 high scores, a 4th difficulty appears in the top line of the option menu.

This difficulty means "Expert" or literally "difficult-player" and has a huge advantage of doubling all the normal points you achieve. This secret was found by mtpfreak and verified by bemani.