Zoo Tycoon 2 review
zoo tycoon 2 - the good and bad

The good:

Very realistic looking.
Lots of in game help if you are stuck plus lots of help on different animals.
Lots of items and animals to make your zoo look as good as it can.
3 different modes to the game.
Ability to download extras off the official site.
Has a menu where you can keep track on all the animals at once information like: name, gender, hunger levels, hygiene needs and happiness level.

The bad:

Can get a bit boring after a while.
It is difficult when you have lots of different animals to look after at once but its only adds to the challenge of trying to run a sucessfull zoo.


there's lots of good things about this game... from being to completely rebuild a zoo with real life aspects like money to the different modes you can be in at your zoo.

in the zoo there are lots of different ways you can see the game

as the builder: a section of the screen while you can change the steepness, flatten or even change the biome of the land.
as a zoo keeper: where in this mode you can walk around as a zoo keeper and see and look after the animals, with this you see the game through the eyes of a a person working there.
as a photographer: you can walk around, watch and take pictures the animals eat, hunt, play with toys in the cage, look after young and much more. also to make this even better there are semi missions to do, you may be asked to find a few picture like "a baby animal" or "a animal playing with a toy" to get rewards like money or new things unlocked.

this game is good for showing you about zoo's and animals... in the game there is a book about all different animals in the game, and lots of information about each of them. your learning while haveing fun

so to sum up, this game can be very difficult in parts, but really does help to make the game more fun... there are a lot of good things about this game and I'd really recommend you buy this game.

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KeatonXZX Nov 11, 08
That's a good review. It highlighted what's important to the gamer!
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