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Zoo Tycoon 2 Tips

keeping your guests happy!
If you are plating free form, than you will have unlimited cash - as i started out, i didn't get a lot of people, and i wondered why that was happening.

if you want more guests, create more marketing and fulfill their needs. yes, you need to fulfill animal's needs but really, zookeepers can do that!
to fulfill your guests needs, you will need:

•Marketing (gift shops, souvenir shops, etc.)
•food (resteraunts, food stands, food carts, food shacks)
•basic needs (ATCs, Family Restroom [holds unlimited people and eliminates lineups], benches, trashcans/recycling cans [and a lot of them too], Picnic tables, lamposts [for nighttime], and water fountains)
•entertainment (for the Dino Pack a performer stage& performers, sky tower, playground equipment, pony rides, marine shows),

don't forget space!
good luck!