Zoo Tycoon 2 Glitches

You can see a glitched dolphin if you have a male and female dolphin in a cage with a non-sea animal. The baby dolphin produced will appear to be swimming, even on land. If you click on the dolphin, the game with freeze. You can view the health stats by:

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  1. Tap any other animal in the cage that is not glitched</li>
  2. Press the L or R until the arrow lands on the glitched dolphin. You will now be able to view its stats and go to Zookeeper mode. </li>
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Note: Save your game before attempting this because the entire screen will turn black after you are done in Zookeeper mode.

To get rid of the glitched dolphin:
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  1. Build a sea animal tank</li>
  2. Attempt to move the glitched dolphins to the tank</li>
  3. Save your game</li>
  4. Attempt to sell the glitched dolphin(s)</li>
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Note: On the first try, your game will freeze.