Zone of the Enders: HD Collection (PS3) Cheats

Zone of the Enders: HD Collection cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Zone of the Enders HD-
Learn Gooder (Bronze)Complete all of the in-game tutorials
Bomb Squad (Silver)Disarm all the bombs in HUB 1 correctly
Good Samaritan (Silver)Achieve an A Rank in any Rescue Mission available
Gun Runner (Silver)Find all 10 sub-weapon drivers
Hacker (Silver)Find all 14 passcodes
Porter Pounder (Silver)Destroy 40 Porters
Silent Assassin (Silver)Take out the EPS relay block before eliminating any enemies
The Seeker (Silver)Find 7 passcodes
Weapon Finder (Silver)Find 5 sub-weapon drivers
Damage Control (Gold)Earn an A Rank in all 5 rescue missions
Framed (Gold)Unlock all the frames
Elite Frame Runner (Platinum)Collect all trophies
Secret Trophies-
Anti-Virus (Bronze)Get ADA back online using the Vaccine
Power Down (Bronze)Destroy the Power Facilites in EPS1 & EPS2
Benedict Arnold (Silver)Defeat 10 enemies while controlling the Raptor
Homecoming King (Silver)Defeat Tempest
KO Neith (Silver)Win your first encounter against Neith
Nebulous (Silver)Defeat Nebula
Salutatorian (Silver)Achieve an Overall Evaluation grade of B
The Bigger They Are (Silver)Defeat Tyrant
Third Time's the Charm (Silver)Defeat Zombie Neith
You Again?! (Silver)Win your second encounter against Neith
Unhealthy Behavior (Gold)Defeat 10 enemies when under the influence of the Virus
Valedictorian (Gold)Achieve an Overall Evaluation grade of A
Winning (Gold)Survive the battle with Anubis
Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner HD-
Digital Dojo (Bronze)Complete all of the in-game tutorials
Crushing Victory (Silver)Defeat an enemy by using the shafts at Fort City
Derailed (Silver)Defeat the train in less than 5 minutes
Flash Knock Out (Silver)After the initial Vic Viper battle, defeat all of the Naritas in under 90 seconds
nEXt Mission (Silver)Find all 20 Ex-Missions
Quick Draw (Silver)Defeat the 5 BAHRAM Battleships in less than 6 minutes
Sure Lock (Silver)Find Taper in less than 4 guesses
The Good Rescuer (Silver)Earn a Ranking of SS at Vascilia Battle
Frame Collector (Gold)Unlock all the frames
The Great Rescuer (Gold)Earn a Ranking of SS at Aumaan Crevasse
Desperately Seeking Dingo (Platinum)Collect all trophies
Secret Trophies-
Hop In (Bronze)Acquire Jehuty
Put Her Makeup On (Bronze)Acquire Jehuty Ver. 2
Ace of Frames (Silver)Beat the game with a ranking of A
Beginners Luck (Silver)Defeat Ardjet
Farewell (Silver)Defeat the Viola AI for the final time
Hello Old Friend (Silver)Defeat Vic Viper (Leo)
InHurt (Silver)Defeat Inhert
Is It Hot In Here? (Silver)Reveal Ken's alternate outfit
It's Over (Silver)Defeat Anubis
Stick Around (Silver)Win your first encounter against the Viola AI
Taking You Down (Silver)Defeat Zakat
It's Over, For Real! (Gold)Defeat Aumaan Anubis
Retro Runner (Gold)Clear Zoradius
The Egret Has Landed (Gold)Beat the game with a ranking of S