[edit] Background

ZombieSmash! is a “Survival Comedy” game, featuring undead-themed castle defense and entertaining, physics-based gameplay. The game casts players as Joey, a lone survivor pit against a herd of writhing, unrelenting zombies - to defeat the undead masses, players must use their fingers to flick and smash them until they're un-undead.

[edit] Features

  • To aid players in their fight, over 30 specials and upgrades allow for creative zombie demolition - including fun implements like asteroids, wrecking balls, liquid nitrogen and a gigantic, rolling boulder – combine specials (for instance, smash nitrogen-frozen zombies with a boulder!) for added hilarity.
  • Sophisticated ragdoll physics produce unique and hysterical zombie deaths, and the proprietary SplatterEngine™ renders adorable cartoon blood and gore in a convincing and entertaining fashion.
  • Four game modes provide limitless replay value:
    • Campaign Mode challenges players to survive for over 31 intense days against the mounting zombie threat and another 30 nights in the NEW CAMP NOWHERE campaign.
    • Endless Siege Mode confronts them with a never-ending zombie assault - hold out as long as possible, racking up an ever-rising body count.
    • Sandbox Mode gives you all the tools to rain destruction down on those stinking, moaning zombies without any of the peril.
    • Multiplayer Battle Mode let you play head-to-head in a battle to out-survive your rival, with the last man standing as the victor
  • Game Center integration: Achievements, leaderboards and player profiles powered through Apple’s Game Center.
  • Original soundtrack produced by famed game music composer Chris Hülsbeck, the talented musician behind the scores to classic games like Turrican, Giana Sisters and the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series.

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Meta Reviews / Previews
Meta Reviews Score Publish Date
GameZone (iPhone,Android) 7/10 Dec 25, 2010
Slide To Play (iPhone,Android) 3/4 Mar 18, 2010
Pocket Gamer uk (iPhone,Android) 8/10 Mar 17, 2010
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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Apr 27, 2012 (Android)
    • Mar 17, 2010 (iPhone)
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