Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES) Cheats

Zombies Ate My Neighbors cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Menu Passwords
Enter in the password for the credits level, with only need to rescue one cheerleader instead.
PasswordWhat it does
WWJXPassword takes you to credits level, with only needing to rescue one cheerleader.


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View End Credits
Enter XWJR as a password to view the credits.


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Bonus Level
Enter the password BCDF to start in a bonus level that gives you a 1up and the "Martian Bubble Blaster". When you exit the level you will be at Level 1.
Cheerleaders vs. The Monsters
Enter WBGR as a password to begin the game on level 9 with all ten victims. Rescue all the victims on each stage up until level 12 (Mars Needs Cheerleaders) to reach the "Cheerleaders vs. The Monsters" bonus level.
Game Genie Codes
BF2T-AABJ Start with 10 lives
2 A32T-AABJ Start with 7 lives
3 AB2T-AABJ Start with 1 life
4 A47A-AA6W Infinite lives
5 GK2T-AAB4 Start with 50 shots in starting weapon
6 NV2T-AAB4 Start with 100 shots in starting weapon
7 8V2T-ACB4 Start with 500 shots in starting weapon
8 TV2T-AGB4 Start with 900 shots in starting weapon
9 JK2T-AAB6 Start with soda pop cans instead of squirt
10 JB2T-AAB6 Start with bazookas
11 JV2T-AAB6 Start with tomatoes
12 HB2T-AAB6 Start with fire extinguishers
13 J32T-AAB6 Start with ice pops
14 HK2T-AAB6 Start with martian bubble guns
15 HV2T-AAB6 Start with weed-eaters
16 H32T-AAB6 Start with ancient artifacts
17 KK2T-AAB6 Start with plates
18 KV2T-AAB6 Start with silverware
19 K32T-AAB6 Start with footballs
20 AMWA-AA88 Infinite weapons once you have at least 1
21 LK2T-AACJ Start with speed shoes instead of a first aid
22 LV2T-AACJ Start with a monster potion
23 L32T-AACJ Start with a ghost potion
24 MB2T-AACJ Start with a random potion
25 NB2T-AACJ Start with a pandora's box
26 NK2T-AACJ Start with a skeleton key
27 NV2T-AACJ Start with a decoy
28 DDXT-AA2G Infinite special items once you have at least
29 AZ2T-AAA6 Start with 1/2 health
30 A1ET-AAHL Continue with 1/2 health
31 AL8T-AA3G Almost infinite health
32 BF2T-AACG Start with 9 first aid kits instead of 1
33 AMVA-AA4G Infinite keys once you have at least one
34 694T-AGFL Package of squirt guns worth 999
35 NS4T-AAF0 Package of soda pop cans worth 99
36 NS4T-AAFN Fire extinguishers worth 99 on pick up
37 BH5A-AAAR Each key worth 9 on pick up
38 AK0A-AAB2 Start on level 2
39 AP0A-AAB2 Start on level 3
40 AV0A-AAB2 Start on level 4
41 AZ0A-AAB2 Start on level 5
42 A30A-AAB2 Start on level 6
43 A70A-AAB2 Start on level 7
44 BB0A-AAB2 Start on level 8
45 BF0A-AAB2 Start on level 9
46 BK0A-AAB2 Start on level 10
47 BP0A-AAB2 Start on level 11
48 BV0A-AAB2 Start on level 12
49 BZ0A-AAB2 Start on level 13
50 B30A-AAB2 Start on level 14
51 B70A-AAB2 Start on Level 15
52 CB0A-AAB2 Start on Level 16
53 CF0A-AAB2 Start on Level 17
54 CK0A-AAB2 Start on Level 18
55 CP0A-AAB2 Start on Level 19
56 CV0A-AAB2 Start on Level 20
57 CZ0A-AAB2 Start on Level 21
58 C30A-AAB2 Start on Level 22
59 C70A-AAB2 Start on Level 23
60 DB0A-AAB2 Start on Level 24
61 DF0A-AAB2 Start on Level 25
62 DK0A-AAB2 Start on Level 26
63 DP0A-AAB2 Start on Level 27
64 DV0A-AAB2 Start on Level 28
65 DZ0A-AAB2 Start on Level 29
66 D30A-AAB2 Start on Level 30
67 D70A-AAB2 Start on Level 31
68 EB0A-AAB2 Start on Level 32
69 EF0A-AAB2 Start on Level 33
70 EK0A-AAB2 Start on Level 34
71 EP0A-AAB2 Start on Level 35
72 EV0A-AAB2 Start on Level 36
73 EZ0A-AAB2 Start on Level 37
74 E30A-AAB2 Start on Level 38
75 E70A-AAB2 Start on Level 39
76 FB0A-AAB2 Start on Level 40
77 FF0A-AAB2 Start on Level 41
78 FK0A-AAB2 Start on Level 42
79 FP0A-AAB2 Start on Level 43
80 FV0A-AAB2 Start on Level 44
81 FZ0A-AAB2 Start on Level 45
82 F30A-AAB2 Start on Level 46
83 F70A-AAB2 Start on Level 47
84 GB0A-AAB2 Start on Level 48
85 GK0A-AAB2 Start on Bonus Level Son of Dr. Tongue
86 GP0A-AAB2 Start on Bonus Level Day of the Tentacle
87 GV0A-AAB2 Start on Bonus Level Someplace Very Warm
88 GZ0A-AAB2 Start on Bonus Level Curse of the Pharaohs
89 G30A-AAB2 Start on Bonus Level Mushroom Men
90 G70A-AAB2 Start on Bonus Level Cheerleaders vs the
91 GF0A-AAB2 Start on Credit Level Monsters Among Us

List of Levels and passwords
This is a list of the levels in the game, it only has 46 levels so far, im trying to get to the other 8 levels to get the whole "54 levels".
There is a password given every 4 levels that allows you to continue the game there. I've put them down to, just in case anyone needs to skip levels.

Bonus Level: Day Of The Tentacle
Level 1: Zombie Panic
Level 2: Evening Of The Undead
Level 3: Terror In Aisle Five
Level 4: Lumberjack Hedgemaze Mayhem

Password: VHRV

Level 5: Weird Kids On The Block
Level 6: Pryamid Of Fear
Level 7: Dr. Tounge's Castle Of Terror
Level 8: Titanic Toddler

Password: WBGR / DBGK

Level 9: Toxic Terrors
Level 10: No Assembly Required
Level 11: Weeds Gone Bad
Level 12: Mars Needs Cheerleaders

Password: GFCY

Bonus Level: Cheerleaders Vs The Monsters
Level 13: Chopping Mall
Level 14: Seven Meals For Seven Zombies
Level 15: Dinner On Monster Island
Level 16: Ants

Password: PKYT

Level 17: Office Of The Doomed
Level 18: Squidmen Of The Deep
Level 19: Nightmare On Terror Street
Level 20: Invasion Of The Snakeoids

Password: SXBK

Level 21: The Day The Earth Ran Away
Level 22: Revenge Of Dr. Tongue
Level 23: The Caves Of Mystery
Level 24: Warehouse Of The Evil Dolls

Password: YYLL

Level 25: Looks Whos Shopping
Level 26: Where The Red Fern Grows
Level 27: Dances With Werewolves
Level 28: Mark Of The Vampire

Password: XLZG

Level 29: Zombie House Party
Level 30: The Horror Of Floor Thirteen
Level 31: Look Whos Coming To Dinner
Level 32: Giant Ant Farm

Password: WJQK

Level 33: Fish And Crypts
Bonus Level: The Curse Of The Pharoahs
Level 34: I Was A Maniac Lumberjack
Level 35: Boardwalk Of Terrors
Level 36: Monster Phobia

Password: BZVG

Level 37: Labyrinth Of Terrors
Level 38: Monsters Of The Blue Lagoon
Level 39: Destroy All Vampires
Level 40: Pyramid Of Fear 2

Password: BRPK

Level 41: Martians Go Home
Level 42: Spikes
Level 43: Superfun Clean Up Site
Level 44: The Curse Of Dr.Tongue

Password: VLHX

Level 45: Danger In Picnic Park
Level 46: Day Of The Lumberjack
Level 47:
Level 48:


Level 49:
Level 50:
Level 51:
Level 52:


Level 53:
Level 54: