Zombie Revenge Cheats

Zombie Revenge cheats, Tips, and Codes for DC.

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Zombie Revenge Cheats

Unlock cheats
Play the VMU mini-game to unlocketernal life, area select, free continue and free time limit in original mode.

Different clothes
Select your character and hold start and press X, Y, or B to begin the game.


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Blood Color Option
Complete the game in arcade mode to open the ''Blood Color'' option.


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Fighter Mode Stage Select
At the title screen, choose the Fighting Mode option. When at the Fighting Mode option, press and hold the Start button. While holding the Start button, choose an option with the A button. The Stage Select Screen will appear where you can choose between seven different stages.
Level Select
Select Fighting Mode from the main menu screen and hold start while you select a character. Now, after you choose the Fighting Mode, you will be asked what level you want to start on.
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