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Zoids: Battle Legends cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Zoids: Battle Legends cheat codes.


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How to beat Tournament Mode EASY
Sell your command wolf and your attak cat. Buy Blade Liger KS. Then sell cannon tortise. Buy Boosters. Equip the boosters to Blade Liger KS. (I would also change the paint job) Later in the game, buy the weapon binder and the two blue guns. (you can change their paint jobs too) Equip all to Blade Liger KS. You will win every time!!!
"Blade Comet"
When playing Zero Schneider use his turbo booster and his close-range attack(x button) together, and Schneider will shoot forward with basically all it's blades pointed forward. Then keep tapping x to shred your opponents then finish them with a sonic explosion.
A Good Starting Combination
For Starting a Tournament use Bit as your pilot and a partner if you want.(I haven't needed one.) Then Sell two of the four original zoids. I sell the Command Wolf and Attack Cat,that way you have the most money you can get in the begginning. Then buy the Rev Raptor. Customize the paint job and then I would buy and equip missile pod C. So all you should have is the standard blades and the missile pod C. I would also buys and equip a booster. When you enter a battle run at your ooponent and fire as many missiles as possible once you get a lock on your target. Then in close range use the blades until your opponent is dead. You should buys Liger Zero Schneider as soon as possible and then buy his booster and just use him to cut up your opponents. These two zoids and Bit Cloud together will do some serious damage. I ended up with rank S's, A's, and B's without a partner!!! The only time I got lower was when I did something stupid and lost a lot of health.
Battle Legends (VS) and Legacy (Saga) Characters
Other than the characters from the anime series, you can unlock characters from Mission Mode and from the prequels.

VS I and Saga I Characters Beat Mission Mode with both side of the Republic and side of the Empire
Empire Story Characters Beat Mission Mode on the side of the Empire
Republic Story Characters Beat Mission Mode on the side of the Republic
Beat Semisarus easy
all u have to do is get a dark horn peferiably harrys dark horn and get the long missle pod and a beam gun and for your partener get marys iroin kong and just dogde the missles the best you can and also be sure to get the things that bost your speed and offense abillity. then it will go down easy the last two battles after this are very easy just keep out of the way of close range attacks and you will be fine keep the same zoids as before.
Beat Sizmosaurus Easy
The Sizmosaurus thing can go down easy peasy if you buy a Blade Lieger and take it down using The Shield attack and the Light Blade attack I beat the 12 battles only using that with no partner it is very easy just dodge using the dash and jump dodge and attack jump away and repeat and you'll beat it.
Beating anyone in the Terra Guist Arena
When fighting in the Terra Guist Arena, remember that there are stairs to an easier path of victory. Behind you. Load up a Gun Sniper Zoid with Missle pods that shoot 8 at a time, and put him in the battle. Also add an optic camouflage because it will come in handy. Start the battle, and run straight for the steps you have to jump all the way up. go all the way until there is only the top step, and make sure your in one of the very sides, so they cant shoot you down. Kepp firing missiles, and if you run out, turn on you camouflage, jump to the top step, and start sniping as clean and as steady as you can, remember, there is a time limit on that camoflouge so use the time wisely then go back into hiding in the corner.
This is how to start off tournament mode on a winning streak. First, pick Bit Cloud, and it really doesn't matter who the other character doesn't really matter. Then go to the sell section of the shop and sell the CANNON TORTOISE and the ATAK CAT. Then buy the BLADE LIGER, and get to fighting. This zoid is the best for combat, because it's got the longest lasting weapond. The LASER BLADE can last forever, and it's strong also. It's a sure win.
I own zoids with big heads!
These are the zoids you can use. Canary Molga, Cannon tortise, Zero panzer, Geno saurer, and Griffin. And if you have enough money, try to buy a Liger Zero X. Buy boosters. On the molga set to the gun that is on its back. Set the zoids with big guns on their back to shooting mode. Turn toward the enemy. Use your boosters, then circle around the enemy. Shoot with your set gun. Do it until they are dead. If you don't get hurt, you might get rank S. I proud of this one.
Play as Rayse and Whitz Tiger.
As great powerful Zoids. Good fighting the boss class Zoids. Both only buy with 9,000 BP. As good use pilot as Shoma ride Whitz Tiger and Bit ride Rayse Tiger. But may not great easy to fight the small, miss when attack, must be same size. But weak by blade attack. Both can use bite. Move look like Blade liger. And Shield liger.
Play as Rayse Tiger and Whitz Tiger 2
Rayse Tiger: This good Power zoids. As help won. But can good use jet-machine help fly. As great warrior, if beat 12 with any, As easy to won, if beat fast, will earn 10,000 BP!

Whitz Tiger= This Rayse Tiger's friend. As can defense him. Have good speed look like Rayse. As can help partner. Also good use shield. As help won.
Sizemosaurus can be defeated very easy
Men dont't tell me that zoid is hard to beat, well a good tip is:

equip a Chimera dragon with jaming blades, you can equip 2, one for each side, equip if you have the money whit a shield, now, in battle protect yourself whit the shiel for long range atacks and that misile-like shots whit a spark, now, just junp and fire jaming blades in the further position you can, cheking that the range of your weapons is enought, just repeat ataking whit jaming blade, and the sizemosaurus is done, curiously, it is very weak when is atacked whit that curious-form energy shots, well, good luck!
Okay, the 10th Zoid battle in 'Zoid Battle' mode when choosing one of the Chronic Century characters is not unbeatable! Here's how to do it:
You must have a Lightning Saix equiped with a booster, and a 2-barrel Vulcan gun. It shouldn't matter what your team mate has, if you have a partner, but I reccomend a Gun Sniper or another Zoid someone Trigger Happy would like. Alright, when you enter battle, run straight at the opponent and fire the Vulcan gun at it, and afterward, just circle it at a good distance and keep shooting it when you can. This might take some time, but it works, I guaruntee it! This is the method I used...
SIZEMOSAURUS can go down
If you're playing and reach batte 10 against the mighty sizemosaurus and think it's impossible to defeat, relax. I used a berserk fuhrer with it's all ready equipped laser cannons; I gave it boosters to dodge the sizemosaurus's missiles. Your partner--if you must have one--should be some one with good stats, because it does matter, and give them a zoid with good missle power (ie. Gojulas Giga, Dibisison, Liger Zero Panzer etc). The good thing about using the dinos is that when get hurt to much they can unleash (usually) a charged particle cannon , which do much damage to whatever zoid.
Select the "Voices" option in the "Config" menu,

Energy Liger
Play the following voice tracks in order: 004, 044, 019, 066, 034 to unlock Energy Liger.
*Opens up in Tournament Mode (Battle Mode)

Liger Zero Pheonix
Play the following voice tracks in order: 021, 001, 018, 006, 023 to unlock Liger Zero Pheonix.
*Opens up in Tournament Mode (Battle Mode)

Mega Deathsaurer

Play the following voice tracks in order: 000, 007, 077, 041, 054 to unlock Mega Deathsaurer.
*Opens up in Versus Mode

How to unlock Guardian Force and
Chaotic Century characters

Successfully complete Zoids Battle mode with Van, Fiona 2, Irvine, or Moonbey to unlock the Guardian Force and Chaotic Century characters.


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get BP easily
Note: This trick requires a lot of BP to get your Zoid like this, but in the end you will get a lot of BP. Go to battle mode and choose Bit as your player and no partner (press B on the partner slot to delete the partner). Choose Zero Schneider, Zero X, any Blade Liger. Leon is best, or Blitz Tiger as your Zoid. You can give them any weapons, but make sure they have their Blades. If you want your Zoid to have more speed than strength, give it two high grade Omega Plugs and one hybrid SB Generator. If you want your Zoid to have more strength than speed, give them two hybrid SB Generators and one high grade Omega Plug. As their option, give them a shield or their boosters. Run around your opponents with your blades. You will easily win and get 14,000 or more BP with a rank of "S", "A", or "B".
Good stratagies against Ultrasaurus
Get to the tenth battle in the Chaotic Century.Pick Van/Fiona for your pilot(They are good),Pick any partner.I would Get a Sniping zoid(Snipe Master,Gun Sniper,Konig Wolf)And Get into sniping mode.Shoot all of the bullets while getting away from the Enemy.Dont get to close, because not only does it have side lasers,but its stomp attack took out 90% of my health!(ouchXD)Also be careful about its 360mm Cannon, and missle launcher.The missle damage can really add up, so have a sheild.Tell your partner to Bombard,because the are trigger happy and will hit anything^^Unless you are a bad shot, you will still have tons of ammo left for the sniper.There, an easy way to beat Ultrasaurus!
Unlock Extra Zoids characters
By beating Zoids Battle mode, you can unlock a certain number of characters from the three Zoids anime series (Chaotic Century, Guardian Force or New Century Zero). Note: To get the characters from a certain series, your main character must be from that series.

Chaotic Century and Guardian Force characters Beat Zoids Battle mode with Van and Fiona2, Irvine or Moonbey
New Century Zero characters Beat Zoids Battle mode with the Blitz Team members (Bit, Leena, Ballad/Brad, Jimmy/Jaime)
Unlock some Zoids with Voice Test 2
Kenthoro Saurus= 001,005,044
Rayse Mammoth= 002,006,045