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Not Quite In the Zone But Still Good


Let's be honest here. If suddenly someone handed you a giant mech and said you can go wreck shit with it sans consequences then you'd be damn sure to hop in there and start tearing the place apart. Sadly, real life isn't going to drop an actual mech on your doorstep, but video games hears your plea and delivers Zone of the Enders.

The first thing to note is that it looks great. Naturally it has hallmarks of an early PS2 game but even then things do well. The mechs are notably well designed, providing a variety of interesting designs and some cool ideas like the pulsing lights running through...


An O.K. Game

The good:

lots and lots of action. Good story. Good contols.

The bad:

Multiplayer only when you beat the game. VERY short.


Concept: 3.5/5
You play as a little boy whos parents died meats a giant robot (Frame) and is now fighting evil.

Very good and detailed.

Sound: 4.5/5
It could get a little anoying at times but when it's not anoying it's very energetic and cool.

Playability: 5/5
It's a very fast game wich may sound like a problem but with these conrols not even begginers will ever be lost. A big problem though is the length of this game, you could beat it in 4 hours.

Entertainment: 5/5
So good you'll never want to stop playing, even after years of having the game.

Replay Value: High
You should still be play...


Shiny game look pretty

The good:

The graphics are really good.Its fun,Interesting story,and leveling up.It also comes with a MGS2 Demo even though nwadays you can buy the actual game for 10 bucks.

The bad:

The main character is a little wimp,the game is very short and not to much replay value.


Ths is the game about the lameass hero Leo Stenbuck.He rides the Orbital Frame Jehuty.This game is fast fun and short.Its sequel blows it out of the water but at least it fun as hell.You like mechs?Rent this.It is really short and can be in a lazy afternoon.There are harder modes in the game but do nothing to change the expirence except for being harder.In the game as you fight you gain expierience points and it raises your strength and defence.There are also some sub weapons but youl rarely use them.


Fresh and Fun, Even With its Share of Snags


Graphics: From the anime-inspired character designs, to the slick mechs, the graphics bleed style. In battle, movement and attacks are graceful eye candy. The cityscapes crumble and burn in response to attack and provide a wonderful sense of scale, but are hindered by annoying invisible walls and a lack of variety.

Story: The plotline is barely even noticeable. The game's premise and setting offer an opportunity for an interesting and engaging story, but it squanders its potential, keeping the plot and character development to the bare minimum that moves the game along without actually telli...


Mediocre Mech Mayhem

The good:

Nice graphics, it's enjoyable enough while it lasts

The bad:

Get's repetitive, far too short, there are better mech games out there


This game did impress me quite a bit at first and at the time it came with the mgs2 demo which made it a must have for me anyway.

It is a good enough game but lacks variety, the story line isn't too bad but isn't the most exciting thing ever and the game is altogether too short.

This is all in all a very average game. When I think of ZOE I think of pretty average everyday life such as sunday dinners,postment and trousers. So to end my reveiw ZOE is best described as a pair of trousers.


Super Mechs

The good:

The music in this game co-exists with the gameplay. If you enter a battle, the music will pick up really fast, out of battle, it will be set to neutral playing a cautious tune. Not much to say here, except that the soundtrack really gives the game an emotional boost (But I will not say *spioler*)

The bad:

Like I said, The graphics are sweet, The boss battles are cool, and the speed is superb. But their is one problem, Their are only 3 Bosses, the story line is cheesy, and at the end, it will leave you with an empty feeling. (Wait until ZOE 2: The 2nd Runner, everything will be explained much more clearly).


Many Video Gamers view Zone of the Enders as an expensive Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo that came with a free game. Unfortunately thats not the case. You see, this is one of the most fastest, most mind blowing game you can possibly own (In Mech Games that is). The Graphics are top notch, Boss fights raise your heart beat in battles that are fought to the death, and the speed of this game is outragiously fast. Many times when my friends come over and see me playing ZOE, they just can't believe how fast it is moving. Screenshots won't do justice to the game, so this is a See it to Believe it game.

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