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Zero Tolerance

The good:

Let's get down to business, this Doom-esque game was released for Sega Genensis around 1994, and it's in my opinion, the best FPS you can't find on an 16-bit console.

Graphics: The graphics aren't pretty but it some ways the detail put in is highly impressive for the capacity the genesis has. The two main levels are the spaceport and the high-rise building, yet many levels lie within these two stages, and they're different in they're own way. The most substantial detail used in this game was the enemies blood being stuck to the wall if they were shot near a wall, and the certain pieces of the wall itself will explode when shot at, this was more than even doom had. The enemies where in a four sided view format and even though they were pixilated from up-close they were still much better than Doom for the snes, with it's mediocre FX chip. The game screen takes up about one-third of the television screen, and all the other occupied space shows you characters ID. card. You have five different people to choose from, each with they're out specific talent, and when you die with one character you play with another on that same level; conveniently giving you five lives. Ahh and the best of all, the explosions! You go and blow something to smithereens with Landmines or a Rocketlauncher and see that all that's left is a steamy pile of ashes "sitting" twenty yards away from where it was originally "standing"

Game-play: Well it's pretty basic layout for a pretty basic genre of game. All you need is a button to shoot with and a button to scroll though your inventory, that's it. It's so simple which makes game-play that much more enjoyable. The speed it relatively fast, it's around 17 to 18 frames per second, giving a good steady gaming session. This game also has the option of two player co-op missions, this really gave the people who never had this game to try it out and enjoy the game in all it's blood splattering glory... HAHAHAHA!

Sound/Music: The sounds are pretty grungy yet satisfying when playing. the music is this techno-pop type of timid and simple beat yet it ties this game together like a thread, not much to review in this department.

The bad:

The only thing bad about this game is how it was forgotten so fast, and missed by all so completely that the next time you see this game it's going to be on a shelf in some flea market for six bucks, huh what a waste of fun.


In conclusion, This simple aliens invade your HQ and you have to kill'em type of game was loads of fun. The Genesis really showed that even it's can produce a spectacular First-Person-Shooter, and the only reason it wasn't successful is because it had no media to expose it to the public, it's a shame really.
If you ever get your hand on this game, get it, play it, love it.



A very tolerable game

The good:

Plenty of levels
Good range weapons and items
Password system so you can save your progress

The bad:

A long game, and it feels long


I got this game as a birthday present along with Shinobi III. At first I didn't really play it that much as it didn't appeal to me. Eventually one day I got round to playing it and got quite into it. It's a FPS and you have to defend the installation you are currently on from an enemy attack. For some reason I seem to think this was set aboard a space station, but I can't remember if this is true or not.

You pick from one of 6 officers to play as, these are basically your lives. If all 6 officers are killed then it's game over. Who you pick doesn't matter apart from personal preference becau...

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