The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask review
Masks are good

The good:

-Great graphics
-Fun gameplay
-Three day time limit
-New masks that do different things
-new villain

The bad:

-Too short
-Needs expansion pack


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask, is the second Zelda game for the N64. This game continues the story from OOT, Where Link is leaving for a new adventure. Now there is a reason why this is called Majora's mask. The main villain in this game is Skull Kid, a mischievous kid who steals a mask from the mask salesman. This mask is the Majora's mask, it has mystical power. And now you must save clock town and get the mask back for the salesman. As you start the game, you will be amazed how the graphics are so good, by the N64 standards. After a while there will be a three day time limit, you can slow time down, but you have to get your ocarina back. Nintendo knows how to keep the series going with something new to each of their games. The new thing in this one is the masks. These things might look useless, but they help you a lot in this game. Each mask has a purpose in the game, and getting all of them is hard. The side-quests in this game are very hard, you have to go to certain things at the right time, makeing every hour in the game to work. Now back to the masks, some masks transforms you into a creature, while others make you march, hide you, or make you run faster. No matter the ability with the mask they take a role in the game. Even the most unusual mask will have a role.

Now what makes the game hard is the three day time limit. The days go fast (unless you slow time down) and when time is about up, you play the Song of Time, and it reverts you to the dawn of the first day. Everything will turn to normal and people do the same thing as they did, well, on the first day. The four masks that turns you into a different creature, make the game more original than ever. With the ability to turn into a Zora, Goron, Deku, and Fierce Diytie (or whatever), you will have to think on what to use. The goron is strong, Zora swims underwater, the deku uses flowers to hover, and Fierce, well he is just a stronger counter-part of you. Though the game is short, the dungouns are very hard, testing your mind with hard puzzling....puzzles. Though people who are new to the series, might find this game too hard, which will frustrate them. Overall the game is good and fun, if you like Zelda, then you might wanna pick this up.

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