The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Secrets Guide v1.5
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: : : : The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Secrets Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Secrets Guide

by Dark Wolfos   Updated to v1.5 on
                       Majoras Mask Secrets Guide

 By: Niall Mc Laughlin
 Date: 5th January 2001
 Version: 1.5

 1. Introduction
 2. Copyright Notice
 3. Revision Notes
 4. The guide
 5. Need Your help
 6. Credits

 Hi my name is Niall Mc Laughlin. This is my second guide for gamefaqs. 
 I first got the idea for this guide when I found the Mario mask. So I 
 decided to look around to see if there were any more things like that
 in Majoras mask. I found more than I expected and wrote it all down.
 Thats what this FAQ is, I hope you enjoy doing and finding all the 
 things in Majoras Mask like I did.
 This guide is copyright Niall Mc laughlin. It should not be reproduced
 with out my permission. It should not be given away or printed in a 
 magazine, print or online. You may print this out for your own use but
 you shouldn't sell it. If you want to use this on you own website email
 me at the address at the top. I will then send an ariginal copy of the 
 guide which you should use in it original and unaltered form.

 Revision notes
 Version 1.0 (29/12/2000) : All of the secrets that I know in MM. 

 Version 1.5 (05/01/2001) : More secrets that I've found out added.

                            The Secrets Guide

 All the secrets below are, to my knowledge, true. I have tried them all
 myself to see if they work. I'm sorry if you can't get them to work.

 Mario Mask 
 Submitted by: Me

 This isn't a joke, there is a Mario mask in MM, but you can't actually
 wear it or touch it, you can only look. First go to Clock town and into
 the clock tower doors where the Mask seller guy is. Go behiend him and 
 look at the masks on his back. There you have it, a Mario mask, he might 
 look a bit flat but its him alright. Use your zora mask for a better 
 view (He's taller than normal Link).

 Overworld theme 
 Submitted by: Me
 The cool tune that plays in termina field is the original overworld theme 
 tune from the old zelda games. Its reworked to sound better but the tune
 is basically the same.

 Submitted by: Me

 After you've played for a while you'll notice little statues of cows in 
 the shops and houses of clock town. There is one in every shop. Except 
 I think the Honey and Darlings games shop. They might look like they're 
 there just for decoration but go into a shop on the 3rd day and you'll
 see that they're actually earthquake meters. Watch their heads bounce 
 up and down to an earthquake.

 Clocks work
 Submitted by: Me

 I'm not sure if this is really a secret but I'll include it anyway. All
 the clocks around termina work and you can use them to tell the time. 
 For information on how to tell the time from them see my "The Clocks" 
 guide which is also in gamefaq's.

 Dolphin on observatory floor
 Submitted by: Me

 Go to the observatory. Down the stairs, near the the scarecrow there are 
 some pots on the floor. Smash them and look at the floor. You should 
 see a picture of a dolphin. Are the development team trying to hint at a 
 new zelda game for GAMECUBE (known as Dolphin before launch) in 

 Secret song score in field
 Submitted by: Me

 Go to the north of termina field, the part with all the snow and ice. 
 Jump down the cliff near to the ramp where you can walk down. Turn 
 around and on the stone wall you will see a musical score on the wall
 with ocarina notes on it. Play the notes on it, as goron link, and you
 will get rupees from the picture of the skull kid above it. The song is
 randomly generated each time you return, sometimes its even one of the
 old ocarina songs from Ocarina of Time. 

 Paper plane
 Submitted by:Me

 In the Ikana valley in the castle ruins(The place with the huge door 
 that you can't open). Go onto the roof and then onto the pillars. At the 
 very last pillar on the right hand side there is a paper aeroplane. You 
 can't touch it or pick it up. You can only look at it.

 Stars in the night sky
 Submitted by: Me
 At night the sky in termina is filled with stars. If you didn't look 
 carefully you would think that they were just randomly placed dots.
 But if you do look carefully then you will begin to notice some
 constialtions. I'm not and astronomer so I can only find two but if
 anyone knows anymore look at the "Need your help" section for details
 on how to contribute to the guide. Back to the secrets section. The 
 two that I know of are orion and the big dipper. Look in the night sky
 on the first day (the moon takes up less sky then) to see them.

 Submitted by: Me
 In the main square of Clock town there is a dog running about. Upon 
 further investigation I found that there are many secrets to do with
 this dog and the others like it dotted around Termina.

 Pick up the dog and throw it in to water. It will do the doggy paddle
 out of the pond. This might not seem like much but it shows how much
 attention to detail Nintendo put into their games.

 When link isn't wearing any masks the dog will ignore him but put on 
 one of your transformation masks and it will react differently.
 >Deku Scrub Mask : Wear this and the dog will growl at you, stand still
                    and it will jump at your face, sending you to the 
                    floor. You won't lose any health but it looks funny.
 >Goron Mask      : This time the dog will growl at you again. But run up
                    to it and try to punch it. The dog should get scared
                    and run away yelping.
 >Zora Mask       : For some reason the dog likes zora link. If you run up
                    to it it will sit in front of you run it head on your
                    legs ?! 

 Talk to the dog
 If you wear the Mask of Truth (do the skultula house in the swamp) and
 pick up the dog you can talk to it. This comes in handy when you are
 deciding which dog to pick in the doggy race track in the ranch.

 Gossip Stones
 These are the grey coloured stones located around Termina with the
 picture of a sort of eye on the front.

 If you use the mask of truth then you can talk to these stones which 
 are located all around Termina. They give you hints at what to do in
 the game.

 Other gossips stone info
 Gossip stones give you hints for the game but they do lots more too.
 Hit with sword/Normal arrow
 The gossip stone will wobble around and the screen will go blurry. The 
 time remaining will be displayed. If hit with arrow it won't tell the
 time remaining .

 Fire/Ice/Light arrow
 The gossip stone will spin around very fast, then stretch out tall and 
 pop back into its normal shape.

 The Gossip stone will start to flash blue, blue, red. Like a 3, 2, 1 
 count down and make a bleeping sound when it does this. After the count
 down it will blast off like a rocket and fly straight up until it hits 
 the roof or if you are outside it will fly very high in the air before 
 exploding. To make it come back leave the are that you are in and come 
 back again.

 Duku Scrub bubble attack/Goron punch
 The gossip stone will squash down flat to the ground, then pop back up 
 after a few seconds.

                              Need Your Help

 Thanks for reading the guide. Now its your turn to help. If you have any
 information on secrets in Majoras Mask them email them to me at;
 Please put you header as MM guide so its easier for me to separate those
 emails from the rest of the stuff I get. If you send in something thats 
 not already in the guide I'll give you credit for it. If more than one
 person sends in something then the first person the send it in will get 
 the credit for that secret.  

 Thanks to;
 Nintendo, for making the best Zelda game yet.
 You, for reading this FAQ. I hope that you enjoy trying all the things 


 The end,
 Guide copyright Niall Mc Laughlin.