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: : : : The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Quick Walkthrough

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Quick Walkthrough

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Bomb Mask-------

Save the old lady in north clock town on the first night. 

All Night Mask-------

First save the old Laidy In north Clock town on the first night, then you can buy the mask from the curiosity shop on the last night. 

Sone Mask-------

Use the Lens of Truth At the stone ring In the Ikana Canyonk, Give the soldier you see there a red potion, and he gives you the stone mask. 

Great Fairy's Mask-------

Get it from the great fairy in clock town by Saving her as Link, not deku link 

Keaton Mask-------

Talk to inn keeper with Kafeis mask on right after the mailman stops there on the first day, Meet her at 11:30, Mail the letter, after the letter is delivered, ring the bell at the lower left part of clock town. Talk to Kafei, Deliver the Pendant, go to talk to Kafei on the last day at 18:00, hes not there, but The man from the curiosity shop gives you the keaton mask. 

Bremen Mask-------

Talk to Guru-Guru on the first or second night at the lower left part of clocktown. 
Don Gero's Mask-------

Save the Cold Hungry goron on the ledge by the weapon Smith, Give him food from one of the pots hanging in the sealing of the Goron City. 

Goron Mask-------

Follow the goron hero to his shrine to get the mask. He can be found by the owl in the goron sity. 

Romani's Mask-------

Help The farm Girl Deliver milk to the milk bar. 

Circus Leaders Mask-------

On the last night go to the milk bar, then play music for her. She will like the song, and you get his mask. 

Kafei's Mask-------

Get it from the mayors wife in the Drawing room of the mayors house on the first or second day. 

Zora Mask-------

Get it by saving the Zora guitarist from the bad water in the great bay. 

Kamaro's Mask-------

Go out of town to the North, go left till you see a man dancing on a mushroom, Play the song of healing to him. 

Gibdo Mask-------

Get it by saving the pop in the music box, Play the song of storms in the Room with the ghost that tries to kill you, water will come out, and then the mummies around the house are gone and you can get in and go downstairs, the man there is mummified, play the song of healing for him. 

Garo's Mask-------

Win the horse Race. 

Captains Hat-------

Beat up the big skeleton by the Graveyard. 

Giant Mask-------

Get it in the 4th Temple. 

Postman Hat-------

Give the mailman the First class letter on the last day, then follow him to the gate out of town, and he will give you his hat.