The Legend of Zelda: Majora\'s Mask Heart Piece FAQ v2.0
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: : : : The Legend of Zelda: Majora\'s Mask Heart Piece FAQ

The Legend of Zelda: Majora\'s Mask Heart Piece FAQ

by mex51   Updated to v2.0 on
| Majora's Mask Heart Piece FAQ version 1.0|
|By "mex51"|


|About This FAQ|

I was inspired to write a complete Majora's Mask heart piece FAQ while playing
through Majora's Mask (my absolute favorite game). I decided that while I would
be collecting the 52 pieces of heart scattered throughout Termina it would be
worthwhile to catalogue my findings so that they could be of use to other
tavelers later on. In the FAQ you'll find detailed explanations of how to find
all 52 pieces of heart in The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, as well as every
answer to Keaton's Quiz and the locations of each of the frogs that make up the
famous Don Gero Quintet! Yes, you shouldn't have a problem finding any of the
pieces of heart...Nabbing them might be another story.


|Clock Town|
|15 pieces total|

1) The first heart piece can be found sitting on the ledge right in front of the
Clock Tower. You can't miss this one! Just grab it when you fly over to the
clock tower entrance on the eve of the third day.
2) As human link, climb up the slide in North Clock Town and jump across the
pillar into the tree to claim the piece of heart.
3) It's tough, but you can win a piece of heart by winning the Deku Scrub
Playground game in North Clock Town three days in a row!
4) Do a jumping slash ten times in a row at the Swordsman School. Just choose
the expert course to initiate the training.
5) Win the timing minigame that the postman offers in the afternoon on the first
two days. Having the Bunny Hood makes this a lot easier!
6) After you receive the Postman' Hat (for having the Postman deliver the letter
to Madame Aroma) check any mailbox.
7) Once you've acquired Kamaro's Mask, dance in front of the Rosa Sisters, in
West Clock Town, on the night of the first day. They'll be so grateful for the
dance lesson that they'll give you a piece of heart and pronounce you their
8) The bank will give you a piece of heart for saving 5000 rupees...Better start
9 & 10) Use the All-Night Mask sold at the Curiosity Shop to stay awake during
Anju's Grandma's stories. You get a piece of heart for listening to each one!
11) Give a piece of paper to the mysterious hand that pops out of the toilet in
the Stock Pot Inn at night. A letter or title deed will suffice in the absence
of toilet paper.
12) Win the Treasure Maze game as a Goron and you'll find a piece of heart in
the chest at the end.
13) Win the "Perfect" at the Shooting Gallery in East Clock Town. You'll need to
hit all fifty Red Octoroks in order to claim this piece of heart!
14) Win the game featured at Honey & Darling's on each day. On the third day
you'll receive a heart piece as your prize.
15) Wear the Couple's Mask and head into the Mayor's Office. The Mayor will
instantly remember his wife and rush off to see her, but not before giving you a
piece of heart for reminding him of how important love is.

|Termina Field|
|5 pieces total|

16) There are four pits located around Termina Field that contain a quartet of
Gossip Stones. Transform into any form but human and play either the Goron
Lullaby, Sonata of Awakening, or New Wave Bossa Nova. Play the same song at each
of the four pits and the Gossip Stones will present you with a piece of heart.
17) Jump into the pit located just south of the entrance to the mountains (exit
Clock Town through the Northern Gate) and kill the pair of Dodongos. A chest
containing a piece of heart will appear upon defeating the gruesome twosome.
18) Bomb the rock located near the entrance to the desert and drop down into the
hole that was hidden underneath it. Shoot the hives located on the ceiling until
you break the one the drops a piece of heart. You'll need to transform into a
Zora in order to dive down and claim your prize.
19) This one's a bit tricky to find. Exit Clock Town via the Southern Gate (the
one that points you towards the swamp) and run to the nearest large tree that
you see in front of you. Just to the right of the tree, if you face the trunk
with Clock Town behind you, there's a large patch of brush. Scan above the brush
until you see a swarm of butterflies, then run towards them and you should fall
down a hole. You'll get a piece of heart if you're able to kill the Peahat
inside (cough arrows cough).
20) Use the telescope at the observatory to watch for the Akindo (Business
Scrub) who live inside of the pit just outside of the observatory. When you see
him fly down into the hole, leave the observatory and chase after him. Haggle
with him a bit and you may be able to get him to lower the price of the piece of

|7 pieces total|

21) On the Swamp Road shoot down as many Keese as you can, then climb up into
the tree where they were perched to find a piece of heart.
22) The first time you get a "Perfect" at the Swamp shooting Gallery, you get a
Quiver upgrade. The second time you will receive a piece of heart for your skill
with the bow.
23) Trade the Land Title Deed for the Mountain Title Deed and use the Akindo's
Flower to fly up to the piece of heart that's resting on top of the Tour Guide's
24) Turn in a photo of either the Deku Kind, or the Judge's missing son Tingle,
and you'll be rewarded with a piece of heart.
25) In the far west portion of the Deku Palace you'll be able to spot a piece of
heart from above the sentry scrubs. Sneak by and nab your prize while they
aren't looking!
26) Use the Deku Flowers to fly all the way around Woodfall Temple until you
reach a stump with a chest containing a piece of heart on top of it.
27) After clearing Woodfall Temple, beat Koume's Boat Cruise Shooting Game with
a total score of 20 or more.

|Mountain Village|
|4 pieces total|

28) Trade the Mountain Title Deed to the Akindo for the Ocean Title Deed, and
use his Flower to reach the piece of heart nearby.
29) When the Frozen Lake thaws in spring, slap on the Zora's Mask and dive to
bottom of the lake and open the treasure chest.
30) Use the Scare-Crow Song to summon the Scare-Crow to the distant ledge on
Snowhead Pass, then use your Hookshot to grapple over to him. (You'll need the
Lens of Truth in order to see this piece of heart!)
31) In spring, reunite all five members of the frog quintet in the village using
Don Gero's Mask. The group will be so happy to finally be reunited under their
famed conductor that they'll cough up a piece of heart just for you (him)! The
frogs can be found in the following locations:

    1) Clock Town: Located near the tree in the Laundry Pool.
    2) Woodfall Temple: After beating Gekko, he will turn into one of the frogs.
    3) Southern Swamp: Located on a log near the Big Octorok.
    4) Great Bay Temple: Beat Gekko again.
    5) Mountain Village: After defeating Ghot, you'll warp out to the thawed
       pool. Speak to the frogs once all five are present and they'll reward you with a
       piece of heart for reuniting them once again.

**Remember, you need to speak to each frog while wearing Don Gero's Mask in
order to get them to appear in the Mountain Village in spring.

|Great Bay|
|10 pieces total|

32) In the underground tunnel portion of the Gerudo Fortress, hit the switch and
make a mad dash for the heart piece located behind the gate.
33) Plant a Magic Bean and ride the plant up until you reach a small alcove. Use
the Scare-Crow Song to summon a target, then Hookshot over to the piece of
34) After you complete the Great Bay Temple, take the fisherman's boat to the
island and score a 20 on the jumping game.
35) Kill all of the Sea Snakes at Pinnacle Rock to reunite the two seahorse
lovers and get a piece of heart for your trouble.
36) Interrogate the Stalchildren in the Ocean Spider House. They'll each give
you a piece of the password -the order in which you need to shoot the colored
masks on the wall- which will open up a room containing a piece of heart.
37) Use your Hookshot to get to the second floor in Mikau's room in Zora Hall,
and read the song ideas he had written down in his diary before he passed away.
Go to the bassist's room and flesh out the songs, then head to band-leader Evan
and play the final version for him as human link.
38) Trade the Ocean Title Deed for the Canyon Title Deed and use the Akindo's
Flower to reach the piece of heart in the upper portion of the room.
39) Feed five small fish to the large fish in the Marine Research Lab. The big
guy will be so full that he'll cough up a piece of heart!
40) Drop all the way to the bottom of the waterfall's basin and kill the Like
41) After winning the Empty bottle from the Beaver Brothers, challenge them to
another race and beat their record time of 1:50 and they'll give up a piece of

|Romani Ranch|
|1 piece total|

42) The only heart piece to be found on the ranch must be won at the Doggy Race
Track. Use the Mask of Truth to pick a winning pooch and bet the max, you'll win
a piece of heart if you manage to win 150 rupees in a single day!

|5 pieces total|

43) Have the Stalchildren smash open the grave stone in the Ikana Graveyard on
day two. Use the Lens of Truth to find your way to the end of the tunnel and
claim your prize.
44) Sell the Canyon Title Deed to the Akindo for 200 rupees, then use his Flower
to reach the piece of heart located on the cliff nearby.
45) When you reach the roof of Ikana Castle, walk around the railing, shoot the
nearby switch, and use the Deku Flower to fly to the heart piece on the north
46) Kill all four of the Poe Sisters in under 3 minutes and you can win a piece
of heart from the Ikana Canyon Ghost Hut.
47) There's a Secret Shrine located behind the waterfall in the canyon, and you
can win a piece of heart there by defeating four old mini-bosses. You'll need
the Light Arrows and at least 16 heart pieces in order to be considered eligible
for the challenge though.

|Final Mini Dungeons|
|4 pieces total|

The final four dungeons can only be accessed once you've acquired all 20 of the
game's magical masks (excluding the transformation masks) and speak with each of
the four children wearing a mask representing one of the game's four bosses.

48) In the Odolwa Dungeon, use the Yellow Deku Flower located on the final
spinner to reach the heart piece.
49) Simply follow the path stretched out in front of you, and jump across the
gap using the Goron Roll, to reach the piece of heart in Ghot's Dungeon.
50) In the Gyorg Dungeon, take the left-most waterway and hug the wall until you
reach the room containing a piece of heart.
51) Use Bombchus to reach the piece of heart located in the final room of the
Twinmold Dungeon.

After beating all four of the game's final dungeons, speak with the child
wearing Majora's Mask to receive the game's most powerful mask - the Fierce
Diety Mask!

|Keaton's Quiz|
|1 piece total|

52) The final piece of heart (depending on the order in which you've done
things) can be won by answering all of the questions that Keaton's ask you
correctly. Start by summoning Keaton: don the Keaton Mask and go to an area
where the weeds run away from you (like the circle of weeds in North Clock
Town). Slash all of the weeds before they disappear and Keaton will appear
before you, and offer you three randomly selected quiz questions. Answer all
three correctly and he'll bestow upon you the final piece of heart,

What kind of a heart piece FAQ would this be if I didn't supply you with all of
the answers to Keaton's questions? One that doesn't cater to the lazy gamer,
that's what kind of FAQ it would be! :)

There are thirty possible questions that Keaton can ask you, each time you
summon him the questions will be different. Listed below are all thirty of the
quiz questions, as well as thirty answers to match.

Q) What time does Romani go to bed?
A) 8 o' Clock

Q) What time does Romani wake up?
A) 6 o' Clock

Q) How many levels will the festival tower be when it's completed?
A) 4

Q) What is Tingle's Spell? Tingle, Tingle...
A) Kooloo-Limpah!

Q) What tribe does Darmani belong to?
A) Goron

Q) Which weapon does Romani practice with?
A) Bow

Q) How many balloons does Romani use for practice?
A) 1

Q) What tribe does Mikau belong to?
A) Zora

Q) What kind of instrument doesthe Skull Kid use?
A) Flute

Q) What song does Romani teach you?
A) Epona's Song

Q) What is Anju's bad habit?
A) Apologizing right away

Q) What is Anju bad at?
A) Cooking

Q) How old is tingle?
A) 35

Q) Is tingle left-handed or right-handed?
A) Right-handed

Q) How many mailboxes are there in Clock Town?
A) 5

Q) How many cows are there in Romani Ranch?
A) 3

Q) How many cow statues are there in Clock Town?
A) 10

Q) What is the name of the Indigo-Go's lead singer?
A) Lulu

Q) How many cuccos are there in the Romani Ranch coop?
A) 1

Q) How many Indigo-Gos members are there?
A) 5

Q) What is the name of the best milk?
A) Romani Ranch

Q) What is your nickname at Romani Ranch?
A) Grasshopper

Q) What is the festival's name?
A) Carnival of Time

Q) What does the Bomb Shop owner call his mom?
A) Mama

Q) What is the name of Clock Town's mayor?
A) Dotour

Q) What is the name of Anju's father?
A) Tortas

Q) What is the name of the Bomber's leader?
A) Jim

Q) What color are Tingle's pants?
A) Red

Q) Where does Cremia bring the milk bottles?
A) Milk Bar

Q) What is the name of Clock Town's hotel?
A) Stock Pot Inn

Copyright "mex51", 2009. All rights reserved.