The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Speed Run Guide
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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Speed Run Guide

by Thief Padreic   Updated on
General Info
Hello, and welcome to my Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask speed run guide! This
game was released on the Nintendo 64 and takes place around the time of Ocarina
of Time. I decided to make a guide for the run because #1, I had some time, #2,
I really like this game, and #3, because everyone wants a faster way through the

As long as I’ve known about speed runs I’ve wanted to do one, but I always
thought it was too much work. I started seriously thinking about doing one after
experimenting with Bomb Jumps in the Snowhead Temple. I found that you could
skip over half the temple using that handy technique. I improved it even further
after learning about Bombchu Hovering. I made a walkthrough specifically for
Snowhead and submitted it a forum. They rejected it, but fortunately that only
made me more determined, so instead of focusing on one temple, I decided to make
a guide for the whole game.

Guide Information
My guide starts as soon as you control Link for the first time. Don’t hurry
here, take time to get money. The three days doesn’t start until after you get
the Ocarina of Time back from the Skull Kid.

If you have never played Majora’s Mask before, I HIGHLY suggest you use a normal
walkthrough. Mine will require a good understanding of the game and how it

In the guide I will have a number in brackets after a set of instructions. That
is how many Bombchus I used to complete that specific hover. You may use more or
less, depending on how soon you let go of the Bombchu.

I suggest you read through the whole guide before you play it, and a practice
run or two wouldn’t hurt either. At the beginning of each section I say how long
that section takes. Make sure you are within a couple in game minutes of my
time; it becomes important when it comes to getting the bomb bag and when
fighting the aliens at Romani Ranch. (upcoming versions)

Boss battles aren’t my best, so I have pretty pathetic boss/mini boss
strategies. If you have a better way to dispose of the pesky guys let me know.
My contact info is at the end of the guide.

*Note: The purpose of this run is NOT to get the world record time that can be
found at The sole purpose of this guide is to beat the
game in the three day cycle. Don’t be upset if you don’t get a world record
*Note #2: This route requires knowledge of Bombchu Hovering and Bomb Jumping. I
won’t explain it here, search for it on the internet and you should easily find
out how. Be sure to master both these. It makes this much easier.

Wasting time as Deku Link (WTDL)
Starting the Run (STRU)
Woodfall Temple (WOTE)
To Snowhead (TOSN)
Snowhead Temple (SNTE)
To Stone Tower Temple (TSTT)
Stone Tower Temple (STTE)
Getting Eggs (GEEG)
To the Great Bay Temple (TGBT)
Great Bay Temple (GBTE)
Versions (VENS)
Contact (COCT)
Copyright Info (COIN)

Wasting time as Deku Link (WTDL)
As soon as you can take control of Link run over and slash at the bushes. As
soon as you have all the rupees, run through the log. Slash at the grass here as
well, then make your way up the stumps and run through the doorway. After the
cut-scene twirl around the grass circle and get more money. Open the door and
make your way down the tunnel. After Tatl talks to you, drop down, twirl around
to destroy the grass to get more money. Use the flowers to make your way to the
door and go through it. In this room, use the flowers to make your way from
platform to platform. Don’t forget to open the chest for the Deku Nuts. Go past
the tree thing and enter the twisty corridor. Make your way up the pathway until
the Mask Salesman talks to you. Exit the room through the door up the steps.

Walk south and a little bit west, to where Kafei is walking down the steps. Go
up these same steps to get to the Laundry pool. In the corner there is a box
with 5 rupees in it, so get that and also get the Fairy. Go to North Clocktown
and cut the grass to get rupees. *Every time you enter North Clocktown I would
suggest cutting the grass. It’s a good way to get some rupees, and it doesn’t
take much time. Remember, you can take as long as you want during these first
three days. The timing doesn’t start until you get your Ocarina and go back in
time.* If you have more than 10 rupees, fly into the fenced off area and play
the Deku Flying Game. If you win you get 50 rupees. Not too shabby. You can play
as many times as you want, but be sure to always beat your previous time. After
you play, exit the fenced area and enter the cave to the west. Deposit the
Fairy, then leave. Pop the balloon that Jim is trying to pop, and then play his
game. There are two Bombers in North Clocktown, two in East Clocktown, and one
in West Clocktown. While in WCT, deposit what money you have into the bank. Be
sure that before you go up the tower at 12:00 on the 3rd day you have at least
200 rupees in the bank.

After you get all the Bombers and their code, go to ECT and enter their hideout.
Make your way over the water and up the ladder to the observatory. Near the
Scarecrow there are 3 pots, two of which have 5 rupees in them. Go up the steps
ant talk to the old man. Look through the telescope and zoom in on the Skull Kid
that is on the top of the clock tower. After the cut-scene, exit the observatory
through the door and get the Moon’s Tear. Make your way back through the Hideout
and go to South Clocktown. Talk to the business scrub that owns the yellow
flower, and give him the Moon’s Tear. Now you can waste time getting more
rupees, or if you have more than 200 in the bank, you can use the scarecrows and
the old woman in the Stock Pot Inn to skip forward in time. When it’s 12:00 on
the third day, go up the tower and blow a bubble at the Skull Kid. Grab your
Ocarina and play the Song of Time that you just remembered. Select yes.

Starting the Run (STRU)
 *REMEMBER: you are now being timed, so be as fast as possible. Be sure to be
close to my time.*

Immediately play the Inverted Song of Time, then go under the clock tower and
talk to the Mask Salesman. After he gets mad at you he’ll teach you the Song of
Healing. Exit the tower and hit the owl statue. Go to WCT and take out 200
rupees. Enter the Bomb Shop and buy the Bomb Bag and 20 Bombchus. Exit Clocktown
through the southern exit and get the Milk Road owl. Exit Milk Road and go to
the Southern Swamp. Hop across the lily pads to get to the witches hut. Don’t go
into the hut, but go into the Woods of Mystery. As soon as you enter the woods,
take the left door, then the right, the right again, then go straight, then left
then left again. Talk to the witch on the ground while normal Link. Exit through
any of the three exits and go talk to the witch in the hut. She’ll give you a
bottle with a red potion. Make your way back through the woods and give the
witch there the potion. After you do, make your way back across the lily pads to
first hut you saw. Talk to the Witch and say you want to go on the ride.

Enjoy the boat ride, and when you get the Deku Palace, get off. Talk to the
monkey, and then follow him through the door. Turn into Deku Link and talk to
the guards. They’ll let you through, and then go into the west garden. Avoid the
guards, then drop down the hole. Fill your bottle with water and talk to the
bean guy to get a Magic Bean. Exit the grotto and get caught by one of the
guards to get tossed out. Hop across the lily pads to the west and plant the
bean in the soft soil. Empty the bottle of water on it then watch it grow. Hop
aboard then at the apex jump into the doorway. Skip each flower that already
houses a Deku, making sure to not get hit by their projectiles. After you get
across both sides of the garden, go through the door and talk to the monkey in
Deku form. He’ll teach you the Sonata of Awakening.

After you get tossed out, hop across the lily pads to the platform that’s
sticking out of the wall. Hop into the flower and enter the big black empty
space. Avoid the big electric dragonflies and make your way to the waterfall. By
the falls there is a stone with a song engraved on it. Learn the Song of
Soaring, fly across the waterfall and enter the doorway. Make your way up the
walkways, killing the Dekus and the other dudes. When you land on the last
platform, hit the owl statue and get the pots, bottling the fairy and grabbing
the other goodies. As a Deku play the Sonata of Awakening to make the temple
emerge, and then Deku fly across and enter.

Woodfall Temple (WOTE)
When you enter the temple, ignore the stray Fairy. Use the flowers to fly to the
other end of the room and enter the door. To your left in this room there is a
Deku Baba. Kill it and get the stick it produces. Along the right wall of the
room on the second level is a platform, Bombchu hover to it (5). Go through the
door and then the southern door in the next room. Jump slash the lizard with a
Deku Stick to kill him in one blow, then retrieve the bow from the chest.
Transform into Deku Link and go out the door. Run straight off the edge and hop
to the flower in the middle of the room. Shoot the eye above you with an arrow,
then use the flower to fly to the platform as the flower is rising.

Mini Boss: Slash at him when he comes at you right away. When he comes at you on
his turtle, drop a Bombchu at him, then shoot him with an arrow when he’s on the
ceiling. Repeat three times to dispose of him, and then grab the Boss Key.

Exit the room and fly to the ledge on the right and then go through the door.
Step on the switch, then light the torch in the center of the room. Hop on the
now spinning platform and shoot the torch in the corner of the room by shooting
through the flame. Hop off and go through the door that you opened by shooting
the torch. Hop onto the lower east platform and shoot the crystal, then fly to
the door on the north side.

Boss: Shoot him with an arrow, and then jump slash until dead.

To Snowhead (and other places) (TOSN)
Exit the room (without bottling the princess), and warp to Milk Road. Make your
way up to the big boulder and Bombchu Hover over the rock (at the side, so you
use less of them) (6). Talk to Romani and do the target practice. After you beat
it warp to Milk Road and play Epona’s Song. Race the brothers and win the Garo’s
Mask. Warp to Clocktown and stock up on bombs/bombchus if you need any. Exit
Clocktown through the west exit and call Epona. Jump over the seawall and make
your way to the beach. Swim out into the water and push Mikau to shore. Don’t
bother talking to him, play the Song of Healing right away. He’ll die and you’ll
get the mask. Swim to the Laboratory and get the owl there. From the Laboratory,
swim to the Pirate’s Fortress. Swim through the patrolled inner lake to the big
pound button. From the pound button, Bombchu Hover across the gap (7). Go up the
ramp and enter the fortress. Make your way to the ladder, stunning whatever
Pirates get in your way. Cross the bridge and go through the door. Go to the
window, watch the cut-scene, and then shoot the hornet nest. Turn around and go
out the door you came in from. Turn right and jump down. Enter the door there
and make your way to the chest. Open it to get the Hookshot. Use the Hookshot to
fall into the talk. Turn into Zora Link, grab the egg in the bottle, and then
exit the tank. Warp to the Laboratory and deposit the egg.

Make your way to the Waterfall Rapids, but stop and destroy all the pots (if you
need the cash). Hookshot up the trees and beat the beavers to get another
bottle. Exit the rapids and jump down. Swim around the island out in the bay and
get the Zora Cape Owl. Warp to Clocktown and exit through ECT. Call Epona go
into the Ikana area. Jump the fences until you get the guy sitting on the cliff.
Put on the Garo’s Mask and talk to the guy. He will make a stump appear which
you can Hookshot to. Make your way past the boulders and enter Ikana Canyon.
Walk left of the wooden dock and Hookshot to the stump across the river (it is
possible!) Make your way up the cliff and get the Ikana Canyon Owl. Warp

Warp back to Clocktown and get any Bombchus that you might need. Exit through
North Clocktown and destroy the ice blocking the way to the mountain. Make your
way up the path and get the Mountain Village Owl. Make your way to the Goron
Village and talk the Baby Goron in the shrine. Exit the shrine and talk to the
owl. Hop across the blocks to get the cave and get the Lens of Truth. Warp the
Mountain Village Owl and climb the wall to get to the graveyard. Play the Song
of Healing to the ghost and get the Goron Mask. After the lengthy cut-scene put
on the Goron Mask and pull out the stone. Bottle up some warm water and roll off
the cliff and to the frozen Elder. Unfreeze him and learn the Intro. Talk to the
Baby Goron again and he’ll teach you the rest of the Goron Lullaby. Warp back to
the Mountain Village Owl and roll up the path to Snowhead. Get the Snowhead Owl,
put the big Goron to sleep and roll up the spiral to get to the temple.

Snowhead Temple (SNTE)
As soon as you can control yourself, transform into Goron Link and push the big
block then take the door to the right. Roll across the bridge and then go
through the door on the left. Roll to the yellow door and go through it. In this
room pull the block out twice then go behind it to get the key from a chest.
Backflip onto the chest then bomb jump onto the block that you pulled out. From
on the block jump to the ledge and then go through the door. In this room bomb
the cracked wall and go up the stairs. From the bridge that you appear on bomb
jump to the bridge to your left and go through the door there.

Mini Boss: Goron Punch him when he appears to kill him in four blows. After he’s
dead open the chest for the Fire Arrows.

When you exit bomb jump to your left again and un-freeze the doorway. Go up the
stairs and Bombchu Hover across to the covered walkway. Goron punch all the big
snowballs then go up the stairs. At the top roll off and onto the bridge to the
right. Go through the door to fight mini boss. Use the same strategy as before
to dispose of him. Once he’s dead go through the newly opened door to get the
Boss Key. Walk to the end of the bridge and look down. You should see a snowball
sticking out from the covered walkway. Shoot it with a fire arrow then jump off
toward the walkway. When you get level with the roof of the covered walkway,
swing your sword and you should move forward enough to land on the walkway.
Punch your way to the top and then roll to the boss door.

Boss: Shoot a Fire Arrow at him and while the first arrow is still in the air
equip normal arrows. Transform into a Goron, run behind you and smash the pot to
get arrows. Roll to the corner and shoot arrows at Goht while he’s shooting
electricity at you. If you do it right he will stand there and miss every time,
while you hit him every time. If he does hit you, then roll after him like you
traditionally would.

To Stone Tower Temple (TSTT)
Immediately warp to Clocktown and go to North Clocktown. Wait until 12:15, then
save the old woman from Sakon (use your sword to get him to drop the bag, NOT an
arrow). After she thanks you and gives you the Bomb Mask, Warp back to the
Clocktown Owl and go to the bomb shop and buy the big bomb bag (90 rupees). Fill
up on Bombchus as well because you will really need them from now on.

After you have everything you need, warp yourself to Milk Road and Bombchu Hover
over the rock again (6).  Wait for the aliens to come and kill them all. You’ll
get a bottle for your efforts. Once that is complete, warp to Mountain Village
and make your way to Goron Village and talk to the Business Scrub and trade the
Big Bomb Bag and 200 rupees for the biggest Bomb Bag. Warp to Ikana Canyon and
in Goron form; roll up the hill and to Stone Tower.

Hop across the blocks and grapple up, then grapple up again. From the top of the
second grapple tower, Bombchu Hover across the pit to the other side. (if you
side jump you can make in it 12-14). Grapple up twice more and repeat the hover
technique to get to the other side (12-14). All you have to do now is grapple up
three times more and hit the owl. Warp back to Clocktown to buy Bombchus (a
green potion or two for the boss battle wouldn’t hurt either) and then go back
to Stone Tower via the Song of Soaring. Bombchu Hover across the pit and into
the temple (11 side hop)

Stone Tower Temple (STTE)
In the first room go to the door on the right and enter it. You should find
yourself facing a big block with a sun on it. Bombchu Hover over the block (7)
and make your way onto the bridge. Change into Mikau and swim through the small
tunnel that’s in the wall under the bridge. When you exit the tunnel, turn
around and dolphin jump onto the ledge to find a chest that holds a key. Get it
and go back through the tunnel and onto the bridge. Use the key on the door. At
the far end of this new room is another sun block. Repeat the hover to get over
it, then drop off and go out the door. Change into Deku and fly around the room
to the door, and go through it.

Mini Boss: When he charges at you side jump out of the way and jump slash at
him. If you have Deku Sticks, use them. When defeated a chest will appear with
light arrows.

Warp the entrance, exit the temple, and then warp to Stone Tower. This next part
is tricky to do, plus hard to explain. Facing the temple, stand as close behind
the switch on the left as you can without pressing it down, and fire a Light
Arrow at the place where the red switch is (behind the big block). As soon as
you release the arrow, step onto the switch. If done correctly the cut-scene of
the block coming out should confuse the animation of the arrow, making the game
think you hit the switch. The temple should turn upside-down. Hop across the
blocks and into the now right side-down temple.

Go through the door on the right and shoot a light arrow at the sun block. Walk
across the bridge and through the tunnel. About halfway down the tunnel there is
a switch. Step on it and go back to get the key. Go all the way through the
tunnel and kill the hand at the far end. Jump off the edge to the left to land
on the platform below. Enter the door and walk through the covered walkway,
making sure that you don’t get hit by the bubbles (you don’t know the Song of
Storms, so you can’t unjinx yourself).

Mini Boss: Dodge his attacks the shoot him with a Light Arrow to dispel the
bats. Shoot him again to do damage. If you run low on magic or arrows, kill the
bats. After he’s dead, get the boss key.

Go back out the way you came in, through the covered walkway. In the next room
fly across to the other side and follow the path to the left and go through the
door. Jump onto the platform that’s out a bit and step on the switch. Warp to
the Entrance and grapple to the chest on the roof so that you fall on the
bridge. Go through the door to meet the Eyegore. To kill him just avoid his
smashes and lasers then shoot him in the eye. Grab the Giant’s Mask in the chest
after he’s done and go through the door. Finally, hit the switch, grapple to the
chest, grapple over the spiked log and grab all the pots on the floor. Enter
through the door and jump into the pit.

Boss: Put on the Giant’s Mask and slash at the heads or tails to inflict damage.
Destroy the chunks of stone scattered around the field to get magic and health
if you run low.

Getting Eggs (GEEG)
Stock up at Clocktown, then soar to the Laboratory Owl in Great Bay. Hop into
the water and swim your way to the Pirate’s Fortress (again). Make your way back
through the patrolled lagoon and up to the Goron Pound spot. Now that you have
the Hookshot you can grapple to the far side. Go up the ramp and enter the

Walk to the left and go up the stairs. When you come to the grapple tower look
straight ahead. You should see a dark doorway that’s across the gap. Well, by
this point you should be pretty good at Bombchu Hovering, so you should be able
to make it in 3 jumps. Hop in the tank and grab the egg, then exit through the
same door you came in from. Hookshot to the grapple, then continue up the
stairs. At the very edge of the platform, beside the roof, roll and jump off the
platform, being sure to be almost parallel to the edge, but not quite. In the
air push right to adjust your fall so you land on the platform below (it is
easier in Zora form). Enter the door there and jump in the tank and grab your
second egg. Exit through the same door you came in from and grapple to the point
up and slightly to the right, then jump down. Follow the wall and go past the
entrance to the fortress. When the wall turns away from you look up, way up.
There’s a doorway up there. Bombchu Hover all the way up there and enter the
door (10-12). Grab the last egg and warp the Laboratory. Deposit your three eggs
into the tank, and then warp back to the Laboratory.

Jump into the water and swim to where the two big pillars of stone stick out of
the water. Swim through them and dive down to the ground. To get through the
murky waters without the horse fish, turn right at the first sign. Go past the
next one, then turn left at the next one. From then on turn where the signs tell
you to go until you get to the big pit.

 Egg number one is straight from the entrance and down a bit. Get the eel twice
with your electric shield then bottle the egg. The second egg is at the far side
on the right and slightly down from the first. Repeat the shield procedure there
as well. The last egg is at the very bottom straight across from the second.
After you get the third egg swim straight up and slightly to the left to find
the exit. Swim straight into the mist to get transported to the rocks, then swim
to the Laboratory and deposit the eggs. Lear the New Wave Bossa Nova then warp
to Zora Cape. If you have less than 15/20 Bombchus, get some at Clocktown. As
Mikau play the New Wave Bossa Nova and Hookshot the big turtle

Great Bay Temple (GBTE)
Go straight through the first door and immediately jump on he elevator to the
left. When the elevator gets to the top jump onto the red spout. From there,
bomb jump to the red tap and turn it on. Zora swim to the underwater yellow tap
and turn it, then get onto the other yellow tap and turn that one on. Hop onto
the part that turns and Bombchu Hover onto the yellow spout (5). Hop off the
spout and go through the entrance into the whirlwater room.

Jump into the water and swim to the very bottom. Go through the path that has
only one pipe, a red one. In the room it takes you to walk up the red pipe and
bomb jump to the red tap (in Zora form). Jump back in the water and make your
way back to the center room. Swim into the tunnel with a red and a green pipe.
When you enter the room that it takes you too take a sharp right and hit the
stilt holding up the platform at the far end. If done right you should jump out
of the water and onto the platform.

In the room on the other side of the door kill the Jelly and Bombchu Hover onto
the tap, then turn it on (4). Exit the room and dive into the water. Go into the
passage on the right, following it to the end. Dolphin jump out and go through
the door. Bomb jump (in Zora form) to the opening in the screen and open the
chest for the Boss Key.  Hop in the water and make your way through the passages
to the main room. Find the path that has only one green pipe and go down it. In
the room that it leads you to, walk up the pipe and then Bombchu Hover to the
platform on the far side. Enter the boss door and jump down the hole.

Boss: Shoot him with an arrow, then jump in the water and hit him with your
electric shield. There are pots of magic in the corner, pots and arrows on the
platform, and the little fish give you health if you kill them.

Ta Da! You just beat the game in 3 days! All that’s left is to go to the Clock
Tower at 12:00 on the final day and beat Majora! Congratulations!

I would like to thank all the past Speed Runners, especial those at SDA for
giving me tips with bottles and Ikana Canyon. I planned most of the run by
myself without consulting videos or walkthroughs of others, but the
pre-mentioned sections and the Great Bay temple I did consult past runs.

Q: What is Bombchu Hovering and how do I do it?
A: Go look on Google and/or Youtube. It should be fairly simple to find.

Q: Where are the fairies in the temples and what to the Great Fairies give you
for finding them all?
A: My guide is not designed to get all the fairies. Getting them all slows down
your time   considerably, which we don’t want in this guide.

Q: Where are Heart Pieces?
A: Won’t tell you for same reasons as above.

Q: How can I get ________ Mask
A: Same reasons as above.

Versions (VENS)
0.1 – The first version. Includes the path from the very beginning to the end of
the Great Bay Temple (in this guide, Great Bay is done after Stone Tower)
0.2 – Tweaked the route slightly and fixed some errors
0.3 – First version available to the public. Again, a slightly tweaked route
with a tad bit more detail
0.4 – Yay! Now in paragraph form! Other than that it’s exactly the same as above

Contact (COCT)
If you find a mistake or have a question, feel free to contact me at Please read the ENTIRE walkthrough before contacting me. If
you need help, you will most likely find what you need on, so check
there before you contact me. Make sure you mention the guide in the subject
line, or else I will count it as trash. Also, please type legibly so I can
understand what you want.

Copyright Info (COIN)
The guide it’s self is copyright me, Jonah, AKA mex, mex51, ect… It is to be
used for personal use only – don’t pretend it’s yours because it’s not! If you
copy any part of this walkthrough in your own walkthrough, you are able to be
punished under law, so remember that! You can post this on your own site so long
as you don’t alter it at all, and if you let me know first.