The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Glitches

another way to be fierce diety link outside of bosses
1st, go to terimina field. 2nd, go outside of great bay where that small puddle of water is. 3rd,be a zora with fierce diety's mask set to the next button. 4th, go in the puddle and be on a slant. 5th, turn to kid link and dive. 6th, while you're underwater, turn to a zora and keep pressing B as fast as possible. it might take a few tries but it works.anyway, you should be moving like crazy. 7th, while you are moving, try to take the zora mask off. if B goes blank, you did it correctly. 8th, try to swim to land. note:you should still be a zora and A swim to land. once you hit land and can walk but not really move, pause and swap buttons for masks and put fierce diety's mask on.YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but your stuck... to undo, go in water and put on zora mask.
do not do...
1. talk to bombers or shopkeepers
2. go in to houses with multiple doors
3. buy things at stores
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