The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Tips

easy heart piece from bank and easy goth boss battle
for this to work properly, you have to be far in the storyline for this to work. the items you will need is romani's mask, light arrow, adult wallet. optional items are giant wallet, stone mask. go to your bank and withdrawal 230 or 240 rupees, depends on your quiver size. go across from you bank to the store that sells arrows. buy arrows till your quiver is full. at 10pm go to the bar and buy the expensive milk. drink it for infinite magic. play the soaring song to ikana canyon. go to the trail that leads back to town. you will see the flying skulls. use light arrows to destroy the flying skulls. you will get fifty rupees every kill. this investment will pay off in no time. when your wallet is full, just deposit it in the bank. repeat till you get the heart piece.
now for the goth boss in the mountain temple. it is not that hard, but most people face it, they see the goat fall down, and stop rolling to punch the boss. instead of stopping, just keep on rolling. aim right between the legs so you will not be redirected away from goth. you will knock out a lot of his health that way.