The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Tips

How to get the Giant Wallet
(NOTE: This cheat is for those of us who have almost beat the game, but slacked off at the beggining: You can only do this cheat my way if you have the Zora mask and hookshot and bow)

It needs to be Day 1.
First you need to go to the Woodland Swamp. Past the building with a monkey waiting for you, change into the Deku scrub and hop on the lillys to get to a small island with a cave. Be prepared; you'll need sticks if you dont have arrows. Theres a web covering the entrance to the cave; use the fire-arrows or flaming stick, to get rid of it.
Once inside, there will be a deformed-spider-guy asking for your help, and a seemingly-pointless dog running around. Pick up the rock in the room: Do not continue through the door just yet. Pick up the rock, and collect all three beetles in a bottle; you'll need three bottles, or you'll have to go back and forth for the rest. Go through the door.
Now you're in a large room, facing a golden statue with blue eyes. Dont waste time shooting the eyes, you'll only get a few rubees, and you dont have alot of time. There will be dirt-squares with a hole in the middle on the walls, one of the second level. Use ONE bug to get the spider out; simply open the bottle facing the dirt. If nothing happens, scoop up your beetles and get closer.
Listen for the spiders; you can hear them moving. Check the pillars, and bust everything you see as you explore the rooms of the temple.
In one of the rooms, there are large decorated pots. Roll into them and two spiders in all should come out of either of them.
There is a tree there. Simply roll into the tree and the spiders will fall down.
Dont forget to bust open all the bee's nests! You cant hear the ones inside them, so you have to makesure you bust them all.
There are 30 spiders in all. By the time you're done, it needs to still be day, or night, 1.

After you get them all, go talk to the spiderguy. He should be a man now, and he blabs on and on, then gives you a mask; the Mask of Truth(the eye mask).

Next warp to Great Bay and swim as Zora(it's faster, but you can just swim as Link if you want) then go to the circular hut next to the fat, pirate-obsessed guy's house. Bomb open the crack in the wall. If you dont have bombs, go outside to the garden and bust up some ferns.
Got arrows? Hookshot?
Use your hookshot and collect the two spiders on the walls, then go down and look up. Use your firearrows and get rid of the webs. Then get the spider. Now hookshoot your way over the gate and go on your way to burn away all the webs on the first floor. Roll into every box and barrel you see; some spiders will fly out of them like the decorated pots in the temple.
Look up; check every black lining near the ceiling; some are scuttling around up there, and one is on a plank, legs sticking out.
As you explore, you'll get the hang of finding them; bust a box here, burn a web there, ect., until you get to the place where the skeletons are silently laughing. Bomb them, shoot them, kill them- doesnt matter. They wont hurt you unless you hurt them. Shoot the pitures down. Roll into the pots, and look up. Theres a black chandiler with three spiders. Use Zora and target them, then shoot them and you'll easily get the tokens.
What about the colored-mask faces near the fireplace thing?
Here's the pattern; shoot them in this order with your arrows: Green, Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Green.
Go in, and theres a chest. I forgot whats in it. As you leave that room, get the spider above the way you went in.

If you're struggling with the library, push a few desks around, and a bookshelf against the wall, and shoot away with your hookshot.

If you get all the spiders, leave the place(the exit is upstairs)and use your hookshot to get over again, then change into the Gordon guy thing and roll up. If it's still Day 1, or night, the spider-guy man will be frowning at you in his happiness. And he'll talk some more and give you a Bigger Wallet. It can hold 500 rubees. Yippie.

Hope this helps...
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