The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Tips

Not Very Helpful, but fun!
I have a few pointless tips that I found out about running aimlessly about. First, that strange, sad mask that the Circus Leader dude gives you at the milk bar after sending him on a one-way trip to Memory Lane? Well, take that mask over to his brothers on their racing track near Romani Ranch. Stand in front of either one, doesn't matter, and put on the mask. Their big-ass eyebrows will fall down. Then, take the mask off. They'll turn back to their snotty selfs. Put it on and off again really fast, over and over. It's really entretaining when your really bored! When your a deku Shrub, head over to that doggie farm on the far side of Romani's Ranch. Stand in among the puppies and just stand there. Have a whole herd of puppies near you, and watch the fur fly! Alllll the puppies will attack you! It doesn't do any damage to you, but it's just really funny! That's all I can thik of, except to not get too frustrated, because it's not very healthy! Bye!