The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Tips

Horse-Only Race
Want to do the Gorman Brother's Race with only Epona? Follow these steps!

1. Get on Epona and go to milk road

2. While on Epona, switch any mask to the Giant's Mask

3. Save your game at the owl statue and don't turn the machine off

4. Reload your game

5. Go to the Gorman Brother's Racetrack and challenge them to a race

6. When the race starts (says Start or Go or something...) switch to the Giant's Mask

7. You will be able to now race around Gorman's Brother track with only Epona, and you will see Link trying to transform with a blue glow around his head

{NOTE}: You will not be able to beat the race with only Epona because there are no carrots

I hope it works for you!!!