The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Cheats

Using the three mask on epona deku, zora, and goron
To do this cheat you have to go to milk road.
1)put zora's mask on one of the C buttons
2)call for epona
3)ride her around for a bit
4)Go to the owl Z target it and save
6)go to your saved game. once it's done loading you should still be on epona. (if not try again)
7)then just push one of the C buttons that have zora's mask on it.
8)then you should put it on. after that the blue button will say CHECK push the blue button.
9) then you will be on epona (the fairy will says somthing so just ignore her. But you will be in the air so just go out into termina feild and you'll be riding epona.

Just do the same thing except a different mask.
(if the deku won't work then forget about it that mask.