The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Tips

Easy Rupees
100 Rupees- Go to East Clock Town and climb the stairs until you get to a rooftop where Bombers Gang member is. Jump over a guard and land ontop another wall (use the Bunny Hood to go faster). Then jump again and land on the awning above The Honey & Darling's shop. Next jump on the wall behind the Shooting Gallery. Run to the end and open the chest and find 100 rupees.

100 Rupees- Go to the Bombers Gang hideout in East Clock Town. Stand by the edge of the water and equip the Zora's Mask. Go in the water and go left. Defeat the Skulltula and go to a ledge with a cracked wall. Bomb the wall (use the Blast Mask if you don't have bombs). Open the chest and find 100 rupees.

200 Rupees- Go to South Termina Field and put on the Stone Mask. Defeat the vulture with arrows. Every time you hit it rupees with fall. Don't bother with those. When it is defeated a gaint rupee will fall down. Get it. It's worth 200 rupees.