The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Cheats

Ocarina Glitch
I don't know if it works every single time, or if its the same item every time, but if you go to in front of the windfall temple on day 1, and stand on the circle thing you need to be on to open the temple. You stand on it and face the temple (after opening it) you pause the game. move the cursor to the far left icon without turning the creen to the next page. Leave the game on while you go to work, school etc.... the game should have frozen. Pull out the cartridge, put it back in and turn off the n64. Turn it back on and all your files will be TEMPORARILY erased. (they change back to normal when you next turn on the game) start a new file in slot one and name it Link or sumthing. Watch the intro and when you are first allowed to move you automatically die. Continue, and open your inventory. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IS AND OCARINA!! EVEN THE MASKS PAGE! To revert back to normal, restart the game. It should all be good, but don't blame me if it isnt. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.