The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Tips

Get the couples mask
On the first day go to Anju in stockpot inn at 2:00 and get the room key off her then talk 2 her with the kafei mask on and agree 2 meet her. At 12:00 (shes a bit late) talk 2 her and post the mail (you can get a heart piece by giving it 2 the hand who wants paper in the bog but u have 2 start over.) At 3 oclock go 2 Kafeis house near the laundry pool an when he comes out, go into his house. talk to him and give the pendant to Anju. On day 3 go to Kafeis house at 1:00 and talk to the man who will give you the Keatons mask and express mail. Warp to Ikana canyon andjump down to the riverbank. Go in the hole to your left and find Kafei behind a rock play the song of double time. wait here and sakon will appear. When he opens the door go through and you have to control Kafei and Link and get through the puzzles (push the blocks onto the switches in the first room, then second room you have to move them) then you should get the suns mask. Warp to clock town and go to the employees only room in stockpoy inn to find Anju. wait til the timer says 1:20:00 and Kafei should come in you will get the couples mask. NOW GO BACK TO DAY 1 USING THE SONG OF TIME BECAUSE IF YOU LET THE MOON CRASH IN YOU LOSE THE MASK!!!!!!!!