The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Heart Pieces Location FAQ v1.2
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: : : : The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Heart Pieces Location FAQ

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Heart Pieces Location FAQ

by Q22   Updated to v1.2 on

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This FAQ is ゥ by Q22 and created specifically for
Anyone wishing to contact me can do so by emailing

Table of Contents:

1 - Introduction and explanation about this FAQs purpose and how to use it.
2 - Location of Heart Pieces + their Islands
	2.1 Forsaken Fortress
	2.2 Star Island
	2.3 Seven Star Isle
	2.4 Spectacle Island
	2.5 Windfall Island
	2.6 Pawprint Isle
	2.7 Dragon Roost Island
	2.8 Rock Spire Island
	2.9 Tingle Island
	2.10 Six Eyed Reef
	2.11 Needle Rock Island
	2.12 Stone Watcher Island
	2.13 Bomb Island
	2.14 Southern Fairy Island
	2.15 Forest Haven
	2.16 Outset Island

3 - Ending Notes & Credits

Version History:

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Welcome to the Legend of Zelda: Wink Waker Heart Piece collection FAQ!
This FAQ is designed to give a quick and easy guide for players to check
for the location of any heart pieces they may be missing or looking for.
It is organised by island and should be used with the idea that "Island A1"
is in the top left corner of the map and "Island G7" is in the bottom right

Some of you may be unsure as to what a heart piece is. Allow me to explain.
A heart piece is a valuable item that can be found in locations all around
the Zelda world. A heart piece represents a quarter of one single heart
in your health bar. Collecting four heart pieces will result in your health
bar increasing by one full heart. You can continue to collect more heart
pieces to increase your health bar as you progress through the game.

There are some instances where your health bar increases by one full heart
after picking up just one piece. These are full heart pieces. They only
appear after defeating a boss. 

Heart pieces can be found on the island, in a treasure chest, a dungeon or
in the ocean (by using a treasure chart map). Many of them are surprisingly
simple to find.

Now, on with the show!

Location of Heart Pieces:

2.1	Island A1 - Forsaken Fortress:

Once you are caught by the guards and thrown into the jail, you can escape
by smashing the pot and climbing through the hole in the wall. After going
dropping out the tunnel, you'll see a group of barrels that are hiding a
switch. Step on the switch and go through the door. Inside is a chest with
a heart piece inside.


2.2	Island A2 - Star Island:

On the island is a large boulder/rock. Destory it with a bomb and enter 
the hole that is revealed by the explosion. You'll encounter some enemys.
Kill them and the chest with the heart piece will appear.


2.3	Island A6 - Seven Star Isle

Make your way towards the island on your map. You should see a group of
seagulls nearby. Make your way towards them and a Big Octo will appear.
Once you kill it, a small spot of light will appear on the sea. It means
there is a treasure there. Use your grappling hook to lift up a treasure
chest and find the heart piece inside.


2.4	Island B3 - Spectacle Island

Make your way up the tower like structure in the middle of the island and
talk to the person at the top. Pay him 50 rupees to play a mini game. If 
you win, you'll get a heart piece as a prize.


2.5	Island B4 - Windfall Island (Heart Pieces found here: SEVEN!)

1.) There is a shop with a man on the ground floor who will charge you to
play a game of Battleships. If you win, you'll receive a heart piece in 

2.) At night time, go to the auction house and you'll find a group of 
people ready to bid on an item. The auctioneer is actually Zunari the shop
owner. At first, the items are nothing special, but then after a few times,
a heart piece becomes available to bid on.

3.) Enter the building with a board outside and speak to the teacher. She
will inform you about a group of boys who are causing her trouble. Go 
outside and talk to the group of small kids and agree to play a game of

The first kid can be found on the ledge, which is accessible near where the
kids hang around. You will recognise it because on the left side is a small
busy. Go around the bush and he is hiding between the bush and the wall.

The second and third kid can be found near the bomb shop. Just to the right
of the bomb shop is a tree. Roll into the tree and the kid will fall out of
it. The other kid is hidden behind the bomb shop. Just on the left side of
the bomb shop is a narrow ledge. Work your way around it too find him.

The last kid is hiding behind the grave stone. The one where the "happy" 
man is dancing in front of it. 

4.) If you don't have the Picto Box, head towards the jail and free Tingle
(another "happy" character). In his cell, a box will be again the middle of
the wall. Pull it away and crawl through the hole. Inside the hole, you'll
find a maze. Turn right, left, back to the far wall, right, left, left,
right, right and right. Open the treasure chest to get a Picto Box. 

Next, go towards the Picto Box shop. It's identified by the picture of a 
camera on top of the door outside. Talk to the owner and do as he says.
Once you've completed your task, talk to him again and he'll mention taking
pictures in colour. Head towards the Forest Haven (square F6) and capture a
fire fly. Take it back to the owner and he'll make your Picto Box a Deluxe
Picto Box.

Now, finally, go to the women in the orange dress who wants someone to 
notice this orange dress! Take a picture of her and show it to the man who 
walks all around town and suspiciously posts something in the post box at
the entrance to the town. Then, play the Song of Passing as if two days 
have passed. Go speak to them in the bar above Zunari's shop and you shall
receive a heart piece from them!

5.) Note: This heart piece is only available after going back to the 
Forsaken Fortress.

Go to the top floor of the auction house and speak to the little girl. She
will talk to you and then ask you to deliver a love letter. Go to the post
box at the entrance to town and then go back to the auction house. You'll
see an argument between the girls father and the post man. Go find the post
man in the bar above Zunari's shop and he'll give you a letter. Go back to
the girl and give her this letter. She will give you a heart piece for all
your help.

6.) Around town are small pedestals where items can be placed. You can't 
fit everything on them but if you go to Zunari's shop, you'll be able to 
buy items. Buy the cheapest item there (or whatever you fancy) and place it
around all of the small brown pedestals in town. Make sure that you get 
them all. 

Now go talk to the man sitting on the bench (there's only one bench) and
he'll give you a heart piece.

7.) In the same shop that you can play the Battleships mini game is a 
windmill, accessible by climbing up the stairs onto the second floor. If 
you go outside the shop and turn left, you'll see a ladder climbing up the
wall. Use your Wind Waker to make the wind blow north. Then climb up the
ladder and hit the switch. 

Go inside, up the stairs and jump into one of the small basket (type
things) and let it carry you to the top. Shoot a fire arrow into the black
area and you'll restart the light house. Go back down and speak to the
person there. He'll give you a heart piece for getting it moving again.


2.6	Island B5 - Pawprint Isle

There should be a small area on the island which you can crawl through. It
isn't too hard to find, as the Isle isn't a big place. Inside, fall through
the hole and head right from the main area. The treasure chest should be
near by. Inside it is a heart piece.


2.7	Island B6 - Dragon Roost Island (Heart Pieces found here: TWO!)

1.) As you travel through dungeons and explore the world, you may come by
"Golden Feathers". If you collect 20 of them, speak to one of the Rito's
on the second floor. You'll have to select it from your delivery bag to X,
 Y, Z. 

2.) On the second floor is the mail desk. Talk to the person behind the
counter and offer to help sort the mail. You then have to try and sort 25
letters before time runs out. It's unlikely you'll do it on your first go
but with some practise you should be fine. Leave the Island and come back
a day or two afterwards (I'm not sure if the Song of Passing works, didn't
try it). Speak to the assistant and sort 25 letters again. The assistant
will ask you to deliver a letter. Do as he asks and continue with your
quest. Eventually you'll get a letter in the post with a heart piece in


2.8	Island C2 - Rock Spire Island

This is a nice and simple one. You'll see two pirate ships (the ones that
fire cannons at you) around the island. If you destroy one and use your
grappling hook to find the treasure undearneath them, you'll either get a
heart piece or 100 rupees. If you get 100 rupees, the other pirate ship
will have the heart piece as treasure.


2.9	Island C3 - Tingle Island

Similar to Island A6 (Seven Star Isle), a group of seagulls are nearby.
Sail to them and kill the Octo that appears. Use your grappling hook to
lift up the treasure chest underneath it when it dies. Contains a heart


2.10	Island D4 - Six Eyed Reef

You will find a submarine located near the Reef. Hop on the submarine and
enter inside. Slaughter the monsters you encounter inside for a reward.
Three gueses for what that reward is.


2.11	Island E1 - Needle Rock Island

Use a Hyoi Pear (if you don't have one, purchase it from Beedle - the man
who sells stuff in his boat at some islands) to take control of a seagull.
Take the seagull to the high cliff rock and look for a switch. Hit the
switch. This will remove the ring of fire around the treasure chest. So go
collect your prize!


2.12	Island E3 - Stone Watcher Island

Close to the island is a platform with some cannons on it. A huge nuisance.
So sail over there to destroy them all. A chest will appear with a heart
piece inside.


2.13	Island E6 - Bomb Island

A simple procedure. Blow up the large rock at the top of the island and
enter the hole. You'll be in a fire based caved. This is still pretty
simple. Use the creatures and throw them on the switches after you attack
them and they roll up into a ball. At the end of all this is the heart


2.14	Island F4 - Southern Fairy Island

In Beedles shop (the sailing sea ship that usually sells items like bombs
etc.) you'll find him selling a heart piece!


2.15	Island F2 - Forest Haven

Around the world, you'll see Korok's stood next to a withered tree. They
ask you for help in revitalising them. Head back to the Forest Haven and
speak to the Great Deku Tree. He'll allow you to take some forest water and
save the trees (seven in total). Use your bottle to scoop up some water.
One scoop will be enough for all the trees (surprisingly).

The problem is the water turns normal after 20 minutes. So you need to use
the Ballad of Gales to warp around the world and get to each island
quickly. It's easier than it sounds.

The Koroks are located on:

	Island A2
	Island B2
	Island C5
	Island D2
	Island E1
	Island E5
	Island F3
	Island F7

Your reward - a heart piece.


2.16	Island G2 - Outset Island

1.) Go back up to the bridge where Aryll is originally kidnapped at the
start of the game. You'll see a large boulder/rock which you can climb on
top off. Climb on and using your telescope, look for a ledge with a hole.
Adjust the wind direction and use your Deki Leaf to get into the hole. 

Now the fun begins. Once you've reached the fifteenth floor, use your
Mirror Shield to shine light on the statue. Then continue going down floor
by floor. You'll have to battle your way down through the fifty floors
(including the fifteen you've done). Not an easy feat and something the
"hardcore" gamers will boast about :(.

2.) Once you've received a sword from Orca (at the start of the game),
speak to him to start a mini game. You have to hit him a certain amount of
times without him landing more than three strokes on you. Eventually the
number increases to 500. If you do this, a heart piece is yours.


2.17	Island G5 - Angular Isles

Make your way to the top of the island by adjusting the blocks (pushing and
pulling) and you'll find your self in possession of one of the easiest
heart pieces to gain in the game. It isn't difficult.

Ending Notes & Credits

So there's my FAQ. I'd say I've got 2/3's of the heart pieces collectable
in the game. I'll continue to update my FAQ as I find more. Remember to
check back in the "Version History" section to see what I've added. I'd
be grateful if anyone can email me ( and let me
know about any pieces I've missed. 

I'd like to credit the regulars at for making the forums a
cool place and motivating me to make a FAQ :D.

That's all folks!