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: : : : The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess FAQ/Walkthrough

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess FAQ/Walkthrough

by Groundon199   Updated to v0.19 on
 ______________    T H E    L E G E N D    O F
|  ________    /_________ ______       ________         ____
| /       / / /\    ___  |\     /     \     _  \       \    \
|/       / / / |   |   \ | |   |       |   | \  \      /     \
        / / /  |   |    \| |   |       |   |  \  \    /  /\   \
       / / /   |   |___/|  |   |       |   |   |  |  /  /__\   \
      / O /    |    ___ |  |   |       |   |   |  | /  ______   \
     / / /     |   |   \|  |   |       |   |   |  |/  /      \   \
    / / /      |   |    /| |   |    /| |   |  /  //  /        \   \
   / / /       |   |___/ | |   |___/ | |   |_/  //  /          \   \
  / / /       /|_________|/__________|/________//____\         /____\
 / / /_______/ |   
/______________|   T W I L I G H T    P R I N C E S S

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Complete Walkthrough/In-Depth Guide

Last Updated: 12/19/06
Version: 0.19
Game Version: Currently only Wii


|%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% TABLE OF CONTENTS %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|


1.0 - Introduction
2.0 - Version Information
3.0 - Controls
4.0 - Walkthrough
  4.1 - Prologue
  4.2 - It Begins
    4.2.1 - Link to the Rescue
    4.2.2 - Captured
    4.2.3 - Tears of Light
  4.3 - Forest Temple
    4.3.1 - Gale Boomerang
    4.3.2 - Twilit Parasite - Diababa
  4.4 - Track Down the Kids
    4.4.1 - Lost to a Goron
  4.5 - Goron Mines
    4.5.1 - Hero's Bow
    4.5.2 - Twilit Igniter - Fyrus
5.0 - Items
6.0 - Heart Pieces
7.0 - Bugs
8.0 - Poes
9.0 - FAQ
10.0 - Contact Me
11.0 - Copyright Info
12.0 - Special Thanks

| 1.0 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Introduction %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
Hello, whoever or whatever is reading, this is my first guide on GameFaqs. So
if there are some problems try to remember that ;) I've always wanted to write
a guide so now I've decided to finally make one.

Anyways I hope to have everything in this guide by the time I'm done with it.
Enjoy :)

| 2.0 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Version History %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
0.19 - Please pardon the lack of updates. I will have many coming in the next
      few days so don't worry ;)

0.15 - Controls section got fixed up a lot. Fixed some minor errors and stuff.

0.1 - Walkthrough only up to the end of the Forest Temple. More coming as soon
      as I can type it.

| 3.0 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Controls %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
|             Wii Remote               |                Nunchuk               |
|    Pointer                           |                                      |
|       |                              |                                      |
|       |                              |                                      |
|  ___________                         |                                      |
| | (O)       |--- Power Button        |                                      |
| |Power_     |                        |                                      |
| |   _| |_   |                        |                                      |
| |  |_   _|  |--- Control Pad         |                                      |
| |    |_|    |                        |                                      |
| |     _     |--- B Button (Back)     |                                      |
| |   /   \   |                        |       _______                        |
| |  |  A  |  |--- A Button            |      /       \----- C Button         |
| |   \ _ /   |                        |     /   ___   \---- Z Button         |
| |           |                        |    |   / _ \   |                     |
| |           | |- - Button            |    |  | |_| |  |--- Control Stick    |
| |           | |- Home Button         |    |   \___/   |                     |
| | (-)(H)(+) |--- + Button            |    |           |                     |
| |   Home    |                        |    |           |                     |
| |    :::    |                        |    |           |                     |
| |    :::    |--- Speaker             |    |           |                     |
| |    :::    |--- Motion Sensor       |    |           |--- Motion Sensor    |
| |           |                        |    |           |                     |
| |    (1)    |--- 1 Button            |    |           |                     |
| |    (2)    |--- 2 Button            |    |           |                     |
| |           |                        |     \         /                      |
| |[] [] [] []|--- Controller Slot     |      \       /                       |
| |    Wii    |                        |       \     /                        |
| |___________|                        |        \   /                         |
|    |     |                           |         \ /                          |
|    |_____|                           |          |                           |
|       |______________________________|__________|                           |
|    Wii Remote     |                        Main Use                         |
| Pointer           | Aim various projectiles.                                |
| Power Button      | Turn the Wii Remote on/off.                             |
| Control Pad ^     | Talk to Minda.                                          |
| Control Pad < v > | Assign an item to the B Button.                         |
| A Button          | Perform action displayed at the bottom of the screen.   |
| B Button          | Use assigned item.                                      |
| - Button          | Toggle Items screen; Skip cut scene (press twice).      |
| Home Button       | Toggle HOME Menu.                                       |
| + Button          | Toggle Collection screen.                               |
| Speaker           | Emits sound effects.                                    |
| 1 Button          | View map.                                               |
| 2 Button          | Toggle minimap on/off.                                  |
| Motion Sensor     | Perform various actions.                                |
|      Nunchuk      |                        Main Use                         |
| C Button          | Switch to first person perspective.                     |
| Z Button          | Z-Target                                                |
| Control Stick     | Move/Cycle through options.                             |
| Motion Sensor     | Perform various actions.                                |

| 4.0 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Walkthrough %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
Be aware this will have major spoilers in it. I will try and be speciffic as
possible. If you can't under stand me, email me (see the Contact Me section).

| 4.1 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Prologue %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
Deep in the southernmost region of the kingdom of Hyrule lies a village by the
name of Ordon. Cradled in the scenic beauty of pristine farmland, the villagers
of Ordon make a living by raising livestock. Among the villagers is a boy known
as the most skillful rider in all the land. A boy who, it is expected, will one
day take over the responsibility of leading Ordon as the village chief. His
name is Link...

Trusted and liked by all the villagers, Link is especially loved by the other
children of Ordon, among whom he holds unofficial status as the leader of the
pack. Link spends his days as a ranch hand and learns the ways of the sword
from the village's lone swordsman, Rusl, in his spare time. He often displays
his newly honed skills to the village youths, which makes him even more

One day Link is showing off his swordsmanship as usual, when a monkey appears.
"Hey! That's the monkey that's been causing trouble all over the village! Let's
get him," cry the children. They run after the monkey into the forest. Link
rushes into the heart of the woods after them and is shocked to find that the
dark thickets are teeming with countless monsters. After fighting his way
through their ranks, Link rescues the child and the monkey from the cage where
they are held captive.

The next day, after much encouragement by Rusl, Link prepares to set out and
deliver the village痴 tribute to Hyrule Castle. Having never visited the castle
before, Lind is in high spirits as he prepares for his journey, but when his
childhood friend Ilia notices a wound on Epona's haunch, she gives Link an
earful for being so careless with his horse. In a huff, Ilia leads Epona away.

Link tracks down Epona and Ilia at the mystical spring nearby and attempts to
apologize for injuring Epona. But no matter how many times he says he's sorry,
Ilia simply refuses to forgive Link. Then Colin, a young boy from the village
who idolizes Link, steps forward to mediate the situation. Thanks to Colin's
explanation, Link is finally able to get Ilia to drop her guard and talk to
him. Having warmed back up, Ilia tells Link, "Come back safely, and don't do
anything reckless!"

Just then...

A monster astride a huge boar comes crashing out of the forest. The fearsome
monster and its mount break through the gate to the spring and attack the

Caught off guard by the sudden assault, Link is helpless to stop the monster
from delivering a blow that renders him unconscious. Through the fog of his
half-conscious mind, Link watches Colin and Ilia get swept off by the

| 4.1 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% It Begins %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
| Ordon Village |
We start off watching a cut scene with Rusl asking Link to deliver a present to
Hyrule. Anyways, after the cut scenes, Fado will come and ask you to help him
herd goats. Now you get to play. First off, you'll notice Fado blocking the
path to the main part of Ordon Village, so you have to take the path to the
Ordon Spring.

| Ordon Forest |
Keep following the path to the spring. When you get there, you'll notice Ilia
with Epona. She'll have you play a song using the brown, horse shoe shaped
plant for Epona. After the song, you can ride Epona. Now you can go down the
path Fado was blocking earlier.

| Ordon Village |
Follow the dirt path through town. When it branches, go left then right, over
the bridge. Continue to Ordon Ranch.

| Ordon Ranch |
Now for some fun. Go and talk to Fado and he will let you play the Goat Herding
mini-game. All you have to do is run around them and get them to go into the
barn. Just keep the goats between you and the barn and you'll have no problems.

After the mini-game, Fado will set up some fences for you to jump over. I'd
suggest you go around the track once so you get the feel of how to as you'll
use the skill later in the game. When your done, just jump the fence keeping
you in the Ranch.

The game now asks you to save. I'd say yes as you never know when something
might happen. You can also save anytime using + and clicking Save.

| Ordon Village |
You'll awake the next day. Three kids (Talo, Malo, and Beth) are waiting for
you outside. They want to tell you about a Slingshot for sale in town. Before
you head into the village, look in the grass, roll into trees, and look under
some rocks for Rupees. Also meet Colin, who is standing by Epona. He talks
about a Fishing Rod he was going to give you. Now head to the main village.

When you get into the Village, first person you'll see is Haunch. He is
complaining about a bee hive above Fado's house. Continue, going the same way
we did earlier and talk to Uli. She is looking for a cradle. Continue across
the river and talk to the Mayor, Bo. Your chat is interrupted by an escaping
goat. Try and stop it. If you mess up, talk to Bo again and another will come
until you finally stop one. Now, go to the shop to see about getting that
Slingshot (the shop has the purple/pinkish roof). You'll meet Sera, but she is
too sad about her cat missing to sell you anything.

Go back outside and look to the bluffs. You'll notice Jaggle yelling to you
from one. Z-Target him and talk to him, then climb up the vines to him. After
he is done talking, ignore the first plant he points out. Continue hopping from
bluff to bluff until you get to the last one. Pick that plant and play that
one. A bird will come to rest on your arm. Look downstream. See the monkey
jumping on a rock? Aim for him. When the bird flies out, he will hit him and
take the cradle from the monkey. Remember Uli talking about a cradle? Well go
and give her the one you just found, which is the one she lost. She will have
you walk with her back to her house. When she gets there, she will give you the
Fishing Rod her son Colin made for you.

I bet you'll want to go fishing (well at least just to try the Rod). Remember
Jaggle pointing out the cat? Well go to the dock where the cat is and start
fishing. Simply press - to open the item screen and equip the Fishing Rod by
pressing B. Check the Controls section for info on how to fish. Catch two fish.
When you catch the second fish, the cat will take it and go back to the shop.

Now, go and search town for some Rupees. Break pumpkins, look in grass, look
under rocks, anywhere that there are Rupees. You'll need 30 Rupees, but having
more is always nice. There is a really nice Yellow Rupee on top of Mayor Bo's
house. Look for a ladder to climb up there.

Once you have your 30 or more Rupees, go back to Sera's Shop. She will be over
joyed that her cat came back. So happy that she gives you have a bottle of
Milk. Now you can buy the Slingshot.

Go back outside. Now you want to knock down that bee hive to make Haunch happy.
Either use your Slingshot or a Bird. After it falls and the bees leave. Drink
your Milk, even if you didn't get hurt. Go over to the bee hive remains and use
the Empty Bottle to scoop up some Bee Larva, which can be used as bait for
fishing or to heal some of your health.

I suggest we fish a bit. Try and catch an Ordon Catfish and some more Gillfish
using the Bee Larva.  When you're done, go back home.

When you get back home, Rusl says he left something in your house. Before you
go and get it, talk to Talo, Malo, and Beth and they will set up some targets
for you to practice your new Slingshot on. After the target practice, shoot the
bug on the ladder to your house. Go inside. When you get in, you'll see a
chest. Open it and obtain the Wooden Sword. Go back outside for some sword

| 4.2 | Item Check |
| Fishing Rod      |
| Empty Bottle     |
| Slingshot        |
| Wooden Sword     |

| 4.2.1 |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Link to the Rescue ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
| Ordon Village |
After your sword practice, a monkey will come through. Talo, Malo, and Beth
will run after it. Colin stays back and will wonder if they are ok heading into
the forest. You have to go after them. Hop on Epona and let the chase begin.

| Ordon Forest |
You'll see Beth staying back. She says she can't keep up with Talo and Malo. A
little further up the path you'll see Malo. He says he can't keep up as his
legs are too small to run fast enough. You must now continue into Faron
Province to continue the chase.

| Faron Woods |
Follow the dirt path. Jump the fence with Epona. Turn left when you get up to 
the spring. Go until you get to a fork in the road. When you get there, go left
to see Coro. He will give you a Lantern. Now, dismount from Epona. Try out your
Lantern by lighting the torch and the fire in front of Coro. Then head back to
the fork in the road. This time go to the cave on the right.

In the cave, you will notice that it's dark. Turn on your Lantern and use it to
light some torches in the cave (there are four). When you get to a fork in the
road, go right. You'll find a treasure chest. Open it for a Yellow Rupee. Don't
miss the torch there. Now go back to the fork. Break the hanging pots with your
sword or Slingshot to get some more Rupees. Head down the left path to exit the

Now you'll see 2 red dots on your map. The Yellow Arrow is you by the way. Head
for the red dot on the top left part of the map. Open the chest there for a
Small Key. Light the two torches there also. Another chest will appear. Open it
for a Heart Piece [HP-O1] (the HP-01 is there for reference to the Heart Piece

Now head for the other red dot. Look for some treasure chests along the way. I
found 3, 1 with a Yellow Rupee, 1 with a Red Rupee, and 1 with a Purple Rupee.
Anyways, there is a gate in the way, so open it with the Small Key you got.
Continue through the path. You'll notice Trill's Shop. I suggest filling up
your Lantern. You can also get some Red Potion if you used your Bee Larva
already. Once you've taken what you want, you can pay Trill using a box near
Trill. You don't even have to pay, but then Trill will peck at you next time
you come. A way around that is to just simply put 1 Rupee in the box. Trill
will call you cheap, but won't attack. Continue down the dirt path until you
see a Boko Baba on your right. Defeat it and look behind it. There is a
treasure chest containing a Yellow Rupee. Take it and continue. Finally, you
made it to Talo and the monkey. Beat the two Bokoblins and swing your sword to
break the cage containing Talo and the monkey.

| Ordon Village |
You'll then go to a cut scene where Talo ask you not to tell his dad, Rusl,
about this whole thing. Rusl will end up finding out anyways.

| Ordon Ranch |
After the cut scene, you池e back at Ordon Ranch. Fado wants you to herd 20
goats this time. Call Epona. Now there is a 3:00 time limit, but you can go
over the time. Afterwards, hop the fence again and head back to your house.

| Ordon Village |
There will be another cut scene after you leave the ranch. Ilia will run to the
spring with Epona. Go inside your house now. Look for a ladder leading to a
basement in your house. Go there and light your Lantern. You'll notice a
treasure chest. Open it for a quick Purple Rupee. Now go outside and you'll
notice Colin wanting to go with you to the spring. Talo won't let you pass
unless you give him your Wooden Sword. Do so and head for the Spring.

| Ordon Forest |
When you arrive at the Spring, Colin will tell you through the locked gate to
use a tunnel to get in. Go back to the larger area of land you passed to get to
the spring. Look around the edges for a crawl space. Enter it and when you get
to the spring, be prepared to watch a cut scene.

Boar riding enemies will burst in. They will knock out Link and kidnap Ilia and
Colin. Link will wake up and chase after them, but something is wrong. He gets
pulled into the Twilight. Link will then turn into a Wolf.

The game now asks you to save.  In my opinion, do so.

| 4.2.1 | Item Check | Various Collections |
| Gained: Lantern    | Heart Pieces: 1/45  |
| Lost: Wooden Sword |                     |

| 4.2.2 |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Captured ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
| Castle Dungeon |
You'll awake chained to the ground and in a jail cell. Try moving around a bit
and Midna will appear and start a cut scene. She will free you from the chain,
but you need to escape from the cell on your own. Look on the upper right
corner of the cell. See the box? Break it (controls haven't changed). Then
press down on the control pad to dig under the bars. Minda will then basically
make you her slave, but she will offer you advise if you press up on the
control pad whenever you need it. Whenever you hear her laugh through the
controller speaker, she wants to tell you something important or help you jump
to different places.

Continue into the next cell. Minda will point out a Chain hanging. Z-Target it
and press A to pull it. It'll open up a path to the sewers. Go into it.

| Castle Sewers |
Continue through the sewers. Minda will point out a spirit. Listen to it and
continue down the path. When the path splits, go right for a Blue Rupee if you
want it, otherwise go left to continue. Ignore the path straight as all it
leads to is some enemies. Go left. Pull the chain and raise the water level.
Swim over the spikes on the ground and head right. Ignore the straight path as
again it has only enemies. Ignore the first chain and pull the second one. The
water will lower. Now go straight from where you are. Minda will go a head and
leave you to find a way to her. Just go up to the bars and into a crawl path on
the left.

When you get to her, continue into a tall room. Go up the stairs and jump. You
will fall. Go back up and have Minda help you up. Z-Target her to reach the
next level. Keep going up until you get to the tight rope. Walk on it to
finally get to the top of the room. Kill the Twilit Keese that are trying to
hurt you. Stand on the pile of rocks. Minda will help you to the door on top.

| Castle Rooftops |
When you go through the door, you'll have to travel on the roof. It's all very
straight forward. Only thing new is that you can either push a crate to climb
to a platform or jump from the crate to the platform.

Once you get to the end, you'll watch a cut scene with the Twilight Princess,
Zelda in it. She'll explain how the Twilight took over Hyrule.

After the cut scene, you have to leave. When you see the guard, a cut scene
will trigger and you will leave.

| Ordon Forest |
Minda will take you back to the spring in Ordon. After you can move again,
Minda will stop you again to tell you that you need a sword and shield. Now you
have to go back to the village.

| Ordon Village |
Defeat the Bokoblins in front of your house and a squirrel will stop and talk
to you. He'll say that you can talk to other animals. Continue to the main

When you get into the village, first thing you'll see is Beth's dad, Haunch,
talking about the children being kidnapped. Anyways, head for Jaggle's house
(the one the cat was hiding by). Go into the grass and listen to Jaggle and Bo
talk. They talk about a shield and a sword. The shield is in Jaggle's house and
the sword is in Rusl's.

Head by the Watermill Minda points out. Haunch will notice you and call the
bird to attack you. RUN! Go by the shop. Minda will let you go up on the roof
of it. Jump across the bluffs and scare Haunch. He will run away and you can
proceed to get in Jaggle's house. When you get in, jump on the table. Minda
will spot the shield and get you to it. Ram the wall twice to make it fall. You
got the Ordon Shield! After you get it, go out the window on the left.

Head to Rusl and Uli's house. Go to the right side of the house and Sense. Dig
there to get inside. Look at the couch. There's the sword. You got the Ordon
Sword! Leave the same way you came.

Ok, you got the Sword and Shield now. Go back to the spring.

| Ordon Forest |
As soon as you walk by the spring, you will be trapped. You now have to fight
one of the Twilit Monsters that captured you earlier. It's easy though. Just Z-
Target it and press A to jump on it. Once you're on, keep hitting A to bite it.
After you do that twice it dies.

After you beat it, you meet the Light Spirit Ordona. Ordona says if you save
the Light Spirit Faron, you will become normal. So head for Faron Woods. As
soon as you're at the entrance, Minda will let you in.

| Faron Woods |
After the cut scene, walk forward. Eventually 3 of those Twilit Monsters will
attack you. Once you kill 2, the third one will always use a roar to wake up
the other 2. Continue battling and eventually Minda will join you. Press and
hold B to make a field around you. After you get the remaining 2-3 in it,
release and Link will attack them all at the same time killing them all. Now
go onto the Faron Spring.

| 4.2.2 | Item Check | Various Collections |
| Ordon Shield       | Heart Pieces: 1/45  |
| Ordon Sword        |                     |

| 4.2.3 |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tears of Light ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
| Faron Woods |
After the Light Spirit Faron is done talking, you'll have a Vessel of Light on
your screen. You need 16 Tears of Light to fill it. On your map, each white dot
is a bug that contains a Tear of Light. Destroy the bug to get it. And by the
way, the bugs are only visible to your Sense.

Continue down the path until you get to your first bugs. Just turn on your
sense and attack them. Then collect the tears. (1&2) You will see 2 more as you
continue down the path, but they run from you. Ignore them for now and head to
Coro's house. On the right side of the house, one is clinging to it. Ram it to
knock it down. (3) Go around back and get inside. Sense Coro and 2 more will
appear. (4&5) Now go back to the two you saw earlier.

Dig under the gate to get them. (6&7) Go through the cave. When you get out the
other side, 2 more bugs wait. (8&9) Head left and Minda will help you across
the poison fog. When you get to the center, sense for 3 more. (10-12) When you
reach the other end of the swamp, you'll find 2 more underground. Dig for them.

There is another battle with the three Twilit Monsters. Handle them the same
way as before. When you make it to where Talo and the monkey were held, you'll
find the last 2. (15&16) When you collect them, you go straight back to the
Faron Spring.

After a cut scene, you find yourself in the Hero's Clothes. Now you're ready to
go and fight!

Head for Coro's again. He'll give you the key to the gate you dug under
earlier. Talk to him again and buy the bottle of Lantern Oil for 100 Rupees
(shouldn't be a problem if you followed this guide >_>). Now you have 2 Empty
Bottles (well, at least one should have something in it). Head for that gate.
Once you have unlocked the gate and gone through the cave, you're back at the
swamp full of poison fog. As soon as you approach the swamp, a monkey will take
your Lantern! But he's actually helping you through.

Follow the monkey through the swamp, be sure to kill the enemies as they will
make the monkey get scared. After you're through, the monkey will drop your
Lantern and run off. Pick up your Lantern, which has run out of Oil. You can
either fill the Lantern with the bottle of Oil you bought or at Trill's Shop.

Either way, fill up either your Lantern or that bottle with some more Oil and
the other bottle with some Red Potion. Pay Trill if you wish (I'd just give 1
Rupee and be called cheap >_>)

After you're done, go towards where Talo and the monkey were being held. You'll
be stopped by a Golden Wolf. He will transform into the Hero's Spirit. You'll
then learn the skill Ending Blow from him. Ending Blow is one of my personal
favorite moves you can do. It's probably one of yours also. It kills an enemy
that is on the ground that would normally get back up to fight.

When your lesson is over, continue on the path and burn the web blocking the
entrance to...

| 4.2.3 | Item Check | Various Collections |
| Empty Bottle       | Heart Pieces: 1/45  |
|  w/Lantern Oil     | Hidden Skills: 1/7  |

| 4.3 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Forest Temple %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
Welcome to the Forest Temple which is your first dungeon. Shall we begin?

First things first, look to your left. You'll see a vine. Shoot the two bugs
on it with your Slingshot. Then climb it to find a treasure chest containing a
Yellow Rupee. Head back down and you'll notice your monkey friend is trapped!
Defeat the Bakoblin and break the cage. Your monkey friend wants you to follow
her again so do so.

When you enter the next room, don't follow her yet. Instead, head left and find
an enemy. Hit it once and it will turn into a bomb. Use it to blow up the
rocks near you. Inside the small cavern that is behind the rocks is another
treasure chest containing a Red Rupee. Now go where the monkey wants you to.
Defeat the Skulltula that appears and light the 4 torches. A bridge will
appear. Cross it and look to the left for a treasure chest containing the
Dungeon Map for the Forest Temple. Now go through the door.

You'll watch a cut scene. After it you have no choice but to turn back. Follow
the monkey through to the next room. Go down the right path and have the bomb
enemy explode causing a small cavern to be exposed. Inside are some pots.
Break them and you'll find Ooccoo. Ooccoo is used if you have to quit or leave
the dungeon. Go back down the other path.

Continue following the monkey until it gets scared of a Skulltula. Ignore him
and go through the door. Continue down through the next room and open the door.
When you're in the next room, open the chest for a Small Key. Go back to the

Now shoot the Skulltula with your Slingshot to make it fall. It will then
commit suicide by walking into the water below. Jump across the river and open
the door. In the next room, you'll find another monkey. Run to the pillar and
roll into it 3 times to break the cage. Some Bokoblins will appear, but they
shouldn't be a problem for you. Before you leave the room, look near the broken
bridge for a treasure chest. It contains a Yellow Rupee. Now leave the room.

Before you go anywhere else, go left into the water. Swim to a small cove and
obtain another Yellow Rupee. Now go back to the main room (the one with 4
torches you had to light).

Cross the room to the other door and enter. Now you'll see some stairs. Go up
to the bomb enemy. Pick it and throw it into the plant you passed while going
up the stairs. It'll die and you can cross the gap. Grab another bomb enemy
and cross the gap. Throw it up to the boulders and enter the door that becomes

In the room, jump down and roll into the left pillar. A treasure chest will
fall and inside is another Small Key. Continue down the path, avoiding the
enemies under the tiles. Light the 2 unlit torches with your Lantern and climb
the vine on the left to find a chest containing a Red Rupee. Go up the steps
that appeared and open the door to free the monkey. Go back out of the room.

When you exit, turn left. Shoot the bugs and climb the vine. Pick up the bomb
enemy and throw it down the hole. After the enemy below explodes, go into the
door up top where you are. You'll see a key that will be eaten by a plant. Beat
the plant by slicing the head until it dies. Then feed the center a bomb enemy
and watch it die giving you the key. Go and free the monkey and head back. Go
into the room that was opened when you blew up that enemy earlier. You'll find
a treasure chest and inside is a Heart Piece [HP02].

Go back to the main room and the monkeys will direct you into the room you were
unable to cross before. They will help you across. Enter the door and...

| 4.3 | Item Check   | Various Collections |
| Forest Temple:     | Heart Pieces: 2/45  |
|  Ooccoo/Ooccoo Jr. | Hidden Skills: 1/7  |
|  Dungeon Map       |                     |

| 4.3.1 |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gale Boomerang ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
| Mini-Boss | Baboon \
| The battle will start out with the Baboon knocking 2 Boko Babas down to     |
| fight you. A spin attack will take care of them. Z-Target the Boss and wait |
| for him to throw his boomerang. Once he throws it, roll into the pillar he  |
| is on and the boomerang will knock him off when it comes back. Attack him   |
| after he falls. Repeat the process until he is dead.                        |

After your battle, a bug will fall from the Baboon and die. The Baboon will
then run and drop his boomerang. The Fairy of Winds inside the Gale Boomerang
is now awakened. You got the Gale Boomerang!

To leave the room you have to aim the Gale Booomerang at the windmill above the
door. Spin it 3 times to open the door.

When you leave, go left. Use the Gale Boomerang to control the platforms to get
to another monkey. Beat the Bakoblin and save the monkey using the boomerang.
Continue forward into a door you have yet to go through. You'll be back in that
tall room with stairs. Go back through the door that leads to the enemies under
the tiles.

Go to the torches in the room. Use the Gale Boomerang to blow them out. Behind
the stairs will be a treasure chest. It contains another Heart Piece (HP03)! Go
back to the main room now.

When you get back into the main room, pull out your boomerang and target the
webs on the ceiling. Once you cut them, a treasure chest and some rupees will
fall. In the chest is the Compass. Continue and go through the left door.

Inside, go back to the bridge in the room. You'll find a chest behind bars on
the other side. Pull out your boomerang and target the 4 windmills in either of
these orders:

2--1   3--4
 \      \
  \      \
4--3   1--2

The gate will open. In the treasure chest is the Big Key. Go through the North
door. Go straight through the next room too.

You want to go in the right door. Move the platform to get there. Inside are 3
holes. 2 covered and 1 not. Go into the covered one on the left. Watch out for
Skulltulas! Below is a caged monkey. Break it and leave the room.

Go through the door again on your right. Inside you'll see platforms with
monkeys on them. Go right and get to the door on top and get to the center of
that room.

When you're there, use your Boomerang to carry a Bomb enemy to the rock to
destroy it. Bring another Bomb to you and throw this one into the mouth of the
plant blocking your way to a chest. After the plant is destroyed, open the
chest to get a Small Key. Go back to the center and climb the vines. Bring yet
another Bomb to you and use it to blow up the rock holding in another monkey.
Once the monkey is free, go back two rooms and enter the locked door with the
Small Key you found.

In the room, go into the cave in the back. Destroy the enemies and climb the
vines. You'll find the final monkey behind bars. Use your Gale Boomerang to
open the gate and let him out. Stay on the top floor and go out the upper exit.
Before you jump down, go left and open the chest containing another Red Rupee.
Go back to the room with all the monkeys.

After a cut scene, you'll be able to get to the boss's room. There is a fairy
in a pot on the right. Catch it if you want. Enter the room and prepare for...

| 4.3.1 | Item Check | Various Collections |
| Gale Boomerang     | Heart Pieces: 3/45  |
| Forest Temple:     | Hidden Skills: 1/7  |
|  Compass           |                     |
|  Big Key           |                     |

| BOSS | Twilit Parasite \ 
| 4.3.2 \    Diababa      \
| Phase 1 / There are 2 heads and 3 bombs. This is extremely easy. Target a   |
@========@ bomb then one of the heads with your boomerang. Beware the heads   |
| will attack you. So be fast. Once you hit both heads, you get to start...   |
| Phase 2 / The true boss will show itself. You can't hurt it until the       |
@========@ Baboon appears with a bomb, so just run until he does. Once he     |
| does, target him and then the main head with your boomerang to make it show |
| its weak point. Beware, the heads will still attack you. After you get it   |
| down once, it will attack by spitting poison water at you. Run again until  |
| the Baboon appears again. Target him and the plant again. This time, when   |
| the plant falls down, target it and press A to finish the battle. You don't |
| have to, but it's just cool when you do that :D                             |

After the battle, collect your Heart Container and Minda's Fused Shadow. Minda
will open a portal out. Go into it and again the game asks to save. I say do
so ;)

| 4.3.2 | Item Check | Various Collections  |
| Quest Items:       | Heart Pieces: 3/45   |
|  Fused Shadow: 1/3 | Hidden Skills: 1/7   |

| 4.4 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Track Down the Kids %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
| Faron Woods |
You'll appear back infront of the Faron Spring. Faron will talk to you and tell
you about Eldin. It's up to you to save him! After the cut scene is over, head
twards Coro's house. Pass it up and continue out to Hyrule Field!

| Hyrule Field (Faron) |
Follow the dirt path straight. Continue until your at the top of a hill and the
path splits. Pull out your Boomerang and look in the tree there. In it is a
Heart Piece. [HP04] Now go to your right and jump off the ledge. Below are some
trees. On one is a Golden Bug, the Male Beetle. [B17]

Go back to the crossroads where you found the Heart Peice and take the left
path. Follow it and eventually the Mail Man will appear. He'll give you a
letter. Read it if you want. Continue down the path until you get to a darker
dirt road. Go right on it and continue until the ledge on your left stops. Stop
also and pull out your Boomerang. Use it and aim up on the ledge at the Golden
Bug, a Female Beetle. [B18]

Go back following the path. Continue down the path until you finally reach the
Twilight. Minda will let you in and you'll be a Wolf again.

| Hyrule Field (Eldin) |

               TO BE CONTINUED (sorry to leave you all hanging)

| 5.0 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Items %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
                                    COMING SOON!

| 6.0 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Heart Pieces %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
There are a total of 45 Heart Pieces in the game. If you noticed in my guide, I
had codes in it like [HP00] when you find a Heart Piece. I used those codes to
link to this section.

[HP01] - Faron Woods - Remember where you found the Small Key where the now
                       poison fog swamp is? Light the torches near the chest.
                       Another will appear containing a Heart Piece.

[HP02] - Forest Temple - From the main room (the one with 4 torches), go into
                         the room on the right. Look to your right. You'll see
                         a plant that can eat you if you jump over it and a
                         small room behind it. If you are coming back here and
                         have bombs, feed it one, otherwise use the exploding
                         plant at the top of the room. Go in the room and open
                         the chest for a Heart Piece.

[HP03] - Forest Temple - From the main room (the one with 4 torches), go into
                         the room on the right. Continue going up the stairs in
                         the East door. In that room, go forward until you find
                         some more torches. Use the Gale Boomerang to put them
                         out and you will have access to a chest containing yet
                         another Heart Piece.

[HP04] - Hyrule Field - On the south side of the bridge, there is a tree near
           (Faron)      the dirt path. In it is a Heart Piece that you can get
                        by using the Gale Boomerang.

                               MORE COMING SOON!

| 7.0 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Golden Bugs %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
There are 24 bugs in the game. In my guide, I wrote stuff like [B00] when you
obtain a bug. It was to link to the bugs here. Bugs will go in the order they
are on the collection screen:

[B01][B02] [B09][B10] [B17][B18]
[B03][B04] [B11][B12] [B19][B20]
[B05][B06] [B13][B14] [B21][B22]
[B07][B08] [B15][B16] [B23][B24]

[B17] - Hyrule Field - From the southren entrance of Faron's part of Hyrule
          (Faron)      Field, go up the hill following the dirt path. When you
                       get to the top, jump off the ledge and below, search
                       the trees for the Male Beetle.

[B18] - Hyrule Field - From the west entrence to Faron's Hyrule Field, follow
          (Faron)      the left ledge and stop at where it seems to end. Use
                       the Gale Boomerang and aim for the tree with your next
                       bug, the Female Beetle.

                               MORE COMING SOON!

| 8.0 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Poe Spirits %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
There are none as far as I am in my walkthrough, so I will not be listing these
until I get to them in my walkthrough. So this section is coming soon!

| 9.0 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% FAQ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
Question: What are all the different colors of Rupees worth?
Answer: 001 - Green
        005 - Blue
        010 - Yellow
        020 - Red
        050 - Purple
        100 - Orange
        200 - Silver

                               MORE COMING SOON!

| 10.0 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Contact Me %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
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me at

In the subject line, I'm asking you please put something related to the title
of the game like "Zelda", "LoZ", "TP", or "Twilight Princess".

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| 12.0 |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Special Thanks %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
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