The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Tips

In the Hidden Village
After you defeat the enemies in the Hidden Village, come back and cats will be everywhere. Continue towards the old lady's house and smash through a glass window and into a building on your right. Smash through another window to get back outside, but it is fenced off and has a Cuccoo and a howling stone. You know the drill, howl at it and summon the wolf. Next, talk to the Cuccoo as a wolf and he will ask you to talk to all 20 cats in town. To find all of them, you will need to be human for a short time and clawshot to a net hanging from the upper deck on the left, above the water pool. Up there, there is a Poe to get, along with a cat. Also, there is a window to jump through to get another cat. As for the rest of the cats, search everywhere and destroy barrels and stuff to see what is behind them. Just don't leave the village or go into the old lady's house, or else it will be reset. After you talk to all of the cats, talk to the Cuccoo again and you will get a heart piece! And for every other time you do this activity again, you will get twenty rupees.