The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Tips

Located in the fishing guides house/store, you will see it in the corner of the room. Look at it using "C". Once you look at it, the lady will ask you if you want to play it.

Playing can be either really hard or really simple. You need steady hands.

How to play:

Using only the Wii remote, you need to guide the rolling ball to start to finish.

If you ever played super monkey ball, you will find this game similar.

How to use Wiimote: Tilt forward to move the ball forward. Tilt backward, to move it backwards. Tilt left/right to move it left to right.


Go really slow, you don't want to mess up. Try staying in the center as much as possible.

If you are losing a lot, I suggest you take a break then come back and try again. Frustration really makes this game harder.

Winning: The first set of 8, you get a frog lure. After all that, well I don't know myself, I haven't gotten that far yet.