The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) Cheats

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.

Command codes

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Swim faster
When swimming underwater u go pretty slow .to go fastr reapediatly press A.youl start out slow but youl get faster...eventually <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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.OMG Oil and red potion for 1 rupee each!
When you go to the bird thing in the faron woods, Get some Oil or red potion, and pay one rupee!
The bird will say "Pay like your suppost to next time Cheapskate..." But the bird wont attack you.
Great for early in the game!
100 rupees by spin attack
Go on the very right side of Rusl's house (the ordon swordsman). If you look you can see a orange rupee. You need the great spin attack, or the master sword. Just do a spin attack as close to the rupee on the left side of the house. It is BEHIND the house and very well hidden in vines.
15 Rupees and Bee larve
I wonder why this hasn't been on the cheat boards. At the VERY begining of the game (Second Day) Beth's dad is talking about Ordon Bees. Go up to the ledge where Talo and Malo's dad was sleeping and blow on the Hawk grass and aim it at the nest. And it falls and the bees won't chase you. You can have bee larve. Go up and walk SLOWLY on the branches and you should find a Yellow Rupee and a Blue Rupee! Great for buying slingshot!
200 rupees in Kakraiko, takes 3 seconds
Turn into a wolf and get onto of Renado (the Shaman)s house. Turn into a human, and get your bomb arrows out. Shoot th bell above his house, and what's this? A silver rupee (200)!!

7th bobber fish
When you do alot of fishing you'll find that you can fish 6 different types of fish in your bobber fishing journal. However if you go into the lakebed temple in the room with the huge staircase and just down to the bottom you'll see those really annoying pirana fish. Cast your fishing line out towards them and you'll catch a skullfish. Although it doesnt go in your journal and has no purpose, it's still funny
800 rupees (4 silver rupees)
I have noticed that not that many people have posted stuff about silver rupees. As far as I know, there are 4.
1. In Kariko Village (however you spell it) hit the bell on top of the shamans sancuary with a bomb-arrow.
2. Give 60 poe souls to Jovani
3.In Hyrule Castle, get the key that opens the locked door thats in the same room as the boss;s door and the gold darknut. Inside there is like 15 treasure chests in total, One of them there is a silver rupee
4.In Hyrule Castle, Press the pressure plate in the Chandellier room that makes the 2 chandaliers sink. Claw shot the one on the right, and clawshot the chandalier next to it. Drop down and theres a chest, with a silver rupee inside
all 4 bottles
these are where the bottles are located.

bottle 1: you get after the cat goes in the house at the beginning of the game

Bottle 2: pay that lantern guy 100 rupees for 1 bottle with lanter oil inside it

Bottle 3:in upper zoras river, its in that fishing place you go to the little bridge with the sign that says "dont throw empty bottles in the pnd becvause the fish are CRYING" or somthing like that.

Bottle 4: you get when you give 20 poes to jovani

these are all 4 bottles and i hope this tip helped you.
all circles of natural thjings mean to dig
whenever you find a circle of something on the ground, like skulls,rocks,hell i've even found a circular clump of grass without a middle they all mean DIG 99.9%of the time you will find an underground horde of some creature and when u kill them all you get rupees(and alot of the time there will be a chest if you do something else like light all the torches with your lantern etc.)
All of the Heart Piece Locations!

#1 - Items Required: Lantern
Location: Find the cave in the NW area (the same cave where the key to the
North Woods Gate was located). Look for a dead-end area in the cave with two
torchstands. Once lit with the Lantern, a chest with a Heart Piece will
appear. Note - if done later in the game, you will need to wave the lantern in
this area to clear the poisonous fog that accumulates in the woods.


#2 - Items Required: Bomb (obtained from enemy remains)
Location: Find the room NE of the Temple entrance which has multiple killer-
plants. The killer plant located on the floor level of the room is guarding a
chest with a Heart Piece, and can be destroyed by dropping a bomb from the top
of the adjacent ledge.

#3 - Items Required: Gale Boomerang
Location: Easternmost room in the temple, where multiple tile-monsters can be
found. Use the Gale Boomerang to douse all of the torches in the room, and
path to the chest containing the Heart Piece will appear.


#4 - Items Required: Gale Boomerang
Location: Central Hyrule Field (southern region, just north of the
entrance/exit to Faron), south end of bridge. With the Gale Boomerang equipped
in first-person view, look for a Heart Piece floating in one of the trees.

#5 - Items Required: Gale Boomerang
Location: Near the eastern edge of Kakariko Gorge, south of Kakariko Village,
on a ridge near a bridge spanning the Gorge. Look for a large rock formation
jutting up from the Gorge. Use the Gale Boomerang to target and acquire the
floating Heart Piece.

#6 - Items Required: Bomb, Bomb Arrow (Bow & Arrow + Bombs), or Ball and Chain
Location: Just north of Kakariko, look for a large rock blocking a path off to
the West. Once destroyed with a bomb, you can move along the narrow path
southward. After destroying another rock with a bomb arrow, you'll gain access
to a vine - from there, the Heart Piece is due North.

#7 - Items Required: Double Clawshot
Location: Near the SE section of Kakariko Gorge, look for a large formation
with a grappling hook "bullseye." From there, you can grapple to another point
south, below a nest of vines. From there, you can climb to the vines, and
upward to a Heart Piece.

#8 - Items Required: Bomb, Bomb Arrow (Bow & Arrow + Bombs), or Ball and Chain
Location: North of Hyrule Castle. Look for a clearing with a cave to the west,
blocked by a boulder. After destroying that, break up the ice using the Ball
and Chain. After completing three block-puzzles (similar to those of the
Snowpeak Ruins), you'll earn a Heart Piece.


#9 - Items Required: Iron Boots
Location: After speaking with the first elder of the mines, you'll find a
large room where you need to cross by walking the ceiling using the Iron
Boots. In the NW corner of the room is a small ledge with a chest. Drop from
the ceiling onto the ledge, and you'll find a Heart Piece in the chest.

#10 - Items Required: Iron Boots
Location: Look for a room on the second floor which has a drawbridge and two
turrets. On the magnetic track located on the eastern wall, follow the
southern spur to reach a chest located on a ledge.


#11 - Items Required: Bow & Arrow
Location: After the Goron Mines have been completed and the Gorons have
returned to Kakariko, travel to the northen end of the village, use one of the
Gorons to launch you into the air, and then climb to the top of the tower.
Talo will challenge you to a contest, which ends with a shot to the top of the
tower at the southern end of town. Complete this (without using the Hawkeye),
and the prize is a Heart Piece.

#12 - Items Required: Bomb, Bomb Arrow (Bow & Arrow + Bombs), or Ball and
Chain, Iron Boots
Location: Just west of the Spirit Spring in Kakariko is a boulder blocking a
cave. Use a bomb to destroy the boulder, and sink to the bottom of the pool
inside using the Iron Boots to find a chest with a Heart Piece.

#13 - Items Required: Bomb Arrow (Bow & Arrow + Bombs), Gale Boomerang
Location: Above the remains of the boulder destroyed to obtain the heart piece
listed in #12 is a cliff, with a cluster of smaller boulders. Use a Bomb Arrow
to destroy the cluster, and then the Gale Boomerang to retrieve the Heart

#14 - Items Required: Bottle, Hot Springwater - Must have donated 1000 Rupees
to Malo to rebuild bridge to West Castle Town
Location: Speak to the Elder outside Malo's Shop once the bridge to West
Castle Town has been rebuilt, and accept his challenge to douse the Goron
waiting south of Castle Town. Complete the challenge successfully to gain a
Heart Piece.


#15 - Items Required: Epona (Any time after completing the Goron Mines)
Location: Return to the ranch any time during the day and call Epona. While
riding here, speak again with Fado and agree to herd the goats again. The
prize will be a Heart Piece.

#16 - Items Required: Bomb, Bomb Arrow (Bow & Arrow + Bombs), or Ball and
Chain, Dominion Rod
Location: North of Coro's Shack, look for a boulder that can be destroyed.
After doing so, continue north until you find a statue. Use the Dominion Rod
to move the statue into a shallow hole, then, as Wolf Link, use Midna's help
to reach the top of the statue and to a path. At the end of the path is a
treasure chest with a Heart Piece.


#17 - Items Required: Rupees (1000 Total)
Location: Look for the man on the Castle Town East Road accepting donations in
increments of 30 or 50 rupees. Once you have donated 1000 to him, you are
rewarded with a Heart Piece. This is a fairly easy task over the course of a
game - just donate all the rupees you have before starting a new dungeon.
Nearly every temple/dungeon in the game offers you an opportunity to earn
several hundred rupees, so making these donations allows you to avoid having
to return them to chests or risk being unable to earn any additional money.


#18 - Items required: Bomb, Bomb Arrow (Bow & Arrow + Bombs), or Ball and
Chain, Lantern
Location: Just SW of the Kakariko Gorge bridge, look for a boulder blocking
the entrance to a cave. Use the Lantern to light two torches at the end of the
cave to make a treasure chest with a Heart Piece to appear.


#19 - Items Required: Clawshot
Location: From the uppermost floor of the central circular room, look for a
grapple target on the chandelier in the center of the room. A Heart Piece is
located in a chest within the chandelier.

#20 - Items Required: Clawshot
Location: At some point when the water is flowing to the West in the main
circular chamber, make your way to the westernmost room on the first floor.
Cross the southern bridge, then stand on the switch, grapple to the target on
the wall. You'll see a treasure chest with a Heart Piece located within.


#21 - Items Required: Clawshot, Lantern
Location: In Lanayru's Spirit Spring, there is a section of the wall covered
in ivy. By grappling to the ivy and then climbing, you can gain access to a
room to the south. After lighting the torches in this room with your Lantern,
a chest with a Heart Piece will appear.

#22 - Items Required: None (Can not be completed until after Lakebed Temple is
Location: Complete Plumm's fruit-balloon-popping challenge on the western side
of Lake Hylia with a score of 10,000 or more. It can be a difficult challenge -
the easiest way to complete it is by trying to target fruit-matching
combinations, which double the respective scores.

#23 - Items Required: None (Can not be completed until after Lakebed Temple is
Location: Use Fyer's Flight house in the eastern-central section of Lake Hylia
to reach Falbi's Flight-By-Fowl Challenge. Using a Cucco to glide, aim for the
floating platforms in the SW area, pressing up or down as needed to increase
or decrease speed, respectively. The top platform has a Heart Piece.

#24 - Items Required: Bomb, Bomb Arrow (Bow & Arrow + Bombs), or Ball and
Chain, Lantern, Lantern Oil (Bottle)
Location: Look for a cave south of Lake Hylia's windstone whose entry is
blocked by a rock. After destroying the rock blocking the entrance, make your
way through the winding tunnel, using your Lantern to guide the way. At the
end of the tunnel, use the Lantern to light two torches, at which point a
treaure ches with a Heart Piece will appear.


#25 - Items Required: Lure Rod, Canoe (rented from Hena)
Location: After renting a canoe and rod from Hena (in the NW area of the
Lanayru Province along the Zora's River), paddle to the center of the pond,
and look for a Heart Piece on the islet/formation located there. Using the
fishing rod, cast your line toward the Heart Piece, and it will be caught on
the hook.


#26 - Items Required: Clawshot, Iron Boots
Location: Just north of the Bridge of Eldin is a western-facing cliff wall,
which can be reached via Clawshot. Once you've reached the ledge atop the
cliff wall, travel first south, then west, into a cave. In the cave, there are
a number of ledges accessed by first leaping into the air, then by donning the
Iron Boots which will draw you to a wall. After doing this three times, look
for a chest, which has a Heart Piece within.

#27 - Items Required: Dominion Rod
Location: After retrieving the central span of the Bridge of Eldin from the
Gerudo Desert, the Dominion Rod can be used to move a statue from the north
end to the south end, into an area to the east. It can then be used as a
platform to jump across a gap, to a ladder. At the top of the ladder is a
treasure chest with a Heart Piece.


#28 - Items Required: Sword
Location: Look for a boar roasting over an open spit in the enemy encampment
in the desert. After spreading the kindling for the fire using a Spin Attack,
attack the boar with your sword. Once destroyed, you'll earn a Heart Piece.


#29 - Items Required: Clawshot
Location: In the NW corner of the central chamber, look for a grapply target
which will allow you to cross over a pit of sinking sand to access the
treasure chest with the Heart Piece inside.

#30 - Items Required: Spinner
Location: In the NE-most chamber of the basement, use the Spinner to latch
onto a wall track section, which will take you to an area in the middle of the
room with a tresure chest which has a Heart Piece within.


#31 - Items Required: Ball and Chain
Location: Second floor of the foyer (the first room you're in when you enter
the house). After using the Ball and Chain to reach the first chandelier, turn
to the left, and make your way across the two chandeliers to the south, to a
ledge which has a treasure chest with a Heart Piece located within.

#32 - Items Required: Bomb, Bomb Arrow (Bow & Arrow + Bombs), or Ball and Chain
Location: The chest is located in a room in the SE corner of the house on the
first floor. To access it, use a bomb on a crumbled section of the floor in
the Se corner of the second floor of the house (the Ball and Chain works as
well). After dropping through the hole to open the chest and retrieve the
Heart Piece, you can use the Clawshot to grapple back up to the second floor.

#33 - Items Required: None (Can not be completed until you have finished the
Snowpeak Ruins)
Location: After completing the Snowpeak Ruins, you can return to the Snowpeak
Warp Point and challenge the Yetis to a snowboard/leaf race. After first
defeating Yeto and then Yeta, you earn a Heart Piece as a reward. The race
against Yeta can be difficult - use of several overpass shortcuts makes it
much easier to win.


#34 - Items Required: Dominion Rod, Possessed Statue
Location: On the fifth floor, look for a room with sliding walls, electric
barrier, and a treasure chest. Move the statue to a switch to gain entry to
the treasure chest which has a Heart Piece within.

#35 - Items Required: Dominion Rod, Possessed Statue (x2)
Location: Southern end of the southern room on the fifth floor. Use the
Dominion Rod on two statues - send one East, and another West. When both have
hit switches, a treasure chest with a Heart Piece will appear.

#36 - Items Required: Dominion Rod
Location: In the Temple's main room, look for a statue embedded in the SW
corner wall. Once the statue is moved, a passageway will emerge. Follow the
passageway to a treasure chest with a Heart Piece within.


#37 - Items Required: Double Clawshots
Location: After destroying the plant on the eastern wing of the first floor,
use the Clawshot to grapple to the second floor. Move counterclockwise through
the room, eventually reaching a point where you can grapple up to an overhang
to your right. Cross the gap to find a treasure chest with a Heart Piece.

#38 - Items Required: Double Clawshots
Location: Look for a room on the eastern wing of the third floor which is
filled with flying plants. After taking the NW exit, use the Double Clawshots
to move from plant to plant to reach a southern ledge. Through the door is a
treasure chest with a Heart Piece.


#39 - Items Required: Light Sword, Clawshot
Location: Travel to the Palace's eastern wing. Use the Light Sword to carve a
path through the fog, then use the Clawshot to grapple to a ledge with a
treasure chest which has a Heart Piece.

#40 - Items Required: Light Sword
Location: Travel to the Palace's western wing. Use the Light Sword to carve a
path through the fog in the first area, which will cause a platform to become
visible in the SW corner. Use the platform to reach a raised alcove in the
west wall which has a treasure chest with a Heart Piece.


#41 - Items Required: Bomb, Bomb Arrow (Bow & Arrow + Bombs), or Ball and
Chain, Spinner
Location: Look for a path east of Castle Town blocked by boulders. After
destroying the boulders, use the Spinner to reach a ledge which has a Treasure
Chest with a Heart Piece. You'll need to jump between tracks at times.


#42 - Items Required: Spinner
Location: In the northern area of the province, look for the bridge spanning
the hidden gulch. Use the spinner on the eastern side of the north wall's
track to reach a ledge. Transform into Wold Link, dig your way into a cave,
destroy the enemies inside, and open the treasure chest given as a reward to
find a Heart Piece.


#43 - Items Required: None
Location: Launch yourself from a Goron on the trail between Kakariko Village
and the Goron Mines, to grab a ledge to the east. After pulling yourself up,go
north, and then look for an alcove/ledge to the east that you can drop into.
There, you'll find a treasure chest with a Heart Piece.


#44 - Items Required: None
Location: To reach the Hidden Village, look for a cave in the NE corner of the
Eldin Province. After traveling south through the cave, you'll find the Hidden
Village. As Wolf Link, find the Cuccoo Leader and accept the challenge to
speak with 20 different cats. Complete the challenge to earn a Heart Piece.


#45 - Items Required: Bomb
Location: Just east of the Temple Grounds is an area with a large boulder.
Blow up the boulder, then dig in that crevice as Wolf Link to reach a cave.
Defeat all of the enemies there to earn a treasure chest with a Heart Piece.

Another Bomb Bag
Can do this anytime after unfreezing Zoro's Domain,go to the spot where you unfreezed it with the molten rock and put on your iron boots and sink to the bottom, get out a water bomb and blow the rock up and a goron will jump out and give you another bomb bag
Another Bomb bag- water rapids
Go by the Fishing spot in human form. When you get near the spot, after talking to the lady there, Twillight creatures fall out of the sky. Defeat them in human form. After beating them the lady sees what you have done, and asks for help. She wants you to clean her water rapid ride, using bomb arrows she will give you. When you are finished, you keep an extra bomb bag.
Another poe
In the sacred grove(Area where you get the master sword)on top of the half tree that has a turret like notch in it
Argorok Battle
To defeat Argorok, use the Double Clawshots to climb the little pillar things in the corners of the area. Clawshot onto Argorok's tail and put on the Iron Boots to pull him to the ground. Eventually, he will fly up in the air and a few of those flying plants will go up in the air as well. Climb the pillars again and then Clawshot on the plants to try to get behind Argorok. Clawshot onto Argorok's back and then slash it.
Armogohma Battle
To defeat Armogohma, avoid it's attacks you start. Once it stops on an area to block out light, it will open it's eye. Shoot an arrow at it's eye to make it fall down. Then control the statue beside it using the Dominion Rod and make it smash Armogohma with a hammer. After you defeat it, it will turn into a small spider and a whole bunch of tiny spiders. Kill the small spider and Armogohma will be completely defeated.
Balloon Popping
At Lake Hylia, you can play a fruit balloon popping game as a wolf (speak to the bird near the lake cannon) for a heart piece.

Simply go for the 10K high score by popping only strawberry balloons and ignoring the other larger balloons in the way. You should be able to scrape by the 10K mark right before the end of the course.
Big plants
If you pour water on plants like the bird-call plant It'll get bigger
Big Quiver
Head to Castle Town and enter the STAR Tent. Pay 10 rupees to play the game and you'll have to collect all of the glowing orbs (this requires the Clawshot.) For completing it the first time you'll be rewarded with the Big Quiver which holds 60 arrows.
big wallet
You must give Agatha 1 Golden Bug.
Blizzeta Battle
To defeat Blizzeta, start by hitting the giant ice block she is in with the Ball & Chain. Once you see Yeta inside the little ice block, she will create large ice spikes. Avoid the spikes when they hit the ground and then hit them with the Ball & Chain. You will then be able to throw the Ball & Chain at Blizzeta when you have an ice spike out of the way. Hit her with the Ball & Chain a few times to defeat her.
Blow up Rocks
If you ever see a lone small boulder, blow it up with your bombs. It will give you rupees, clear the field, so you don't run into them with your horse.
bomb bags
Bomb Bag 1: You buy some bombs at Barnes Bomb Shop in Kakariko. Barnes will sell you this Bomb Bag. That's easy -- drkay easy.

Bomb Bag 2: When you thaw out Zora's Domain (complete the second dungeon), go underwater and set a Water Bomb at the large rock in the center of the cave. A Goron inside will give you this Bomb Bag.

Bomb Bag 3: Talk to the woman outside of the Boat-Rental Shack and she will ask you to blow up rocks inside of the cave under her Unabomber-style shack. She will give you this Bomb Bag when you make it outside the other end of the shack-cave tunnel.

Giant Bomb Bag: After completing the task for the woman at the Boat-Rental Shack, go back and talk to her to play a game. Earn at least 25 points at the end of the mini-game and if you succeed, she will give you the Giant Bomb Bag.
the first boss is a giant plant. at first use the gale boomerang and target a bombchu. also target one of the vines the vine should blow up. repeat this to the other plant. next a giant plant will emerge. target the monkey first, then target the giant plant. the large plant falls lay waste to it\'s eyeball and use the finishing move on it.

the next boss is a giant fire guy with chains dangling from him. equip your iron boots, and arrows because we\'re turnng up the heat. shoot him in the eye to stun him, then put on your iron boots and grab a chain. pull him and he will trip and fall. next run to his eye an let em have it. repeat this a few times to kill him.

the final boss in the shadow shard series is a long eel like creature. in the begining you musu target an eye that floats from tenticle to tenticle. this is a battle much like morphea in ocarina of time because you must clawshot the eyeball out and slash it. when you succesfully do that. the real fight will begin. he/she/it will circle madly. un equip the iron boots and target the eyeball on the eel. clawshot to is and wave the Wii remote to slash it. do this two times to kill it.

the next boss is a giant fossil. equip the spinner and heat twords his spine. when the moment comes press B to spin the top and break part of his backbone. do this a cupple of times an he will go into his second form. he will become a floating head. stay on the inside track to gain speed. whwn you see his head charge up for a blast, simply switch tracks until your close enough to his head to smack it by ramming him. when he goes down dont try to attac because it won\'t do anything. repeayt this a few times to finaly put him to rest.

the next boss we all know as cute lovable Yeto, onle this time she wants to rip off your neck and use the blood as syrup on her pancakes. in her first form simply bash some sence into her with your iron ball. next she will fly up into the air. run like hell and make sure to roll a great deal because she will sind mini iceicles raining from heaven. after the storm is over smash those ice blocks, but when more fall stay out of the circle. do this until you hit her with the iron ball a few times and her anger management problems fade.

the next boss in a giant spider. hit him with an arrow and use the dominion rod to infest a giant statue. hurt the spidey a few times and I think you can figure out what to do next.

the final boss in the mirror shard saga is a dragon. equip the iron boots, the master sword, and the dubble slingshots because your goin to love this one. In the beging he will try to blow you off the building equip the iron boots and clawshot onto his tail. part of his armor will fall off. now clawshot almost to the top of the pillars and wait. the dragon will fly up there. clawshot up onto the dragons tail with the iron boots on and you will haave knocked off all the armor. next a brief skit showing plants rising up will occour.clawshot up to the top of the pillars and clawshot form plant to plant. wait until the dragon bows fire at you and grapple until you come to the back of the dragon. then clawshot onto the gem on it\'s back and waste him. repeat this three times to kill him.

What i think is one of the coolest bosses is here: URSPER KING ZANT he has the most comback forms of any boss, over 5 times you have to face him. to start out he will warp to the forest temple. use the gale boomerang to bring hin down and slice and dice away. next he will warp to the goron level. block his attacks and slicre hi when he is taking a breather. next he will warp to the water temple. it\'s trickey to move in time, but i figgures out how you can know where he is about to attack from. he always attacks from the opposite side of the field than your on so before the door opens swim twords the door and then equip the iron boots and pull him in and shash him with the sword and the clawshot. next he warps you back to the forest tenple. make sure you un equip the iron boots. roll into the poll he\'s standing on to knock him off and slash away. The next form is the most Bizzarre. he transforms into a giant zant. take out the iron ball and target his shoe. hit him with the iron ball to shrink him to tiny hit him two times to win. then he\'ll get real sick of you besting him in every single thing and he\'ll fight you mono-a-mono, zant-a-link make sure you hae something that you brought to replenish yourself. he will eather use a choping motion or a spining attack. target him when he\'s doing the spin attack and wait for him to run out of steam. then combo him. repeat this five times to FINALY bring that freak down.
the final boss we all know and love, GANNON KING OF EVIL well he did the darndest thing, he posessed Zelda. in the first part of this eppic fight. wait for Zelda to attack with a charged attack and smash it back just like OoT (hmmm wow there is a fair likeness here). repeat this two times to bring her down. in the second fight you fight beast gannon. shoot him in the gem on his forhead attack him on the soft uderbelly. repeat this twice to go to the next switch to beast form and get ready for gannon. when he comes throw him aside. then hurt him then jump him. do this twice. the next part you have zelda\'s help in. z target gannon and let zelda hit him with a light arrow. then charge twords him and swipe away. repeat this a few times to finish it. the last part of the battle you fight him with just your sword. use your rolling swipe and then combo him. he will lunge at you. when he does the word chance will appear. preaa A as soon as you see it to engage in an A tapping battle. press A realy fast to knock him over, leaving him victem to an ending blow worthy of the end of the game. congrats, you beat twilight princess!!!!!!!!!!!
Cave of Ordeals
Its located in the dessert, where the bridge of eldin was tossed. Its a cave with filled with monsters, so be prepared. I suggest you find every item in the game before going in here.
Complete Poe Checklist
Construct a checklist is recommended for finding Poes. When you find one, check it off. For example: If you find Poe number 3 in Lanturn Cavern 2, then check off one box. When you find another Poe in the same area, just check off another box of the same area. You can find the Poes in any order you choose; they don't have to be done in order. If you have trouble finding a Poe, PM me, and I'll give you a more detailed description of where and how to find it.

Poe 1: Castle Town
Poe 2: Lantern Cavern 2
Poe 3: Lantern Cavern 2
Poe 4: Lanturn Cavern 2
Poe 5: Gerudo Desert
Poe 6: Gerudo Desert
Poe 7: Arbiter's Grounds
Poe 8: Arbiter's Grounds
Poe 9: Arbiter's Grounds
Poe 10: Arbiter's Grounds
Poe 11: Snoepeak Area
Poe 12: Snowpeak Ruins
Poe 13: Snowpeak Ruins
Poe 14: Snowpeak Ruins
Poe 15: Sacred Woods
Poe 16: Temple of Time
Poe 17: Temple of Time
Poe 18: Temple of Time
Poe 19: City in the sky
Poe 20: City in the sky
Poe 21: Sacred Grove
Poe 22: Sacred Grove
Poe 23: Kakariko Village
Poe 24: Kakariko Village
Poe 25: Kakariko Village
Poe 26: Death Mountain
Poe 27: Snowpeak Area
Poe 28: Snowpeak Area
Poe 29: Snowpeak Cave
Poe 30: Zora's Waterfall
Poe 31: Zora's Domain
Poe 32: Zora's River
Poe 33: Hyrule Field
Poe 34: Hyrule Field
Poe 35: Hyrule Field
Poe 36: Hyrule Field
Poe 37: Hyrule Field
Poe 38: Hyrule Field
Poe 39: Hyrule Field
Poe 40: Hyrule Field
Poe 41: Lake Hylia
Poe 42: Lake Hylia
Poe 43: Lake Hylia
Poe 44: Lake Hylia
Poe 45: Lake Hylia
Poe 46: Gerudo Desert
Poe 47: Gerudo Desert
Poe 48: Gerudo Desert
Poe 49: Gerudo Desert
Poe 50: Gerudo Desert
Poe 51: Gerudo Desert
Poe 52: Cave of Ordeals
Poe 53: Cave of Ordeals
Poe 54: Cave of Ordeals
Poe 55: Lantern Cavern 1
Poe 56: Faron Woods
Poe 57: Snowpeak Area
Poe 58: Hyrule Field
Poe 59: Hidden Village
Poe 60: Kakariko Village

NOTE: Poes do NOT reappear.
Control a chicken!
If you keep slashing a chicken with your sword then suddenly you can control the chicken!! but only in 10 seconds
Fire a few Bomb-arrows at them first to take off some of there armor. Same for other enimies.
Deafeting iron knuckles easy (armoured warriors)
ok this aquires the hidden skill up to 5.

first wait till he strikes forward and right when he does do a back flip then lung at him(lock on and press A) and right after the lung hold forward and keep pressing B until he blocks. then keep doing that until his armour is off. now a change of plan.. do the roll thing that you go behind him(i think its hidden skill 4) and strike with B and he might or might not block it but it doesnt matter right after that just strike him with forward B again. when he blocks do it again and keep doing this until he is defeated.
Defeat Giant Frog Easy
In the Lakebed temple you fight a giant frog who will first lay eggs that turn into tadpoles, after you fight them the frog jumps into the air in an attempt to body slam you, if he misses he will become paralyzed and you must slash his tongue with your sword. However, whether you hit or miss he will open his mouth and roar. when he does shoot a bomb-arrow into his mouth, he will fall down and you can slash his tongue. And he will roar again after you do this so you can kill him quickly and ignore the tadpole and body slamming parts
Defeat re-dead and Stalfos with ease.
Simple lock on and use the ball and chain.

The re-dead gets hit. And when they stun you, you automaticly bring it back killing them.

One blow knocks down a Stalfos, the second has the same effect as a bomb. A good tip for many situations.
Diababa Battle
To defeat Diababa, use the Gale Boomerang and lock onto the bombs and then lock onto Diababa. Throw the boomerang to get the bomb in Diababa's mouth. Once the little Bomb Bugs are gone, you will have to lock onto the bombs that the chimpanzee you fought earlier as he swings around. Then lock onto Diababa again to throw the bombs at it again. Once you hit a bomb into the big part of Diababa in the middle, it will fall to the ground and you can slash it's eye to damage it. An easy way to avoid taking damage from Diababa is to move as far away as you can when the two smaller parts attack and to move around when the big part in the middle attacks.
Digging under ground
While in Wolf mode, if you ever see a rock formation in a circlular shape, dig in the center. It will send you under the ground, into a spot usually filled with many enemies. Defeat them all and you most likely get either a Piece Heart or Rupees. Amount of Rupees may vary.
Dont buy magic armor.
every .4 seconds you lose 1 rupee. and if you get hit you will lose about 100. trust me its a hudge rip off. and if you run out of rupees, it makes you move as slow, as if you had on iron boots.
Easter Egg: Bullet Bill
Just a cool little thing to see. When you're in Lake Hylia and you're near the Cannon Guy, zoom in on his left arm and you'll see a little Bullet Bill patch on his sleeve. He must be a Mario fan =D.
Easy fight, forest temple
when fighting the boss in the forest temple, stay way far in the back and the side flowers cant get you.
Easy Money
Find some golden bugs Located everywhere in hyrule. There are both Male and Female types so be sure to get each type. There is 26 in all. Once you find some, go to Agitha's Castle in Hyrule town, and give it to her. She will give you a lot of rupees.
Easy Skulltulas
This doesn't matter if you are a wolf or human. You know Skulltulas? The huge spiders that has creepy patterns on their backs? If there is a pot, skull, or some object to throw,(Not weapons we have. Sorry!) throw it in it's pincers and it gets stunned, and one bite or slash tadaa! It's dead!
Easy stab
For doing easy stabs, just roll and swing the wiimote, link will do a stab after rolling.
Easy way to defeat Ganondorf
If you have the Magic Armour, wear it while fighting Ganondorf. Rather than taking damage, you will just lose Rupees instead. As it is the final battle in the game, it doesn't matter if you lose your Rupees or not. So you will be invincible when fighting Ganondorf.
Epona Tips
If you see weird grass that has brown horseshoe like things growing on it, pick one and blow to call Epona.

If you mount Epona from the back instead of the sides, you will get a running start.

Don't use all of her power at once, stop using it once she is almost out instead of completely out, that way it will replenish faster.
Every Golden Bug and Locations
Bug Set #1 (Butterflies) - East of Hyrule Castle
Bug 1: Next to the eastern entrance of the castle is a
ledge that has a spot where you can Clawshot to the top of it.
Bug 2: By the same eastern entrance there's a tree with a
batch of flowers nearby. The other butterfly is underneath that

Bug Set #2 (Ants) - Kakariko Village
Bug 1: In the graveyard.
Bug 2: Inside one of the houses on the western side of the
minimap has an ant inside of it.

Bug Set #3 (Stag Beetles) - Lanayru Province
Bug 1: From the river current that exits at the bottom of
Hyrule Castle, head northeast and look for the path that leads
east and south, deeper into the Lanayru province. On the wall
above a boulder is the first stag beetle. (Use your Clawshot to
get the bug down)
Bug 2: Between the river exit and the location of the first
stag beetle is a tree with the other beetle. Find and collect.

Bug Set #4 (Beetles) - Outside of Faron Woods
Bug 1: Exit the woods and follow the western wall. One of
the beetles is attached to the wall above your head.
Bug 2: There's a stream running across Hyrule Field when
you exit the forest, with a bridge that runs across it as well.
Next to the bridge are a couple of trees, and the other beetle is
on the side of one of them.

Bug Set #5 (Ladybugs) - South of Hyrule Castle
Bug 1: Right after you exit the town, before you head down
the stairs, head to your left. A ladybug is scuttling around near
the wall.
Bug 2: Head down the stairs and look for a small grove of
trees next to a body of water. On one of the trees is the other

Bug Set #6 (Mantis's) - The Lake Hylia Bridge
Bug 1: On the southern side of the bridge is a rock pass,
and the praying mantis is clinging to the wall far above your
Bug 2: Flying around the pillars at the northern gate of
the bridge.

Bug Set #7 (Dragonflies) - Zora's Domain
Bug 1: There's a path that starts on the right side of the
waterfall that goes uphill. Follow the path to find the dragonfly
flitting around near a couple of crates.
Bug 2: Swim to the upper Zora's River area, and look around
for the other dragonfly. It's flying above some grass in this

Bug Set #8 (Pill Bugs) - Outside of Kakariko Village
Bug 1: The bug is crawling around right outside the
entrance to the village in some grass.
Bug 2: Keep walking away from the village to find the
second bug crawling in the rocks around the huge chasm near the

Bug Set #9 (Grasshoppers) - North of Kakariko Village
Bugs 1 and 2: These bugs take a bit of searching. Both are
in the large field north of Kakariko Village, and both are
(generally) in the eastern portion of the field. Exit Kakariko
Village and run so the eastern wall is relatively close to you,
heading north. Look for the golden sparkle of these bugs, they
aren't too difficult to find since neither are hiding all that

Bug Set #10 (Phasmids) - Eldin Bridge
Bug 1: At the north end of the bridge, climb the cliffs on
the right side to find the bug above your head.
Bug 2: This bug is hanging around the southern end of the
bridge on a pillar. Use the Clawshot to get it down, just like
all of the others hanging around out of reach.

Bug Set #11 (Snails) - In the Sacred Grove
Bug 1: When you first find the entrance to the Temple of
Time and drop into the pit to get to the entrance to the level,
there is a snail on the wall of that pit/cave.
Bug 2: Inside the Temple of Time but outside of the actual
level, where the world around you is mostly black and white,
check the left wall for the other snail.

Bug Set #12 (Dayflies) - Gerudo Desert
Bug 1: In the eastern side of this desert the first dayfly
is moving around one of the chasms that separates the
northeastern side of the desert with its western half.
Bug 2: The second dayfly is flying around one of the wooden
barricades, also on the eastern side of the desert.
Final Battle: Ganondorf
When you are versing ganon, get out your fishing pole and release it behind ganon, he will look towards it and then quickly strike him with your swor while his defences are down.
find heart pieces easy
To easily find the locations of all Heart Pieces, go to Fanadi's Palace in Hyrule Castle Town and pay her 10 Rupees for a Love fortune. You will then see an area in the game that will contain a Heart Piece around it, obtainable in some fashion. You can keep paying her to show you other locations, but she will sometimes repeat the same location a few times over.

Finding Bait for fishing
You can either find Bee Larvas by shooting down a bee hive, or [/b]Worms[/b] by killing a two-legged black thing.

To find this "Enemy", go anywhere in hyrule field. You will see this enemy, because he looks like this:

-two small chicken legs

-full black

-small, about the size of Midna.

-Looks like a twilight creature.

He is a fast monster. Catching him on foot is almost impossible. He drops exploding balls when threatened.

Defeat this creature to get a worm.
Finding Poes
They appear at night, and they are spread out all through Hyrule in set loactions. To see them and fight them you must be in Wolf mode and use your senses. You must rip out there soul/heart to kill them.

Finding over 20 Poes will enable him to move and 60 will lift the curse.
Forest Temple
In the very small room, near the boss room (Where you put the key in), there are two spiders (Giant) on the ceiling. Slingshot one and beat it, then do the same for the other. Make sure you do that, otherwise they may go down the hole with you.
Free arrows almost anywhere in the field
okay you all probably have seen those annoying-ass archers in hyrule field and the such well you can just run around crazily in any direction while they fire at you and after a couple seconds you can pick up the arrow off the ground and use it, this really helped me get arrows while still help malo mart with donations and the such=)
Free Health And Lantern Oil
Ok in Faron forest next To the forest castle kind of
The bird will talk to you And tell you to buy lantern oil or health potion so fill you lantern with oil and empty bottle with potion and just walk away he won't chase you or anything he'll just tell you to pay so just walk away he wont do anything
and any time you nedd oil or health just run in quick he'll try to hurt you and call you a thief
but if you do it quick enough you won't get hurt and he dosesn't go out side his shop thing or you can just go in he'll chase you and go to the pay box and
pay one ruby insted of 50 and he'll let you exactly as if you payed full price I think it a glitch
So For the rest of the game you get free oil and health potion
Freeing Goron on rock bottom-another Bomb bag
If you are at the point where you have under water bombs, the Zora Garmets, and Iron Boots, go to Zora's Dormain, and sink down to the bottom where you see a rock with eyes popping out. Bomb it, and then you freed a goron. Oddly he stays down there. But good news, he gives you a bomb bag.
Fyrus Battle
When fighting Fyrus, use the Hero Bow to shoot an arrow at his eye when it is glowing. This will temporarily blind him. Run behind him and wear the Iron Boots. Grab his chain and pull back on it to make him fall. Slash his head once he is down. To avoid taking damage from Fyrus, try to stay as far away from him as you can while his eye is glowing and shoot him from a distance.
get heart pieces
most heart pieces you can only get with claw shot can be gotten also by your gale boomarang if you want to get them before the water temple.
getting hyrulian shield early!
first save 200 rupees befor going to the fire temple and right after you defeat that goron on a sumo fight go all the way back to the malo mart and buy the hyrulian shield for 200 rupees so your ordon shield wont burn.
Giant stuff!
There are two Giant items in the game:

Giant Wallet: Give Agitha all 24 Golden Bugs.
Giant Quiver: Beat both levels of the star game.

Before you Report a problem try it! It works! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
In previous Zelda games, a large amount of Cucoos would attack you if you slashed them too many times. Not in Twilight Princess. If you slash, or do anything to hurt, a goat, it will charge at you.
Green Chu Jelly
This is not a joke. Very hard to do, but not a joke. the only place i made it work was the cave of ordeals where all the chu chus are. you know blue and yellow make green? a blue chu chu and a yellow chu chu make a green chu chu. kill it, pick up its jelly in a bottle and it has no info, no stats, no nothing (except for a name). i dont think it does anything- i didnt want to try, it couldve messed up my game. it stems back from the magic meter originally in the game(you can see a picture on the back of the box)
If you ever need help....

Wolf Form:

When the wold form, press up and Midna will tell you something useful.

Human Form:

Press Up or Press - and then Up to find out info.

If you need help, that should help with your situation.
Having a hard time landing those notes while howling?
Well first of all try your best with the notes you can do. Then if you can't land it, try going up and down fast with the nunchuck control stick. It might land the note you need. I can't guarantee it working 100% of the time though.
having fun with the cat in ordon province
simple, just get up on that green rock get the eagle aim for the cat and shoot. twisted but fun.
Heart Piece at the Bridge of Eldin
Note: You must already have the Diminion Rod.

If you haven't already, fix the bridge of Eldin. Just warp to the Gerudo Mesa (south side of desert) and get Midna to warp the bridge piece back. Once the bridge is fixed, go to the north end of the bridge. On your right, there should be a statue. Use the Dominion Rod to bring it down and move it to the south side of the bridge. On the left, there is a gap and a hole in a wall with a ladder behind it. Move the statue down there and jump across the gap with it. Climb the ladder and at the top there will be a heart piece!
hearts of three(and one poe)
1.Coming out of Kakiriko village(from the exit nearest the death mountain trail) you take a left and you will find a large rock blow it up and you will find a duengeon enterance inside you will find one heart piece and a Poe

2.go to the Kakiriko village spirit spring but dont walk into the water to your left is another rock blocking off your destination, blow it up and go up the ramp in the back right corner when you emerge you will be on a ledge now if you want to get everything that is down there you will need:Iron Boots, Zora Armor, and water put on your iron boots and zora armor then hop into the water and float to the bottom, there is a chest containing a heart piece, and a rock(the largest one down there and is grey)that you need to blow up if you want the purple rupee(50 rupees)that it hides

3.For this heart you will need the clawshot,This Heart is also in Hyrule Field find the small lake on your map then find the grey blotch on your map go up to the blotch and face Hyrule Castle equip your clawshot and aim upwards, you will see a heart piece, use your clawshot to grab it
Hidden Village - Play with the Cats!
After you have defeated all of the enemies in the Hidden Village, go back behind the building to the east. There will be a howling stone and a chicken. Talk to the chicken, and he will ask you if you want to play with the cats. Say yes, and then go find and talk to all 20 cats. Look in the alleys at up on the balconies along with in the buildings and on the main road. After you are done, you will receive a heart piece for your efforts!
how to beat Gannon EASIEST!!!!
for this all you have to do is.....

1.kill pozzesed Zelda

2.Transform into a wolf

3.wait for gannon to start charging the bottom of the screen,when it says A hold A and piont the joystick left or right.

5.Z target his belly and bite him.

Reapete this a few times to win

NOTE:watch the red portals when 1 turns blue stand in front of it then do step 4.
How to beat Zant
Zant is a Mixture of almost every boss you fought before. When he mimicks a boss, just remember what item you had to use during that boss battle.

Fight 1: After he is done with his volley of attacks, hit him with a gale boomerang.

And just like that, you can beat him easily with whatever you had to use the first time.

After he is done mimicking other previous bosses, he will come out, with two daggers. After this, there is no stratagy. Just attack him, like you would do if he was just a normal enemy.
How to fire a cannon- Yeti's Castle Dungeon
First you need to find the lead ball. Find it, then insert it in. Then after insert a Bomb. Viola! You should beable to shoot through ice, and ice monsters.
How to get hot springwater to the Gorons in castle town+How to get Magic Armour
You know Malo Mart in Kakariko village? Once you donate 3000 Rupees to the thin gold guy it opens a Malo Mart Castle Branch. Go there to get the Magic Armour for 598 Rupees.(Big wallet needed) But once you go back to the original Mart talk to the stone guy out front and he will ask you to bring a barrel of Hot Springwater to the Goron resting on the east bridge of castle town. You then end up in Hyrule Field with Link carrying the barrel. Run along the edges of the cliff and run all the way to the east bridge. don't go away from the cliffside untill you get to the bridge. Don't stop running either. You will get shot at with flaming arrows but if you keep running you won't get hit. Then throw it on the Goron and he will get more spingwater. You can now purchase hot sprinwater in castle town!
How to get the Big Wallet
Find Agitha in her castle in Castle town. It should be in the south eastern part of town. (before you do this, you must find at least one golden bug) Go to Agitha in her house. She is a little girl. Talk to her and give her the bug. She will give you the Big Wallet in return, it holds up to 600 rupees.
Hylian loaches
Ok, I know that when ever you go to the fishing hole that chick always talks about hylian loaches. Here are the all places they live:

1: The graveyard where you get zora armor

2: The fishing hole

3: Where that snake light spirit lives

NOTE: They get bigger when you use bait and the biggest of them live in the place where the light spirit is.
In the Hidden Village
After you defeat the enemies in the Hidden Village, come back and cats will be everywhere. Continue towards the old lady's house and smash through a glass window and into a building on your right. Smash through another window to get back outside, but it is fenced off and has a Cuccoo and a howling stone. You know the drill, howl at it and summon the wolf. Next, talk to the Cuccoo as a wolf and he will ask you to talk to all 20 cats in town. To find all of them, you will need to be human for a short time and clawshot to a net hanging from the upper deck on the left, above the water pool. Up there, there is a Poe to get, along with a cat. Also, there is a window to jump through to get another cat. As for the rest of the cats, search everywhere and destroy barrels and stuff to see what is behind them. Just don't leave the village or go into the old lady's house, or else it will be reset. After you talk to all of the cats, talk to the Cuccoo again and you will get a heart piece! And for every other time you do this activity again, you will get twenty rupees.
Item: Hawkeye: Bow & Arrow Challenge Hint
In Kankaro Village, When you get the Hawkeye and do the "Bow & Arrow" challenge, Aim at the pole using the Hawkeye, But don't fire. if you then press Z (gamecube(maybe wii)) to exit the Hawkeye and then fire, Malo won't call you on using the Hawkeye and you might get more money
Iza's River Ride Tips
When riding down the river in Iza's River Ride minigame, try to aim for the pots far away so you will have more room to find the others.

Avoid crashing into walls, for they will cost you a point.

Score 25 points to get a Bomb Bag.
Jellyfish Brains
I'm not sure if this is a secret or a plain old "Duh!" thing but I'm posting this on anyway! You know Jellyfish? They're in the Lakebed Temple. They seem impossible to defeat and they are deadly. I found out how to kill them. Take your clawshot and aim your Wii Remote at it and this little target thing. Shoot at it and the main part(brains) come out. Chop it with your sword and it's dead! It might be known but it's cool and creepy. You should see it!
Jovani- Gaining another bottle
Once you find 20 poes souls, head over to his house, in wolf form. The cats outside his house tell you you can easily dig because the ground is moist. Use your senses to find the digging spot and dig into his house. Talk to Jovani. Look he can move! Yet he is still golden. After you talk to him, he will give you a Bottle full of Fairy tears, and you keep the bottle!

Looks like you need to find 40 more poes to finally cure him. Good luck.
Kill any regular monster easy.
You will need two of the wolf's technics:

- The first one (which get no matter what).
- The one that you round the enemy and then slash from behind.

When you are fighting any regular monster, do round the enemy and slash him from behind. Normally, he should fall in the floor. Then just press A to do the killing technic and eliminate the monster.
killing flying lizards easy
ok when your engaged with the fling lizards first shootan arrow at it and you will see its shield will be faceing you so quickly claw shot him and keep pressing B for awhile but on do 3 hits for the combo and dont do the finishing part of it instead prss shield bash and he will be dizzy so do the combo again and shield bash him and then continue this combo until he is dead.this works best on lizards. (im not sure if it works for other enemies)
Lawn Mower
The ball and chain can also be used as a grass cutter if you hold z and just walk around swinging it, it may be slow but it works
Little tip for the final battle with Ganondorf.
Is easier to beat Ganondorf in the final battle if you have learned all the skill of the Golden Wolf. Specially the Back Slice, that one gives you a little bit of advantage if you know how to use it.
Magic Armour
If you go to the shop in karioke village there will be a goron inside holding a box he will need 3,000 rupees total to open a better shop and sell the magic armour at a discount but if you wair the magic armour while you finish dorines or the gold man quest he will give you a wallet to hold unlimited rupees.
Money armour is a rip off!
When you see the special armour its kind of a rip off. Whe you take a step you loose some ruppies and when you run out of ruppes it becomes really heavy!So i advice not trying to get the armour!
Money, Money, Money..
Here is another way to make money. (See my other cheats how to make money on this page)

This is very, very, very, very hard. I'll put it in steps.

1. Find a tree.
2. Roll into it.

If you're lucky you'll rupees might fall from the tree. (Just like in past Zelda games)
Morpheel Battle
To defeat Morpheel, you will always have to wear the Zora Armour and you must start by wearing the Iron Boots. Z-Target Morpheel's eye and grab it with the Clawshot to pull it towards you, then slash it. Avoid taking damage by staying out of Morpheel's reach. Once Morpheel comes out of the ground, take off the Iron Boots and try to swim above it. Lock onto Morpheel's eye and Clawshot it to pull yourself towards it and slash it again.
Need help finding the reek fish?
If you ask Ralis the Zora Prince, he will tell you its in the waterfall basin.

For those who don't know where that is, go to the Zora dormain, go down the water fall, and once your down turn right. Climb up to the land right there. Ralis also said something about the "Mother and Child rock". This looks nothing like it sounds. It is a big rock, next to a smaller sized one. That is near the area. You won't believe what it looks like, because it looks like two normal rocks.

Anyways fish there, on the land. Cast out your line. Be sure to have the coral attached to your rod. If you don't have that, Go to talk to Ralis, in the grave yard of Kaikario Village.

You should catch one now. Once you get it, it will flap on land, emitting an odor that you can see. Turn into a wolf to sniff it. Track the scent to find the Creature you need to find.
Ocarina of Time Refrence
If you look at the black and white photo inside where you can rent a boat and go fishing in the boat you will see it looks like the guy running the fishing hole in Ocarina of Time!
piece of heart
if you have the dubble clawshots look at lanayrus spring closly you will see some targets then lead to 200 rupies now if you look to you right or left depending on your verson you will see some vines clawshot to them and follow the path light the two torchs and get 5 bombs one heart piece and 5 rupies
Piece of Heart-Fishing spot
Go and pay the fishing lady her money, so you can get a boat to fish out in the lake. Once you are on the lake, to the right you will see a rock formation, with a hole going through it like a tunnel. Take your fishing rod, and cast it on the Rock formation. Be sure to aim towards the Heart Piece, which you can clearly see. Toss it out, and reel it in. You have it.
Hyrule Field:
Find the Hyrule Field lake then cross it's wodden bridge from he side that faces the castle once across the bridge keep walking forward for a few seconds then take a small left you will be on a small ledge with a tree next to you and the poe is right there
poe locations:
poe locations:

Arbiter’s Grounds
There are four poes in this temple:

Shortly after you enter, three poes will materialize and all but one will soon leave. Take him down.
To find the second poe, head to the room surrounded by blue torches in the northwest section of the temple. Use the Wolf’s sense to spot another Poe on the east wall.
The third poe is located in the hallway with the legions of skeletons. Pull the chain along the west wall to reveal it.
The final poe is in a room on the east side of the temple. This one will split into four; the brightest one is your target.

Castle Town

The first Poe is impossible to miss. You’ll find him inside Jovani’s house located on Castle Town’s west side.

Cave of Ordeals
With the bridge piece in Gerudo Desert restored, return to its original resting place in the southeast portion of the desert to enter the Cave of Ordeals. There are three poes here.

First poe is on the 17th floor.
Second poe Is on the 33rd floor.
The final poe is on the 44th floor.

City in the Sky

To find the first poe, head to the east side’s third floor. Grapple onto the flying plants to skip over a couple of walls, then Clawshot to the plant heading south. From here, latch onto the finale plan and lower yourself to the Poe below.
Proceed to the outdoor area surrounding the room where you found the Big Key. Cross the ropes in wolf form to the east side to find a poe.

Death Mountain

On the path leading to the Goron Mines, use the Goron on the east side to grab hold of ledge leading to a Poe, though he’s only visible at night.

Faron Woods

At night, use Midna to cross the swamp to a hollowed out tree trunk. There you’ll find a poe.

Gerudo Desert

After landing from the cannon blast, check to the south at night for a poe.
During nightfall, visit the area where the axe-wielding goblin was inside the camp to find a poe.
There’s a waiting poe to the right of the Arbiter’s Ground’s entrance at the top of the staircase.
Clawshot to the tree west of the enemy’s fortress at night to find a poe.
Transform into a wolf immediately after finding the poe above and dig where you are to find a cave below containing the next poe.
Look for a poe at night in one of the trenches to the northeast.
Visit the hilltop in the southeast corner of the desert. Once the broken piece of bridge is restored to the Bridge of Eldin, a poe will reside atop the hill where the bridge was at night.


Check the graveyard at night for the finale Poe.
Push the northeast gravestone at night to reveal a Poe.

Hidden Village

You’ll find a poe on the northeast building’s balcony.
Hyrule Field

Eldin province - In the field south of Kakariko Village, proceed to the area southeast of the bridge spanning the Gorge. Look for the poe near a tree atop a hill.
Eldin province - Head to the field south of Kakariko village and look for a large boulder blocking access to a cave on the southern side. Destroy the boulder and proceed to the northwest portion of the cave. Turn right at the fork in the road to find the Poe (the other trail leads to a heart piece).

Faron province - Check north of the bridge to find a Poe at the hill’s top.
Lanayru province - From Castle Down, head south to a damaged amphitheater. Look for the Poe at the base of the area.

Lanayru province - Look for the Poe floating above the bridge in the northern part of the field.
Lanayru province - In the field on Castle Town’s north side, cross over to the eastside of the bridge and look for a circle of grass. Use wolf link to dig there and enter a cave. Inside you’ll find two poes.

Lanayru province - This Poe is the second of two in the cave mentioned above.
Lanayru province - Check on the east side of the body of water in the field south of Castle Town to find this Poe.

Lanayru province - After restoring the west Castle Town bridge to its former self, look for the Poe on top of the bridge.
Lanayru province - Take the northeast path out of Faron province which leads into Lanayru Province. Follow the path up to the bridge. From there, destroy the boulders along the eastern cliff with bomb arrows to reveal clawshot tiles. Use them to get to the Poe.

Kakariko Village

Venture to the top of Barnes Bomb Shop (either via Goron or the ladders inside) and then make your way to the destroyed storage building to find a Poe at night.
From the destroy storage building, proceed up the winding path to find another Poe near the building.

Lake Hylia

The first poe is hiding at night on the reward platform’s first level of the Flight-by-Fowl game. Use the cannon to reach the game’s HQ, then float down with a Cucco.
After leaping from the Flight-by-fowl game with a cucco in hand, do a 180 and land on the ledge right below the building to find a poe at night.
A poe can be found along the stretch of land on the lake’s west side at night.
Visit the land on the south side of the lake at night for a poe.
Climb the southeastern tower for the final poe.

Lantern Cave #1

You can find this cavern south of the Kakariko Gorge bridge. Inside, you’ll find a poe in the northwest area.

Lantern Cavern #2
There’s a cave located south of Lake Hylia’s Howling stone that contains three poes:

The first Poe is near the entrance.
Poe #2 is about halfway through the cave.
The final poe is near the cave’s exit.

Sacred Grove

Destroy the rock near your first encounter with the Skull kid.
Look for this Poe near the Master Sword after completing the Temple of Time.

Sacred Woods

Look for the Poe on top of a tree stump, which is one of the places the Skull Kid hid.


A poe is located on a ledge to the southwest of the entrance to Snowpeak Ruins.
Check the tree in the southern end the Snowpeak area for a poe.
There’s a poe by a tree near the cave leading to Snowpeak Summit.

Snowpeak Cave

Use the Ball and Chain to destroy the ice barrier inside the mountaintop cave to reveal a poe.
Snowpeak Ruins

The Poe is in the foyer hovering above the icy floor.
While in the foyer, destroy the middle suit of armor on the west side, near the entrance, to reveal a poe.
In the second floor’s southwestern room, use the ball and chain to bust down the ice wall and reveal a Poe.

Temple of Time:

Move the statue in the Southeast corner with the Dominion rod to reveal an alcove containing a Poe.
In the large circular room with the elevating platform, use the Dominion Rod on one of the statutes behind the ground floor’s golden gate and activate the switch. You can now access the poe.
While in the room with the large scale, weight one side of the scale down to cause the other side to rise. Climb aboard, then Clawshot onto the ceiling tile, and then use the spinner to follow the rail around the room to find a poe.

Zora’s Domain

Visit this area at night and use Midna to climb the ledges on the east side and follow them around to the west side.
Zora’s River

At night, look for a small hill south of the river for a poe.
Zora’s Waterfall

At night, climb the hill on the west side of the area for another poe.
Poor Malo!
Just after you complete the slingshot training, if you shoot Malo in the face he will bend over backwards like a punching bag!
Quick Epona Start
When getting on Epona instead of jumping on from the side jump on from behind her. You'll get a boost at the beggining without actually using one up.
This stuff is great, it refills all of your hearts, and gives you an energy boost.

One is located on the trail to death mountain. You need a clawshot to get to it. When you see the area with lots of steam jets, you will see a rectangular opening in the side of the cliff with vines going out of it. Claw shot the vine to get in.

The Chu is golden, and it sparkles. Make sure you brought an empty bottle.
Located in the fishing guides house/store, you will see it in the corner of the room. Look at it using "C". Once you look at it, the lady will ask you if you want to play it.

Playing can be either really hard or really simple. You need steady hands.

How to play:

Using only the Wii remote, you need to guide the rolling ball to start to finish.

If you ever played super monkey ball, you will find this game similar.

How to use Wiimote: Tilt forward to move the ball forward. Tilt backward, to move it backwards. Tilt left/right to move it left to right.


Go really slow, you don't want to mess up. Try staying in the center as much as possible.

If you are losing a lot, I suggest you take a break then come back and try again. Frustration really makes this game harder.

Winning: The first set of 8, you get a frog lure. After all that, well I don't know myself, I haven't gotten that far yet.
Roll Goal the Easy Way
When you are playing the rollgoal game instead of tilting it from side to side tilt it forward only and use the joystick to change the view when you come to a turn. Instead of rolling off it will go straight, the way you are looking.
Rupee Party 3
go to the sout place of kakrikp village and go to that big tree. roll into it and all these crows will come out. shoot them with your slingshot or bow and then all these rupees come down out of the tree.
Rupee Rama
Okay here are some ways I reccomend to get rupees fast(and some hidden orange rupee stashes)
1.well if you dont know about the Bug-fanatic agitha look her up, her house is in castle town and she gives you the medium wallet&lots of money first off to get the wallett give her any bug to get 50 rupees give her any bug to get 100 rupees give her a "Pair" which is two bugs of the same type but different gender
2.exit castle town through the south exit(Reccomended at night) if it it night keep following the cobbled path until you come upon some dead dog things, kill them all and you get like 30 rupees now go to the rock near the steps to castle town blow up the rock theres more rupees now heres the big payout go to the land that is just sticking out of thje ground and has vines on the side kill all the crows around it, more rupees then climb up the vines and go to the circle of rocks and turn into a wolf and dig ki.ll all the frog things and a chest will appear containing 100 rupees and cut all the grass to get those rupees go back outside and destory all the rocks from the circle that is on top of the platform and thats it!
Ruppee Party 2
Another Ruppee Party I discovered:
1-) Exit from the South Exit of Hyrule Castle, you will see something like a pillar that you can climb.
2-) Take your slingshot and kill all the birds with it.
3-) The Ruppees will fall right to where you are standing.
Ruppee Party.
This is easy, and it gives you a lot of ruppees.
First you will need the quiver that lets you hold 60 arrows (Recomended).
1- Go to the place north of the market (where is located one of those Owl Status).
2- Shoot down all the birds you see. Once you kill them all, ruppees will fall from the sky to the place that you are.
If you are running out of money go home and go down to the basement (on the right when you walk in) light your lantern and you will see a chest. open it and inside will be 50 ruppees
Sacred Grove- Master Sword Statue Gardians
This is freaking hard to solve. The first time through I just did it randomly and luckily I got it. If you don't want to be a total cheater, do that.


Move to the Right, Down, left, left, up, right, up, up, right, down, down, left, up.

save 50 rupees!
hear is a great way to save 50 rupees if you want to bye red potion don't, instead go to snow peak and get the superb soup from Yeto's house for free it does exactly the same thing as red potion (restores 8 hearts)
its quick
its easy
it saves you 50 rupee's!
Save Points: No's and Do's
Don't save during a boss battle, because you will have to start over again.

Don't save when you are doing something very important or difficult, because you will have to start back at the beginning of the area unless you have Oocoo.

Do save when you beat a difficult boss or part of an area

Do save when you are tired or have played for a long time. It would suck if a lightning storm turned off your system or a person turned it off.



Remember these.
Secret Combos (sercretwii special offer)
This is much beter doing it on Gamecube but try roll attack.Roll & swing your sword.Don't need to use shield attack,use an empty bottle for a reflect.Swing Wii remote 3 x's and shake your nunchuk to do the Old Houses Attack.Get as not to far from a lock on target and hold z button then tap a button while lock on target not to far away to to the flying numbers.Throw the Gale Boomerang then use slingshot & then shoot bow to do the Triforce like.Drop a Barnes crawling bomb and hit it with the Gale Boomerang then find something to hook up with when you see the Boomerang going at ya,while flying low with the Claw Shot you will catch the Boomerang in the air known as Boom-fly-ang very simple huh?THAT'S IT GUYS!(Done)(No More).
Secret room in Hyrule Castle
In that courtyard on the west side of the castle, go to the place with the triforce engraving in the ground with the 6 pillars (the ones where you need the Gale Boomarang to activate the door). On the left side, there is a pile of leafs. Get into wolf form and dig under there. Then you will get to the graveyard of the castle, which holds the key to the treasure room of the dunguen and a few other treasure chests.
shortcut by diging
in the faron woods that cave that u go in the beginning when u light the torches. when u go throw as a wolf u can dig to the other side!the first torch u can dig right next to it and u will be on the other side of the cave!
Shorter Malo Mart Donation
First, donate the 1000 rupees to get the bridge repaired. The donation goron wants another 2000 rupees.

However, first talk to the goron that's standing outside of Malo Mart. He'll offer a short side-quest where you have to bring a barrel of hot springwater to the goron that's just sitting in front of the now-repaired bridge. Do that, and when you go back to the donation goron, the amount will have changed from 2000 to 200 rupees!
Sinking lure/ Hylian loach
Yes the famous secret fish from ocarina of time makes his return in this game. I have seen s few different methods on getting this fish but this is the TRUE method:

1. Go to the fishing hole in upper zora's river and rent out a boat

2. Catch all 3 types of fish through lure fishing. These are the hylian bass, the hyrule pike and the ordon catfish. It may be hard but beleive me, they are there!

*NOTE* You dont need to catch all 3 fish at the same time. Plus they can be any size

3. When you have the 3 fish in the tank in the fishing shack, go to the northEASTern patch of dry land (just above the fishing shack)(and it is EAST, not west). Anyway get your bobber fishing rod out and cast the line out and you will catch the sinking lure on your first or second try

*NOTE* If you are going to use the lure, make sure you dont go in the boat with hena the guide

4. Make sure that it is summer in the fishing hole. You can tell this because there are lily pads on the water in the northern most patch of water and the big trees have green leaves instead of white. To change the season just exit and re-enter the fishing hole untill you get the desired season

5. Go to the northern most spot of water with a load of lily pads on the water and put the sinking lure on. Throw the line into the lily pads and wait. You might catch a few bass but eventually you'll get the hylian loach

Reward: When you catch the loach and return to the fishing shack, hena will congratulate you, you can see a full fishtank with your prize fishes and you get a picture of you hung up in the shack. Not to mention you have serious bragging rights!

There are a number of fake methods out there but this is the REAL one!!!
Sinking popper lure
Pretty useless if you already have a sinking lure but its still fun to try. Basically, take out your popper lure or bobber (whichever name), cast it wherever into the water when your fishing in your boat. Then while your reeling it in slowly, very quickly swiffle your joystick left and right. So when its coming towards you it will sink abit below water and attract more fish.
Works for both Wii and GC versions.
Small game hints
If you are not sure what to do, look around in the game.

1. Link's head will move around and look up to the place you will need to get to, or look at.

2. You will notice in Dungeons the Camera Angle will change, to fit the hint in the screen. For example: Link needs to Clawshot to the nearest vine, the camera will slowly leave the area you are in, and point to it, very subtle.

3. Minda will try to talk to you. Or chuckle and laugh.
Snowboarding minigame tip
When snowboarding for the piece of heart, slash the yetis with your sword and it will slow them down and send them off course.
In the Twilight Palace, there are two sols, one at the end of each side door. You are supposed to bring both Sols back to the beginning, but need to escape from the Twilight Hand that can steal the Sol.

On the second room from the place you got the Sol, there is a staircase that forms a box shape. If you are fast, put the Sol in its receptacle before the hand gets near. The staircase will rise, forming the box, and will block the hand, resulting in the hand being stuck in the same spot.

To make this technique work, you must be fast when putting the Sol in the receptacle.
Sols (spoiler warning)
Have you ever been REALLY mad when the giant floating hand takes the sol and you don't get it back? Well, instead of shooing the hand with an arrow, use you clawshot and you will instantly. Hope this helps all of you peoples!
Spider HELL
okay if you go into your map you will see hyrule castle (Picture of a castle)look for a field located litterally right abovethe castle go there, find the creek and go to where the creek ends (the end furthest away from the castle)and you should see a clump of grass that is in the shape of an o litterally it has no center so dig in the middle as a wolf then you will find a hellva lot of spiders kill them all and like 30 rupees drop, big woop now take your lantern and light all the torches down there, then open the chest that appears and u got a heart piece
Spinny sword thingy
When you learn a new skill you spin your sword before sheathing it, right? Well, after you kill something with your sword without doing a jump strike when it blows up press A to do it.

Stallord Battle
To defeat Stallord, use the Spinner to move along the wall but avoid the spinning blades that move around it. Go towards Stallord with the Spinner and attack Stallord's spine with it (while dodging skeletons). Once Stallord's head starts floating, use the Spinner to ride along the walls. Bounce off the walls to avoid spinning blades and Stallord's attacks. Once you are close enough to his head, bounce of the wall to attack Stallord's head.
The Ball Roll Game
If you go to the fishing hut inside the fishing hole and look around the side of the door you should find a roll ball game and she will let you play it for five rubes and if you beat all eight levels she gives you the frog lure!!!!!
three easy hearts
go into castle town and go to the tent where you play the star game [when you go through the entrance on the east side of castle town take the first turn that goes down and you should see it] if you have won it talk to the three girls and they will say "eeeek its him heart,heart,heart"and three hearts will appear!

ps im dont know how many times you have to win it sorry
Transform in Jovani's House?
No way! Actually, yes! Go inside, and get so your front feet are on the little ledge up in front of you, but not on the gold, and transform. You are a human! Try talking to Javani, he things your still a wolf! To leave, just go the door, open it, and leave!
Treasure Pond
You know the pond in the fishing hole that you fish the bottle? Keep fishing and you can find cans, fish(Duh) and wallets of Rupees! Find the treasures you can find!
Unlimited Rupees
This is a fun little tip that can really help with getting the magic armor and just about anything else you can buy. If you collect all the poes souls(lots of locations are givin in this cheat section check it out) and you go to Jovanni a second time he will give you a silver rupee(200)... oh yay money! But if you leave the area (walking not warping) and come back and talk to his cat the cat will say that they are giving away the money and it will give you another silver rupee. Wet , Wash, and Repeat and you can have as much money as you want in no time!
Worms for fishing
If you go into the fishing hole behind the sign at the very entrance there will 3 little mounds of dirt.

Turn into the wolf and dig these up, earth worms will appear, scoop them up in an empty bottle and use them as bait for your fishing hook to make fishing extra easy!

Yet another heart piece.
About 3 quarters through the game you shall come across an abandoned town called the hidden village.

After you have completed everything relating to the storyline here, you should leave and come back straight away as a wolf. Go through the houses to the right of the town and talk to the Cucoo (chicken) to initiate a mini-game where you must talk to each cat in the village (20 in all I think)if you complete this then you are rewarded with a piece of heart.

(NOTE) The is a howling stone directly across from the chicken in the hidden village.


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Double Fairys
When you open a jar or box that has a fairy in have your bottle on B and as soon as it starts to circle you press B with your bottle in hand and then you'll be heal and catch a fairy, great for those "Hard" bosses when you have no health but you want a fairy too
Eldin Bridge Glitch
When you first go over the Eldin Bridge, something will break it up and release Shadow Monsters on the plain. Ahead of you is twilight. Behind is a broken bridge. You can only go forwards.

If you do, a fatal glitch will occur and when you next reload the game, you and Epona will be on the side of the bridge. The other side. What does this mean? It means you cannot enter the Twilight Realm. Basically, when you reloaded the game, the game put you on the other side of the bridge. You can't hop over the gap. This means you cannot go forward into the Twilight to continue the game and you are stumped.
Kill a Goron
Needed: Goron Mines completed, human Link.
How: First find any Goron on the way up Death Mountain and talk to him. He will ask if you want to go up. Say yes but do not climb up onto him. Pick up a rock and place it on his back. He will not get up. If you leave ad then return to the area he should be standing again.
Survive in a Bottemless Pit
To do this you go to gerudo desert, you need the claw shot equipped. Shoot the claw at the nearest peahat going over a pit. Once you are over the pit, don the iron boots and you will go in there without dying for approximately 20 seconds could be 30 or 15.
The Epona Slide
It might be useful for no clipping through walls. There might be other locations to do it, but this Glitch took place at Eldin Bridge.
In the session, you have to come up North on the bridge. Near the end of the bridge while still riding get off Epona and be sent sliding.
Tribute to OoT and MM: Treasure Chests
Remember how you get Link to stand on chests as they appeared?

Well, they got rid of it! For the most part anyway, BUT I found a chest you can stand on. Its in the Temple of Time.

Remember the room with the giant scale? Well if you kill all the Spider enemies in this room, a chest with a rupee appears.
Kill of everyone but one, make sure its in a range where can kill it with your bow.

Now, BEFORE you kill it, stand where the chest will appear, (if you don't stand in middle, it will just shove you aside), and kill it with your bow.

Tada! The chest appears and Link is standing on top it! Congrats!

Easter eggs

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Controlling Cuccos
what you need to do is hit a cucco about 15 times with your sword and then you can control the cucco for about 10-15 seconds
If you shoot bomb arrows straight up at night, it will explode in the air!it will lokk a lot like fireworks.You can make it more like fireworks if you make a high pitched/screeching noise.
Go fetch!
In west castle town if you throw the dog bone into the grass beside the clinic and the dog goes to fetch it, instead of the bone he will bring a recovery heart or a rupee.
Hidden Poe and Treasure.
Hi this is Mimi, I got an account! Yaaay! Going on... Once you have the Dominion Rod, Go to the portal to enter the Temple of Time. As soon as you go down the stairs, turn either left or right, doesn't matter which, and go towards the side of the stairs. You will see a statue. Use the Dominion Rod to move it. There should either be a poe or a treasure chest inside. There's one on the other side too.
More RARE Chu Jelly
Ok, so you know about the rare chu jelly on death mountain, right? Well, you can also get it in the Cave of Ordeals. Remember that is is gold and sparkling. It should be in the room with LOADS of purple, yellow, and red chus. Get the chu before it combines with the purple. Or else.
Postman being dumb
When you first meet the postman he says "Don't go any further, there is a black wall that let's nothing past", then gives you the letter, but he goes back towards the wall =\


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3 Bottle Locations!!!!
Here is how you get 3 bottles:

Bottle #1: This one you should know about. At the beginning of the game after Sera's cat takes your fish you go into her shop. She'll give you a bottle half-filled with milk, and you keep the bottle. SIMPLE!

Bottle #2: This one is also pretty well known. Have 100 rupees on you. After you have the lantern visit the Afro Dude and give him 100 rupees. You'll get a bottle full of oil, and you keep both!

Bottle #3: Here's the bottle most people are unfamiliar with. Go to the Fishing Hole, but don't go inside Hena's hut. Find the bridge with a sign in front of it that says something about not littering. stand on the bridge facing the closed off area you can't fish in while in the canoe. Take out your fishing pole and throw it in. When it sinks down showing a fish bit and it says FISH ON!, you'll notice that it comes in easily. The reason is it is actually a bottle!
A couple Poe locations
1.on the secluded island on lake hyla(South West)
2.There are two hiding inside hyla cave (The cave near the lookout point that you need to blow up with a bomb)
3.Take the old man's cannon ride in lake hyla, once topside pay the dude that stands in the way of the door 20 rupees then eighter survey the area below with C or use the hwakeye eighter way when you spot a floating thing that looks like steps and each step is a different color, grab a cucco(chicken) and gently float down to the floating steps

NOTICE:ALL Poes except for ones in duengeons and caves can only be found at night and to kill them you must be in wolf form and use your senses
A Poe i betcha didnt know
ok after you get the ball and chain go back to the very first part of the track.(where the reekfish scent is) there are 3 poes here 2 are by trees and one is by a pack of wolfs but... there is one more and if you follow the reekfish scent untill you go to a cave with 2 ice bergs on the wall and a ladder to the north, destroy the 2 ice bergs and 1 will have a poe and the other will be a torch to light up.(light it up for 50 or 100 rupees)
Another Bottle
(Check my other hints/cheats to find the other 2 bottles; Should be located on this page)

You can get another bottle, if you have over 100 rupees, if you go back to the Latern seller (AKA Afro dude) and ask him for a bottle filled with latern oil. He is located in Faron. Be sure to ask for the oil, with the bottle.
best way to get Magic armour!
first pay 100 rupees to the guy that wants a donation. then dont pay a single rupee yet for the next donation. first go to the feild north of kakariko village and go to the far end and you will see a goron on the end of the bridge. talk to him and then go back to kakriko billage. now talk to the guy outside of the malo mart and he will give you this hot spring water. now go from the outline to the left and go to the goron fast and throw the water on him. now you get a piece of heart and go to the malo mart in the morning. wala its now 200 rupees instead of 2000 rupees. now pay 200 rupees and then a new malo mart will go in hyrule central. now go get a couple of bugs and give it to the bug girl until you have 598 or more rupees.( the big girl is by the south west part of huyrule in one of the houses give her one bug and she will give you a rupee to hold 600 rupees and the other bugs are for 50 or 100 rupees and the last bug is a rupee sack of 1000 rupees) and go to the new malo mart day or night it doesnt matter and buy it.

TADA you got magic armour! hope this helped you.
Cave of Ordeals: Chu Jelly
Be careful when you find the Chu's in the Cave of Ordeals, if you scoop the jelly in a bottle and drink it one of three things can happen: 1) You will replenish 1 heart. 2) You will completely heal. 3) You will lose about 7 or 8 hearts.
Defeating Darknuts
These guys may seem tough at first but here are some ways to beat them; first whenever one of these guys attacks side step it and let him have it, special attacks like mortal draw, back slice, or helm splitter will do, or just cut him up.

The second thing you could do is throw bombs at them, when your bomb flashes red three times throw it and it will explode in his taking of like three pieces of armor.

When armor is lost you can use your skill, be warned he is faster so be on your toes, you can use hidden skills or just keep attacking, he can't handle it all so break his defense leaving them wide open.
destroying knight skeletons
The easiest way to destroy Knight Skeletons is to shoot a bomb arrow destroying these things easially.
Empty Bottle
To find another empty bottle, you need to be in Upper Zora River. Go to the Fishing Hole. Now walk around in the little secluded area till you find a sign that says, "Do not dump your empty bottles in the lake. Right next to that is a small lake. Take out your fishing gear, and send it out. Wait till the Bobber goes down, and pull out.

You should eventually get an empty bottle. I got mine the first time.
Finding the last Armor- Magical Armor
You need to first go to Malo Mart and pay 1000 rupees to fix the bridge. Don't worry, you don't have to pay it all at once.

After that, you need to pay 2000 to get the Malo Mart Branch set up in Hyrule Castle town.

Once you pay for all that, You need 598 more rupees to get the armor at Malo Mart in Castle town. Yes this is a hard task. Find out how to make money by refering to my other tips I have made.

Once you have 598 rupees you can buy this Magical Armor!

This armor runs on Rupees. You will take no damage when you where this, if you have rupees. It will eat your rupees basically, to keep you alive, so save it for boss battles and make sure you have a lot of money.

Once you run out of rupees it will immoblize you, making you slower, as if you were waring the iron boots. Just take it off and switch to your normal clothes.
Fishing Hole glitch!
You may or may not already know that if you roll into the pictures on Hena's wall four times you'll be kicked out. But you can actually get kicked out by doing it three! Here's how:

First roll into them four times. Hena will kick you out. Then go back in and say you apologize. She'll allow you back. Roll into it two times, and on the third time KEEP HOLDING THE JOYSTICK ON THE NUNCHUK FORWARD! You won't have to roll into the fourth time! Useless but fun.
Fishing Hut Game
Go to Hena's Fishing Hut by Zora's river in the fishing hole.Once your in the fishing hut, go by the door and look to your left. You should see a game. Look at the game with "C" and you should be able to play it.
Fishing Rod to Stop Ganondorf Attacks
When fighting Ganondorf, if you pull out your fishing rod, he should stop and look at it rather than try to attack you.
Free Potion/Oil (Better Option)
I don't know why i haven't seen this on any cheats board before...

I don't like being called a thief, even though i can be one sometimes If you don't want Trill near the entrance to Faron woods to attack you, here's what to do:

The cheats always say, "just get the potion or oil and run out. he'll call you a thief, but you can ignore him." I personally don't like that. So what you can do is actually get your potion/oil, then SAVE the game and quit. Now reload your save and you will be at the entrance to that area with your free potion/oil and Trill will be none-the-wiser.
Get away with Red Potion and Lamp Oil for a single Rupee!
Everyone knows that you can steal the Red Potion and Lamp Oil from Trill the parrot in Faron Woods, but when you leave he will attack you. If you just pay one Rupee, then leave he'll just say 'Pay like your supposed to next time, you cheapskate!' Of course, you aren't going to do that.
Heart piece in krakiko village
when you teleport into the village look back and up at a tree where there's rocks on a ledge use a bomb arrow to destroy the rocks revealing a heart piece move really close to the wall that the heart piece is on top of and use your claw shot to snag the heart piece.


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Heart Piece you Missed the First Time
After getting the claw shot, go back into the Hyrule Field, and go to the bridge just after the entrance to Farron Woods. You will se a tree with a heart piece in it. Claw shot to it and it's yours.

Edit: As well you can get the Heart Piece when you get the Gale Boomerang which is before you get the Claw Shot.


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How to beat Dark Lord: Ganondorf VERY easy!!!
When you fight him, take out your fishing rod and start "fishing." He will be distracted, and then you take out your sword and take him, as he dont guard! This I found out myself, because I tried to fish off his head!
Infinite Money
In order to get infinite money in Lake Hylia, you have to play Falbi's Flight by Fowl Game. The first time you play, land on the rotating platform for 100 rupees. The next platform has a piece of heart. When you ask to get shot up to the house with cuccos (Falbi's Flight by Fowl), first, use to gale boomerang on the top of the house, make sure to hit the red/orange tiles on the cannon house.

This will net you a red rupee, worth 20 rupees. Then, once you are shot up, do not move to another platform and get to where you can see the wind direction rooster thing and hit it with the gale boomerang, you must z-target. An unskippable cut-scene will show that the chest on the rotating platform has been closed and once again filled with 100 rupees. You can also just save your game and restart for the chest to be refilled.

You can do this as many times as you like for rupees to buy the Magic Armor (598 rupees) and donate money to Malo Mart to fix the bridge and start a Castle Town Malo Mart Branch.
Instead of bombs
Instead of wasting bombs on certain rock walls you can use you ball and chain to break threw those walls easily.
Ok you about the magic armor that coasts 598 rupees, but if you collect 60 Poe's souls for a man he will give you infinite rupees. If you combine the two you will be unstoppable.
Item~ Hawkeye
Buy it at Malo Mart for 100 Rupees.

You can combo it with your Bow to shoot far!

Use this item to see far like a sniper.
links taunt
when battle you an enemy right after you kill the enemy just tap the A button and link will do his sword spin putting his sword away stance.
More more Poe
In Kakariko Village:
1.On the mountian like thing after you have climbed out the top of the bomb shop to the left of the ramp leading up
2.After you have #1 you can go up the ramps onto the scaffolding in front of the house another poe is there(Watch out it's easy to fall off the scaffolding while attacking the poe)
Hyrule Field:
1.On the pedastil like formation near the kakariko bridge(it is a hill like thing with a fence on the edge
More Poe
1.Near where you catch the reekfish in the zora's domain basin
2.on the ledge in the Zora's domain that runs behind the large waterfall
Moth to a flame
In Princess Agitha's castle take out your lanter and the flying bugs will start circling you, the more bugs there are, the cooler it looks.
Ocarina of Time Easter Egg!!
While in Hena's building, look at the first picture on the wall. Notice anything, Ocarina of Time players? Yup! That fishing guy who keeps scratching his armpit!
Piece of Heart in Fishing Hole.
There are two ways to get this. The second way I am sure of, but the first and third way I didn't try. Let me know if they works.

1. Go to the fishing hole while wearing the Zora Armor. Jump in the water and swim around the arch until you see the Piece of Heart. Use the Clawshot to grab it. Again I am not sure of this.

2. This is the method I used. When you go fishing you will see a Piece of Heart on top of a natural arch. Aim carefully with your reel and try to grab it. If you manage to get it reel it in. If not try again.

3. This one I am pretty sure will not work. Go out on the land around the fishing hole until you see the Piece of Heart. Throw the Gale Boomarang at it and if you get it it will come back to you.
quick 200 rupees
go to Karioko viliage and look at the preist Renado's house. if you turn into a wolf and go to the top of the house you can use a bomb arrow on the bell and a silver ruppe falls down, enjoy.

(I would also like to add that if you use the ball and chain on the bells in the Temple Of Time, that either a fairy or red rupee will fall out.)
quick cash
If you head to Hyrule field directly east of Castle Town, look on your map and you should notice a small, circular area.The place is made of stone and there is one: a poe soul and two:if you look foward from the place you should see birds. Kill them all and rupees will fall in front of you worth around a total of 100.
running form twilight hand
In the Twilight Palace you have to take Sol's and run them out a little chamber where it's stored but there's a hand chasing you that wants the sol back. To slow the hand down shoot arrow at it shoot 3 to stun the hand a couple of seconds so you can make your get-away easier (note: the hand goes through walls)
Sacred Grove Puzzel
This puzzle is the one with two statues that need to get to their original place. Solution: Down, Up, Left, Up, Right,Down, Down, Down, Up, Up,Left, Up, Up, Right, Down.
save your money from fishing guide
don't pay the rupees for a guide because it's just like having the lady there in the beginning when you 1st started won't need a guide later on if you come back bacause you'll already be pretty good at tricked me
Saving in Dungeons
Ever gotten to a point in a dungeon where you need to save but come back at the start of the dungeon? Well, once you find Ooccoo in the dungeon, teleport out, and save. When you come back, teleport back in the dungeon and you'll be where you teleported out!
Shop "Glitch"
In Ordyn forest, theres a little shop that sells you Oil and That Red Health liquid. it's a self-serve. Fill up your empty bottles, then go to talk to the bird. Using your wiimote, select 1 rupee, then gently press the a button on the "ok" thing, but now, quickly change it to 0 rupees, and the bird will say thank you. Or you could just run out, and get free refills free...but the bird attacks you.
Skull formation in Gerudo desert
I fyou search around on the left side of the gerudo derst you might see three skulls that make the shape of a triangle, turn into a wolf and did down there, once there you fight two poes, unstead of money killing the poes is the reward.
Snow Boarding Mini game! ~Piece heart
After beating the snowy dungeon, go back to the Yeti's house. They will ask you if you want to race down the mountain. To Start/go faster on the snow board, press up on the control stick. To jump, Hold "A", then let go when you want to jump. To destroy enemies, slash with your sword.

If you beat Yeti's wife, you get a piece heart.
Star Catching Mini game
To beat it, you must use your clawshot to go through them all.

Once you beat the first one, the second STAR level will be available. Use the Double Clawshot to beat it.

Beat them both to get something nice.
In the Faron Woods, find the bird selling Lanturn Oil and Red Potion in big pots. Fill up your bottle and leave. The bird will shout "Theif!", but he won't chase you. Come back any time to steal from the parrot.

NOTE: You need to do this trick very quickly to avoid getting hurt, but the bird doesn't hurt you much anyway, so it doesn't matter.
Stuck? Need items?
Try on heading to the Fortune teller in Hyrule Castle Town. Its only 10 rupees.

Click on Career to reveal help on your quest.

Click on Love to reveal Heart Pieces and other things like rupees. Basically everything you love.
Where to find beginning gold bugs
If you want find a couple of gold bugs go to Kakariko village, once there explore the empty buildings and you should find a certain bug female and male or around the vilaage.