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When I first heard of Minished Cap, I was like "Another 3D Zelda already?" But then, when I say the screenshots, it was 2D. I found out what it was about, and really liked the idea.

Story: 9/10
You and princess Zelda were at the carnival when Vaati, this evil guy dressed in purple, comes up. He turns Zelda into stone. Link tries to stop him, but hes much to powerful. He then gets a sword from the King and goes to the forest. He finds a cap, known as the Minish Cap, being attacked by monsters. He saves the cap, and finds out the powers of it. Im not going to spoil the rest of the game.

Sound: 10/10
Music from all of the Zeldas are in here, also, some new music. It sounds a little different on the GBA then on the gamecube, but I got use to it fast. It also have alot of music from Four Swords as well. If you like the music in the classic Zeldas, you'll love the music in this Zelda.

Gameplay: 10/10
The game is small, I heard from many people. Im almost done with the game, and it didn't take me long. But, the game is still fun to play. I have not got all of the Pieces of Hearts, but I know that it'll keep me busy for a while longer.

Graphics: 9/10
The best part. The graphics are cool. Just like Four Swords but better. The monsters are clear, not blury. MOST of the characters look really good. You wont be made when you see what kind of graphics a GBA game can have.

Replay Value: 10/10
You'll want to replay the game to get everything. It is very fun to play. Once the American version comes out, im getting that too. It is suppose to have more then the Jap version. Keeping on topic, you'll play this game for years.

Overall: 9/10
This game is great. Zelda fans will like it, 2D zelda freaks will love it. You should BUY this game, not rent. This game is very good, and deserves to be bought.

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