The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Tips

Max rupees at the beggining of the game.
okay when you start the game you can only hold 100 rupees in your wallet.You can buy a bigger wallet for 80rupees.
Step 1 for 100rupees: You have to get near the mine at Mt. Crenel.
Step 2: Go to the room where you have to throw the bomb at the switch to cross the bridge.
Step 3: Pick up the Right pot and throw it it holds 20 rupees.
Step 4: Leave room and enter again. Break pot and get 20more.
Step 5: Get 100

Go buy the bigger wallet. It allows you to hold 300 rupees. The next wallet allows you to hold 500. There is a fairy fountain in The Far NORTH part of Minish Woods. Go to Lon Lon Ranch. You have to have completed the fire element cave up to where you get the Cane of Pacci. You have to use Elzo to get across the water. Go through Lake Hylia and in to the the Tree. There will be a fairy spring. it asks you to throw all your rupees in there say yes. She will give you a bag that holds 500 rupees.

Go back to where you got the first 100, and get the next 500.

For the next one you have to have gotten a kinstone. you need a red Kinstone that looks like an E. Fuse kinstones with the mayor of hyrule an you can get the next wallet that holds max rupees. go back to Mt. Crenel and get the rest!

Now you can get that bigger bomb bag that you wanted. or a boomerang.

If you get the 500rupee wallet go buy a boomerang first because it makes getting the cane easier.

I recommend that you get the ocarina of wind first because it makes the travel easier.