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The Everything you need to know about Figurine Eggs
You know how you go to Corlov's figurine place and you want to know knida what figurine your gonna get? Well, me being the wierdo I am decided to make that part easy for you. There are four colors of Eggs that the figurine's come in; Gold, Green, Blue, and Red. I have figured out what comes out of what color of egg, and it is the same basic thing every time so this should be easy!
Gold Eggs: Gold Eggs are Special characters that can only be aquired(character and figurine) after a kinfusion, they can also be Bosses and Minibosses.

Green Eggs: These eggs are always the basic run of the mill enemies.

Blue Eggs: Blue eggs are the basic caracters of the game(basically anyone you can talk to, besides the gold egg characters.)

Red Eggs: Red Eggs are always sets. Like the Peaceful Hyruls series, and the Lon Lon Ranch and the Spookter and Specter peices. You will notice that they are all sets.