The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Code Breaker Codes

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Invincible (GBA) North America

Invincible 330039DA 0001

it is for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past GBA

Change color of sheild?!?!? (GBA) North America

Codes you need for this:
No shield: 3200233D 0000
Uncle's/regular shield: 3200233E 0001
Red shield: 3200233E 0002
Mirror shield: 3200233E 0003

Blue on any sheild:
make sure all shield modifier codes are disabled before doing this. (Have any sheild and this will work) find the sheild shop on the left side of the castle on the map, their should be some flouting gold cloak things, they, when attacking, take your sheild as they wrap around you once they have taken your sheild do not kill them, use the ether medallion to freeze them. Once frozen kill them and your shield will pop out. Once it is equipped it will be blue.

Change color of any sheild to red:
Have any shield equipped. Once equipped turn off all shield modifier codes. Save game and reboot game. Once opened, activate the red sheild code. Your current sheild should be red without loosing its shape. (I've only tried this on a emulator gba4ios 2.0)

Change color of any sheild to gold:
Same prosses for the red sheild only activate the mirror sheild code instead of the red sheild code.