: : : : : : : Water Temple as Young Link Part 2 of 4

The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Cheats

Water Temple as Young Link Part 2 of 4
1.If Link cant reach the part under water get the master sword equip the Mirror Shield (Hylian Shield Instead if u dont have the mirror Shield)Leave Farores wind at the start of the Temple.
2.If ur an adult princess Ruto should be there if ur a kid Princess Ruto Should be at Zora's Domain.
3.To the Part where ou lower the Water Level (Play Zelda's Lullaby)
4.If u see a platform try reaching it by using the sword jump after link nearly reaches it.
5.Blow up the Crack with a Bomb then get the key in the chest
6.then go down the edge but dont jump (Walking slowly
7.Put the Fire Arrows in X, Y or Z
8.Aim for the Fire in the candle
9.Kill the Clam things
10.Get the the key
11.Go down the place where theres water
12.Go to the part of the water temple where theres sand.
13.Go down into water
14.u should end up at a place where theres one hookshot grapiler
15.u should see a place with a lot of water if link cant reach the part where goron balls come down link will need to do the Slingshot and Bmbchu glitch like the same way it was doe in he fire temple as a Child (USe a moonjump code if u cant do the slingshot and Bombchu Trick
16.Quicly run down to the water temple's waterfall in the room u r in now then go down then pass the door then open the polka dotted chest
17.go to the start with Farores wind a get somethings u need

Submitted by Nicholas Schembri