: : : : : : : Fire Temple as a Child Part 6 of 7

The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Cheats

Fire Temple as a Child Part 6 of 7
1.Go to the door that was locked.
2.Go across the bridge of fire
3.Climb up the stell thing
4.Push the Giant Block
5.Go past the gates
6.Climb up the steel thing then look for a switch down there then play the Prelude of light but first get the key in the chest
7.Get the Master sword the blade of evil's bane
8.Play the Bolero of fire
9.Go into the Temple
10.put the Megaton Hammer in X, Z or Y
11.Go find blocks that look like a mummy in the room u are in now and hit them ith the Megaton Hammer
12.Use the spin attack on all enemies
13.Beat the Fire Dancer with the Megaton Hammer to see there brain then hit the brain with the blade of evil's bane
14.Hit the switch with the megaton Hammer then get the Boss Kye and then play the prelude od light Put the Master Sword back where it's supposed to be(Take it out of the Sword holder)
15.Play the Bolero of Fire then do the slingshot and Bombchu trick then go into the Temple.
16.Save tyhe Game and quit

note:The next Segment there might be some bad things happen + i don't know how far I can get

Submitted By Nicholas Schembri