: : : : : : : Fire Temple as a Child Part 4 of 7

The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Cheats

Fire Temple as a Child Part 4 of 7
1.Go to the door that was unlocked
2.Go to the right on the lava. (u might want to use Nayru's love.)
3.Get off the lava before u run out of hearts
4.Get a bomb out and then throw it up the cliff
5.If a Keese on fire comes quickly use the spin attack the great fairy gave u then get a bomb out shield near the then Link should do a higher side jump.
6.Go to the door and open it
7.Press the Switch and then get the key
8.Then Save the game incase the power runs out
9.Go out the door
10.Go to the right to get to the 1st locked door
u should go through
11.Climb up the stell thing
12.Jump down near that block
13.Press A near the block and push it
14.Get on the block
15.Do the spin attack you learn't from the great fairy then look for a door.
16.Put on the Hylian Shield
17.Kill that thing on fire
18.Put the Deku Shield on
19.Get a bomb out Hold and Press B one time then hold L and run run backwards until the bomb hits your shield and your floating to go to the bigest step by Using the Slingshot and Bombchus
20.When at the place you can only get to as Adult Link as Child Link take another bomb out then hold L and R until Link goes through the ground.
21.Press the switch
22.Get the key
23.Save the Game