The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Tips

Majora's Mask: Easy 300 Rupees
First go up the staircase between the milk bar and stock pot inn. then take 2 rights,put on ur bunny hood,and jump on honey and darling's shop,and jump on the building on the shop's right. then take a right and open the treasure chest to get 100 rupees. now go 2 the southern swamp and pop tingle's baloon. take a picture of him with ur pictograph box. take the picture 2 the guy who gave the pictograph box. he gives u 100 rupees. finally go to the deku king's palace. put ur deku mask on and go in the palace and go straight. take a picture of the deku king and bring it bak 2 the dude who gave u the picto box and he givs u 100 more rupees.