: : : : : : : Beat some bosses (All games but no Zelda II or Majora's Mask)

The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Tips

Beat some bosses (All games but no Zelda II or Majora's Mask)
Wind Waker (If u can reach Dragon Roost Cavern)
Evil Scales:
First aim for the great Valoo's tail with your grapling hook then press the R button and aim for the high part near the door when u started the battle then keep on doing that 2 more times then get down then while L-Targeting use the grapling hook and hit him in the eye with it then L-Target him again but use the hero's sword until Evil Scales is dead note of Evil Scales: If u can't beat him in 2/3/4 hits throw your grapling hook in his eye again until he's dead.

The Legend of Zelda
King of the dinosaurs Giant Dodongo
Life 3 Hearts full hearts
First keep on hitting him with Sword magic instead of smacking him you stand at the wall and hit him if u lose a heart go near him and press A redtally and u won a heart piace
Dodongo baby:
Life 3/4 hearts full hearts
use 1/2 bombs.
Life 3/4/5 Hearts Full Hearts
use 1/2 Bombs.

The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of time
Gohma:Use your Sword Jump then hold R While Pressing B to beat her note of Gohma:If she dosen't die get out your slingshot and Sting her eye with your slingshot before she lays eggs.
King Dodongo:while the battle starts go whichever way or he might stay there if he moves don't get a Bomb get one out when he stops out and if he dosen't mive get and bomb out and throw it in his mouth this includes for he one when Dodongo moves after his on ground take out a deku stick and wack him with the Deku Stick then after u throw the deku stick in the mouth 2 more times use your Deku Sticks 1/2/3 times.
Dark Link:L-Target him and hit him with yours sword
Fire Dancer:If you can't hit the Fire Dancer with your sword use your Bow and Arrows or is it Light Arrows Ice Arrows or Fire Arrows then hit its Brain three times whenever a new fire dancer pops out.

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