Zatch Bell!: Mamodo Battles (GC) Cheats

Zatch Bell!: Mamodo Battles cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Get alot of points quickly and easily
Completely develope a character,then use that character to finish time attack power up mode.
Every time you finish you should get about 270 points!
Golden Zatch
Do knchomes story then when in japan go to ythe park to meet ponygon "meru meru me!" then after u beathim got to riverbed to fight gold zatch (power up) then beathim and when u win u unlock powerup form.
Team attacks with partners
Use Up B to have your partner send you into the air to perform a spell

Use Right and B simontainiously then rapidly press B
to hit the enemy over and over with your partner
Unlock Ponygon And a Few Others
Simply finish time attack mode to unlock ponygon
beat D.R riddles to unlock D.r riddles and kido
beat warain and li-an to unlock them.


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Hidden Spell (Zatch and Zeno only)
While you are fighting with Zatch or Zeno, rotate the thumbpad clockwise (counter-clockwise when on the right) and quickly press A. You will hear Kiyo or Dufort shout out a spell that is not on the ability chart. The spell is called, "Zagurzem". When Zagurzem hits the opponent, it doesn't do any damage and just makes his/her charged with electricity. Do NOT think this spell is useless because whenever the opponent is charged, and you use an offensive spell on him/her, the spell is more powerful than usual! You can increase spell power up to five Zagurzems at a time! This spell is VERY useful and really increases your chances of winning.
Special Unlockable Characters
Special Unlockable Characters

Ponygon(Schneider)- To unlock the friend of everyone, Ponygon, Play time attack mode and beat him in under 10 min.

Victoream/Mowhawk Ace- To unlock Victoream and his partner Mowhawk, you must buy all of the Mamodo Cards in bonus mode.

Mildoro-Z(Zofis)/Koko- To unlock Mildoro-Z and his partner Koko, you must buy all of the Spell Cards in bonus mode.

Laila/Albert- To unlock Laila and her partner Albert, you must buy all of the Event Cards in bonus mode.

Laila/Albert[Waking]- To unlock Laila and her partner Albert,(Waking) you must buy all of the Partner Cards in bonus mode.

Zeno/Dufort- To unlock the malevolent Zeno and his evil partner Dufort you can
1. Unlock him in his story mode
2. Do these button combinations at the title screen:

Zeno/Dufort: Move the analog stick in these directions- Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B button, A button.

Zeno/Dufort Story Mode: Move the analog stick in these directions- Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A button, B button.